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Launch-X Pro

So, we all know that there are quite a few apps and widgets available that allow you to set your desktop up according to your specific needs and preferences (including options and features that the standard homescreen doesn’t provide). Even though Launch-X Pro’s market description doesn’t make it sound as if they’ve reinvented the wheel it still seemed worth checking out:

Launch-X is a powerful widget that gives you quick-access to your apps, contacts, bookmarks, settings, ..!


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Features & Use

Launch-X Pro makes it possible to cram your homescreen with apps, contacts (including direct outward dialing), and other links. This is all thanks to the widgets which you set up within Launch-X Pro and then, as I’m sure you all know, place on the homescreen by pressing on the desktop/widgets for a long time.

You can place a grand total of four icons per line on an average homescreen—Launch-X Pro lets you pack up to 49 icons on there.

There are three different types of widgets, each of which takes up one line on the homescreen:

Multiple screens
Single screen
Single screen with two rows

If you go for Multiple screens you can fit up to seven icons onto a homescreen row, and within each widget you can open up seven screens. This means you have a total of 49 icons at your disposal. Knock yourselves out!

You can fit seven icons into Single screen and 14 into Single screen with two rows.

Add apps, contacts, and other shortcuts galore into the widgets.

If you want to add a contact you can determine which action should be taken when you click on said contact:

Open Contact
Direct Call
Call (open dialer)
Compose Message
Show this actions dialog

The shortcuts are the same as the ones that you can set up on a standard homescreen, so for example:

Google Mail Label

Bottom line:

What Launch-X Pro has to offer is simple but brilliant. You can decide how many apps, contacts, and links will make it on to your homescreen. If there’s something that Android doesn’t (yet) provide you can be sure that some smart developer will come up with it and make it available to the users.


Screen & Controls

As mentioned previously, the first thing you have to do is set up a widget within the Launch-X Pro app so that you can use this widget on the homescreen. Later on you can still make changes to this within the app.

In order to set up a new widget just press on the menu button/Create Widget on Launch-X Pro’s main screen. Select a name in the upper margin of the following screen. Beneath this you’ll find options entitled Select widget items and Appearance options. At the very bottom you’ll see a preview for the widget, which is, of course, empty to start off with.

The following options appear under Select widget items:

Add Apps
Add Contact
Add Shortcut

Any elements added will be displayed within three tabs on the screen. You can click on these and then hit Delete if you wish to do so.

You can make a few aesthetic changes via Appearance Options. Start off by selecting Screen Mode and then go on to deciding what size you’d like your icons to be (Small, Medium or Large), as well as how many widgets should appear in a row or within a widget screen.

Decide in what way you want to switch up between screens for the Multiple Screens widget: either by means of arrows or dots (click on these dos in order to a access the screen they represent).

Further options are:

Show items names (on/off)
Show settings button (on/off, only displayed for the Multiple Screen widget)
Backround color
Use background color (on/off)
Background opacity (from 0 to 100%)
Buttons opacity (from 0 to 100%)

Once you’ve created the widget of your dreams don’t forget to hit the back button in order to save the changes. Then place your widget on to the homescreen by pressing on it for a while.

Bottom line:
I can’t remember the last time I tested an app and didn’t find one single thing that I felt I had to whinge about. That’s reason enough for a five star rating in my book.


Speed & Stability

Perfect performance -- nothing unpleasant to report.

Price/Performance Ratio

Launch-X Pro can be downloaded for € 0.99 from the Android Market. A free lite version is also available.


Launch-X Pro Launch-X Pro Launch-X Pro Launch-X Pro Launch-X Pro

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  • Lisa helton Aug 19, 2010 Link to comment

    Yes, I do agree on the laucher X. It is wonderful. I would like to try the free one.

  • Roodiinii S Aug 13, 2010 Link to comment

    Looks good. I'll try out the free lite version, see how out goes.