The best cases and accessories for the Galaxy S8 and S8+

Update: Keyboard and LED cases, a car charger and the Samsung Connect Home Wi-Fi System added
The best cases and accessories for the Galaxy S8 and S8+

The Samsung Galaxy S8, and the larger S8+, are among the most popular smartphones of the moment. Accessories from Samsung, like the DeX docking station, and third party brands are already available for these new flagships. Here is our overview of the best cases, chargers, and other accessories for the Galaxy S8 and S8+. We've just added keyboard and LED cases, a car charger and the Samsung Connect Home Wi-Fi System.

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The best cases for the Galaxy S8 and S8+

Galaxy S8 S View Flip Cover

Samsung offers a variety of cases for its new flagships. Some are quite basic, while others are more advanced, and the S View case clearly falls in the latter category. To prop your phone up on the table, to watch a video for example, you can fold the case. This is common with tablets, which tend to have larger screens than smartphones. But, the S8+ has a substantial 6.2-inch display which makes it ideal for multimedia. You can find these cases at a great price on Amazon.

etui clear view galaxy s8
Watch a video without having to hold up your phone. © Samsung

Spigen Neo Hybrid Case

Here, we have a different design. This Spigen case may not be the most elegant on the market, but it offers a lot of style and protection. A flexible polyurethane layer is combined with a hard polycarbonate to make it a shockproof system.

neo hybrid s8
A case optimized for protection. © Spigen

Two piece Samsung cover

For those who like something a little eccentric, there's an original option for you from Samsung. It doesn't cover the whole phone, but instead, just the top and bottom. It doesn't hinder either the function or design, as it only covers the corners. If you like a touch of color, it's a good choice, but it's not to everyone's taste.

coque duo menthe
Unique, but not for everyone. © Samsung

Samsung Keyboard Cover

While Blackberry phones are all but a thing of the past, it's still possible to get a tactile keyboard experience without having to settle for the new KeyOne. The Samsung Keyboard Cover snaps onto the front of your S8 or S8+, giving you real keys to type on (and shortcut buttons). The best part? No charging required!

Samsung LED View Cover

Sitting somewhere between fashion and fuctionality is the LED View Cover from Samsung. LED lights on the front of the case display the time and have a range of icons to display other info, plus you can actually control the phone without opening the cover. To reject a call for instance, you simply swipe. It comes in fun colors like gold and pink, but also more subdued  black and silver. On the inside, it even has a little pocket for cards.

The best screen protectors for the Galaxy S8 and S8+

Moshi screen protector

Moshi offers a screen protector, but only at a price far higher than the competition (over $40 on average). But, it's worth it, as it offers great protection from scratches and pesky fingerprints.

An effective but expensive screen protector. © Moshi

The best chargers and power banks for the Galaxy S8 and S8+

Wireless charger

Don't like to fuss with cables? Get a wireless charger, it simplifies things. All you have to do is set the phone down on the charger. There are alternatives to the Samsung solution, but we haven't had the opportunity to test them. Samsung's option is covered in stylish leather and is fast charge compatible.

wireless charger s8
Just pop it onto the charger. © Samsung

Power bank

Having a dead phone in the middle of the day is a total bummer. Fortunately, portable power banks make it possible to restore a bit of juice and revive the exhausted device. Among the many options, we suggest the Tronsmart Presto, which has a 10,400 mAh capacity. It connects via USB Type-C, and all you have to do is plug it in to your S8 and S8+ when you're on the go.

AndroidPIT Tronsmart Presto
Type-C or Quick Charge? You don't have to choose between the two. © NextPit

Car Charger

Is your GPS app hogging your phone's battery life? Then it's time to get a car charger. After all, it's cheaper than buying a brand new car with a wireless charging pad. This one from Belkin does the trick, and it comes with a USB Type-C cable. 

The best connected accessories for the Galaxy S8 and S8+

Samsung Gear 360 (2017): 360-degree camera with livestream capabilities

Samsung has introduced a new Gear 360 together with the Galaxy S8 / S8+. The Gear 360 (2017) has been redesigned, so the camera is nicer to hold. The record button moved slightly downwards, and the handling profits from this greatly. Because the lenses are now closer together, the stitching of the images into a 360-degree image is better. Among the highlights are 4K videos and the possibility of livestreaming - also in 360 degrees, of course. The connection to the charger is now via USB Type-C.

