Galaxy Note 5 vs Galaxy Note 4 comparison: notably different?

Update: Performance comparison updated
Galaxy Note 5 vs Galaxy Note 4 comparison: notably different?

The Samsung Galaxy Note 4 was our best smartphone in the world for almost six months until the Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge usurped it. Now there's a new kid on the block, the Galaxy Note 5, and we've put it through its paces against the previous generation device. How does the Note 4 hold up? Find out in our Samsung Galaxy Note 5 vs Galaxy Note 4 comparison.

androidpit samsung galaxy note 5 vs galaxy note 4 3
Is the Galaxy Note 5 (bottom) a big improvement over the Galaxy Note 4? / © ANDROIDPIT


Galaxy Note 4 vs Galaxy Note 5 comparison: Design and build quality

The Galaxy Note 4 design appeared to have been informed by the lackluster response to the Samsung Galaxy S5's looks. Instead of the plastic chrome-effect body with dimpled rear, as seen on the S5, Samsung gave the Note 4 metallic edges and a faux-leather back. The result was a phablet that looked sharp and felt comfortable from all angles.

Yes, it's big, at 153.5 x 78.6 x 8.5 mm, and weighty, at 176 g, but the combination of the black metal sides, the silver trim, and the soft, textured rear gave it an air of importance. Moreover, the display took up about 75 percent of the body, so it doesn't feel too big, as phablets sometimes can (hello, Nexus 6). This is also partly thanks to the convenient button placement and the grip provided by the rubbery rear. 

androidpit samsung galaxy note 5 vs galaxy note 4 6
The Galaxy Note 5 (left) and the Galaxy Note 4. / © ANDROIDPIT

Nonetheless, I'm pleased that the Note 5 is both slimmer and lighter (albeit by a small margin) than the Note 4. It's also even more attractive.

The new phablet has a sultry glass and metal body, which weighs 171 g. Its dimensions are 153.2 x 76.1 x 7.6 mm. It's soft and smooth, the gently curved rear edges make it even more comfortable to hold than its predecessor (albeit more slippery), and the S Pen now ejects automatically, rather than having to be pulled out.

This subtle change to the S-Pen doesn't affect its functionality, just the process of retrieving it, yet it gives the impression that the Galaxy Note 5 is better. It's a similar story with the metal edges of the Note 5. The actual difference in width between the Note 4 and Note 5 is tiny, but the slimmer metal band around the Note 5 makes the newer phablet appear much thinner. 

androidpit samsung galaxy note 5 vs galaxy note 4 2
The Galaxy Note 5 (bottom) is a little narrower than the Note 4. / © ANDROIDPIT

It could be argued that this is merely Samsung's way of convincing potential buyers that the Note 5 has made more significant improvements than it really has. Maybe that's true, but regardless of the intent, the outcome I cannot deny: the Galaxy Note 5 is simply better to hold and interact with than the Note 4. 

What is disappointing is that the Galaxy Note 5 lacks a removable battery and expandable storage, both of which are present in the Note 4. This isn’t a huge surprise given that these were omitted from the other major Samsung phones this year, the Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge.

That being said, an interest in phablets tends to imply a higher interest in 'consumption' too, as media tends to look better on the larger display of a phablet than a smartphone. With phablets primed for watching movies and videos, which often require high storage capacity and always require a lot of power, the notion of being limited in these areas may put some people off the Note 5. 

androidpit samsung galaxy note 5 vs galaxy note 4 4
Despite the premium specs, the Notes are still thin devices. / © ANDROIDPIT

Galaxy Note 4 vs Galaxy Note 5 comparison: Display

The Galaxy Note 4 has a 5.7-inch QHD screen. It’s super bright, highly detailed (around 515 pixels per inch), responsive and provides excellent viewing angles.

In almost every circumstance, the Note 4’s screen exceeds its competition. Like many of Samsung’s displays, it is a fraction over-saturated and not 100 percent true-to-life, but I welcome its vibrant tones. There are few smartphones with a display as sharp and clear as the Note 4's.  

And somehow the Galaxy Note 5 display is superior. Though it hasn't been bumped up to 4K, the Galaxy Note 5's 5.7-inch QHD offering (518 ppi) has even stronger contrast and definition. At full brightness, even simple webpages appear to jump off the Note 5's screen – it may be the finest display on the platform. 

androidpit samsung galaxy note 5 vs galaxy note 4 1
Some say that Samsung's display are too saturated. / © ANDROIDPIT

Those who were disappointed that the Note 5's display didn't make the leap to UHD resolution needn't be. Though the resolution and size don't really differ between these two devices, the quality definitely does. 

With all of this in mind, Samsung has employed a very clever 'trick' that makes the Galaxy Note 5 look sharper, and as though it has a larger display – it has shrunk the TouchWiz font and icon size. Both handsets are set to 'small' font by default, but this standard on the Note 5 is smaller. Think of it like viewing a low-resolution picture up close and at a distance: the further away it is the smoother it tends to look. 

Like the thinner edges, Samsung has created only an illusion of superiority here. But it's undeniably effective.    

Galaxy Note 4 vs Galaxy Note 5 comparison: Software

What separates the Galaxy Note 4 from most other phablets is its stylus, the S Pen. With its own set of largely useful functions, the S Pen is one of the major reasons to pick up the Note 4. You can read more about what it does in our Samsung Galaxy Note 4 review.

Samsung has continuously improved the Air Command menu, which works in conjunction with the S Pen in each iteration of the Note series, and has done so again with the Galaxy Note 5. We didn't have time to test the new features in our hands-on Note 5 review, but we can confirm that Action Memo, Smart Select, Screen Write and S Note make a return, plus you can now add your own shortcuts to the menu.

samsung galaxy note 5 air command s pen
The Air Command window has had a serious redesign. / © ANDROIDPIT

The Galaxy Note 5 also comes with Samsung Pay thanks to its MST (magnetic secure transmission) integration. Unlike NFC payments, which require compatible terminals, MST works with existing credit card terminals that are already in most stores.

Galaxy Note 4 vs Galaxy Note 5 comparison: Performance

The Note 4 houses a quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 805 processor or Exynos 5433 (depending on the region where it's sold) and 3 GB of RAM. The Note 5 comes with Samsung's own Exynos 7420, an octa-core (2.1GHz Quad + 1.5GHz Quad), 64-bit processor, in addition to 4 GB of LPDDR4 RAM.

The outcome is that the Galaxy Note 5 is the faster device, but it's only just noticeable. The specs and benchmarks suggest a significant difference, but in reality, it's very subtle when performing takes such as opening and closing apps or general navigation. 

You will notice the difference when pressing the home button – the Galaxy Note 5 jumps to the home screen noticeably quicker than the Galaxy Note 4. It's also fastest when first launching an app, but once the apps have been cached, the time taken to open them on both phones is similar.

andoridpit samsung galaxy note 4 antutu 6
One of our AnTuTu benchmark results for the Galaxy Note 4. / © ANDROIDPIT

High-end gaming performance was most stable on the Galaxy Note 5, as observed when playing Implosion – Never Lose Hope (one of our best Android games). It was a little faster to load on the Note 5 and less susceptible to frame-rate dips, but once again, the difference was small.  

The Note 5's average score in our AnTuTu benchmarks suggests it's around 33 percent faster than the Note 4. It clocked in at 65,440, compared with the Note 4's 49,102 average score. But as we have argued time and again, performance on high-end devices is often comparable, and more RAM may even lead to slower speeds in some circumstances. You can read more about this in our fastest Android phones article.  

galaxy note 5 benchmark antutu score
In AnTuTu benchmarks, the Note 5 has one of the highest scores of any Android phone. / © ANDROIDPIT

When the Galaxy Note 5 first arrived it suffered from some stability and performance issues. Thankfully this seems to have been corrected, but it's still only marginally faster to use than its predecessor. Unless performance is your most important purchasing factor, the difference isn't critical at this point.

Once Android Marshmallow lands on both devices, this distinction may become clearer. We'll have to wait and see.   

Galaxy Note 4 vs Galaxy Note 5 comparison: Camera

The Galaxy Note 4 camera is another standout feature of the handset. The 16 MP main snapper comes with OIS, autofocus, LED flash, and 2160p video-recording at 30 fps. The Galaxy Note 5's camera megapixel count remains the same on the back, but the front camera has been upgraded to 5 MP from 3.7 MP.

The Note 5 software and processing has received a big upgrade though, and it's more comparable to the excellent Galaxy S6 camera. The Note 5's camera launches faster and focuses a little more smoothly. It's not a faster focus, in my experience, it just requires a little less maintenance than the Note 4. 

Check out the comparison photos below – the Galaxy Note 5 is always on top, the Note 4, underneath. 

androidpit galaxy note 5 comparison photos 62
Color reproduction on both phones is accurate. / © ANDROIDPIT
androidpit galaxy note 4 comparison photos 61
In these circumstances it is difficult to tell the two devices apart. / © ANDROIDPIT
galaxy note 5 low light 2
In low light with ISO set at maximum (800) on the Note 5. / © ANDROIDPIT
galaxy note 4 low light 1
This photo was taken with the same settings on the Note 4, but contains far more noise. / © ANDROIDPIT
androidpit galaxy note 5 comparison photos 18
A macro shot on the Note 5. / © ANDROIDPIT
androidpit galaxy note 4 comparison photos 14
The contrast isn't as strong on the Note 4 as the Note 5. / © ANDROIDPIT
androidpit galaxy note 5 comparison photos 17
The same image as above with a focus on the background. / © ANDROIDPIT
androidpit galaxy note 4 comparison photos 13
Again there is little difference between the quality in this area. / © ANDROIDPIT
androidpit galaxy note 5 comparison photos 3
With the flash on, the Note 5 captures the most natural skin tones (and also most red-eye). / © ANDROIDPIT
androidpit galaxy note 4 comparison photos 2
The skin color is a little green when using the flash on the phone. / © ANDROIDPIT

Both cameras produce high-quality pictures in most circumstances. The Note 5 has clearly superior low-light capabilities, but in other scenarios there isn't much between them. Moreover, some of the less common features on both devices can be employed to produce some really clever shots. 

You can almost fake a DSLR effect with the use of Samsung's selective autofocus mode and though it's not perfect, it's far better than what is offered by most other phone manufacturers.

  • For the full Galaxy Note 5 gallery go here
  • For the full Galaxy Note 4 gallery go here

Galaxy Note 4 vs Galaxy Note 5 comparison: Battery

The Note 4’s battery has a 3,220 mAh capacity which ensures its lifespan is good, especially with a QHD display gobbling it up. It has significantly stronger battery performance than the 2,550 mAh battery of the Galaxy S6, which also houses a QHD display.

Moreover, the Galaxy Note 4 offers quick-charging, providing around 50 percent battery life in a 30-minute charge, as well as wireless charging – though it requires a separate battery cover. So, has the Galaxy Note 5 introduced a big improvement?

androidpit samsung galaxy note 4 26
The lack of a removable battery could be a key problem for the Note 5. / © ANDROIDPIT

The Galaxy Note 5 houses a 3,000 mAh battery, down 220 mAh from its predecessor. This was expected, as the same thing happened between the Galaxy S5 and Galaxy S6, but it's still somewhat disappointing. As both handsets feature a QHD display, battery life gets chewed up quickly.

The Galaxy Note 5 does offer the option for wireless quick-charging, which the Note 4 does not, but it requires a separate wireless charging station. Though we haven't had a chance to put the battery under strain yet, even with improved hardware/software optimization, we aren't convinced that the Galaxy Note 5 will deliver better battery life than its predecessor.

Galaxy Note 4 vs Galaxy Note 5 comparison: Price and availability

The Galaxy Note 4 is available worldwide, currently at a price of around US$540 for a carrier unlocked model with 32 GB of internal storage space. The Galaxy Note 5 can be found for US$700 for the 32 GB version and US$800 for the 64 GB version off-contract.

The Note 5 represents the best hardware that Samsung can currently muster, and its steep asking price is reflective of this. If you reside within Europe, however, it will likely cost even more to get hold of the Galaxy Note 5 — you'll actually have to import one. 

androidpit samsung galaxy note 5 vs galaxy note 4 5
Currently, Samsung has no plans to release the Note 5 (bottom) in Europe. / © ANDROIDPIT

Samsung said that it has identified two distinct user groups: casual media consumers and multi-taskers/business users. It seems that Samsung no longer sees a market demand for its phablet with a stylus in Europe, so only the Note 5's sister phone, the Galaxy S6 Edge+, will be released there. 

In this category, as the cheaper more easily attainable handset, the Galaxy Note 4 clinches it. 

