How to set up your Moto G for the first time

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When you buy the Moto G, just like any other smartphone, you can’t just start installing apps right after you turn it on. There’s a certain setup process involved and today we will cover the steps that you will need to take when you turn your Moto G on for the very first time.

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Just like many of the Google phones, including the Nexus 5, the setup process is quite similar. When you turn on your device for the first time, it asks you to enter your language of choice. Do so and press start. It will then take you to the next page to select your Wi-Fi connection. You can also leave this selection for a later stage. At any point, you can tap on the menu button, aka action overflow menu, on the top right hand corner of the screen to perform an Automatic setup (WPS).

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The first thing you see on your Moto G is the choice of language and Wi-Fi networks. © NextPit

After you have connected to the Wi-Fi network, you will have to accept that Motorola collects your usage information to keep your Android smartphone and the apps on it up to date. Press continue. You will then be asked if you have a Google account (Gmail account).

You already have a Gmail or Google Account

If you already have a Google account, press yes and this will prompt you to enter your email address and password. It will then give you the option of restoring all the backed up information that is stored on Google Services, like the apps from Google Play that you have downloaded in the past. Restoring your account only takes a few seconds, though all of the syncing will take a little while as Google completely restores everything on your phone.

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If you've had a Gmail or Google account in the past, you can restore all your settings and apps onto your new Moto G. © NextPit

You don’t have a Gmail account

If you don’t have a Gmail or Google account, you can create one now by entering your name into the system, then creating your own email address and password. Usually people will use their own names, though you might need to add a number or a character in your email address if yours is a common one. It will also advise you to which degree your password is secure: weak vs strong.

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You can opt to make a Gmail account later, or create one on spot. © NextPit
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Make sure you choose a password that is strong. © NextPit

When creating a new Gmail account, you will be asked whether you would like to create a Google+ (or G+) account, which is a social network along the lines of Facebook, which is owned and run by Google.

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If you ever happen to forget your password, you can set up a way to retrieve this via SMS or alternate email address. © NextPit

Google Wallet

Once you have entered your existing Gmail account or created a new one, you will be asked if you would like to setup Google Wallet with a credit card to then buy apps, movies and books from Google Play.

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Both Google Wallet and Motorola Migrate are optional at the beginning, but you can choose to set up Wallet for app purchases from the Play Store or Migrate to transfer your contacts, photos etc from your old phone to the Moto G. © NextPit

Switching from your old phone to Moto G

The words ‘You’re all set...’ will appear on the next page, under which you are asked whether you would like to migrate or transfer all your files, pictures, contacts etc from your old smartphone to the Moto G. Motorola Migrate is an app that was built into the Moto G for just this purpose, which isn’t usually found on even the higher end smartphones.

Finding the Notifications bar, Quick Settings and Settings

Whatever migration option that you choose, you’ll next be brought to the home screen of your Moto G where you are given a quick tutorial on the basic operations and how to find certain things, like your apps in the App drawer for example.

To find the settings of your phone, drag your finger from the top to the bottom of the screen to open up the notifications bar. Tap on the face/tiles icon on the top right corner to open up your Quick Settings. There you will find all the toggles to quickly turn off and on certain functions, like Wi-Fi, Airplane mode or Bluetooth to name a few. Settings is found there too, which leads you to the configurations of your smartphone.

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By pulling down the notifications bar, you will reach the Quick Settings. Here you will also reach the regular settings of your device. © NextPit

Change the wallpaper

If you want to use the wallpapers that Motorola has made available on the Moto G, choose Display when you are in Settings. Here you have the options of selecting photos from your own gallery, or live or normal wallpapers from Motorola, which are quite vibrant and fun. Live wallpapers look great, adding moving images to your home screen, but they drain your battery faster.

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Motorola put a few nice live and normal wallpapers into the Moto G, so you don't even need to install an app if you don't want to. © NextPit

It will take you some time to get your head wrapped aroung the Moto G if you are a first time user of a smartphone, however the Moto G is set up in a way so that the learning curve is quite flat and easy to overcome.

Enjoy your new Motorola Moto G!

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