AndroidPIT HaGe 0358
The new Gear 360 (2017) / © NextPit

Samsung DeX: now the smartphone becomes a PC

The DeX docking station brings a Desktop Experience, by turning the Galaxy S8 / S8+ into a PC. Via HDMI, you can plug in a monitor, and two USB ports provide for connection to a mouse and keyboard. If you plug the S8 / S8+ into the docking station, in a few seconds, a classic desktop interface will appear on the monitor, and the apps will appear in windows. Multitasking is possible, largely through the multi-window feature of Android Nougat.

AndroidPIT HaGe 8224
Thanks, DeX: The Galaxy S8 / S8 + is now also a PC! / © NextPit

Samsung Gear VR

For fans of virtual reality, Samsung has been offering it's Gear VR headset for a while now. The latest headset may be of interest to you. This version is also available with a controller, and can be found on Amazon.

AndroidPIT samsung gear vr 2017 9029
Samsung offers a proper VR experience. © NextPit

Samsung Connect Home Wi-Fi System

The Samsung Connect Home is a mesh Wi-Fi router, which can have its range extended by adding additional Connect Home boxes to cover your whole home. What makes it a great pair for the S8 is that it also acts as a SmartThings Hub, and from your S8, you can control all your compatible smart home devices.

Will you be investing in any of these accessories? What do you think of a desktop mode for smartphones?

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  • Shelley Diaz Aug 13, 2017 Link to comment

    It is such an interesting list. But the rugged case from Poetic surely deserves a place in this list.

  • helen morrice Jun 23, 2017 Link to comment

    Good idea whith two piece Samsung cover!Like it!

  • BruinGuy Jun 9, 2017 Link to comment

    I can't remember when I've paid more than $15 for a case.

    • Madars G Jun 16, 2017 Link to comment

      or more than £10 for the screen protector. Now i have case friendly screen protector for less than £3 + case And it is great quality.

  • Andrew Burgin Jun 8, 2017 Link to comment

    There are cases available everywhere for the S8 & S8 Plus,and tempered glasses as well,and bought some as well,but some cases do not fit right and work well and remove the tempered glass, do not like hybrid cases,so prefer hard back cases,and found the Lenou cases look and fit on my phone very well,and use a Baseus Gold tempered glass that fits superb, which are available of eBay or other sites and are not expensive,bought a full body case off eBay and it fits very well,but had to tell the seller there is no protection for the screen,there are some clear gel cases that protects all the phone,but there are little dots on the cases that spoils the vision of the screen,found the Best Leather case to be the S View Cover Flip Wallet off Ebay,they might be cheap but hold the phone superb at the Top and Bottom an so easy to get at the Volume buttons,i have a Black one

  • Damian Allen Jun 7, 2017 Link to comment

    You really thought outside the box for this article...

  • Louie Cafarella Apr 15, 2017 Link to comment

    Those cases are the ugliest things I've ever seen.

  • Robert James Apr 5, 2017 Link to comment

    A keyboard really needs arrow keys
    Sorry, I accidentally hit submit again

  • Robert James Apr 5, 2017 Link to comment

    A keyboard really needs arrow keys

  • Shankar Prasad Nandi Mar 31, 2017 Link to comment

    Looks like a pretty interesting and immersive experience. The whole idea of having a single device to manage your mobile and stationary experiences is really something that looks like the future. It will consolidate the fragmentation that is occurring with people juggling mobile phones, phablets, tablets, laptops, and desktop stations.

    • bojan radovanovic Apr 4, 2017 Link to comment

      Is it?
      I guess everyone has PC, tablet or Chrome book at home or/and in office.... on which is possible to connect any phone and it's memory, use all that is on a phone. so i really don't see why would one have this thing and PC screen or TV, mouse and keyboard with self all the time.
      I mean, it is little hard to put all those things in backpack!?

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