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iPhone 13: What NextPit expects from the new Apple phone

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What does the NextPit editorial team expect from the upcoming iPhone 13? As you probably know already, opinions about the mega-company from Cupertino are very diverse among us. In this article, you will find an entertaining video on the matter, my expectations for the next iPhone, and the opportunity to participate with your opinions!

Finally, things are far clearer now: Apple will introduce the next generation iPhone on September 14th! With the iPhone 13, Apple will introduce a smartphone that once again raises the gold standard for high-end smartphones for the masses. On the other hand for sworn Android fans, Apple will merely be unveiling smartphones whose innovations were available on  Google-powered handsets for some time now. 

Of course, as editors, we are by no means acting in a united voice when it comes to the next iPhone. Even though we're all aware of the importance of the Apple smartphone, there are still Apple fans as well as Apple skeptics at NextPit. For this very reason, I fired up the editorial camera and asked everyone present for their opinion on the iPhone 13. Roll the film!

As I'm sure you already know, NextPit is an international tech magazine. To celebrate this fact, I asked questions (more or less) in the native language of our editors. So don't be surprised if certain parts of the video are subtitled.

What's my opinion about the next iPhone?

Even though I love to sit in front of cameras at every opportunity, I would like to approach this particular video session differently. Instead, I want to give you my expectations about the iPhone 13 in writing. By doing so, I'd like to take an approach that differs a bit from my colleagues. I want to focus less on the hardware and more on what the iPhone 13 means to a lot of people.

If you don't have an iPhone, you don't have an iPhone.

This phrase from the iPhone 4 commercial is almost as famous as Apple itself. While to many this phrase is simply a marketing lie, I see it as an advertising slogan that is truthful to the core to ever escape from a marketing department. This is because as for me, the phrase sums up what Apple is all about. It's not about hardware, it's about .... well, the iPhone! And you cannot understand that unless you've been hooked on Apple  products yourself.

Earlier this year, I picked up the iPhone 12 Pro Max from the newsroom and for the very first time in my life, I used an iPhone as my daily driver. To be honest, I wasn't particularly impressed with the experience. The 60 Hertz refresh rate for the display is simply sad, and the handset itself is phone is really huge. Apart from that, iOS continues to be intuitive for a new user. However, the biggest adjustment that a veteran Android user has to make would still be getting used to iOS. Throughout the entire process, it felt like I went from one smartphone to another, but not from a regular handset to an iPhone.

Problem: The ecosystem

Basically, the "iPhone itself" is only a small part of the Apple experience. To prepare myself for the iPhone 12 Pro Max, I would have had to use an older model for an extended period of time, purchase a MacBook, get used to numerous services, and also get familiarized with iOS. Only then would I have understood what exactly is so awesome and innovative about the iPhone 12 Pro Max. Even then, I would still have lacked the positive experience of Apple support, the anticipation of a fair number of keynotes, and possibly even giving the first positive customer feedback after a job has been completed via a MacBook.

My point is: Apple sells technology that comes with certain lifestyle habits within a closed ecosystem. And I simply haven't given myself fully into the experience, so I can only provide you with a relatively compact summary of my expectations for the iPhone 13.

My expectations for the iPhone 13

Nothing - I have no expectations for the iPhone 13! Because I can only compare the iPhone as a smartphone itself with other models. It is in this department, just like every other year, it will rank alongside the current crop of Android flagships and perhaps even rope in a new user into the Apple ecosystem. That's perfectly fine, and I'll gladly type overview pages on the new iPhone or a few iOS tutorials for those people.

Ben Erwartungen iPhone 13
My expectations for the iPhone 13 - in glorious 4K! / © NextPit

My own life will not be affected by the release of the iPhone 13. I'm too reluctant to get involved so deep into the Apple ecosystem in order to really enjoy the benefits of Apple's smartphones. Without any intention of offending Apple fans among us, the idea of becoming so accustomed to a particular company that other options are no longer serious alternatives worries me. This isn't because I don't find Apple's smartphones beautiful and innovative.

Rather, it's because I don't yet feel like devoting myself to an entire product ecosystem that I'll be comfortable with for years to come, simply because we all know:

If you don't have an iPhone, you don't have an iPhone!

With these rather philosophical thoughts concerning the launch of the iPhone 13, I'd like to recap some of the most important articles on NextPit concerning the Apple iPhone. After all, if you are interested, we want to provide you with good and comprehensive coverage as much as possible surrounding the Apple iPhone.

Furthermore, I am curious about what you expect from the next iPhone. For that, the comments' section is open for everyone to contribute their two cent's worth about the matter while I remove the camera feed in the NextPit video room. But wait, isn't there another big launch coming up soon? Feel free to let me know what you think about video insights in such a format in the newsroom? Are you ready to check out our take about the upcoming Pixel 6?

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