QuickPic - Pictures Quick and Simple

QuickPic - Pictures Quick and Simple

Here at AndroidPIT we’ve tested quite a few picture viewers and browsers already. Many of them are synched up with Facebook and Flickt, while others offer only a limited range of features. But you don’t always need fancy features. Sometimes all you need is a simple picture viewing app that displays all your photos quickly and efficiently. QuickPic is exactly that kind of simple yet extremely useful app. Take a closer look today’s test.



Reviewed version Latest version
0.9.0 4.7.4

Features & Use

QuickPic may include a lot of features, but the app’s main aim is to give you quick access to all of your photos. For that purpose the app can hide all your subfolders including cover photos and such. Unlike your regular Android 3D photo gallery, QuickPick makes sure to keep unnecessary folders out of sight.

As far as zooming is concerned, you can do so by double-clicking or using “pinch-to-zoom” with a supported device. Within each folder you can slide between photos using your finger. Here I really enjoyed that fact that you can slide to the next picture even when the picture is zoomed-in. This is a great improvement on most regular photo gallery apps that make you zoom out of a picture before you can move on to the next one.

QuickPic isn’t just a trimmed down version of your regular gallery app, however, It can also edit and rotate pictures, display slideshows, sort by name or date, share, show picture details, set them as your background as well as display the location where the picture was taken.

Another major QuickPic feature is the ability to select multiple pictures in order to share, copy or move them. It may seem simple enough, but it’s definitely worth mentioning.

Bottom Line:

For those of you interested in app that includes Facebook/Flickr import as well as a simple and efficient picture viewer, QuickPic is undoubtedly the way to go.


Screen & Controls

Generally speaking, QuickPic is controlled in a similar fashion to the way your regular photo gallery app works. At start-up, QuickPic displays all your folders containing pictures in a thumbnail overview. This includes the cover art from your music collection. You can hide unwanted folders by long-pressing them and selecting Hide folder.

Unfortunately, it’s a bit tricky to reverse your hidden folders to make them visible again. In order to display all hidden items select Show hidden items upon pressing the menu button.

You can also select Exclude in order to hide a folder including all of its subfolders. Additional options include making a slide show or renaming your pictures.

Once you’ve opened a picture from a folder, you can select the following options after pressing the menu button:
Slide show
         Set wallpaper
          Show in map

The following options are available when you press the menu button inside a folder:

  • Slide show
  • Sort
  • Hide folder
  • Multiselect

The Sort option allows you to display your photos in the following ways:
Sort by date (starting from earliest)
Sort by date DESC (starting from oldest)
Sort by name ASC (from the beginning of the alphabet)
Sort by name DESC (from the end of the alphabet)

If you’ve selected multiple pictures, you can then choose from the following options:

When moving or copying pictures, you can choose the destination folder or create a new one.

Bottom Line:

In terms of controls, there’s almost nothing to complain about. Everything from sorting and organizing your pictures to creating new folders is painless and easy to accomplish.


Speed & Stability

Speed is one of QuickPic’s strong points. The app managed to preview all 855 pictures from my camera folder in a flash. No more waiting for the pictures to load.


Price/Performance Ratio

QuickPic is available for free from the Android Market. 


QuickPic - Pictures Quick and Simple QuickPic - Pictures Quick and Simple QuickPic - Pictures Quick and Simple QuickPic - Pictures Quick and Simple QuickPic - Pictures Quick and Simple

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