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Which in-vehicle aftermarket stereos are compatible with Android Auto?

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More and more cars are hitting the road with built-in, pre-installed systems that are primed and ready for Android Auto - Google's in-car smart navigation and entertainment system. However, for drivers with older vehicles, the aftermarket stereo space provides a solution. Here are all of the compatible systems.

Almost all of the big car manufacturers now support Android Auto natively, but the compatibility is often limited to newer models. If you want to find out if your car manufacturer supports Android Auto, you check out our extensive list here. If you've already bought a compatible car or aftermarket stereo and want to figure out how to install Android Auto on it, we've got a nice little for that for you here.


Aamp is a global manufacturer of vehicle aftermarket and OEM technology. They do a couple of stereos that are Android Auto ready:

  • UN1880
  • UN1880E


The Chinese manufacturer of aftermarket stereos sells products in the west too. The following aftermarket stereos support Android Auto:

  • DN56B6H
  • DN6V56A
  • HM4Z05A


Founded in 1978, Alpine Electronics of America is an industry leader in the market for subwoofers and in-car stereo systems. Quite a few of the range support Android Auto out of the box:

  • i209
  • i902D
  • iLX-207
  • iLX-702D
  • INE-W710D
  • INE-W977A
  • INE-W977HD
  • X208AU
  • X208U
  • X209D
  • X802D-U
  • X902D


Responsible for the world's first worldwide launch of a car radio all the way back in 1932, Blaupunkt has certainly got pedigree. These are the stereos the company sells today that support Android Auto:

  • Monte Carlo 750
  • New York 750
  • Osaka 760


Hailing from the Chinese province of Guangdong, Caska has been knocking out in-vehicle infotainment systems since 1998. Today, the company makes a handful of models that can run Android Auto:

  • CA9009-BR
  • CA9015-NR
  • RQ9012-BR


Japanese manufacturer Clarion now sells its infotainment systems all over the world including Europe and North and South America. Just a couple are ready for Android Auto:

  • NXV977D
  • NXV987D


CVTE is part of Guangzhou Shiyuan Electronic Technology Company Limited and has been making electronics since 2005. The car stereos that support Android Auto are as follows:

  • U621P
  • U701P
  • U702P
  • U703P


Spanish brand Evus is perhaps most famous for paint jobs and car customization, but it also makes an in-car infotainment system that works with Android Auto:

  • DD680R

AndroidPIT ford focus titanium sync 3 cockpit
Android Auto makes navigation much easier. / © NextPit


JBL is one of the most successful manufacturers of loudspeakers, headphones and various other audio equipment. It is also dipping into in-vehicle stuff, with products like the JBL Link Drive. Here are the aftermarket stereos it sells that work with Android Auto:

  • Legend CP100


Moving onto the big boys in in-car stereo systems, we get to JVC. Quite a few of the companies stereos are compatible with Android Auto:

  • KW-M730BT
  • KW-M740BT
  • KW-M740BTM
  • KW-M741BT
  • KW-M745DBT
  • KW-M845BW
  • KW-V830BT
  • KW-V840BT
  • KW-V930BW
  • KW-V930BWM
  • KW-V940BTM
  • KW-V940BW


Japanese manufacturer Kenwood is perhaps most famous for its high-quality home hi-fi systems but it also makes an extensive range of in-vehicle infotainment systems that are compatible with Android Auto:

  • DDX6704S
  • DDX6705S
  • DDX6904S
  • DDX6905S
  • DDX8905S
  • DDX9016DABS
  • DDX9016S
  • DDX9016SM
  • DDX9017DABS
  • DDX9017S
  • DDX9017SM
  • DDX9018BTS
  • DDX9018DABS
  • DDX9018S
  • DDX9018SM
  • DDX916WS
  • DDX916WSL
  • DDX916WSM
  • DDX917WS
  • DDX917WSM
  • DDX918WS
  • DDX918WSM
  • DDX9703S
  • DDX9704S
  • DDX9705S
  • DDX9716BTS
  • DDX9716BTSR
  • DDX9717BTS
  • DDX9903S
  • DDX9904S
  • DDX9905S
  • DMX7017BTS
  • DMX7017DABS
  • DMX7018BTS
  • DMX7018DABS
  • DMX7704S
  • DMX7705S
  • DMX8018S
  • DMX905S
  • DNX516DABS
  • DNX5180BTS
  • DNX5180DABS
  • DNX5180S
  • DNX5180SM
  • DNX574S
  • DNX575S
  • DNX694S
  • DNX695S
  • DNX7160BTS
  • DNX7170DABS
  • DNX773S
  • DNX775RVS
  • DNX8160DABS
  • DNX8160S
  • DNX8160SM
  • DNX8170DABS
  • DNX8180DABS
  • DNX874S
  • DNX875S
  • DNX893S
  • DNX9170DABS
  • DNX9170S
  • DNX9170SM
  • DNX9180DABS
  • DNX9180DABS
  • DNX9180S
  • DNX9180SM
  • DNX994S
  • DNX995S
  • DPV-7000
  • MDV-Z904
  • MDV-Z904W
  • MDV-Z905
  • MDV-Z905W


