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The Wii in 2024: Putting a Retro Console to the Test

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I bought a Nintendo Wii from 2006 a few weeks ago. In this article, I show you how I came to this decision, whether the purchase was worthwhile and who a Wii is still suitable for in 2024.

The Nintendo Wii, which was launched in 2006, remains as the world's best-selling console. Unfortunately, production has since been discontinued, meaning that in 2024 you will have to rely on the second-hand market if you want to buy a Wii. Fortunately, the consoles are currently available at reasonable prices and in good condition. For these reasons, and because of my childhood nostalgia, I bought a Wii.


  • Inexpensive purchase.
  • Games are readily available.
  • Lots of fun with friends.


  • Outdated graphics and performance.
  • Flawed controls.
  • Caution is advised when buying.

What to consider when buying

If you would like to buy a Wii in 2024, there are a few things to consider. Firstly, it's important to know that the console is only available second-hand. You should therefore make sure that you buy the device from a trustworthy shop that tests it for functionality before shipping it. But even then, there can be unpleasant surprises.

For example, my Wii was delivered in working order but showed clear signs of use. Fortunately, I was able to clean the console easily, but I had to get a replacement for the controller. However, the console was very reasonably priced and even with two new controllers, it cost me far less than a current Nintendo Switch.

You can, for example, buy third-party Wii remotes on Amazon. They are cheaper than used originals and are new products with no signs of use. If you pay attention to reviews when buying, you can get good controllers that are in no way inferior to the original.

I was lucky, and the new controllers connected to the console without any problems and worked as they should. There is only one small difference, and that is that the new remotes are slightly lighter than the original.

Three Wii remotes placed on a table
The differences between the original (center) and the two new controllers are small. / © nextpit

HDMI adapter

You also need to be aware that the port used to connect the Wii to your TV is no longer being built into modern TVs. As a result, if you have a newer TV, you will need to buy an adapter. However, adapters are available on Amazon for just a few euros. They allow you to connect the Wii directly via HDMI, which transmits both picture and sound.

Online functions and buying games

The Nintendo E-Shop for the Wii has been discontinued by Nintendo. The only legal way to purchase new games today is therefore to buy original game DVDs. How expensive and how readily available they are varies greatly from game to game. Games that were exceedingly popular back in the day are still available for less than $20, and are therefore much cheaper than current titles.

Other games, however, are much more difficult to find and can cost up to $80 or more in some cases. The same applies to accessories, which can sometimes be costly.

The Nintendo Wii on a shelf
The Wii has a DVD drive. / © nextpit

In the test: This is how good the Wii will be in 2024

When we first switched on the Wii in 2024, we were initially overwhelmed by confusion. The controls are much more fidgety than we remembered. However, after some trial and error and a period of familiarization, you will get to grips with the controls and start to ignore inaccuracies.

Nevertheless, it can occasionally be frustrating how slow and imprecise the remote tracking is. This can be a great source of frustration in games like New Super Mario Bros, where quick and precise movements are key. However, after dying more times than we'd like to admit in the first few levels, we got used to it ourselves.

The Wii: A console for friends

But playing alone wasn't the highlight of the Wii back then, and it still isn't today. The Wii is a console that is most fun when used with friends and family. Sitting in front of a TV and playing together is rather rare these days. Most modern consoles now offer online play in addition to the more traditional local multiplayer modes.

This means that games are played together more often, but usually over long distances. And while that can surely be fun, there is still something special in coming together to play.

It is precisely this ability to play together locally that makes the Wii a relevant console in 2024. Games such as Mario Party 8 may be outdated in terms of graphics, but the gameplay still provides hours of fun today as it did back then. The clunky controls suddenly present an additional challenge that you can get excited about together.

But you also realize how inventive the Wii's controls were in their day. Moving the Wii Remote up and down as quickly as possible to win a simple mini-game is fun despite its simplicity, bringing the action into the real world in a way that button presses never could.

Mistakes are part of the charm

If you buy a Wii in 2024, you should certainly manage your expectations. Nostalgia is a powerful thing, and even your childhood favorites may not have aged as well as you hoped. 

The graphics are now outdated and often basic compared to modern games. But that's precisely where the console's charm lies. The games are easy to understand and anyone can join in. Even if you've never held a Wii Remote in your hands before, you'll quickly be a part of the game.

A Nintendo Wii next to a Nintendo Switch
The Wii's hardware is very outdated compared to the Switch. / © nextpit

Conclusion on the Wii in 2024

The Wii is a retro console that is still worthwhile in 2024, but it's not for everyone. The charm of the Wii lies in playing together, which is why it is mainly recommended for those who enjoy spending an evening on the couch with friends. But nostalgia seekers can certainly have fun with the console as well.

The cost of buying a Wii is currently surprisingly low, and games are also still available at reasonable prices. In addition, the large selection of remotes and adapters from third-party providers is a good reason to make the purchase in 2024.

Now, I would like to know your opinion: Is buying a Nintendo Wii from 2006 still worth it in 2024?

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