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PhotoFunia - Get Your Goof On!

PhotoFunia - Get Your Goof On!

Anyone with an Android Device is bound to use it to make snapshots on the go. It’s also hard to resist the temptation to twiddle with the pictures to make them even better. Forget about needing any Photoshop skills or having to deal with a computer at all. With the PhotoFunia app you can edit pictures directly from your phone. Is this app capable of making not only goofy but also good pictures? Read on in our test.


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Features & Use

PhotoFunia has only one purpose: it let’s you upload pictures and automatically insert them into a bunch of different templates. To do so, it crops out certain parts of the picture to give the picture a totally new look.
Before going into all the details, I would like to explain the picture uploading process itself. It’s really simple, actually. You start up the app, pick a template and the select a photo from your gallery or take a quick picture on the spot. Using face recognition, the app can automatically crop a person’s head. This feature worked perfectly during our test, but your phone can get confused if there are multiple faces in one photo. The face recognition kicks in automatically after you’ve uploaded a picture. In my test the software seemed to always select the face that was furthest to the left.

A nice improvement to this feature would be multiple face recognition so that you could select which particular face you would like to use from a group photo.

With templates that include more than just the face, there’s a little frame that can be positioned over the section of the photo you would’ve like to use. Unfortunately, you can’t adjust the size of the frame. So you have to make sure that the picture is the right size from the beginning. Enough complaining at this point and let’s get to the app’s advantages. First off, there are over 100 templates included! Most of these templates are actually pretty cool and – for the most part – well designed. Just upload a picture and make the whole thing come alive!
Let me just name a few examples of some of the templates. Your photo can appear as a drawing on a chalk board or your can have your face displayedin the middle of a giant movie poster. The huge template selection can be divided into 3 categories:

  • People (Athletes, Celebrities, Gangsters etc.) – Put your face onto a famous person’s body.
  • Art Templates (Graffiti style, Oil paints etc.)
  • Prints on Random Objects (T-Shirts, Mugs, Posters etc.)

The final product usually looks really good (only if you’ve uploaded a quality picture to begin with, of course). While some templates may blow you away, others may be too sloppy and childish for you to appreciate. All in all, the app does what it was designed to do and produces good pictures!

By the way, you can save your pictures to the SD card or share it via Facebook, Gmail, Picasa or picture messaging.

Screen & Controls

The app is really simple to use. Select a template, pick a picture then save or share the end result. A feature letting you search and filter through all the different templates should be added to this app. Developers, please take note!

Speed & Stability

 The app runs quickly and reliably, although I did come across two error messages when I tried to save pictures to the SD card.

Price/Performance Ratio

The app is free, but there’s permanent ad banner displayed at all times.


PhotoFunia - Get Your Goof On! PhotoFunia - Get Your Goof On! PhotoFunia - Get Your Goof On! PhotoFunia - Get Your Goof On! PhotoFunia - Get Your Goof On! PhotoFunia - Get Your Goof On!

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