Born in 1983, Italian brand Macrom specializes in in-car audio. Here are the compatible Android Auto stereos the company makes:

  • M-DL9000


Another Chinese manufacturer is up next on the list, and it makes an Android Auto compatible in-car stereo:

  • DV-1

android auto google podcasts 1
Most of the Google apps are optimized for Android Auto. / © Android Police


Australian automotive technologies brand, Mongoose, is not about to miss out on the Android Auto excitement. Here are the compatible in-car stereos:

  • Q2CA


The next legendary Japanese electronics brand on our list is Panasonic. As you'd expect, the company is not ignoring the Android Auto market and has produced a compatible stereo:

  • Strada CN-F1D


You can't about in-car audio without talking about Pioneer. The Japanese multinational has a wide range of aftermarket in-vehicle infotainment options, and a lot of them support Android Auto:

  • AVH-2300NEX
  • AVH-2330NEX
  • AVH-2400NEX
  • AVH-2440NEX
  • AVH-3300NEX
  • AVH-3400NEX
  • AVH-4100NEX
  • AVH-4200NEX
  • AVH-4201NEX
  • AVH-W4400NEX
  • AVH-X8700BT
  • AVH-X8750BT
  • AVH-X8790BT
  • AVH-X8800BT
  • AVH-X8850BT
  • AVH-X8890BT
  • AVH-Z5000BT
  • AVH-Z5000DAB
  • AVH-Z5050BT
  • AVH-Z5050TV
  • AVH-Z5080TV
  • AVH-Z5090BT
  • AVH-Z5100BT
  • AVH-Z5100DAB
  • AVH-Z5150BT
  • AVH-Z5150TV
  • AVH-Z5180TV
  • AVH-Z5190BT
  • AVH-Z7000DAB
  • AVH-Z7050BT
  • AVH-Z7050TV
  • AVH-Z7080TV
  • AVH-Z7100DAB
  • AVH-Z7150BT
  • AVH-Z7150TV
  • AVH-Z7180TV
  • AVH-Z9100BT
  • AVH-Z9100DAB
  • AVH-Z9150BT
  • AVH-Z9190BT
  • AVH-ZL5150BT
  • AVIC-7100NEX
  • AVIC-7200NEX
  • AVIC-7201NEX
  • AVIC-8100NEX
  • AVIC-8200NEX
  • AVIC-8201NEX
  • AVIC-F70BT
  • AVIC-F70TV
  • AVIC-F80BT
  • AVIC-F80TV
  • AVIC-W6400NEX
  • AVIC-W8400NEX
  • AVIC-Z810DAB
  • AVIC-Z910DAB
  • FH-9300DVS
  • MVH-2300NEX
  • MVH-2400NEX
  • MVH-Z5050BT
  • SPH-DA230DAB


A slightly lesser known brand, Skypine is based in China. It makes a handful of aftermarket car stereos that support Android Auto:

  • CNE-6703-A
  • CNE-6877MC-A
  • CNE-6997M-A


Perhaps the single most famous of all the major Japanese electronics brands, Sony, is unsurprisingly in on the Android Auto act as well. Here are the compatible aftermarket infotainment models:

  • XAV-AX100
  • XAV-AX200
  • XAV-AX5000


Unimax Electronics is an automotive electronics design and manufacturing company fully-owned by ASUS Group. it was established in 2007 and today makes an in-vehicle infotainment system that is compatible with Android Auto.

  • F2-AVX7MX

Do you know of a company making aftermarket in-vehicle infotainment systems that are compatible with Android Auto that is not on our list? Let us know in the comments below.

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