Galaxy Note 5 vs Galaxy Note 4: Specs

Galaxy Note 5
Galaxy Note 4
System Android 5.1.1 Lollipop (with Touchwiz UI) Android 4.4 KitKat (with TouchWiz UI)
Screen Super AMOLED 5.66-inch
Quad-HD 1,440 x 2,560 pixels,
~ 519 pixels per inch
Gorilla Glass 4
~ 76 percent screen-to-body ratio
Super AMOLED: 5.7-inch
Quad-HD 1,440 x 2,560 pixels,
~ 515 pixels per inch
Gorilla Glass 4
~ 74.2 percent screen-to-body ratio
Processor Octa core (2.1GHz Quad + 1.5GHz Quad), 64 bit, 14 nm process Qualcomm Snapdragon 805 (SM-N910S)
Samsung Exynos 5 Octa (SM-N910C)
Internal memory 32/64 GB
(no microSD support)
32 GB
(plus microSD support)
Battery 3,000 mAh non-removable 3,220 mAh, removable
Camera Rear: 16 MP
front: 5 MP
Rear: 16 MP
front: 3.7 MP

Wi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac, MIMO(2x2),

Bluetooth v 4.2 LE, ANT+, USB 2.0, NFC

Wi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac, dual-band, Wi-Fi Direct,

Bluetooth v4.1, A2DP, EDR, LE, USB 2.0, NFC

Dimensions 153.2 x 76.1 x 7.6 mm 153.5 x 78.6 x 8.5 mm
Weight 171 g 176 g
Special features

- S Pen Stylus
- Fingerprint Scanner
- Fast charging
- Wireless charging (native)

- S Pen Stylus
- Fingerprint Scanner 
- Fast charging
- Wireless charging (with separate battery cover)

Galaxy Note 4 vs Galaxy Note 5 comparison: Conclusion

The Galaxy Note 5 display is almost the same as its predecessor, the battery is smaller (and isn’t removable) and it lacks microSD card support: these are big disappointments. The performance and camera specs are stronger, and the sleek design is undoubtedly more impressive, but the degree to which these aspects matter, in the grand scheme of things, may be negligible. 

androidpit samsung galaxy note 5 vs galaxy note 4 7
The Galaxy Note 5 improves upon the formula, but is it in the areas that matter? / © ANDROIDPIT

Samsung has definitely favored design over functionality with the new Note. If you want the latest, high-performance, attractive smartphone, the Note 5 will certainly please. If the looks don't sway you, maybe you'll prefer last year's lower-priced Note 4. 

The Note 5 refines many of the smaller details of the Note 4. But as with white flour, you may find that Samsung has removed too much of the previous goodness in its attempt to create an overall more palatable product. 

What’s your take on the Galaxy Note 5? Let me know in the comments below.   

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  • Imrana THIAM Aug 13, 2015

    I have been using the Note 4 for a while now and was expecting to be seduced by a substantial galaxy note 5 improvement. Quite tge opposite I must say ... No micro SD card + no removable battery clearly means NO GO for me. Further I do not use the camera that often and my Note 4 CPU is giving me satisfaction. Other then that I see poor technologocal evolution in Note 5. Even the look and size brings poor changes compared to Note 4. Btw why on earth would samsung prevent us from freely changing the battery or having the possibility to use a spare charged battery. Are they going the apple way which is why many of us left Apple for Samsung :-)

  • Sedrick Harris Aug 13, 2015

    I have owned the first Galaxy model, then the Galaxy SIII, and now the Note 4. All good phones in their time. The new direction from Samsung sscares me for one main reason. On all of the other models I have owned (inslucing the Note 4), occassionally, the phone gets hung up to where you can't even turn it off. The only way to unlock it is to remove the battery for a few seconds and then put it back and reboot. Now how will I be able to do that on the Note 5 or S6? Problem! BIG problem!

  • Bob James Aug 14, 2015

    $800 and no SD card: They're delusional if they believe anyone will "upgrade" from a Note 4. Certainly not me!

  • Karen Bannan Dec 14, 2015

    Hi! Everyone. Well let me start off by saying that, yes at 45 yrs old I am an electronics geek. I always do a thorough review and comparison to other phone. I started with HTC and than moved on to Samsung and I have always said, no disrespect to Apple 🍎 or my 20 yr old son, but the iPhone sucks. #1 I Wld never buy an all glass phone, #2 I Wld never buy a phone that I cld rearrange my home screen apps and #3 not being able to take the battery put, oh Hell Noooo.
    Now as for the Samsung Note 4 vs 5 and the s6 and s6edge,paleassssieee what a joke. I have the Note 4 and I guess I'll have the note 4 for a long time, because I don't know what Samsung was thinking, maybe they got apple 🍎 fever cause it's such a disappointment that they went down the iPhone road. No removable battery, no SD card, not enough storage, SHAME On you SAMSUNG........I Advise EVERYONE TO STICK WITH what you have till Samsung gets their shit together. What a shame!!! So sad for all the sucker that spent several hundred more for the note 5 or Sg6 or Sg6 edge. Good Luck everyone. 😆Remember always do your research and if your not sure and Wld like some advice, email me

  • Godzirrah Nov 18, 2015

    So as usual, I'm doing things somewhat ass backwards. I've had a Note 3 for a couple of years and it was the first phone I can say I really loved using. But my contract had run out, battery was showing it's age (even though I have a backup), and the operating system hung up from time to time. After a visit to the local phone store to review the Note 5, I was shocked to find out that the battery was non changeable and the 64 Gb micro SD card I own would be useless. So I ordered the Note 4 which arrived today. I was disappointed to find that my Note 3 batteries would be of no value since the design had changed. I began questioning my decision to purchase the Note 4 over Note 5. After reading this artcle, I feel much better about my decision. Perhaps when I'm ready for another upgrade in 2 years, the Note 7 will allow for replaceable batteries and expandable memory. Let's hope Samsung learns from this misstep, or I'll just make due with my new Note 4 beyond the 2 year contract, or I'll take a look at what the competition has to offer.


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  • The Note 5 is better in all the categories except:
    "The battery is smaller (and isn’t removable) and it lacks microSD card support: these are big disappointments."
    These are fixable things. Getting a juice pack and an SD module solves everything. There are great case producers like the ZeroLemon or Mophie that have wonderful products. At the same time, I decided for I-blades ( that gives extra 64GB memory at the same time and the battery is detachable. And possibility for other modules :)

  • my question is : i hv no hot-spot in my Galaxy note 4 ?!! why.

  • chris Jul 6, 2016 Link to comment

    I concur with all statements about the NOTE4 holding on to its performance vs. value. For this reason I bought a second NOTE4 to replace my wife's defunct iphone5. A factory refurbished NOTE4 can be had for a little as $200+, almost four phones for one new NOTE5. I love the swappable batteries and the extra micro-SD cards.
    Why would SAMSUNG morph to an APPLE like design with worms?

  • Unfortunately I feel the same way... Guess what? My Note 4 crapped out on me last week when I tried to do the latest software update. Took it to the corporate store, they said they stopped making Note 4s after 6mos,they ordered me the the note 5, no charge but I am NOT a happy camper! I intentionally bought the Note 4 and the GS5 to prolong any upgrades as long as I can in hopes these dumbasses decide to stop trying to be an iPhone copycat and finally listen to us who have no desire for Apple products! Ugh! I'm so pissed! I don't know, maybe I'll like the note 5,at least I still have my S5.....

  • The problem with all of Samsung's new phones is that they don't have the "Touch Capture " feature for taking pictures . For those people who want a fast shot of a quickly changing scene, this feature is really necessary. Hunting for the the camera button is definitely not the same as just touching the screen when things are changing fast in front of you. That's why I'm sticking with the Galaxy Note 4 which has this feature. Funny thing is, that when you ask a rep or sales person at the store about the "touch capture " feature , they will ALL tell you that the new phones have it! I just say, "Show me?" That's when the fun begins!

  • Jason May 4, 2016 Link to comment

    No replaceable battery. What a joke. Dropped my note 4 in water and fried it. My employer provides my phone and unfortunately got me the 5. To the guy who said the battery goes all day and leaves you with 35%...BS I used it just for the calculator today for a class. It was under 20% after 8 hours.

  • The people who are defending this "upgrade"...tell me what happens if the battery eventually dies on the 5? It will you know. Then you are stuck with an expensive piece of junk. I WILL NOT be buying any more Notes till the replaceable battery (and SD card) comes back.

  • Great review, thanks. I bought a Galaxy Note 10 for the arty potential of the S-pen, and I'm loving it so much I'm thinking of switching to Note phones too. This article helped me make up my mind which one I'd go for - I'm more concerned about what's on (or under) the screen rather than how much pleather's on the back!

  • I am using both note4 and note5 . Some points which I would like to mention here( as nobody mentioned):
    1. note4 have brighter LED flash light.
    2. Note4 have louder, crispier speaker. Eventhough the downward placement of note5's speaker appears better, while watching movies in full screen mode , sound will come from one side( left or right) which causes discomfort
    3. Eventhough note5 has brighter display, comparing to note4 it has less contrast and vibrancy.
    4. Note 5 lacks IR blaster, a real downgrading!!!
    5. Note 5's camera advertised as far better than note4, but actually not. if compare both , photos taken by note4 is more attractive
    6. Note4 has noice cancellation mic
    7. Overall note5 has a 'cheap i-phone' or 'duplicate i-phone' look. We want samsung phone as it is. 'Premium look' is a misnomer.

  • R N Mar 17, 2016 Link to comment

    note 4 WILL BE MY LAST PHONE. why change?.....It's all set up.....nothing more I need.

  • Hmmmm, I have taken time to read through every comments here. I tell everyone that care for the truth, that I use Note 5 and the difference with the Note 4 is like comparing Night & day. Note 5 is way way better. Most guys flogging the Note5 here have never touched the Note5. Battery life is awesome easily takes you through the day with atleast 35% juice left no matter how much u used the phone. Fast charge is phenomenal, it completely eliminates the need for a spare battery. In 30mins or less you get the battery to 90%. Note 5 also has amazing battery saver features that'll further extend the battery life to unbelievable limits. Web page rendering is at par with any 7 or 8inch tab. Speed is phenomenal,almost unbelievable. Finger print scanner is a joy to use as well as very reliable. For work, its a horse, handles almost every document format with amazing effiency. I won't fail to mention the better screen, camera and good speaker output. Its not Tinny in any like some reviewers say. I can't really go through all the amazing features once. That said I would wish for a bigger memory of 64gb or even a128gb if available ,to reduce the need to stick a micro USB for memory expansion. But the 32gb version disciplines you. You only keep important stuff on the phone and less important or very large files on the usb stick. My candid advice.... Go for the Note5 if you can afford it, it's the future.

  • No one brings up the IR blaster. I use it constantly with the peel remote software at gome and other places. I can litterally take over a tv at a sports bar with out bothering the staff and the device remembers which tv setup according to which wifi im on. Its not available on the new samsungs. Now it's just the same crap tactics that apple used to price gouge. No real difference or advantage.

  • Beside just being better all-around, part of what makes Samsung phones more appealing than Apple phones is the removable battery and the expandable memory. In my opinion, the Note 5 is a downgrade from the Note 4 and I have changed my mind about upgrading. If this is what Samsung plans to do with all of their future phones I may consider finding a new brand to buy.

  • wade Feb 1, 2016 Link to comment

    I'm staying with my note 4!

  • wade Feb 1, 2016 Link to comment

    y'all really missed up, do you hear what every one is saying.stop trying to be like Apple stay true to what you do best!

  • A huge drawback to the Note 5 and S6 edge+ is not having the capability to use the peel remote app due to a lack of the IR blaster technology that is present in previous models. I'm very disappointed with it. Plus Samsung could take a lesson from HTC desire eye's camera specs, especially it's 13 megapixel front facing camera with flash. Best on the market for camera IMO.

  • Why switch the perfectly working Galaxy Note 4 for a lower memory capacity device with non removable battery? Design? What's wrong with the Note 4 design? Big mistake, Samsung...I hope you guys learn the lesson...millions of Apple users switched because of the same reasons of your ”improved” model!

  • chewy Jan 19, 2016 Link to comment

    Samsung ditched swapped batteries for cost, and having to buy their memory...profit. I swap batteries all the time so when I upgrade I'll most likely get a LG v10. Too bad Sammy had to f up a good run

  • Samsung Note 5, S6, S6 Edge and other Samsung Phones are now avaulable only on (

  • I am not a techy person by any stretch of the means and I don't have any idea when reading what processor is better then another so I wont pretend too. However, I am a Note 4 owner. In the past I owned the Galaxy 3,4 and then jumped to the Note 4. I was excited to see the Note 5 come out until I heard that the back doesn't come off therefore you can not add a memory card or remove the battery. I am so mad at Samsung! I really just wanted to upgrade to a better and faster model but now I am not going to do so. I am hoping my Note 4 will hold up a while longer. I am hoping that Samsung listens to their most loyal consumers and goes back to the removable back. I can't stand Apple, I don't like being limited to only being able to use Apple stuff. I don't like the fact that Apple makes it so hard to work on the phone if needed to as well. At this time I will not be upgrading because of these concerns.

  • As a massive fan of the note series having owned a note 2, 3 and 4 I've always upgraded to the latest model sim free as soon as I could. Not this time. No SD slot and a nonremovable battery are massive negatives for me. These points were always what I preferred over apple products. I don't like to be restricted with a phone especially when I'm paying so much for one and to make the choice to restrict a users experience is completely baffling to me. Bad move Samsung. I suspect many sales have been lost because of this. I'll be keeping my hard earned cash for now!

