Poll: How often do you play games on your smartphone?

Poll: How often do you play games on your smartphone?

There are a lot of things we use our smartphones for nowadays, including playing games to keep ourselves amused. Smartphone manufacturers recognize this and have even begun making special gaming smartphones. Apart from the gaming-focused company Razer, Xiaomi has also introduced a device to target gamers. What about you? Do you play  games on your smartphone often?

Smartphones are becoming more and more powerful, making them a great alternative to PC and console gaming for those on-the-go. There are a ton of great games for Android and iOS with interesting concepts and compelling design, so it's no wonder they have so many fans. 

Another example of the success mobile gaming has been seeing recently is with Fortnite, two of the most popular PC and console games, which have just found their way to Android and iOS. Whether on the go or at home on the couch: You smartphone is always ready for a round of your favorite game.

This week, we want to hear from you:

How often do you play games on your smartphone?
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We will present the results of the poll and a brief analysis next week. Let us know what games you've been playing lately in the comments below! Thanks for joining in!

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  • I play games quite a lot, but the problem is most games are really horrible and are just excuses to milk money via grossly expensive in app purchases. The new Harry Potter game is a perfect example, there basically is no game there, it is a visual novel with endless nagging for cash. I also loathe pvp as I have found it creates very toxic communities. Lately the games have also been so focused on graphics and ignoring fun. It may be a great time to look at games, but as someone who has been a gamer for decades, I feel this is one of the worst times to actually play them.

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  • Canasta. I play canasta.

  • There are some good games, but I usually get bored quite easily.

  • I rarely play games on my mobile. I think I still want to save the most of my battery...

  • I barely play on my phone. I probably spend only thirty minutes or less per week on any mobile game. I prefer playing on consoles because I like having physical buttons and controllers.

  • The only game I have played on my phone was Pokemon go. And that was to find out what the hype was about and what my kids were into. It's been over a year since I last played and part of that is that I feel the screen on a smartphone is too small for the experience to be truly enjoyable. But that's just me, I see plenty of people completely immersed in playing games on their phones and they're usually of the younger generation.

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  • 2 years ago at E3, it was a committment by game developers to see that console / PC games could continue on your smartphone, or tablet ... we're not quite there.

    Perhaps screen size has improved two things (phablet, tablet screens 6.0 and larger). Maybe the latest chipset / processor can handle the game graphics. There is still another 1-2 years to go and I believe 5G will change things.

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  • ¬† 46
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    there should be one more choices in your survey. I would say I play games on my phone most days buy not everyday. I still stick to my gamming PC I built for serious gaming. Phones are good for killing time while waiting but not for serious gaming in my opinion. A 6 six inch screen can not compare with a large gamming monitor 2 or 3, I prefer 1 very large 33 or better driven by a pair of 1080Ti's.

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