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5 reasons why you'll want a OnePlus smartphone

AndroidPIT OnePlus 6 5924
© nextpit by Irina Efremova

It’s the seventh generation of the smartphone from one of the most admired companies in the mobile world. After starting to manufacture smartphones four years ago, OnePlus still retains a good image, much to the joy of technology enthusiasts. Check out some reasons why you probably still want a OnePlus smartphone.

1. A few devices that are well-maintained

We won’t compare the number of devices that the market leader has launched in the last four years with the eight devices that OnePlus has released so far. It’s true that not all of them were amazing, like the OnePlus X, but we know that fewer devices mean more care was taken in each launch.

Who doesn’t want a device that is well-maintained, both at its launch in the following years? This was once the case with Motorola, and now the position is occupied by OnePlus, which launches two models per year at most.

AndroidPIT oneplus 5t 2975
The OnePlus 5T and its cases. / © NextPit

2. Frequent and long-lasting updates

Some of this care is reflected in Android updates on devices. How long have you been waiting for your device’s Android update? If you check the downloads area of the OnePlus website, you can see that the company provides full transparency with its updates.

You’ll find that the OnePlus 3, which was launched in 2016 is already four generations old, has an Open beta update from May 15th of that year. Older devices have updates until 2016. That’s not fantastic, but it’s an easy-to-access area that clearly shows what’s available or not.

3. A laudable interface

In addition to updates, OnePlus has one of today’s most heavily praised Android interfaces. OxygenOS has been known for years and is an interface exclusively developed for devices outside China, whereas HydrogenOS is the interface for Chinese users. This distinction can be useful since Chinese users may have different needs.

OxygenOS is known as a fluid and lightweight interface, and almost anyone who uses it claims to not have any problems with crashes or bugs. It has many functions, but none of them really stand out from the competition.

The latest version of the interface, 5.1.0, includes Android Oreo 8.1 and has arrived for the OnePlus 5 and OnePlus 5T devices. The 3 and 3T models received the Oreo 8.0 update in January. The newest model, OnePlus 6, comes with the beta of Android P, the latest version of the system.

AndroidPIT OnePlus 6 5969
With the OnePlus 6, the company adopted the glass back. / © NextPit

4. Balanced and no-frills hardware

With virtually all of its releases, OnePlus ships the most powerful hardware for its smartphones. They come with Qualcomm Snapdragon processors and a healthy amount of RAM, which together with the smooth system, make all the devices perform very well. So you’ll be able to receive updates for an extended period of time.

At the same time, OnePlus is also a conservative company that doesn’t take too many risks on hardware and functions that aren’t proven. OnePlus wasn’t one of the first to adopt the biometric sensor, dual camera or even facial recognition. Although these aspects are interesting, OnePlus doesn’t beat the competition with these features.

The company’s strategy is to not take on too much, so you can expect the competitors to test the brand and release smartphones with more daring features than OnePlus.

oneplus 5t software
OxygenOS / © NextPit

5. The world's fastest quick charger

OnePlus smartphones are famous not only for their technical features or their clean and fast software. Although the OnePlus 6 doesn't have one of the world's most durable batteries, it can recharge itself at an incredible speed using a technology called Dash Charge.

The charging process is based on OPPO's VOOC technology and can, for example, charge the One Plus 6 in just over an hour and a half from 0% to 100%. The OnePlus 6 doesn't yet include wireless charging, but with such a fast charging process with the cable, you should have enough power when you need it.

And what about you? What are the reasons you’d like to own a OnePlus?

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  • Sunny Semwal 1
    Sunny Semwal Jun 3, 2018 Link to comment

    I love this smartphone.

  • MarVelljones 6
    MarVelljones May 31, 2018 Link to comment

    Ah, the comments section. Where so many come to contradict the article. Anyway, OnePlus has done a good job bringing nigh-flagship features at a decent (formerly great) price. Of course when you add more features and tech, the price is going to go up. But unless you're buying a much more obscure phone, a refurbished phone, or just a flat out used phone you are hard pressed to match or beat what they're bringing to market.

    Stella DauerBrittany McGhee

  • Rusty H. 33
    Rusty H. May 31, 2018 Link to comment

    You DO realize, that OnePlus is owned by BBK electronics, and the only "stock" holder is Oppo, which is also owned by BBK electronics, and, the sole manufacturer of all OnePlus devices, which is why the OnePlus phones, by design & construction, are twins of many Oppo phones.

    "After starting to manufacture smartphones four years ago, OnePlus still retains a good image, much to the joy of technology enthusiasts"

    Deactivated Accountstorm

  • 49
    storm May 30, 2018 Link to comment

    A history of bugfests, shoddy enigineering, execrable customer service, supply shortages, basic security SNAFUs, glass back stupidity, design lameness and more

    No OnePlus isn't worth it at any price.

    Deactivated AccountDean L.Rusty H.

  • 15
    Kent Shephard May 30, 2018 Link to comment

    It doesn't support Verizon. DOA for a bunch of people.

    Deactivated AccountDean L.Rusty H.storm

  • 12
    Dick Bailey May 30, 2018 Link to comment

    Ability to unlock the bootloader, root the device, and support for developers is a strong (and nearly unique) point for those of us who like to tinker with their phone.

    • 49
      storm May 30, 2018 Link to comment

      Those attributes are common in lots of phones.

      Deactivated AccountRusty H.

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