    • I have had all the note series too, and would not go back to the 4 from the 5. There is no need to swap the battery as the battery has excellent durability and will keep you going all day with heavy use, and if you really need more GB space simply slip a mini USB flash drive in the bottom of the phone it's a much smaller than carrying a spare battery!!!!!!!. The 5 is a worthy upgrade smarter and faster and much better build quality. . So if you can't get to charge point every 24hr after heavy use. Then I guess you would need the 4. For the other 95% go for the 5

      • How come you reply on every negative comment of Note 5 and try to persuade other people to believe Note5 is better than Note4. Did Samsung pay you to do so?

      • I have note 4. Very hold tlf..

      • thanks. Forget this POS. No replaceable battery. If the current battery dies (it happens) you have an expensive paperweight. No SD card? Seriously? WTF where they thinking.

      • Jason May 4, 2016 Link to comment

        Seriously. I used only the calculator today for an 8 hour math class and it was under 20%

  • Hi all,

    I have been a loyal Samsung fan for a while now. Had the garbage (iPhone) before, and after making the switch to Samsung, thought I had died and gone to heaven. You can actually do stuff on the galaxy phones, compared to Apple. Like change a battery and remove your micro card and throw some music on, and videos, all with not worrying about converting them so that they will work. Good old android will pretty much play anything.
    Unlike having to convert every bloody file so it can be used with apple. I had 3 copies of every movie on my computer! Like what a waste of space.

    Currently I have a S5, and when the girlfriend went a got the S6, I was pretty excited. Until I got it in my hand and tried to remove the back cover..... Well, we all know how that worked out.
    Took me about 3 min to decide that I will be staying the waterproof version for as long as I can.
    Why would those idiots at Samsung go backwards like this?? Did a few apple engineers get into the back door at Samsung and sneak the apple design into the galaxy phone? Totally getting it past all the people at Samsung....? I really doubt that, so what happened. Did they all get hit on the head and start making stupid decisions?? It just doesn't make sense. Unless they are pandering for the morons that don't know how to do things on a phone, and trying to make it as simple as possible??
    I guess we could spend decades trying to figure out why Samsung has shit the bed like they did with their latest line of apple phones.
    I bet their sales have slipped cause of that little blunder.
    Might as well go and buy apple if you can't remove the battery, and expand the memory. Well, you can, but it's a pain in the ass to have a small Micro SD adaptor hanging out the bottom of the phone.
    So unless the note 6 (if it ever makes it out) doesn't have a removable battery or upgradeable memory, I will be like some, and be keeping my old stuff until it dies.... Then I guess find another brand of phone that can do what, in my opinion, is a no brainer, be able to remove the battery without a huge cost that comes with every visit to the apple store.
    Thought I'd be a Samsung phone user forever, but most certainly not after seeing what road their going down.
    Not sure if any of my babble will help anyone make a decision about the new line up of Galaxy phones, but at least I got something off my chest.
    Now, just to get this message to Samsung directly.... Lol

    • I am in the lucky position to have owned both the note 4 and the note 5. I purchased the note 5 while still using the 4 I then gave myself one week of using the note 5 to then make a decision on which one to keep and which one to sell the 5 is an improvement on the Note 4 if you don't need lots of storage and most people don't they just fill it full of crap then it's fine. As too removable batteries the note 4 and note 5 don't require this as the batteries are excellent even when I had my note 4 I never have to remove a battery for another one it would last all day and I am a heavy user. phones such as the S5 and the S6 are renowned for poor battery life simply buy a phone that has a better battery it will go all day with heavy use, charge overnight good2go next day simples!!! lots of people here who simply disregard the note 5 without even trying it as I say I had the option which one to keep and I went for the latest fastest best one. oh and the best premium looking and beautifully designed Samsung phone to date.

    • Me thoughts exactly!

  • Interesting comments and comparisons, but I still find no reason to abandon my "old" Note 2 with a10.1 screen and a fitting keyboard. Since it does not fit in my pocket I use a bag.

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  • I upgraded to the S6 & I absolutely hate it. I feel they made the S6 cheaper. It has a glitchy system something is definitely different & I hate it. Do not upgrade I promise you will regret it. I can honestly say galaxy is regressing in technology. Im seriously considering an iphone or a Windows phone now. Samsung has tried to make the galaxy an Iphone your better off buying an iphone.

  • LOOK....if you even think about switching the 4 for the 5....YOU A DAMN FOOL!!!!

    • Note 5 is a better phone than the 4. I bought the 5 and used it for a week, Before I sold my note 4, just wanted to make sure it was a worthy upgrade. If it wasn't I was prepared to sell the 5. So although I loved my note 4 I loved the 5 more so the 4 had to go.

  • After owning the Note 4 for about 6 to 8 months was"forced"due to unfortunate circumstance to have to switch to the Note 5. I'm quite upset with non removable battery and according to this article, now i have less battery life. Say what u will, the 4 was way more stylish, larger and felt better to hold. I noticed the screen resolution difference immediately and in that area, the 5 wins. I'm still trying to figure out my hdmi options, which was a big selling point of previous model for me.

    The fact i lost half the memory capacity of the previous model is upsetting as well. While 32gb of memory is more than enough for any handheld device the backup options and removable memory card added more maneuverability, for me at least, for device-to-device data transfer. It was just comforting to know i had the memory as well.

    As I've only owned the newer model a few days, I'm still getting used to functionality but seems the same as previous model. So far not impressed. Sad, missing my Note 4.

    • I also had the note 4 and I purchased the note 5 and gave myself a week of using the note 5, and then deciding which one to keep. The note 5 won easily, as with most things the next model is usually better. 5 is faster and smoother and the first time the note series which I have owned all, actually has a premium beautiful design.
      Also I've noticed the battery although smaller in capacity last longer than my 4 did. I also consider myself to be a heavy user and I have never felt the need on the note 4 or 5 to carry a spare battery. I simply charge overnight then it's good to go all day and evening.

  • Well this confirms I'm staying with note 4. The non-removable battery is a deal-breaker for me. And no SD card? Why would they go backwards on these key attributes that iphone doesn't have?
    Also why do they spend so much effort on the look and outside edges etc when most people buy a cover anyway?

    • Me too. Despite repeated attempts from one person on here to convince us this piece of garbage is worth an upgrade

  • Hi! Everyone. Well let me start off by saying that, yes at 45 yrs old I am an electronics geek. I always do a thorough review and comparison to other phone. I started with HTC and than moved on to Samsung and I have always said, no disrespect to Apple 🍎 or my 20 yr old son, but the iPhone sucks. #1 I Wld never buy an all glass phone, #2 I Wld never buy a phone that I cld rearrange my home screen apps and #3 not being able to take the battery put, oh Hell Noooo.
    Now as for the Samsung Note 4 vs 5 and the s6 and s6edge,paleassssieee what a joke. I have the Note 4 and I guess I'll have the note 4 for a long time, because I don't know what Samsung was thinking, maybe they got apple 🍎 fever cause it's such a disappointment that they went down the iPhone road. No removable battery, no SD card, not enough storage, SHAME On you SAMSUNG........I Advise EVERYONE TO STICK WITH what you have till Samsung gets their shit together. What a shame!!! So sad for all the sucker that spent several hundred more for the note 5 or Sg6 or Sg6 edge. Good Luck everyone. 😆Remember always do your research and if your not sure and Wld like some advice, email me

    • Thanks I have the note 3 and I want a newer phone because Mines is really acting up and after reading several reviews yours convinced me not to get the note 5 but the note 4 because I myself keep a spare battery when I'm unable to charge my battery it's A MUST HAVE!!!

    • I done my homework, and was prepared to give the note 5 a try. I was a note 4 user so I purchased the 5 and gave myself a week of using the 5 before I made a decision on which one I would sell I sold the 4 because the 5 is a definite worthy upgrade, I also consider myself to be a heavy user and I have never had to carry a spare battery with the note 4 or the 5. Also the 5 has a slightly smaller battery capacity but due to the 5's clever software the battery will last longer in the five than the 4

    • How important is having a removable batttery? I've had the iPhone 4s since it was released, (always hated it, but it was free, and im not a big phone techy) However, I am finally going to upgrade my phone, and it is down to the Note 4 or 5. After reading this article, I am even more confused. I've been functioning fine with 8GB ancient phone. Im just wondering, for someone like Me that doesnt need a spare battery/more memory. Which would be the best option for me?

      • Hi definitely the note 5 would be the better option for yourself, as it is a worthy upgrade from the note 4 it is faster ,it's got better S pen functions, has a better camera, has a usable fingerprint scanner which the note 4 doesn't. I was a bit sceptical to after reading reviews so I bought a note 5 whilst still owning my note 4 I used the 5 for a week to decide which one to keep. I decided to keep the faster smarter upgraded note 5 and find the 32 GB plenty also no need to change a battery as the battery on the note 5 is awesome and will last all day and then some with heavy usage.

    • Spot on!

  • I owned the Galaxy Note 5 32g for all of 48 hours. I consumed all memory with Samsung Smart switch before 24 hrs were gone. I have a Note 4 32g with a 64g sd card. Why would I give Samsung an extra $200 to have a 64g phone and no expansion slot. No bueno. I don't want to put everything on a cloud app. I've tried that and not been able to recover photo's or they want you to pay more money for more storage. If I wanted an iPhone and iPhone problems I would have purchased another one. I went back to my Note 4 and I a perfectly Happy. TRY AGAIN SAMSUNG. FAITHFUL USERS LOVED THE FLEXIBILITY AND FREEDOM SAMSUNG HAS ALWAYS OFFERED.

    • Wow !!!obviously in your situation note 4 is for you as you require a lot of memory. Note 5 for most people will be fine. When I had my note 4 and 16 GB SD card I did get close to filling it but that was due to stockpiling movies which I never got around to watching. Now I simply download a couple of movies at a time when I've watched Em delete them and then download some more. I personally would not go back to the note 4 from A 5 as I feel this would be a backward leap but as with everything it comes down to personal preference.

  • I work at Best Buy and had been waiting for the Note 5 to come out and when it did I was very disappointed for all the the reasons above. However, after using the LG G4 and the Nexus 6P I decided to give it try. I misjudged it badly. I am a power user that expects a LOT from my phones. This thing is WICKED fast all the time, somehow I've never missed the removable battery, and cloud storage is so readily available in don't even care about the SD card (I got the 64 GB) anyway though. The screen, unbelievable. The new version of TouchWiz (dare I say it) is good even without a theme.
    This phone is awesome and I would recommend it to anyone who loves a big phone!

  • Samsung Galaxy Note 5 versus Note 4
    There will not be a Samsung Gear VR Consumer Edition for the older Galaxy Note 4 available. Here only the first Innovator Edition of the Gear VR for twice the price is almost sold out. Why?

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  • The note 5 is horrible compared to the s6 the a6 includes a better display and faster processor and the ir blaster the note 5 doesnt have any of the the note 4 has the ir blaster go with the note 4, s6, or even an s5

  • Where is a reputable place to buy a Samsung Galaxy Note 4 or 5? And a place that would have a reasonable price?

  • OK I've owned every flagship Samsung device and even the galaxy alpha. I am in no a Samsung fan boy because I can say the same about HTC and apple and even Motorola. I personally only like the design of the note 5. I went back to the note 4 because of expandable storage and removable battery. And to be honest I think the battery actually last longer on the 4. I think the note 4 is a better option for now until Samsung gets their balance of style and usefulness right. They are indeed trying but they haven't quite gotten it yet. I'm waiting to see what the s7 and note 6 are like. Keep the style and bring back some features that make more sense. Such as removable battery. Expandable storage. Ip67 certification. The things actually helped and made devices more practical in use. Please someone at Samsung read this and take heed.

  • Owned the Note 4 since its release good phone and was thinking of upgrading to a Note 5 but have several concerns..
    1) Occasionally need to reboot phone by removing battery, isn't possible with the S5 relying on a soft boot? No thanks
    2) Use the phone all day, since I bought the 4, I've gone thru 3 batteries, and carry a spare while I travel?
    3) SD Slot is really useful.
    4) Finally able to clean bloat-ware from my 4 the 5 looks to be even worse.
    5) Note 4 & 5 pen needs a much better UI

    Best bet to buy a new Note 4 while they're available any other devise recommend.

  • Only way I'll buy a Note 5 is if it drops to around $550 before Christmas? If not I'll probably buy a Note 4 or just look at other Phablets. I've never bought anything off of Ebay before, I seen you guys post a deal but I waited too long cause I was nervous about buying off of Ebay. Anyone have any tips on how to safely buy something so expensive off Ebay? Have a Great Day!

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  • Samsung basically gave the middle finger to all the previous Note owners when they took away the MicroSD slot. I have a 128GB MicroSD Card that moved from my Note 3 to the Note 4. Now I can't move my 128GB MicroSD to the Note 5. So FUCK YOU Samsung. I ain't upgrading to that PoS Nope 5.

