The best new apps to download this week

The best new apps to download this week

Your smartphone is a faithful companion in every situation. This week we present you with a few apps that will help you to better customize your smartphone usage. As usual, we've also got the best new games covered. Just take a look at this week's all-inclusive package.

Simple Widget Calender Reloaded

Want to have a clear overview of your appointments without having to open the calendar all the time? Then a calendar widget for your home screen is the right thing. Simple Widget Calender is one of these useful applications and offers you some functions to customize the calendar according to your wishes. For example, you can choose the font type and size or set the background colors. In addition, the widget offers you the possibility to highlight events in the calendar in different colors.

simple widget calendar app
Simple Widget Calender Reloaded. / © LeFlaketou

Unfortunately, this new app is not available in the Apple App Store.

Smash File Transfer

Sending files quickly and easily without having to compress them first - that's what the Smash File Transfer app offers you. To send documents, music, or photos from your mobile device, all you have to do is send them to the Smash server. A link for the files will be generated here, which you can send afterward. Since the company is located in France, the files are also stored there. If you are looking for a certain amount of privacy with a file-sharing app, this app has the advantage that registration is not necessary. In addition, the files can only be accessed within seven days. After that their availability ends. Another nice feature is that as well as file transfers without any size limit or compression, you can enjoy the app without any ads.

smash file transfer app
Smash File Transfer. / © Smash & Co

Brave Browser (Beta)

The Brave Browser App is a mobile web browser that uses pop-up and AdBlockers to keep annoying advertisements off your back while surfing the web. The browser also offers you further protection by blocking cookies and providing tracking protection. As you can see from the title, the new app from the developer is the beta version of the renewed Brave Browser. With this version, you can already check out and test new functions. What's also practical, is that those who already use Brave Browser can install the beta version next to the regular Brave Browser App.

brave browser beta app
Brave Browser (Beta). / © Brave Software

Unfortunately the beta version has not yet been released on the App Store.

Mr. Pumpkin 2: Walls of Kowloon

Do you like time travel, solving puzzles, and discovering secrets? How about living through all the fun in the form of a bearded pumpkin? In CottonGames' point-and-click adventure, the second game about the pumpkin head comes to your smartphone as Mr. Pumpkin 2: Walls of Kowloon. As mentioned in the beginning, in this game you travel back in time to explore life in the forgotten city of Kowloon. By solving puzzles and puzzles, you will delve deeper into the history of each city dweller.

Recontact London (Early Access)

If you are more interested in detective work in a more realistic environment, you might be right with the app Recontact London. In this game, you take on the role of a cyber detective in London to find out who the ghost is who suddenly appeared on the surveillance cameras of a bank one night. Interestingly, the phenomenon is beginning to appear in various countries.

For solving the case, you have some functions at your disposal. You can use surveillance cameras in the city to find the ghosts, investigate crime scenes with AR, or browse folders with more material. The graphics are kept very realistic, so you can easily get lost in the tension of the gameplay. A nice occupation for thriller fans and all those who want to try themselves as cyber investigators. And the nice thing about the app is that it is free.

  • Download Recontact London (Early Access) from the Google Play Store.
  • Download Recontact London (Early Access) from the App Store

With this selection of apps, we wish you a nice weekend. Personally I like Recontact London quite a lot - what about you? Did you find something suitable?


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  • Dean L. May 3, 2020 Link to comment

    I agree that this better with 3 apps that are good, but for me that gets lowered to 2 because I already use the Brave browser on all of my mobile devices. So yes this list of apps is better. Just my two pfennig...

  • marco sarli
    • Admin
    May 3, 2020 Link to comment

    3 in 5 are useful. Getting better. Thanks

    Dean L.Deactivated Account

  • storm May 3, 2020 Link to comment

    I use Brave somewhat now. Its OK but not really as private as made out to be.

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