How to root the Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge

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The Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge are fantastic phones, but what if you want to get rid of TouchWiz or make Android a little more personalized than the OS allows? The answer, of course, is that you root them - or at least, you do if you’ve got one of the rootable ones. Here’s how to root the Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge, and which models you shouldn’t try it on.

Can you root the Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge?

We’ve got good news and bad news. Some S7 and S7 Edges are rootable, and some aren’t. The former are the global models with Exynos processors, and the latter are the US models with Snapdragon 820 processors. Those devices’ bootloaders are locked, and that means you can’t root them just yet. That may change: T-Mobile is reportedly asking Samsung to make the Snapdragon models rootable because their customers have been demanding it - but for now, Snapdragon-powered Galaxy S7 and S7 Edges are stuck with the software they shipped with.

As ever, we need to put a warning in here: rooting will almost certainly invalidate your warranty and there’s always a risk that you’ll brick your device. It’s a remote risk, but it’s a risk nevertheless. Rooting isn't particularly difficult or very dangerous, but if you're not confident with fiddling around with system software it might be worth trying alternative customization options such as custom launchers instead. As you'd expect, we've got a guide to the very best custom launchers around, and you'll find it here.

qualcomms snapdragon 820
If your Samsung has one of these, the rooting process detailed here won't work... yet. / © Qualcomm

Before you root the Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge

Before rooting your device, you need to know exactly what model you have - installing the a package made for another model may turn it into an expensive paperweight - and it needs a decent charge of 80 percent or more. You’ve made a backup of everything that matters to you, of course, and you’re aware that rooting your device will trip Samsung’s Knox security - so after you root your device Samsung Pay will no longer work. For the same reason you shouldn’t root a corporate Galaxy provided by your employer, as doing so may well knock out any corporate access that uses Knox as the gatekeeper. Plus, you’d probably get disciplined or fired.

All set? Grab a Windows PC and a trustworthy USB cable and get ready to root.

androidpit USB 3
You'll need one of these. The cable, not the robot. / © ANDROIDPIT

How to root the Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge

1. If you haven’t already enabled Developer Options, go into Settings > About and tap the build number five to seven times to enable Developer Options.

2. Once you’ve done that, go into the Developer Options and enable the OEM Unlock option.

3. Next up, it’s time to turn to your computer. You’ll need to download Samsung’s Odin software, Samsung’s Mobile Device Drivers and then the Chainfire Auto-Root file for your device. The one for the Galaxy S7 is here, and the one for the Galaxy S7 Edge is here. Unzip the file when it’s downloaded.

4. Back to your phone. Hold down the Home, Power and Volume Down buttons until your device goes into its download mode, then run Odin on your PC and connect your Samsung with the USB cable. You’re looking for the “added message” prompt, which tells you that the connection is okay.

5. In Odin, click on AP and select the .tar.md5 file you unzipped earlier.

6. Check the options for Auto-Reboot and F.Reset Time and uncheck Repartition. Double-check that you’ve checked and unchecked the right things and then click on Odin’s Start button.

The installation process will start and after a few minutes your phone will reboot. Congratulations! You’ve rooted your phone.

androidpit installing android lollipop on note 3 odin 3
Samsung's Odin gives you the keys to the kingdom. The kingdom of ROOT! / © ANDROIDPIT

What to do if rooting the Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge fails

This process doesn’t always work first time, because sometimes the world is cruel. If rooting your Samsung fails, repeat the steps above; if there’s still no luck, try again - but this time follow the steps and disable rather than enable the Auto-Reboot option. You’ll then need to reboot the phone manually into recovery mode to root the device; to do that, press and hold HomePower and Volume Up until your phone reboots and begins the root process.

Have you rooted your S7 or S7 Edge already? Did you encounter any problems or was it plain sailing all the way? Let us know in the comments below.

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  • Marian Beșliu Dec 4, 2018 Link to comment

    Didn't work for me and deleted all my data.
    I will search another post.

  • Dee Dee 43 Jul 31, 2018 Link to comment

    Ok Help !!!!! Samsung7 edge followed steps over an over it gets to 100% then screen goes black an nothing else using kingoroot and kingroot it's just stays at 1% for 10mins or more so I shut down . ******* please email me help thank you for your information

    • Bastian Siewers Jul 31, 2018 Link to comment

      Hey Dee Dee, I just removed your email address from your post to protect you from spam. Please do not post your address publicly.

  •   1
    Deactivated Account Jul 27, 2018 Link to comment

    This worked flawlessly. Thank you to the author!