  • Crazy, just crazy if they think I'll pay MORE for not having an sd card or a removable battery. I'll hang onto my Note 4 until it dies.

  • I never want to upgrade from note 4 to note 5.
    Not a joke if you record 4k videos on 32GB or 64GB only minutes?
    Only some people around the world have access to unlimited data plan for uploading there videos to cloud, In Afghanistan if upload my 30 minutes Full HD video to cloud i will be charged about 16$
    So if i upload all of my videos to cloud i will be charged about 800$, the same if i watch my videos every time.
    With 800$ i can buy another note 5 .
    I have a Note4 32GB with a 120GB of SDcard an i am satisfy from My note4.

  • i want to buy samung note 5 or s6 edge which one i should buy kindly tell anyone ....

  • As for s-pen convenience, I would argue Note 5 took step backward from Note 4. With note 4, S-pen removal was just one step process. With Note 5, it takes a push button and then pull which is two step. In addition, Note 5 s-pen design is defective in that s-pen can get jammed if it's inserted wrong way into socket. What's more, the blurring of screen when S-pen is pulled on Note 5 is pointless and very distracting, and you cannot even see the screen that you are working with.

  • I have got the Note 4 and I am very pleased with the performance, especially with the lollipop 5.1.1 update
    Have checked the Note 5 couple of times and didn't find the urge to make an upgrade yet. Will wait for the Note 6 or Galaxy S7 edge (if it has 5.7 display as per the latest rumors).

    I just hope Samsung will keep trimming the touchwiz UX to give us more marshmallow :)

  • I would strongly advice everybody to read this thread:

  • So as usual, I'm doing things somewhat ass backwards. I've had a Note 3 for a couple of years and it was the first phone I can say I really loved using. But my contract had run out, battery was showing it's age (even though I have a backup), and the operating system hung up from time to time. After a visit to the local phone store to review the Note 5, I was shocked to find out that the battery was non changeable and the 64 Gb micro SD card I own would be useless. So I ordered the Note 4 which arrived today. I was disappointed to find that my Note 3 batteries would be of no value since the design had changed. I began questioning my decision to purchase the Note 4 over Note 5. After reading this artcle, I feel much better about my decision. Perhaps when I'm ready for another upgrade in 2 years, the Note 7 will allow for replaceable batteries and expandable memory. Let's hope Samsung learns from this misstep, or I'll just make due with my new Note 4 beyond the 2 year contract, or I'll take a look at what the competition has to offer.

  • Ever since Nov 1rst of 2015, I've been eligible for a phone upgrade and I had the Galaxy Note in mind, (Current: Galaxy S5) however when I found that the Note 5 didn't have the options for a sd card or a battery swap, that really surprised me. I actually told Samsung one time on their Facebook page that I loved their Galaxy S4 (Before the S5) over the iPhone 4 I used to have (Was stolen) that I had freedom over the battery, along with the system, and able to expand memory, now it seems they're trying to copycat the iPhone (If you look at it, it looks identical to the iPhone 6S/6S+) Well, now that they fell for the aluminum crowd (The people who wanted Samsung to go full aluminum, aka the plastic and faux haters) who am I gonna turn to now? The Galaxy Note 4 is what I'm getting, and may be the last Samsung phone I'll ever get, unless they wake up and create an alternative for those who want sd card and battery swap support. I checked with other brands like the LG G4 but I heard it had battery problems (Correct me if I'm wrong, or if it had a different problem) and it seems more and more Android companies are falling for the aluminum supporters (HTC, Nexus, Samsung, etc) If it comes down to that, I'm still sticking with Android, the iPhone lacks freedom of customization and many others like downloading apps online, at least Android still has that, but hell even the Nexus 6 and HTC 1 M8 are aluminum, but they support sd cards. The main reason for why I want the battery swap support, is so if something goes wrong (My S5 had problems that required to take it out and put it back in) I can fix it myself, and the other reason is just to have a backup.

    • Copying seems to still be the way the non apple companies progress these days.. but I believe Samsung have killed the Golden Goose withe the Note 5 - I have owned every Note and am now on the 4 and I'm not upgrading until something better comes along...

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  • I have owned Note I, II & III, and have been waiting patiently for Note 5. Not that it's out, I'm really, really disappointed. Non-removable battery & no micro SD card? What a joke! I might as well go for iPhone 6S Plus. Goodbye Samsung!

  • I have the note 4, I love to tease my iPhone friends about the lack of a backup battery and additional storage. Hopefully Samsung will put those back into the Note 6. Oh well,

    • Yes I hope there are smart people at Samsung HQ. Samsung doesn't have to just produce unibody phones like Note 5. They could have easily made another variant with removable battery /SD card slot. Samsung introduces dozens of different new phones each year. They can easily make two different variant of their lagship phones to give more choice to their premium customers.

  • Lynne Nov 4, 2015 Link to comment

    I just received Note 5 in a package and after having to read the reviews I decided to put it back in the box and return. The NON removable battery is definitely a deal breaker for me. I’m a realtor and always on the road. I started with Note 2 and currently now have Note 4. The only reason I switched from iphone to Samsung Note is because of the REMOVABLE BATTERY which iphone doesn’t have. I never have to worry that I will run out of batter ywhen I am on the road. I keep 3 extra batteries in my purse and I bought extra charger for the extra batteries. I talked my friends with businesses and realtor collogues to purchase the Note 4 just because of that reason. I guess I will have to wait for the Note 6 or if anything that is better or in par will be released in the market with removable battery, I will definitely switch. Too bad Samsung is now turning out to be like their competitor iphone. What a huge disappointment!

  • Bruce Nov 1, 2015 Link to comment

    Great article, thanks

  • Can I use the S-pen from Note 5 in the Note 4? I mean, can I put it in the N4?

  • To Rob hoy: I don't know why others need "so much memory on a phone," but I know why I need the inclusion of a micro SD card. (First, people who have Notes rarely use them as just a phone. It's more of a mini-computer. I can do nearly everything on my Note that I would do on a computer. ) 1. I use different cards for different purposes (my work or photos or music, important documents like tax returns, or research). 2. I like to be able to quickly transfer large files of material to whatever computer I need to. 3. I can copy material onto a card to give someone else. 4.I never have to delete something I want to keep to clear up storage.

    • Robert Oct 27, 2015 Link to comment

      Exactly, the question should be restated as "Why would you need so much memory on a personal computer?", which is what these devices are. I think every computer I've ever bought seemed like it had fairly high storage when it was new, but was then was filled to it's capacity by the time I upgraded. Maybe not completely on topic (it's about RAM vs. data storage), but remember Bill Gate's famous "640K ought to be enough for anybody" statement?

  • Robert Oct 27, 2015 Link to comment

    Sorry, I meant to include this question in my last post but forgot: If Samsung doesn't go back to having removeable batteries and micro-SD cards in their next generation phones, what would people recommend as the next best alternative (other than the Note 4)? It must have a removeable battery and an SD card.

    • Why do you need so much memory on a phone

    • @Robert Unfortunately the Note 4 and the LG G4 are the only top Android phablets that support both sd card and battery swap support, you can find the differences between the two on Google Search (Try the phonearena webpage, its more detailed)

  • Robert Oct 27, 2015 Link to comment

    I had a Note 2, and now I use a Note 3 (provided by my employer). My Employer just offered to have me upgraded to a Note 5. I asked if I could get a note 4 instead. I was told no, only a Note 5. So I stuck with the Note 3. I believe it is a better phone, having an exchangable battery and micro SDcard. I will eventually buy my own Note 4 (which I concede is better than a Note 3). All my friends were amazed that I refused a free Note 5, even though they all agreed that the missing SD card and lack of removeable battery is bad. I just wish everyone could stand firmly toghether and refuse to buy this phone (Note 5). Maybe it would send Samsung a message and they would get back on track.

    • I whole heartedly agree and do hope they loose enough significant business to encourage them to return with the options we require!

    • Well, I am shocked your employer didn't give you the flexibility. After all, Note 4 cost significantly less than Note 5, so any carrier behind your company's plan would have been happy to give you Note 4 instead of Note 5. In any case, if I were in your shoes, I would have taken Note 5, since it's got much better camera than Note 3. you can use SD card by plugging a micro usb SD card adapter into Note 5, so it's actually not that terrible, though a bit inconvenient. BTW, some employers let their employees keep the old phone after they upgrade, so you might have had Note 5 and still keep your Note 3 as well! (or maybe not if old phone is still owned by the carrier).

  • Was about to upgrade to note 5, then realise thats a significant downgrade from the note 4. Why on earth they remove the sd slot and fix the battery is baffling. 'Note to Samsung' - Next iteration of the Note series: gotta bring back sd slot, and removable battery. Otherwise, the customers may well side over with Apple.

  • I own a note 4 edge I got it when it s a novelty having the edge I would trade it for the world at this point they will b hard pressed to impress me now

  •   7
    Deactivated Account Oct 26, 2015 Link to comment

    Any word on if note 4 will get Marshmallow?

  • So as expected the main important differences are software... and explains why Samsung has been so reluctant to undated software on the note 4. This shows a bad present ...if I buy the note 6... or s7..will improved software be held back so that the next phone six months later has an advantage for sakes. .. the cycles of new phones is to short... your always gonna have an ' old phone' that always behind

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  • ... hmmmm...i think Samsung has under estimate their customers...especially Note siries followers...i think Samsung should release Note 5 first and follow by the Note 4 as a new product...i stay with my fish is beutiful and cute but its memory only last for 3 seconds...

  • Dear Samsung - do you do any survey's as to what features of your phone people actually like. If no SD card and No removeable battery is your new standard then my Note 4 will be the last Samsung I ever purchase. I have owned an S2 for years which even had a FM radio. You see you can't listen to live sports commenarty on digital or streaming radio as there is a delay. Anyway I think this Note 4 will see me ok for awhile but when I come to upgrade SD card and Battery is a must for me. How many times did I mock Apple people when they went into panic - OMG I only have 5% charge. Me too - wait I'll get my spare fully charged battery out - look at that iPhone user - I'm back to 100%. Never ever worried about charging my phone - just keep a few charged batteries with me all the time.

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  • Sadly, I have to replace my water damaged Note 4. Even though the Note 5 is available, I'm going to purchase another Note 4 because, as the review point out, the improvements are not valuable enough to balance the lack of the removable RAM or battery. Hope Samsung doesn't stay on this trend or I'll be looking for a different manufacturer next time.

  • Note 5 has a very LOUSY battery, after having the NOTE 4! ....I just upgraded yesterday, but TOMORROW I'm returning it and getting the Note 4 back!

  • Skipping iNote 5, want Note 6 with SD slot, removable battery, FM radio
    ~--~--~--~--~--~--~ -~--~--~--~--~- ~--~--~--~--~--~- ~--~--~--~--~--~-
    I needed to upgrade my beloved Note II n7100 because it had only 3G+ and H+, and I badly wanted 4G LTE.
    On 11 Aug 2015, 2 days before the Samsung Unpacked Event, they officially confirmed the infamous rumor that the Note5 would have no more SD slot and removable battery, so I immediately ordered my Note 4 at once that same day 11 Aug, before it got unavailable or overpriced.
    My suggestion to Samsung: the Note series should maintain, fulfil and deserve its premium reputation, which IMO implies:

    - a removable battery
    - a microSD slot (able up to 128GB, if possible 256GB)
    - an FM radio, as complete as on the Note II n7100, i.e. with SKP output (i.e. switchable between the headphone and the internal speaker), recording. Reason: sparing the FM radio is OK on lesser devices like Galaxy S series, but should be included in the premium Note series.

    Versailles, Tue 20 Oct 2015 14:22:40 +0200

  • To me, the lack of a replaceable battery is a deal-killer. I love my Note 4, and I can carry a slim spare battery (in a small plastic bag) invisibly in a suit jacket pocket - a charger with cord would be far too bulky. And what happens when the original battery ultimately "dies" as all cell phone batteries do after time? Do you become the proud owner of an expensive paperweight?

  • For me Note 4 is last phone from Samsung, lack of updates, commercial offers not holds, is already enough to move away but sealed phone and no removable storage is really to much, Samsung want do as Apple, they have to buy I Ok anyway I have been Samsung for years but will never more buy one simple device or accessory from them, cheers.

  • Wow! Thanks for the great info, best comparison I've viewed thus far. The only thing I didn't catch was whether or not the Note 4 has the after dark feature to jot a note down without opening the screen; something the 5 has that attracted me. Other than that it seems I am gravitating to the 4 like the majority here. It's a turn off to think there isn't a micro storage card option or battery accessibility - 2 major reasons I dislike the iPhone. If anyone can reply as to the after dark feature, please do. :-)

  • Samsung,

    You're going the way of NOKIA !!!

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    Deactivated Account Oct 11, 2015 Link to comment

    O Note 5 seria uma inovação se tivessem lançado com a tela curva!

