Poll: What is the ideal screen size for a smartphone?

Poll: What is the ideal screen size for a smartphone?

For several years now, smartphone displays have been growing steadily and bezels have been shrinking. Now that smartphones are coming in larger sizes, with few compact options left in the market, we want to know: What screen size do you prefer for your smartphone?

Given the sheer number of smartphone users, manufacturers have had to adapt their devices to the whims of the majority. Recently, it's been all about bezel-less displays, making it difficult to find smartphones with a screen size smaller than 5 inches in 2019. In the future, foldable smartphones could make compact devices popular again, while still offering a big screen.

androidpit oneplus 7 pro vs galaxy s10 plus hero 2
Do you prefer smartphones that are big or small? AndroidPIT

In this week's poll, we want your opinion on the matter. So, what do you think is the ideal display size? Does the screen have to be huge in order to get the most out of the multimedia content, or is a smaller size and easy transportability best? Or, maybe the size of the screen doesn't matter because other factors are more important (brand, performance, etc). Let us know your thoughts in the comments and vote in the poll below!

The choice is yours!

What is your ideal smartphone display size?
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  • 5.5 - 6.0 is good in a 18:9 aspect - any taller (or wider) than that is unnecessary.
    18:9 will be fine once more of the entertainment industry adopts the Univisium format.
    To me a phone's physical dimensions, screen-to-body ratio & weight matter too, not solely the resolution or display size

  • 5.5 - 5.7 with a max of 6.0 with and aspect ratio of 2:1 for me, like LG G6. Not small, not too big, enough. 720p or 1080p should be fine for the first two, 1080p for 6.0.

  • Minimum 6.0" with 18:9 ratio (I'm fine with 720+, prefer 1080)
    Maximum "6.2 - 6.3" with 19:9 ratio (720+ is fine, 1080 preferred, I don't need higher than that)

    Being able to use with one hand
    Big enough screen to do the job
    (that's all I need)

    There reaches a point where that phablet really just needs to be a tablet (in my opinion) 👍

    Deactivated AccountDean L.

    • I to like to be able to use my phone one handed which is why I have a pixel 2 with it's 5 inch screen. It's almost the perfect size for me.

  • Keith G 031..... I really enjoy using a phone about 6. 3 to 6.5 inches but I really do not like the aspect ratio of the phones lately. I would much rather have the phones wider than long and skinny. I would much rather use a phone that is about 6.2" with the older 16:9 aspect ratio.....That's just me tho

  • Actually i like the Note8 screen size! Was hoping that the Note 10 or Note 10 Pro has bigger screen than the S10 Plus

  • My FIRST smartphone, in 2010, was a Dell Streak 5, a FIVE inch screen, back when smartphone screens were 3.5" (iphone). People would constantly put their phones, over my phone and say my screen was bigger than their phone! Why do you need such a large screen? Ummm, because that is what I want? Now, a 5" screen is considered "small".

  • Vijay Jul 16, 2019 Link to comment

    For me the ideal size would be closer to 6" rather than 6.5". I am happy if I can reach most of the scream using my thumb.

    PS: The SPAM messages getting posted is really irritating.

  • I have a Samsung a50, which is 6.4 inch but I love phones with max 6 inches because they are pocket-friendly. :)

  •   46
    Deactivated Account Jul 16, 2019 Link to comment

    5.7 of my Note 4 is perfect for me. I do not like the new long skinny phones of today

  • Abrar Jul 15, 2019 Link to comment

    In 16:9 aspect ratio 5.7 was ideal but in 18:9 6.7 to 7.2 is best for me. I have xiaomi max 3 and Huawei mate 20X and i really enjoy these big screens for reading, browsing and watching media.

  • i tend to have a "larger" and a "smaller" smartphone (and then both Android and iOS).
    So I couldn't vote. :-(

  •   25
    Deactivated Account Jul 14, 2019 Link to comment

    With my big hands, and with some gesture based customizations allowing one handed use when required or relaxing, I find my bazel less 6.41 inches Oneplus 7 to be perfect, and hereby I would further emphasize that a smartphone shouldn't go beyond that size, because size above 6.4 inches and weight above 190 grams makes smartphone usage uncomfortable.
    Further, for a general audience who emphasize more on comfort of portability and manageability, 5.7 inches at max is sufficient and there is really a market for compact smartphones which needs to be acknowledged and addressed by smartphone manufacturers.

  • 5.6~5.7

  • I went from a 4 inch display to a 5.5 and have now settled on a 5 inch display. My work provided me with an iPhone 6s which has a 4.7 inch display, but I still prefer the 5 inch display of my pixel 2.

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