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Roborock Flexi Pro Review: The Most Flexible Vacuum Cleaner Yet?

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With the Flexi Pro, Roborock expands its portfolio of cordless wet and dry vacuum cleaners. In addition to 17,000 Pa suction power, the Roborock vacuum cleaner is more flexible than any other vacuum cleaner that mops! On top of this, the small docking station with hot water for cleaning and hot air for drying rounds off the overall package of this smart cordless vacuum cleaner. In this detailed nextpit review, you can find out why the Roborock Flexi Pro is one of the best vacuum cleaners on the market.

Roborock Flexi Pro


  • First-class cleaning results
  • Flexible enough to vacuum extremely low clearance furniture
  • Good battery life
  • Practical self-cleaning functions
  • Useful app support


  • Water tanks are too small
Roborock Flexi Pro
Roborock Flexi Pro
Roborock Flexi Pro: All deals

The Flexi Pro in a nutshell

Since June 13, 2024, there has been an addition to Roborock's portfolio of vacuum cleaners. The Flexi Pro impresses in the review with its flawless cleaning performance and pleasant handling. The flexibility of the wet and dry vacuum cleaner in particular makes it possible to vacuum furniture with extremely low clearance. The Roborock app is surprisingly practical. It offers a wide range of setting options for the self-washing process as well. The keyword here is self-washing: This is done using hot water before the roller brush is dried with hot air.

Overall, the Roborock Flexi Pro showed no weaknesses, which is why we give the vacuum cleaner a clear buy recommendation. According to the recommended retail price, the Roborock Flexi Pro costs $499.99, which is far more affordable than the $639.99 Dreame H13 Pro (review).

Design and build quality

The Roborock Flexi Pro is a stylish vacuum cleaner that not only scores points for style, but also boasts many functions when it comes to the vacuum cleaner's roller brush. Only the small capacity of its water container could lead to numerous trips to the tap.


  • Chic design.
  • Good workmanship.


  • Small water container capacity

The Roborock Flexi Pro is a stylish vacuum cleaner. The model is only available in white with individual black color accents. It tips the scales at 5 kg, which means there is enough heft for steady vacuuming. The base station of the vacuum cleaner is black and takes up little space. First of all, you need to assemble the Flexi Pro which consists of just a few individual parts.

Once you have assembled the individual parts of the vacuum cleaner, you only need to fill up the fresh water tank before you can begin cleaning your home. The Flexi Pro has the typical two-tank system of a wet and dry vacuum cleaner: there is a 730 ml tank for clean water in front while the dirty water is collected in a 450 ml tank at the back.

Display and app

In addition to a small, innovative display, the Roborock app is a practical piece of software that makes it easy to control the cleaning and drying of the roller brush.


  • Useful app support.
  • Practical "auto mode".


  • -

There is a display and two buttons on the handle that lets you control the Flexi Pro. This is how you power the vacuum cleaner and change the suction mode. The Roborock vacuum cleaner has three suction levels: Eco, Auto, and Power mode. The Auto mode is particularly interesting. Here, the Flexi Pro recognizes particularly dirty areas and intuitively increases the suction power. In addition, a red bar at the top of the display visually alerts you whenever a large amount of dirt is detected.

In addition, the display shows the battery status as well. Roborock also offers support for the Flexi Pro app. You create an account and add the Flexi Pro via WLAN in the app. Please note that a 2.4 GHz WLAN is required to do so.

The app is a very different animal to what we are used to from Roborock robotic vacuum cleaners. In the main menu, you begin the hot water cleaning and hot air drying processes of the roller brush. In the other settings, you can set how intensive the cleaning should be and how long the drying should take. It is extremely practical in how the app shows how much time the drying process takes.


Performance and handling

The 17,000 Pa suction power is sufficient in reality to remove all impurities and dirt. The best thing about the wet and dry vacuum cleaner is this: its flexibility. When placed fully folded against a flat surface, the vacuum cleaner is 15 cm high.


  • Ergonomic handling.
  • Vacuums right up to the edge and along the edges.
  • Cleaning under low furniture is possible thanks to its flexibility.
  • Good battery life.


  • Only begins self-cleaning when the battery level reaches 20 percent.

The cleaning performance of the Flexi Pro is impressive. The vacuum cleans "fresh" coffee stains in just one pass! The situation is no different for slightly dried stains. Here too, the vacuum cleaner manages to leave the floor sparkling clean with just one pass. The suction power of 17,000 Pa is certainly no joke here.

Pet owners also get their money's worth with the Roborock Flexi Pro. There was no trace of tangled pet hair in the brush after it did its rounds. Only the fact that we found all the pet hair under the filter after removing the lid caused us a brief moment of surprise. A positive point from this is how the hair does not end up in the dirty water tank.

Finally, the handling of the Flexi Pro is flawless. Apart from the fact that the wheels are electronically driven which makes the cleaning process pleasant when vacuuming forwards and back, this model is a first-class choice for vacuuming under low furniture. If you place the Flexi Pro on the floor, the vacuum cleaner measures a mere 15 cm high. What's more, Roborock installed an LED spotlight on the brush to help you see those dark and hard-to-reach places, especially in unexposed areas or under the furniture.

In addition, corner and edge cleaning is another strength of the Roborock vacuum cleaner. Double-edge cleaning is possible with the Flexi Pro. This is done by having the brush of the wet and dry vacuum cleaner reach right up to the edge on both sides. This means that no surface that you drive over with the vacuum cleaner remains uncleaned.

During cleaning, there are continuous status messages via voice output. Whenever the fresh water tank is empty or the battery capacity starts to run low, the device will let you know immediately. Battery life is solid. In our review, we vacuumed for 35 minutes on the maximum setting before the battery was fully emptied. You then place the vacuum cleaner in the station for charging and self-cleaning.

You can also begin the self-cleaning process via the app. However, the process is only possible whenever the device has a battery level of 20 percent or lower. Through the app, you can configure the Flexi Pro to automatically begin cleaning and drying as soon as possible. In reality, rinsing the brush takes around five minutes, which is followed by drying. The good thing? You can determine how long the drying process should take in the app. You can choose between a 30, 60, or 90-minute drying time.


The Roborock Flexi Pro is a first-class choice if you're looking for a flexible vacuum cleaner that doesn't skimp on performance. With an asking price of $499.99 a pop, the Roborock Flexi Pro is certainly worth looking into with its outstanding cleaning performance that handles dried ketchup stains to "fresh" coffee stains effortlessly.

The major advantage of this wet and dry vacuum cleaner is, as the name suggests, its flexibility. You can place the vacuum cleaner fully flat on the floor. As if that wasn't enough, Roborock also has an LED light so you don't miss any dirt under the furniture. In the review, the Roborock vacuum cleaner proved its stamina — we cleaned our test area for a whole 35 minutes before the Flexi Pro ran out of breath. The small base station not only takes care of charging it, but also cleans and dries the roller brush. Roborock also offers app support for the vacuum cleaner.

Of course, $499.99 is not chump change. The argument is also justified that there are solid robot vacuum cleaners with a mopping function at this price range that do all the work for you. We don't want you to just stick to appliances like the Dreame L10 Prime. All in all, the Roborock Flexi Pro is an impressive mopping vacuum cleaner that makes cleaning your home a real pleasure.

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