  • My Sprint Note 4 was updated to Android 5 1.1 a couple of months ago. This has made a significant difference in the smoothness of the phones performance. The initial update to Android 5.02 had lag and freezing problems. It is my understanding that many carriers have not yet uodated to 5.1.1. A performance comparison with the initial Lollipop offering would suffer.
    The problem I always have with concern as to the quality, look and feel of the back of a phone is that virtually no one uses their phone without a case. I suspect that beautiful glass backing of the Note 5 would be scratched and damaged without one. I ordered a case for my Note 4 the day I puchased the phone. I really like the S-View cases for the Galaxy phones. The case of course covers up the styling of the phone. Note 4 and Note 5 look similar to each other and to my previous Galaxy S4 when in a case. The styling of the case may matter more than that of the enclosed phone. There was a learning curve for the S-Pen on my note 4 but once I did understand I find it to be very useful. I use the IR blaster as a remote all the time. There are remotes for my Apple TV, The Tv in bedroom, and living room, my stereo, Channel Master DVR, and cylindrical fan. When I visit my Mom, the phone detects a change in location and changes the remote. While battery life is good I fo carry a spare in my pocket. If I am out on the country all day I would change to the new battery in the afternoon. I also have about 30GB of music on my phone. While I believe that the the Note 5 is a beautiful device I will stay with my Note 4.

  • I just bought the Note 4 last month rather than the Note 5. Personally, sealed batteries or lack of built-in storage doesn't bother me, but that's with phones like my HTC One and Nexus 6, because they were never considered my all-in-one device. All my Note series on the other hand were just that (the ultimate device). Unfortunately, this Note 4 may be the last especially since LG has refused to make a stylus that is as useful as the S-Pen. Bring back the IR blaster, SD card, removable batteries and never ever ever ever use glass on the back of the Note, and I'll continue to tolerate Samsung.

  • Good day to all. Guys please help me to choose between note 4 and note 5? Please give me some tips which of these two is the best. I am planning to buy a smartphone next month. Thank you guys.

    • If you own a note 5 please comment about the performance, the battery life and all the functions. Thank.

    • Pat Oct 11, 2015 Link to comment

      Carl. I've had the Note 2 and now the Note 4. I skipped the Note 3 because to me it wasn't much of an improvement over the Note 2. I like the Note series because I've always taken a lot of notes and it's handy. The spec's for the Note 4 and Note 5 are still close enough that you will probably see little difference between them.
      *Speed, probably not enough to notice.
      *Display, the Note 5 might be a little brighter, but I have my Note 4 set on 50% to conserve the battery and at 50%, it's as bright as most of my previous phones were at 100%. I only turn it up to 100% when I'm in bright sun or just want to dazzle someone with how great it looks.
      *Camera, probably depends on you, but I can't see enough difference in the above pictures to make me want to switch.
      *S Pen functionality, My Note 4 Air Command has Action Memo, Smart Select, Image Clip and Screen Write. From what I can tell in the picture above, the Note 5 has Action Memo, Smart Select, Screen Write, S Note and Add Shortcuts. Maybe it has a lot more functions, but I mainly use Action Memo and although the other features are nice, I only use them occasionally. If I want to open S Pen, I tap on the app on my home screen.
      *Add Shortcuts? It's faster for me to open shortcuts from my home screen than opening Air Command to do it.
      *Auto Eject Stylus? I guess it's a cool gimmick, but I've never had any trouble getting my stylus out quickly when I need it.
      I know there are a lot of features I've left out of both, but these are the features I use and care about the most.
      Now to me, the big differences are Note 5 has no SD card, no replaceable battery and costs about twice as much as the Note 4 which has both a slot for an SD card and a removable battery.
      Just play with both, decide which features are important to you and which aren't and see if you can tell enough difference to spend twice as much for the Note 5.
      Good luck on your decision, you can't go wrong with either one.

    • From the review you ve seen the difference. The note 5 is a very wonderful device faster performance and camera and display but sadly it ditches wat most people adore about samsung phones...external sd card exchangeable battery and ir blaster. If your someone who doesnt mind lack of external sd card or swappable battery then go for note 5. However note 4 is still fast on its own camera is still good too it comes with external sd card swappable battery and ir blaster. Its still a good device. So it all depends on what appeal to you. Cloud storage vs external sd card storage. Fast charging vs exchangeable battery...the choice is all yours. I use note 3 but my nxt phone will be note edge (it lUnched with note 4) and its another mad beast.

      • @Tochukwu The Note 4, along with the S5 already has fast charging, but yeah cloud type storages compared to external is really lame, especially if you are required to pay anything, and what's worse is when you pay for the storage on the S6 or Note 5, you have to do it again on the next phone, if it still has that.

    • Note 4 definitely ... the 5 is alot of the same but at a bigger price. I loved my 4 and am getting a second one since I gave my last one to my Peanut. Safe. durable, double the battery life .. yep it's a keeper. Pss .. you'll love the stylus on the 4 way better than the 5 believe me .. I'm an artist and doodle continuously on it.!!! ❤

      Deactivated Account

    • Sure u go for note 4 because note5 had a lot of disadvantages like
      1.Non removable battery
      2.there is no sd slot for expanding memory.
      3.The body is glassed back so, we should be careful all the time.
      4.battery capacity is 3000 mah but in note4 3220 mah
      5.note5 doesn't have i.r blast

      These are the some points that are disappointed in note5

  •   12
    Deactivated Account Oct 10, 2015 Link to comment

    Being the owner of the Note3, Note4, NoteEdge, S6, S6edge+ and Note5 i can honestly say in every way from performance, camera, software enhancements, feature implementations, and more importantly battery life the Note5 shits and pisses on the Note4, and NoteEdge so easily it's comical and I didn't even mention the Spen functionality and UFS storage 2.0 speed capabilities.

    Note products have grown emensely since August 2011 that's why everyone feels the need to copy every aspect of the Note handsets they've always been the GOLD STANDARD of phablets worldwide.

    At the end of the day Apple tried to copy coming out with silly bootleg hack products in the iPhone 6plus and iPhone 6sPlus at best bootleg wanna be Note2's.

    Google made a useless menial attempt with the Nexus 6 a battery draining featureless joke and now again with the useless Nexus 6p it gets more laughable yearly.

    Then Motorola with its crappy products on the cheap trying to fool bargain basement low budget worthless android users they are easy to fool anyway.

    At the end of the day if your not rolling with Samsung then your simply not rolling at all your buying inferior useless products.

    Deactivated Account

    • Sir you own a note 5, right? Sir please tell me more about the note 5. Because I am planning to buy that kind of phone. What you can say about the note 5 sir? Thank you.

      • I just upgraded yesterday to the Note 5 (from the Note 4), in order to get a deal with a tablet, and......I'm going TOMORROW to return it and keep my Note 4!!! The battery is CONSIDERABLY weaker, no SD card....and pretty much everything else is about the same. As a casual user, I value the extra memory the Note 4 can have, plus that EXCELLENT battery that lasts ALL DAY! How in the world could they have gone backwards???

    • You sound like a real tool.

  • Misha Oct 10, 2015 Link to comment

    Watch for the Note 5 prices to drop soon. Why? Glass on the back of a metal phone, no micro SD card slot, and a fixed battery. I would no sooner wish for glass on the back of my metal phone than I would wish for glass on the undercarriage of my car. And with storage prices coming down, Samsung is now charging you a premium for limited storage options (and not even bothering to meet the options offered by the competition). If you do any extensive traveling in remote areas, you can't count on being connected to the internet to download content, so a hefty micro SD card can indeed come in handy. My wife and I often carry spare batteries while traveling, since, despite the advertisements, it is not always convenient or possible to recharge your phone.

    Samsung deprecated features from its flagship model, added unnecessary costs (glass back), and gave us a slightly nicer screen in a slightly smaller package, precisely at a time when the competition is announcing Note 5-like phones and keeping the key features the Note series was known for. Even if the competitors's offerings don't beat the Note 5, many are close enough, keep the features Samsung deep-sixed, and cost less. And the iPhone 6s Plus is not going to help Note 5 sales. Even the Samsung fan boys have to be shaking their heads at Samsung's decisions regarding the Note 5.

    If you want to send Samsung a message, buy the Note 4 or one of the competitors's phones if you are in need of an upgrade. Nothing will cause Samsung to get the message more than stagnant sales, which is what it deserves for missing the mark with its flagship phone. With enough people sitting on the sidelines, prices for the Note 5, the introduction of additional storage options, and perhaps an acceleration of the launch date for the Note 6 (which restores the deprecated features) will soon follow.

    • Misha Oct 10, 2015 Link to comment

      Oh, and you are stuck with one color on Verizon if you choose the 64 GB model. Meanwhile, the competition offers you quite a few more options. I guess Samsung feels you have too many choices already in your life...

    • Pat Oct 10, 2015 Link to comment

      I agree with everything you said, plus I don't understand the need for a stylus that automatically ejects. I've never had any trouble getting my stylus out quickly when I need it. I'll gladly give up that option for a replaceable battery and memory card.

  • Very happy with my Note 4 I recently bought is mint condition for $360. Also happy it will get the new Android 6.0 update. I was even able to find a program written by someone that gives the functionality of the Note 5 for writing on the screen when it's off.

  • Samsung should iterate on the Note 5 with a 5x version that has a removable battery and SD card slot with a faster, more power efficient cpu. The stylus issues should be fixed as well. That solves that.

    Then they should skip over the Note 6 and 7, waiting for far improved battery solutions and speedier local storage tech to become affordable. Samsung releases it as the Note 8, with a true 4k screen with the 3d pressure click and PowerPoint presentation ability over WiFi and Bluetooth. If you squeeze the sides of the phone, it displays a sticky notepad with clipboard, and frequently used attachment links for easy cut copy paste click and drag. Think of it like squeezing your phone into an 8.

  • I have the Note 2 and was trying to decide if I want to upgrade to the Note 4 or 5. This comparison was extremely helpful. I am buying the Note 4 tomorrow. I don't like not being able to have an extra battery on hand nor a media card. Thank you.

  • I recently purchased a Note 5. So far I see improvement in battery usage. The way the phone uses energy is better and more efficient. What would have normally taken about 10 to 15% battery life on my s5 it really only consumed about 3 or 4%. That's huge for me. As what I was doing was video intensive and usually in the s5 it would feel heated, in the note 5 it was barely working. Hope this helps. So far so good. Getting used to the stylus.

    • ... Did you update your S5? If so that's why your S5 is worst. When they first come out with the phone they try very hard to ensure the battery life is great, when they start updating they're just slapping a tuxedo on a turd. I've had Samsung phones since the S3, Note 2, Note 3, Note 4... they all start out with amazing battery life, my Note 4 had great battery life until the very first update, now it went from 3 days to half a day, I didn't want the update, they kept forcing it on me so I'm done with them. The Note 5 has no removable battery, No SD card slot, No RF Receiver, why? To force you drones to pay way more for slight upgrades to the memory. Batteries don't last forever, in 1-2 years your batteries will be toast and you'll have no way to upgrade them, your phones by then will be worthless. Sammy's made their product very un-eco friendly indeed.

    • Sir how about the performance of note 5? How many hours is the battery life of note 5 sir?

  • im thinking about between galaxy note 4 and galaxy note 5 and galaxy s6
    i'm now useing a galaxy s3 neo and have no problems with it with custom ROM
    the memory slot for me is just for movies and music the rest i can do with the 32 gb its good
    but none of the batteries are holding on with 2 years of useage so they obligate you to buy a new phone because of the battery useage with the phone for example: if you have a note 4 you can swap the battery for a new one and everything is reset for just 20 bucks buty if you want a new battery for the s6 or the note 5(or for every other phone you like without the swapable battery) can need to but a new phone or go to a shop to let the battery swap into place and that will cost you like 100 bucks only for swaping the battery its absert that the battery is not swapable and they still dont make them waterproof like the galaxy s6 active this phone is waterproof and you can use it under water like no problem whats or ever than i can understand the none swapable battery and no sd card slot.
    sorry for my bad english if you dont understand it :)

  • Good research, but with all respect, you have omitted a great difference, great improvement by the way, in hand writing. The new Note 5 makes writing like awesome real one. One of the reason why I didn't switch from note 3 to 4, was that there were no differences in between. Now is very impressive I would say perfect simulation of hand writing also hand write recognizing.

    • Someone get this guy a pen and a paper, you wasted your money on that phone!

    • Hey Mario thanks for the comment! I do need to address the software further. We couldn't really delve into it because we had only used the device at a hands-on event. Now we have it in house I'm going to update the article with my latest thoughts.

    • Pat Oct 10, 2015 Link to comment

      Mario, not trying to be a jerk, but I don't understand what you mean. I started with the Note 2 and the main reason was because the handwriting looked so natural. I now have the Note 4 and the handwriting still looks natural and not an oversize scrawl like most other phones. I also haven't had any problems with the recognition on either one. Maybe I just need to try the Note 5 to compare, but I haven't up to now because although the Notes have been my all time favorite phones, I have no interest in a phone with no SD card or replaceable battery.

  • i previosly owned samsung galaxy note 1, and now owned samsung galaxy note 4. Pretty much satisfied with samsung galaxy note 4, and seeing specs for samsung galaxy note 5, definityly will not migrate to it. perhaps to wait until galaxy note 7 or 8.. hihu?

