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Motion & Sound Alarm

Motion & Sound Alarm

 Some apps on the Market are a bit weird, but that shouldn’t stop me from reviewing them, right? Today’s app belongs to this particular category of quirky apps. With this app you can change your phone into a mobile security alarm device. Your phone informs you about anyone moving around or making noise in its immediate surroundings.
Why do I think it’s bizarre? Well, I can’t think of a situation where this app could come be useful, unless you’re into spying, of course.

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Features & Use

 As already mentioned, the app can secure an area with an alarm. The most practical use for this app would be as a sort of babyphone. I can’t think of any other immediate uses off the top of my head. I wouldn’t trust this app as a security surveillance device for potential robbers and crooks. In any case, the app let’s you secure an area in different ways. The app pays attention to motion and sounds. Using a special button you can set-up customized triggers:

Sound & Motion

The alarm can be set-up in the following ways:

  • Alarm sound: Sets off a loud alarm sound. I have no idea what purpose this could serve. I don’t think it would be effective in scaring away potential robbers.
  • Call a specific number: This feature is actually really cool! As soon as the alarm is activated, the app calls a preset number. The person on the other end of the line can talk via the loudspeaker. That could be practical in calming down a small child when it has trouble sleeping.
  • Tracking Info: Here the alarm transmits your phone’s GPS coordinates via email to your Gmail account. This could come in handy if you’re phone ever gets stolen, so that you can easily track down the thief. Or spy on your girlfriend, if she takes your phone)

All the alarm events are logged so that you can take a look at what happened while you were gone.
In “Settings” you can adjust some additional options:

  • Trigger delay: Set up the time delay for the triggered alarm.
  • Maximum log entries
  • Enable stealth mode: This option keeps the program always activated in the background.
  • Set disarm pin: Set up a password pin to turn off the alarm.
  • Arm after inactive period: Set up times when the app should start up automatically.
  • Alarm timeout: Set up a time limit after which the alarm should turn itself off.
  • Re-arm after timeout
  • User speakerphone: Turns on speakerphone when calling a number.
  • Google account username: Necessary for receiving tracking data.

Screen & Controls

The user interface could've been much much better. Although you eventually can find what you're looking for, it's not a pretty app to look at. They should have put more effort into this app to make it more user-friendly. As is, it's cluttered and plain old ugly-looking. 

Bottom Line:

It's a neat little program that may not save your life, but could definitely give your little sister or dog a scare. Some parents may find it useful as a baby phone. 



Speed & Stability

 Runs fast and great! No complaints. 

Price/Performance Ratio

Motion & Sound is available to download for $1.99


Motion & Sound Alarm Motion & Sound Alarm Motion & Sound Alarm Motion & Sound Alarm

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    Alexis hinojo

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    haha! all legitimate suggestions:)

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    Or for the elderly if they fell

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    This might be good in a motel room in a high crime city!

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