Poll: which smartphone has the best camera?

Poll: which smartphone has the best camera?

Any smartphone can make calls and send messages, but far fewer can take pictures worth admiring. The best camera lies, according to DxOMark, inside the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge . But is this really true? We place the Galaxy S7 Edge in a blind test to compete against some of the best camera phones on the market and ask you to decide.

z5 camera
The Xperia Z5 beat out the Galaxy S6 last time round. What about now? / © ANDROIDPIT

In our previous blind test of the best smartphone camera, you contradicted the prestigious DxOMark by proclaiming the Sony Xperia Z5 the winner, and placing the Galaxy S6 in last place. But now, according to DxOMark, the S6 Edge+ has lost out to its successor, the Galaxy S7 Edge. This is reason enough to ask again whether indeed the Galaxy S7 Edge takes the best photos, or has DxOMark got it wrong once more?

For the blind test, we gave the following smartphones to our in-house photographers, Toni and Ira, to take some pictures.

You can find the pictures they took in our galleries below. In Google Drive, you have the additional option to preview all the images in high-resolution. As this is a blind test, which camera took which images is not disclosed (yet).

Camera A

Camera B

Camera C

Camera D

Camera E

Take some time to consider the photos and decide which you think are the best and then cast your vote in our poll below.

Which smartphone camera has the best camera?
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Unfortunately, the LG G5 could not be included in this test, as our review device has not yet arrived.

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  • I chose B in the future end, while E was just as good (my opinion)

  • I'm going to pick E. Close the B camera is good E camera seems sharper and best use of light.
    Seems to me anyways, I may be bummed out when I discover what camera it is.
    Although the lighting change in the outdoor pics.could be a problem. With the difference in light between takes and during takes.
    Need a controlled environment for a true match up.

  • Agreed! I was about to travel to Japan on a punishing routine, and couldn't afford to bring a good camera and a phone and a luggage all across 10 cities. My Samsung Note 2 had all but died on me, so I decided to do some research and plonked my monies on an Xperia Z5.

    NO REGRETS. I grew up with a photographer father and I know the ins and outs of using a good camera, but when you're on the run and still wanna capture some awesome sceneries, it does its job really well. Of course, nothing beats having a tripod, using manual controls and snapping photos, but if you're into that, then you shouldn't even be reading about smartphone cameras.

  • the results please!

  • i Think B is best...

  • All are good, but B has the least compression and sharpening artifacts IMHO.

  • Here are my predictions based on image dimensions.

    Picture W H Pixels Phone
    A 4608 3456 15925248 Xiaomi Mi 5
    B 5520 4140 22852800 Sony Xperia Z5
    C 4032 3024 12192768 Apple iPhone 6s
    D 4032 3024 12192768 Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge
    E 5312 2988 15872256 Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge

    Although, C and D could be flipped. I actually liked the look of the images produced from E the most, prior to researching the dimensions and predicting which phones they were.

  • the best cam is b and i think that is the camera of the s7 edge

  • well if b is the Z5 if i were taking the same photo with my Z5 i would be disappointed in the photo!i would go to manual settings and tweak them.

  • When will you unravel the mystery?

  • No Lumia 950? Gimme a break.

    • Some people say it's got the best camera, but somehow others don't pick that up and don't follow. I get the impression it's just the Lumia 950 owners praising it. How come it's not on top according to DoX?

      • Because Dxo hasn't reviewed it. Moreover we have established that people think Dxo's ratings are not true. I have a Mi5 and have used my friends 950 and found it to be better than mine. Ofc I didn't say that to him cause you know, ego. But stillI wanted a complete comparison between all the phones.

  • B is Z5, but as long as it overheats and has software issues I still prefer tha Z3.

  • Nice. Cameras

  • agreed with what's been said, but how do we know the camera's have been adjusted to optimum performance as some smartphone camera's can be!

  • The difference can't be ditermained because of the clouds movements, whether they are covering the sun or not can make a huge difference.

    Deactivated Account

  • No G4? Its camera is better than the iPhone 6s' camera

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