  • I bought note 4 few months back, and from what I read from note 5review , I very happy that I got note 4 and did nothing wait for the note 5

  • I've been very happy with my Note 3, rooted and running a custom ROM. I thought I might 'upgrade' to Note 5 this year but the specs look like a downgrade to me. I might have gone for it but there's too much missing. Battery, storage ... Maybe ... But I need IR.
    Maybe a new Note 4?

    • Yeah same here. I have been planning on upgrading my Note 3 to Note 5. But it seem like not worth it. Maybe I will go for note 4 or wait for the next generation of Galaxy Note.

      • Note 3 is better than 4 in every thing
        The only plus is the battery life

      • the note 4 is better in almost everything thats why it's called the note 4 why would samsung make an njote 4 if it's specs are worse than the specs of the note 3

      • My Bro has a Note 3, wanted to upgrade to a Note 4, I told him no, I agree that the Note 4 has more and better features but he can root his phone I cannot. I'm stuck with all sorts of nags from increasing the volume, tons of website ads, no tethering or any of the wonderful freedoms the older phones had.

    • I have the Note 4 and I am glad I did not wait for the Note 5. It definitely looks like a step backwards. I go caseless with my Note 4 and it is very tactile. I've never dropped it! The S6, S6 edge and Note 5 are very slippery and attract fingerprints.

  • I love samsung phones for these very reason, I get chocies; sd card and removable battery. Why are becoming like iPhone, you are going backwards....I will definitely not get the note 5 it's bull shit.

  • Samsung phones are now on sale only at BestAndroidPhoneDeals .com

  • You left out a pretty big thing in your comparison. On top of no changeable battery and no SD card, the absolute idiots at Samsung also removed the IR blaster. Deal breaker for me. I haven't touched a TV remote in years.

    • I didn't know that about the 5. Wow, what's up with Samsung? The 5 is a major letdown from the 4, at least for Note users. They seem to only be trying to woo iPhone users. I use mine as a remote everywhere (even waiting rooms heehee!) When anyone asks, I tell them to get the 4, not the 5. Maybe poor sales will teach Samsung a lesson, and future Notes will restore these selling points.

  • Sales of the Note 5 are going to be way below expectations, that's my prediction. I'd highly recommend the Note 4 to anyone who's in the market for a new phablet. The ONLY feature I like on the 5 is the ability to jot a note without turning on and unlocking the phone. Maybe they'll release an update for that on the 4, after the 5's fail to sell.

    • Boycott the Note 4 and Note 5, they're both bad, sure the features are great but there's a big leash with spikes coming out of it being shoved way up where the sun don't shine.

  • JEG Har Note2, Note3 og note4 Som er min Beste telefon. Bytter Ikke til note5 fordi den Ikke Har SD-kort og Ikke kan bytte ut Batteriet. ..

  • What is beauty if poor in expandability. Note 4 is still looks like the lion king. If i wanted to upgrade my Note4, ill go with Note4 Egde the magnificent.

  • I drank the Kool aid today, I no longer require removable battery, SD cards seem to die offer. Bring it on

  • Am so disappointed by Samsung forcing us to go the iPhone way. I need my phone with expandable memory capability. If they do not watch out they will go out of businesses. They are trying to appease the iPhone deserters other the expense of true samsung fans! Who does customer survey for them! Won't leave my note 4 to upgrade to note 5! It's a pos! I also need to remove my battery and reboot my phone! Hope the note 5 is a bust so that they can wake up!

    • I second that, it's just plain laughable what they are trying to give us...funny thing note 5 was not released in Europe, they are trying to conform to iPhone users...I am so not buying that imitation, I WILL USE MY NOTE 4 UNTIL THEY HAVE COME TO THEIR SENSES.

  • No removable battery? No removable sd card? No way will I downgrade from the Note 4 to the Note 5!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And if the options are NOT restored it's no better than the iPhone and I will find a phone that does give me those options!!!

    • My thoughts exactly. Although, I'm not a phone-dumper--I'll keep my Note 4 for a couple years or more before I change. When I do, I want a sylus, a large screen, and removable storage and battery. Here's hoping Samsung can manage that by the time they release a Note 7 or 8, otherwise, I'll look for these specs elsewhere (or just keep using my Note 4, since it RULES).

    • you are dammed right!!

  • It will be nice if Sony actually reads these logs so they can find out what the f*** not to do talking to your customer is the best business tactics versus hiring some dumbass that probably has an Apple phone in his pocket to create a Samsung Android phone but wait is it me or is the predecessor supposed to be better not worst I don't know about y'all but I definitely won't step down from windows 7 for Windows 98

  • Sounds like to me Samsung is trying to ride that Apple meat instead of keeping the people that are actually buying these phones happy how can you change something like that and expect an actual sell I'll stick with the 4

  • Very disappointed with Galaxy Note 5, I'll stick with my Galaxy Note 4 and next week I'm going to get another phone for another line ,I was tempted to get the Galaxy Note 5 but it is not worth it I'm getting another Galaxy Note 4

  • i didn't look into phones for a while since i got my note 3 like 3 years ago. after root it is even faster. it had a lot of use average 5 hours a day screen time. I have a zerolemon extended battery and that make screen time last 16 to 20 hours. i thought the newer phone would be waterproof like the s4. looks like the s5 took that feature out too. for me i go to the field a lot for training and the note 3 had stand up to it. it's been dropped many times and i have a glass screen protector and the original glass is still good (finally cracked the glass protector after a year use but it's $1 on ebay). it's important to have external sd and battery for me. if i upgrade in the future i will pick up a used note 4 when it's $100 bucks. my original plan when i got the note 3 is this phone will be good enough for 10 years if it works that long. technology is not moving forward as fast as it used to be and at certain point good enough is good enough.

  • I have to take the battery out of my current note because it is so buggy, so what makes them think i would so stupid as to buy a note 5 without a removable battery.

  • They need to STOP trying to create a demand and learn to listen to the REAL buyers!!!

  • What a disappointment from Samsung not remarkable difference and the Note 4 still offer a sd card expansion and cloud storage it's like Note 4S edition!

  • Glad I read more than one review. Wow what a disappointment to say the least. I'll stick with my note 4 and most likely jump ship if the note 6 is another disappointment. Unreal.

    • They'll most likely will make the note 6 better than the 5 and similar to all the other notes they came out with just like they did the note 3 remember they had that weird cable then they changed it back to the regular USB it's like they're just trying to do certain stuff just to make it seem unique and really all they're doing is stopping people from liking their product maybe they didn't get the memo consistency is what we want

  • I am currently a Note 5 user. I accepted the fact there would not be a removable battery nor extended memory. The front facing camera is very crisp. I love it and I'm not a selfie person. The deal breaker however is that on vzw network it went back to before 4G, no more on the phone and connecting to the Internet without a WiFi connection. Can't deal with that at all. Returning under the wfg. Going with the 4. It still has the capabilities to do both.

    • Uhm... on all newer phones you have to turn on the lte / voice option... thought everyone knew that

      • Ummm no everyone isn't aware. I wasn't because all my previous notes had the capabilities automatically. I spoke to the sales rep for help and to tech support , they told me the only fix was what vzw was working on and it would be about a year to get that feature back. I would love to know the path to resolve the issue with out returning my phone. Would u be so kind to tell me. Thank you.

  • no remarkable upgrades not worth for it

  • Seems like I'll be sticking to my dear Note 4.. the advances are becoming so minimal that it is not worth upgrading so quickly, which will reflect badly on Samsung's revenue without a doubt

  • I eagerly anticipated the Note 5 release. It is now very apparent that I will be acquiring the 4. What a sad copy cat I6 Clone, all that is missing is a spherical home button. Actually I will entertain the idea of crossing over.Moto's sad camera and discontinuance of its cloud saving and PC access app caused Me to go to Samsung, perhaps all my Hope has Changed to reality?

  • What a disappointment... Have had the note 5 for 24 hours and hate it. Nothing really resembles the user friendly robust business architecture of the note 2-4. To make things worse, the phone has sharp edges now that poke you while in your pocket. The build quality cannot hold a candle to the previous models. What a dud. Going back to verizon and will be returning today. Don't even consider this phone if you have used your previous note for business.

  • I have note 4 ... I love the design. . I love the Comercial. .. I love the white glamorous colors... yeach I want note 5 too but I'm not very impressed. maybe we just wait a little bit longer about new phone. I thought note 4 is enough now... maybe at the future they build water resistant dust resistant shock resistant like Sony who knows ... it would be great

  • Earl Aug 27, 2015 Link to comment

    Ive just bought Note 4 this month, and Im really satisfied with it! Note 5 maybe an upgrade version of Note 4, still it does not convince or pleased me at all. I dont like the idea that the storage is no longer expandable. Also, it's design is quite similar to S6 which I find it a bit boring and unoriginal. Im a huge fan of Note series, so for me, it should have its distinctive design from any other Samsung phones (apart from the S pen). Overall, Im not impressed with this Note 5 and I made the right choice with my Note 4.

  • Dhrubo Aug 26, 2015 Link to comment

    No doubt Note 4 is the best phone right now. Note 5 didn't able to satisfy us. Samsung should not release any series too early. They should take atleast 2 years. Samsung is trying to copied iphone design which is shameful for samsung user. I am using note 4 & will continue untill samsung bring huge difference on note series. People should not spend money by changing phone evry often, then phone company will change their policy.

    • yeach imagine note 4 and experia z1 get maried. .. they are child I will adopted

    • Hear hear ur comment speaks to me and 100% to the point and is on point wht these companies are trying milk us for our hard earn cash at least give us wht we want bunch of dumb assess !

  • Based solely on this comparison I will keep my Note 4. The upgraded front camera means nothing to me. I bought my Note 4 two months ago and considered waiting for the Note 5..Glad I did not. Having my upgraded the memory with another 64gb in my Note 4 the Note 5 32gb would Not suffice!

  • I am using note 4 . This is very good but hang hang and hang problems are available . Lol . I decide to buy iphons 6s . But at the same time i want to buy s6 edge plus . But samsung launch their model so early soo thats why their prices are decreasing gradually which is not good for average people or students like me .

  • To me the reason I liked Android was that iphone did not allow you to upgrade your storage. I literally keep my entire life on my phone because it's not a phone anymore, it's a phablet that has a convenient phone app installed. The sd card is a deal breaker for me. I'm getting the last Note 4 at my local T-mobile store and I'll wait for the Note 6 to have the sd card back. I NEED the storage. It's not too much trouble for them to either make a 128 gig version or to have the slot. They claim that the sd cards mean the data transfer is SOOOO MUCH SLOWER but in reality what they are attempting to do is force us to use high speed data through our carriers and to utilize the cloud. If you have a lot of stuff like me you have to have an upgraded (meaning pay) cloud account and you will have to use up all the free "unlimited" high speed data plan but then you'll either have to pay for more high speed data or you are bumped down to a slower tier for the rest of the month. I can't do that. I need the space, I need the card, and I will NEVER buy a Note 5 until I absolutely have to because someone stole or broke all the Note 4s. Sorry Samsung, I'm going to voice my distaste for your foolish decision very soon.

    • You do not need the storage. This time last year only phone that supported 128gb memory was iPhone 6. 128gb SD card voided galaxy s5 warranty because those cards were so new and untested... there was a time to didn't even have a phone...

  • I got the Note 1 as soon as it came out! I was like the only guy around with a huge ass phone!!
    skipped the Note 2 and got the Note3, and got the Note4 as well as soon as it came out...
    Note 5... I don't think so, why did they have to ruin it? I replaced my Note 4's battery with a 10,000 mAh one and it survives over 2 days on a single charge... I also enjoy an extra 64GB SDcard...
    Can I do that with the Note5? I don't think so, so I guess i'll keep my Note4 and see if the Note 6 is going to come back to the right path.
    I'll be getting the Note 5 for my friend on his birthday though lol xD

  • I understand the disappointment with losing the removable battery and sd expansion. I did "upgrade" from the Note 4 to the Note 5 and love it! Both are great phones, just comes down to personal preference.

  • So no expandable memory? No removable battery? Battery is smaller? Extremly disappointed Samsung in your efforts to make your phone an Android/Iphone but with Android benefits; suppose I need to start looking at other brands if this is the path you choose. The luxury I have as a android customer is that there are other major suppliers of Android phones. Dropped the ball on this one Samsung.

  • Not to mention there's NO IR Blaster.. a feature I use daily. very very disappointing I also keep a couple 64 gig memories on the phone. one behind the case. I'm buying an extra note 4 today.. before they're all gone.. I'm jumping to a new note 4.., then dumping my Jump plan. I'll get two new Note 4's today.. Hopefully that will last for the years to come. Maybe Samdung will pull their heads out of their asses next year if they don't fail in the market place by then..

