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After a first quick test with the European version of the Honor 8 and a short review, we made a pleasing discovery. They do it in a way that should done by more phone makers. Here's how you can quickly remove bloatware on this device.

Bloatware is a problem that affects many smartphones. These are third-party apps that are pre-installed on new smartphones. Often, these apps cannot be uninstalled. Thus, they take up space, which the user would prefer to use for their own apps, photos or music.

On the other hand, they can reduce equipment prices for manufacturers with bloatware. The manufacturers get marketing money for pre-installing those apps and a portion of which reduces the final price of each smartphone. Each pre-installed app on the smartphone reduces the price of that model.

Thus, we as customers are faced with a dilemma: we want to have a lot of free space and less app-waste. But we also need to have a good smartphone for little money. How can we solve this problem most fairly then? It's simple: give us the apps, but also the ability to remove them. And here the Honor 8 comes through for everyone.

bloatware homescreen honor 8 de
The start screen of the Honor 8 is pretty busy. / © NextPit

When I held the European version of Honor 8 for the first time in my hands, I was initially a little sour. On the start screen icons of various third-party apps are there. There were even two folders full of apps that I never want to use. There is about 300 MB of bloatware I don't need:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Shazam
  • Hotels
  • News Republic
  • Opera
  • Instagram
  • TripAdvisor
  • HiGame
  • Asphalt Nitro
  • 100% Free Games
  • Dragon Mania
  • Puzzle Pets
  • Spider-Man Ultimate Power
  • Top Games
  • Scrat-ventures

But my mood brightened quickly when I moved one of the symbols to the top of the screen; and then another and then another. Normally, to uninstall them, you can move the apps to the garbage can symbol. But what's so good about the Honor 8 is you can uninstall properly and quickly. That should mean that they and their data is actually deleted from the relevant user you partition and create space for your desired apps, photos and music.

preinstalled 1
Create extra space quickly with the Honor 8. / © NextPit Screenshot

Honor has a tool to mass delete these preinstalled apps when you're ready. Do it either via Settings> Advanced Settings> work and data storage> garbage> memory or on the App Phone Manager and then in a System Optimization> Memory> Pre-installed Apps.

preinstalled 2
Find your preinstalled apps separate from the others. / © NextPit Screenshot

In the list of selectable apps are, with two exceptions (100% Free Games and HiGames), are some Huawei / Honor and Google Apps. So if you want to use Huawei Backup, Smart Controller or Facebook, you should not blindly select all and uninstall. Instead, you can select the ones you want to delete individually.

Cleanup is little free memory

Unfortunately, the measurable effect on the free space is much smaller than one might suppose. Only 0.04 GB more free space is uninstalled from the bloatware (including 100% Free Games and HiGames). Nor had use of cleaning tools and an additional restart brought any improvement.

preinstalled 3
You don't save that much space / © NextPit Screenshot

Honor 8 and bloatware - not so praiseworthy?

The Honor 8 shows in approaches that bloatware in a way that's bearable for the user. It gives them the lower cost for the phone by offering it with bloatware but gives them an option to quickly remove this stuff. However, this bloatware might but cluttering but it's bearable in terms of data. Since the usable internal memory of Honor 8 with 22.5 GB is not scarce, and you can also expand it via microSD card, bloatware will not immediately become a problem for you.

What do think about this bloatware compromise? Let us know in the comments.

Eric Ferrari-Herrmann

Eric Ferrari-Herrmann

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  • Nisha Patel Aug 30, 2016 Link to comment

    Or you can use titanium backup and freeze/uninstall your unwanted bloat.

  • Guy Deridet Aug 28, 2016 Link to comment

    I've got a Samsung (Note 5) with a lot of bloatware too. I've found a nice Android app called Package Disabler which allow me to get it of most of them without rooting. Of course the pro version(small fee) is more efficient..

  • Bob visser Aug 28, 2016 Link to comment

    You should be able to remove every app that the user doesn't need. Even my nexus 5 has enough apps that I don't need but can't remove

  • Parvind Chahal Aug 28, 2016 Link to comment

    but the destiny is that honor cant be in every pocket.......these types of phones only have on paper specs but in practical life these phones are worse.

  • John Cruz Aug 27, 2016 Link to comment

    What are other ways to remove pre installed apps besides rooting?

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