  • Ag Myint Mar 27, 2018 Link to comment

    Try it if you want to be fucked up

  • Ag Myint Mar 27, 2018 Link to comment

    My Phone is not even working anymore

  • Ag Myint Mar 27, 2018 Link to comment

    100 % fail method Don't try anyone

  • Abhay Pradhan Sep 1, 2017 Link to comment

    every thing works and it shows
    <ID:0/008> Added!!
    <OSM> Enter CS for MD5..
    <OSM> Check MD5.. Do not unplug the cable..
    <OSM> Please wait..
    <OSM> CF-Auto-Root-hero2lte-hero2ltexx-smg935f.tar.md5 is valid.
    <OSM> Checking MD5 finished Sucessfully..
    <OSM> Leave CS..
    <ID:0/008> Odin engine v(ID:3.1005)..
    <ID:0/008> File analysis..
    <ID:0/008> SetupConnection..
    <ID:0/008> Initialzation..
    <ID:0/008> Get PIT for mapping..
    <ID:0/008> Firmware update start..
    <ID:0/008> SingleDownload.
    <ID:0/008> recovery.img
    <ID:0/008> NAND Write Start!!
    <ID:0/008> cache.img
    <ID:0/008> RQT_CLOSE !!
    <ID:0/008> RES OK !!
    <ID:0/008> Removed!!
    <ID:0/008> Remain Port .... 0
    <OSM> All threads completed. (succeed 1 / failed 0)
    <ID:0/008> Added!!
    <ID:0/008> Odin engine v(ID:3.1005)..
    <ID:0/008> File analysis..
    <ID:0/008> SetupConnection..
    <ID:0/008> Initialzation..
    <ID:0/008> Get PIT for mapping..
    <ID:0/008> Firmware update start..
    <ID:0/008> SingleDownload.
    <ID:0/008> recovery.img
    <ID:0/008> NAND Write Start!!
    <ID:0/008> cache.img
    <ID:0/008> RQT_CLOSE !!
    <ID:0/008> RES OK !!
    <ID:0/008> Removed!!
    <ID:0/008> Remain Port .... 0
    <OSM> All threads completed. (succeed 1 / failed 0)

    it shows pass on odin 3 but after the process my device does not start and it is stuck on the samsung logo. what should i do?

    • Bae Sep 9, 2017 Link to comment

      same thing happened to me and its fucking bullshit

  • Chris Tof May 30, 2017 Link to comment

    hmm I'd love this to work. i want to get rid of the preinstalled tmobile crapware. I tried your way but it keeps failing. developer options is on and oem unlock is on. press start on odin3 v3.10 the odin version that comes with the galaxy s7 root file and i get this report
    <ID:0/005> Added!!
    <ID:0/005> Odin engine v(ID:3.1005)..
    <ID:0/005> File analysis..
    <ID:0/005> SetupConnection..
    <ID:0/005> Initialzation..
    <ID:0/005> Get PIT for mapping..
    <ID:0/005> Firmware update start..
    <ID:0/005> SingleDownload.
    <ID:0/005> recovery.img
    <ID:0/005> NAND Write Start!!
    <ID:0/005> cache.img
    <ID:0/005> FAIL!
    <ID:0/005> Complete(Write) operation failed.
    <OSM> All threads completed. (succeed 0 / failed 1)

    then i tried your sometimes the world is cruel approach. but i think it fails before i have to reboot. if i reboot it just starts up normally. what am i doing wrong?

    android version 7.0
    android security patch level march 1 2017
    baseband version g930tvus4bqc1
    kernel version
    fri mar 17 18:40:03
    build number
    nrd90m. g930tuvs4bqc1
    se for android status
    fri mar 17 18:45:08 2017
    security software version
    mdf v3.0 release 1
    wlan v 1.0 release 1
    vpn v1.4 release 0.8
    asks v.1.3_161228

    knox version
    knox 2.7.1
    standard sdk 5.7.1
    premium sdk 2.7.1
    customization sdk 2.7.1
    container 2.7.1
    cep 2.1.1
    enterprise billing 1.2.0
    otp 2.6.0
    se for android 2.4.3
    sso 2.5.0
    shared device 2.6.0
    tima 3.3.013
    vpn 2.3.0

    fcc certification
    ffc id: a3lsmg930us

    the stuff you have to do to get rid of crapware... am i right

    • Chris Tof Jun 4, 2017 Link to comment

      because my phone is from the states and has got t-mobile shit on it, it cant follow your steps.
      i did however follow these steps and it worked

  • Richard Bagworth May 20, 2017 Link to comment

    After following rooting instructions, phone rebooted and wouldn't recognise the PIN which is required as part of the booting up. Does anyone know how to deal with this issue as phone is now useless.

    • Abe Ross May 20, 2017 Link to comment

      Using home, power, and volume up I was able to restore original settings. I'm thinking i will take off password and try again.

  • Vasily Bakarashvili May 10, 2017 Link to comment

    Worked on second try, thanks!

  • Ștefan Popovici Mar 15, 2017 Link to comment

    What a crock of sh*t!!!! bricked my phone and had to go through hell to get everything back. I would advise caution, this CF-Root will probably ruin your day!!!!

  • Parag Shah Mar 13, 2017 Link to comment

    I tried everything but the phone is just displaying the blinking z Samsung on the blank screen for the past one hour! What should I do please tell me urgently
    I tried switching it off...the power button doesn't work...when I press the the power volume up and home button It vibrates as if it is rebooting...and then the same thing happened
    If I do it with the power down button nothing happened
    Also I removed the device From the USB connection after 45 minutes
    Please help urgently

    • Ștefan Popovici Mar 15, 2017 Link to comment

      Use odin. Download stock software, and place each part of the software into the right place based on two letters in the name (BL with BL, AP with AP, CP in CP, etc...) then restart phone once finished "trying" to root again.
      Phone will probably still not work, so try to get into recovery mode, reset to factory settings, and then restore from samsung cloud.
      P.s. when downloading stock software from samsung, be sure to download android 6.0 for your baseband version (example: G930FXX....B1)

  • Tech2Post Feb 26, 2017 Link to comment

    very nicely written, this is the best tutorial to root Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

  • David Wilkes Feb 2, 2017 Link to comment

    did my S7 and it wont accept the lock password after the boot screen now:( have o broken it? i know the password was a simple one

    • Abe Ross May 11, 2017 Link to comment

      I have same problem. Did you ever solve it?

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