    • The note 4 is the best phone I've ever owned by far.
      I was looking forward to seeing the new upgrade but alas I'm disappointed.
      I find that a fixed battery is a step backwards. When travelling I always always take a spare battery with me to ensure that I always have access to my device and content.
      The cosmetic improvements to the new model to me are impractical as I always keep my device in a leather cover.
      Like you Colin I will be buying another note 4 as a back up for the future. (Thanks for the idea)

      • I use a battery pack when I travel.... charges multiple devices, last longer and are universal. Mostly use it for my go pro since that battery is tiny

  • I switched from my iPhone 5s to note 4 and I'm mad that I didn't get involved with the note series earlier. Coming from apple and being able to swap batteries and memory is just the best thing ever!!!! I watch and carry countless tv shows, movie, games, and most of my music.

    And the camera is kick ass clear compared to my iphone. If you're still using an iphone, why? I hadn't mentioned all of the customization options and various launchers that you can use to personalize your phone so that it doesn't look like anyone elses. All iPhone look alike. This note 4 has a large learning curve as opposed to an iphone.

    Did I mention the s pen and the ability to run emulators without jailbreaking your device? As a long time apple user, these features from Samsung were to good not to switch and now there getting rid of some features for note 5, no thanks. This note 4 is freaking sweet!!!!!

  • Was really excited about the note 5. I will be keeping my note 4. What a disappointment.

  • Samsung has great Engineering and R&D but strange Marketing Decisions.
    The Note Series was a Professional/Productivity Series and this seems to have ended with Note 4.
    Samsung makes at least 3 Phones in the 5.7" screen size-
    Note 5 / A8 / S6 Edge Plus /
    NONE of these have Large Battery OR removable Battery and only A8 has SD Storage.

    "Cloud Storage is not secure, it is not fast to upload/download continuously and wastes Data and will increase Data Traffic on Networks and not a good , safe place to safely store Banking, Private Info etc.
    Android M will make much more use of SD Cards and they are becoming faster and double back up and Archiving is easier to SD Cards.
    The Glass Back is fragile on larger phones especially.
    People who want Consumer Phones which are thinner with pretty glass backs and small batteries should have them.
    Professionals should have options for thicker Phones up to 8.0 to 8.5 millimeters with LARGE Batteries, SD Storage extra RAM.
    So Samsung could make
    Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 PRO.
    Note 6 and Note 6 PRO.
    S7 Pro at 8.2 millimeters thick can have a 3500 Mah Battery( S6 Active Does) metal Backplate like A8 an extra Gig of RAM.
    Likewise with Note 6 PRO.

    These Pro Series will be $100 or so more .
    I hope ALL Android Manufacturers start making
    Consumer Flagships AND Pro Flagships in two sizes Phablet and POCKET Sized ( S6 can fit in Pocket and can use a thin case because of rigid metal frame).
    Pros who work with and on their Phones like a Pocket Laptop will pay for Pro Devices.
    The "Thinness Race" to a 5 mm thin Phone with a small ,weak Battery or even an S6 is not workable for me BECAUSE of small Battery.
    S6 Pro with 3500 Mah Battery and SD card is worth $ 800 to me.
    Let's see S7 AND S7 Pro.
    Note 6 and Note 6 Pro.
    Even iPhone Users want longer Battery Life.
    Make Consumer Phones and Pro Phones.
    Pros do NOT care about one or two millimeters of thickness.
    We NEED 3500 to 4200 Mah and we do NOT need glass on both sides.

  • Happy To Have Galaxy Note 4 N910C Working Great . Am much happy to know about freak Note 5 . Note users Should Stay on Note 4 bcz its really Great phone ever ..

  • Kudos to Sammie on the new, gorgeous exterior. But, as already stated, it's going to get covered-up by a case that provides the necessary protection leaving one important factor - the screen. There is some misinformation out there that the screen is exactly the same - it has been slightly upgraded in the Note 5, but that upgrade is negligible (at best) with a higher brightness. To this day, the Note 4 has a beautiful screen.
    Hardware-wise, we're not seeing any monumental improvements that are going to make our Note experience all that better if you're upgrading from the fantastic Note 4.
    Owning a Note 2, then now the 4, the small improvements just aren't worth the upgrade at this time. I'm disappointed that Sammie went away with the expandable storage more than I am having a sealed battery (even though it's never been an issue to me.) C'mon folks, who really needs to replace their battery with the fast-charge options already on the Note 4? If you're smoking your battery life that much, keep your charging options close-by (or put down your damn phone for an hour!)
    I think I'll be continuing my streak of waiting through a full build version and hope the GN6 will return Sammie to it's basics that made the Note series so wildly popular.

  • I switched from iPhone to Samsung note 3 mainly because I was sick of having limited storage and refuse to put all my media and files into a "cloud". Now Samsung is following in apples footprint and doing the same. For this I might as well go back to apple. What a dissapointment Samsung, I thought you were different.

    • Actually they are following the Google model who abandoned external storage years ago in their Nexus design, hoping to push you to the cloud. Why push me when I am already there, but it is the reason that I will stick with the Note 4 for now. I really use the heck out of the stylus so I am not ready to jump ship to the Nexus line.

  • So friggin' mad that Samsung has abandoned the removable battery and SD slot in the Note 5. My Note 4 is only a year old and I recently had to start charging it in the middle of the day. I just bought an extended capacity battery and now enjoy 2 days of heavy use between charges with very little change in the phone's footprint. There's no way I can go to the Note 5 on even LESS of a sealed battery. It looks like I'm going to be forced to give up stylus supported phablets as soon as the Note 4 dies on me. No more love for Samsung.

  • R Tay Aug 19, 2015 Link to comment

    Apart from ram ( and I really don't think I need more than 3 ) for me this is a step back in every way. If you want to pay $700 for looks alone go for it. Not for me. I'll stick with my Note 4 for until something worthwhile comes along.

  • If I were in the market for a new phone, the Note 4 gets the nod. I always wonder why build quality gets so much play. When you get a new phone you always put a case on it anyway. The screen is what matters. That's all you see. The Note 4 specs on screen are identical to the Note 5. The lack of removable battery and SD card are gonna kill the Note 5, I predict.

  • POWUS Aug 18, 2015 Link to comment

    I hear/ read all kinds of comments about costumers didnt like the look first if customers didnt like the look they bought iphone. It was media not the costumers winning

    Never listen to media listen to the paying costumers who made you rich thats how I make business.

  • As a Galaxy user since the S2, (Have had S2, S4 & S5), I have been contemplating the last many months of making the switch to the Note series after hearing such great things about them and seeing them in use in person. I waited on this Note 5 because there was so much hype about it leading up to it's release. After reading reviews about the Note 5 and consumer ideas on it, I'm going to purchase the Note 4. I hope by the time the next Note comes out, Samsung will have listened to its consumers as it really sounds like a monsterous and resounding NO to upgrading to the 5. I think I'll trust the experienced Note users for my choice. First time on this site. Really great info and useful feedback from members!

    • You understand me.
      I am a Galaxy Note 3 AND Note 4 user too. I have a S5+ and another S2. The maker of this thread is a genius, who understands the world:

  • Well I'm new to the android world the specks of the note 4 did tht and I love it so much note 5 is a big NO heck no even coming frm a note 3 or a 2 hell no. Note 4 is and still da champion hands down !

  • i supose they figure the note 4 users won't bite on this one anyways so they won't change much and hope what little they did change will lure outsiders to the note5

  • If upgrading from the Note 4, it doesn't seem like the upgrades that one will get in the Note 5 is worth the price of the new device. The Note 4 is already great and can still hold its own against the Note 5 in almost all aspects as seen here The 64 bit octacore cpu of the Note 5 maybe its greatest advantage but the quadcore snapdragon 805 cpu of the Note 4 is still very capable even in today's standards.

  • Does the Note 5 have OTG? I have my Note 4 from last year and until now,im impressed and contented with its performance. I dont use Micro SD or exchanging batteries but it does not make me want to buy the Note 5. Not worth a penny upgrading my Note 4 to Note 5. I'll change my phone if it will not function anymore. Goodluck Samsung. Nice gamble.

  • I've had all the Notes. Liked them all. Love the note 4. I'll be skipping the Note 5. No SD no sale. Although I've never had to switch batteries, I have one and like the option to do it in an emergence. I travel alot and depend on battery life. I think the Note 6 will bring back these fetures. I am a big Samsung fan and have their TVs and cameras. For the first time in a while, I'm looking at other phones. LG, Motorola, etc. They shot themselves in the foot on this one.

  • What a disappointment!!! Note 5 can be called a Note just because it has the stylus. I was waiting to change my old Note for a new one. Who said that all Note fans want a galaxy S6 with a stylus and a larger screen. I will buy a Note 4 or probably change to another brand. Maybe next year with the bad sales they will have with the note 5 they will make a better job with the Note 6. It will be a tradition that only the pair numbered versions of the Note are excellent.

  • PLT Aug 16, 2015 Link to comment

    I have a Note 4; the specs between the two are too close for me to put out the cash for a Note 5. Also, the lack of a micro-SD card and non-removable battery are deal breakers. I'll be keeping my Note 4!

  • The real benefit of the note 5 coming out is the price of the note 4 will decrease :)

  • It is true that Samsung can go ahead and do whatever they want without listening to the media or customers. When the galaxy s5 came out, everyone criticized Samsung for plastic covers and disregarded all the goodies that were there. They made Samsung to lose their market value in the sales of the S5. Then Samsung brought the none removable cover and no SD card slot with the s6 and the s6 edge and everybody embraced it, I mean those who were against the plastic thing. Again Samsung has gone ahead and make the note series in the same format and people have started crying. The best thing Samsung can do is to listen to herself than listen to people because what is your choice is not the choice of the other person.

  • ucnic Aug 15, 2015 Link to comment

    It's clear Samsung mobile doesn't understand the core strengths that made the Galaxy series successful, it was never the shell of the phone but its unique user flexibility.

    You guys in leadership at Samsung mobile really do look like the correct village idiots that doesn't understand market share 101 SWOT.

  • Actually Samsund doesn't care about cusomerz but only the money. They are trying to copy Apple instead being originals. For sure we wouldn't buy anymore samsung products and they will change their attitude towards the clients.

  • Im update my galaxy note every year but not the same now .im stick with my great note 4 .

  • I was very curious for the launch of note 5 about what samsung has to offer. They disappointed many because they just have a bigger s6 with a stylus and the s6 edge+ is totally identical to note 5 , doesn't makes sense at all.
    Note line is made for hardcore users but this year samsung got all wrong and spoilt the party.

    Note 5 is slimmer and little comfortable than note 4 but it's slippery because of glass.
    A little performance upgrade doesn't convince me to upgrade to note 5.

    Note 4 still the best.

  • I'm assuming the note 5 has the updaded finger print reader that the s6 has. The note 4 has the crappy one which makes you swipe your fingure down it as apposed to just placing your finger on the button.

    I'll be interested to see the battery tests for real world use as the new octa core chip should help save battery over the quad core snap dragon. It may not last as long on a video rundown test, but i reckon in a real world scenario where it's mostly checking emails / notifications / other light tasks i think it might actually do better than the note 4.

  • No I will pass on the Note 5. I absolutely LOVE my Note 4 but being a heavy user I do frequently swap batteries. I actually do use the IR blaster when I can't find my tv remote so I would miss that. I want the option of popping in an SD card. The Note 5 may have more RAM and less bloat ware and a cooler S pen, but not worth losing the swappable battery and SD card. The metal case doesn't mean anything to me because I cover my phones with cases to protect them anyway. No Samsung, you blew it this time. Please bring back the removable battery and sd slot next time!

  • I'm a Note owner ever since its introduction up to the current Note 4. For me this is the end of the line for Galaxy Note with the introduction of the Note 5 downgrade. I have to admit the Note 5 looks pretty nice with its sultry back glass and premium design but the elimination of SD card and reduction of battery power and sealing the back cover all of these changes represent a big deal. Even if these changes didn't influence my decision to upgrade to Note 5, I don't see a good reason to get a new device that matches my Note 4 in size and display graphics, not to mention the frustration of getting OS updates.
    If I want to get an iphone-like device I would get a genuine iphone not a look-alike

  • I choose to not upgrade from my Note 3 when the 4 became available. Like many of you, I waited for the Note 5. All the unpack 2015 did was push me towards the Note 4. Swapping batteries on the fly & micro sd is essential to me. Samsung has assumed wireless charging is the way to go- that's fine when you're stationary; not mobile.

  • i dont want to say anything about these two devices but i would surely staying with my note 4 but one thing i like in note 5 is the icons and i want to ask that WOULD NOTE 4 GET THOSE ICONS LIKE NOTE 5 AND S6 EDGE+?
    Can anyone tell me plz?

  • I have note 4 with 128Gb and spare battery pack. Not having this on the note 5 is a deal breaker for me, hopefully the note 6 will rectify this awful mistake.

  • Have the Note 4 with 128gb card, and 10,000 mAh battery. No thanks on the Note 5, Samsung has lost my future phone business on the Android platform.

  • Samsung is doing it all wrong, these days!!!

    I have a Note 3 and I was looking forward to replace it with the Note 5. But Samsung did it all wrong! I would never spend more money for less capacity. After a year of heavy use, I bought a new battery and it lasted a full day again (barely) as it did when the phone was new. I have a 64GB microSD card and when I need more storage, I can buy a larger one. None of these will be possible with the new Note 5!!!

    Conclusion: Or I buy a much better Note 4, or even stick with my old and faithful Note 3. Note 5 it's a big no-no!

    Do your homework, Samsung! The Note series was intended for the "pro" user, not the aesthetically oriented one.

  • Gave up on the note line a long time ago.... Samsung lost its identity to apple

    • Maxx Aug 14, 2015 Link to comment

      Shut up, apple fanboy, didn't you know that ur apple dream is fallin' down to pieces? look at you iphone 6plus, the same big screen that they constantly criticized that much back in the days, and a large etc. So please...

  • Sal J Aug 14, 2015 Link to comment

    Doesn't seem like the Note 5 has IR either. This is also a very important feature for a lot of people. I use this all the time. It's so convenient to have this rather than having to use a universal remote. It's even more convenient if you have a cottage or a second home so you can program all your options right on the phone. Huge disappointment. Hope they fix all this on the Note 6. In the meantime I'll stick with my Note 4.

  • A drop test between the two would be interesting. No doubt probably easier to get the '4 fixed than 5.

  • $800 and no SD card: They're delusional if they believe anyone will "upgrade" from a Note 4. Certainly not me!

  • Mike Aug 14, 2015 Link to comment

    So if the changes are incremental, why get a Note 5? Anyone looking to upgrade should get a Note 4. They'll be on sale soon!

  • Personally I think Samsung has given up...I mean two different device similar specs, looks and hardware. The only main difference between them is the edge screen and S-Pen. Why make a S6 Edge+ similar to the Note 5 and vice versa. People were made about the non-removable battery and no SD card so why create the Se dilima? Learn from your mistakes Samsung don't repeat them.

  • I have owned the first Galaxy model, then the Galaxy SIII, and now the Note 4. All good phones in their time. The new direction from Samsung sscares me for one main reason. On all of the other models I have owned (inslucing the Note 4), occassionally, the phone gets hung up to where you can't even turn it off. The only way to unlock it is to remove the battery for a few seconds and then put it back and reboot. Now how will I be able to do that on the Note 5 or S6? Problem! BIG problem!

    • Hold down the power button until the phone boots down. I have been flashing ROMs on my galaxy's until now. My last few phones have non removable batteries. And this is done all of the time to boot down or boot into custom recoveries or fasboot mode. It always works and quicker then removing the battery.

    • Actually it doesn't matter that much because every phone with non removable battery has "reset" button which works like putting out the battery. Sometimes when my Xperia S hung up all I needed to do was to hold volume up and power button for 3 seconds and then phone restarted.

    • Totally agree!
      Whatever they say pushing PWR button for long is not enough. Have you hear about "smurfs" ? Does pushing PWR make you sure you are 100% safe?

    • Have you tried shutting method (pressing volume down+power together)? It solves my phone's hangup.

    • My contract was up in November. I got the subsidized Note 4 rather than the Note 5 & I had to pay more ! Reason being - no sd card expansion, no IR blaster (which I use a lot), and no removable battery - in that order. I didn't see that I was gaining nearly as much as I was loosing ! As far as I'm concerned, Samsung took a big step backwards ! If they don't start adding these features & others, I'll be switching brands.

      • It wouldn't be less than the note 4 if it was for sale in the UK the fact is you can get it cheaper from another country which is the same for all phones. I find the 32 GB is more than enough for a family phone I also downloadand watch movies I currently have 4 download now, it's simple watch the movie and delete it. I only ever used the Ir blaster to play a tricks on people and I never needed to change a battery on my note 4 so certainly won't need to do that on the 5 as it lasts longer than the 4 does, and I'm a heavy user.
        As to the 5 being a step backwards, it has a brilliant f print scanner and let's face it the 4's is not good. Faster processor ,better camera, better s pen functions , better speaker oh and it's the best premium looking Samsung phone ever made to date

  • I have been using the Note 4 for a while now and was expecting to be seduced by a substantial galaxy note 5 improvement. Quite tge opposite I must say ... No micro SD card + no removable battery clearly means NO GO for me. Further I do not use the camera that often and my Note 4 CPU is giving me satisfaction. Other then that I see poor technologocal evolution in Note 5. Even the look and size brings poor changes compared to Note 4. Btw why on earth would samsung prevent us from freely changing the battery or having the possibility to use a spare charged battery. Are they going the apple way which is why many of us left Apple for Samsung :-)

  • Before I leave my Note 4 I will have to see that the Note 5 has these improvements.. that yo so ably describe. If it does I will upgrade.. it looks to me like the Note 5 is one to be skipped... I love the Note 4.

  •   6
    Deactivated Account Aug 12, 2015 Link to comment

    The Note3 was twice as good as the Note2. the Note4 was three times better than the Note3.

    Rest assure the Galaxy Note 5 will be four times better than the current Note4 rather easily especially since it's based off the S6.

    People are really fooling themselves if they think passing on the Note5 is an option well it's definitely not an option for me.

    I own the Note3, Note4, NoteEdge,and S6 and I'm here to tell you performance and battery life wise the S6 pimp slaps all my Note products rather easily not even close.

    When the Galaxy Note 5 arrives with the all in one EPOP solution combining the Exynos 7422 14nm processor with combined Cpu, GPU, Lpddr4 ram, storage, and Samsung's own LTE SHANON 333 modem Note5 wins period.

    I get 23 to 35hrs uptime daily on my S6 with 5 to 6hrs screen on time daily on a 2550mAh battery running the Exynos 7420.

    Even if the Note5 arrives with a 3000mAh battery that's still 36 to 50hrs uptime and easily 10hrs on screen time and that's just with a 3000mAh battery.

    Anything more than 3500mAh like the S6Active means the Note5 will be almost three days uptime on one charge.

    Note4 won't be able to touch the Note5 ever.

    • Hi Ray

      It's great that the Note 5 seems to work for you.

      Just a few comments
      - I was under the impression the S6 didn't actually excel in battery tests; a quick google search seems to support that (eg Trusted Reviews). I think this is why so many are concerned about the Note 5's battery life. Moreover, I know of few people who wouldn't want their battery to last longer, so to make it smaller suggests that Samsung think it's adequate - I'd be surprised, and most comments don't seem to support their decision.

      - So many people want a MicroSD card slot. I for one find it pretty naff that nothing bigger than the size of an iPhone 4s from 2011 will be offered - 64GB - and in all likelihood, that too heavy a premium will be charged for that. I think part of people's issue with internal storage is that it's a rip off, and inadequate, even when paired with cloud storage (as it doesn't work offline or work well enough on slow connections). Give me 160GB local storage anyday!

      - The EPOP solution is probably less important to most people than whether the thing actually seems quick when they're using it. The reality is that the Note 4 is still quick -- as is the Note 3 in fact! This simply isn't the differentiator it used to be and in the big scheme of things, isn't likely to make up for other perceived failings.

      - Related to the above, there's simply less pressure to upgrade these days, and providing something that just about trades blows with the Note 4, for probably 50% more cost, seems... optimistic on Samsung's part, and just plain old disappointing on everyone else's.


    • Note 4 king of all

  • My money is on the Note 5 banking on its internal memory being upgraded to a possible 128 gig to offset the annoyance of not having a removable back or micro sd card slot. This will on balance be a deal breaker for me as along with that you will not be able to carry spare batteries for it. The possible advantage of the premium look / feel and maybe waterproofing is still not enough to soften the blow. I believe Samsung are relying on the new quick charge system to placate consumers , but again < If this is the case I will be staying with the note 4! A truly excellent device with all the power and memory you need to add! Absolutely essential to make full use of the screen and features. I do hope i am proved wrong tomorrow!

    • Hey Max, I am 100% in your corner my friend. There is no phone out there to match the Note 4 so far. Prove me wrong.... anyone??????

    • It doesn't matter to me if it has 128 gb. Did you see the price for the 64 gb? If it's 80800 for 64 gb, how much do you think it will cost to get twice as much? 1000? 1200? 800 is a car payment! 1000 is a mortgage! And at that you would no longer be paying for the phone; you would be hundreds for memory! Buying an SD card is cheaper.

    • PLT Aug 16, 2015 Link to comment

      From a review that I just read, the 128g is a myth. We'll see on the 21st!

  • I'm about ready to upgrade my Note 3, but if the Note 5 doesn't have both a removable battery and an SD card, I'll go with the Note 4.

  • We are again heading into the dramas of the past phone companies who "Do Not Listen To The Consumer". and go on a wild tangent of what they think we will want or better still be different from the other companies because they can.
    As a consumer I have had many different phones and at the moment I am using a Samsung S5 as a break from the restrictive iPhone.
    As a consumer I want and need the following; a removable battery so I can drop in the second one in seconds rather than searching for a charger on the go, I need expansion and expansion slot(s) may be even better so if i decide to drop in a movie for a long trip it will not interfere with my sd card filled with work, a better camera will always be better so a better camera please. I chose the S5 because it was close to water proof and a phone that could possibly take underwater photos would sway me very quickly and a waterproof phone is important.
    With phone companies trying to take points in the market shares surely they should be out there hitting the streets on what we want not what the tech guys in the back think we want. lastly please Samsung take note that your home screen and app arrangement is woeful, I do not want to have to select apps and create shortcuts for these screens and have a duplicate in the main pages, take a page from iPhone on how they arrange apps and pages but add the home page to the complete left please.

  • I predict the Note 5 is going to look like a bigger version of the recently launched Galaxy A8. And that means the back is fixed but internal memory will probably go more than 128GB with a much powerful battery than the Note 4. The camera will beat the one on the current Galaxy S6 and will have more manual controls as seen on the LG G4. Then there's the Galaxy S6 Edge Plus which will have the same spec and size of the Note 5. I've been a Note user from the very first version and was hoping to go the Galaxy S6 from the Note 4. Unfortunately with fixed back, I jumped to the LG G4 instead. I must say the LG experience is refreshing but I do miss being on the Galaxy line. I am still using the Note 4 as my 2nd device tho. Anyway, I hope my predictions will be wrong and we will still get the essential removable battery and SD slot feature.

  • If They Make The Back Cover Unremovable And No SD CARD, I'll never change from my note 4.

  • No battery remove no sd card good bye Samsung
    maybe next upgrade lg 4

  • I am on my first note, 4 to be exact. I jumped from the beloved iPhone to an S4, skipped the 5 since there wasn't enough anything to make it worth the upgrade, and then to the Note 4. I love it, for the most part. It's almost perfect.

    The biggest issues are in the GPS antenna dropping connection left and right when laying in a horizontal position instead of standing vertically in my car. I have to lay it on the dash or hold up for a short bit, maybe 15-20 seconds before it gets a lock again. That was never an issue on my S4. The other issue is clearly software, because my phone has lagged and been stupid slow since the lollipop update. it sucks! I avoided the S6 for the 2 obvious reasons and exactly why I won't ever touch an iDevice.. no removable battery and no external memory. I refuse to spend $100 for a memory boost that costs $20 for removable media and I damn sure won't pay a fortune to swap a battery when it tires out.

    If the note5 lacks these 2 major features, it will be quite some time before I upgrade to anything. Apple and their fixed memory/fixed battery junk can take a leap and so can Samsung if they follow suit.

    Another area they really need to push the involvement in the 3rd party integration market. Specifically car audio integration. Currently Apple it kicking the 💩out of Samsung, and that's not good. everything supports ipod this, Apple car that. Samsung worked with Alpine and made leaps forward with the mirror link and using the phone with media head units, and then it changed from v1.1 to v1.2 and messed it all up! We really need that integration bad. what I see on my phone should work and be seen on my head unit, but that isn't the case. Get with the major players and give us true integration. I'd hate to have to swap brands... again

    • Perhaps your Note 4 has GPS hardware issue. My Galaxy Note 4 is on Lollipop 5.1.1 and GPS is super fast and stable. What's more, battery life is superb, best among all Samsung phones I've ever had.

  • I have had every one of the Note series and loved them all. I thought I would get a Note 5 but if I can't access the battery or use an SD card I might have to jump ship. I was disappointed when the Note 2 wouldn't let you use an SD card but this is definitely going backwards. It will be a sad day :(

  • This could be the fall of the note if there is no sd slot or removable battery. I certainly won't buy my 5th note.

  • How can you compare 2 phones if one of them doesn't exist yet? btw i have a Note 4. Wouldn't be bothered if a new phone had enough onboard storage (64gb). I would be concerned if it didn't have a removable battery though.

  • I've held on to my Note 3 awaiting the Note 5. No micro SD card +no removable battery means NO SALE!

    • I am waiting for the new Nexus and Motorola phones. There specs on paper are better and the price for the devices is cheaper.

  • I agree; I've been following the rumour mill about the Note 5, considering whether to hold out for it for an upgrade from my current Note 3, but if there's no removable battery or SD slot, then I'll probably upgrade to a Note 4 instead!

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