This is what a $1200 Android Walkman sounds like - and here's why you shouldn't buy it

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While looking for cool stuff at CES 2015 last week, I had the opportunity to poke my nose, and sometimes my ears, into places they wouldn't normally be. Take the new Hi-Res Sony Walkman NW-ZX2 for example: not exactly on my normal device radar, but when someone said there's a $1200 Android-based Walkman in the area I simply had to give it a listen. So, is the price justified? Not to my ears.

AndroidPIT Sony Walkman NW ZX2 1
The visuals certainly make the Sony Walkman NW-ZX2 sound promising. © ANDROIDPIT

First thing's first: the Sony NW-ZX2 is a personal music player with 128 GB of storage with microSD expansion to store up to 60 hours of Hi-Res audio files. What is Hi-Res audio? 24-bit, studio quality sound at up to 192 KHz supporting AIFF, Apple Lossless, DSD, WAV and FLAC formats, that's what. The Hi-Res samples Sony was showing were covering amplification frequencies up to 40,000 Hz and they had a nice on-screen visual to demonstrate how lossy formats abruptly cut off the frequency (and how Hi-Res restores it).

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The Sony Walkman NW-ZX2 looks better than the original NW-ZX1. © ANDROIDPIT
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The reason the NW-ZX2 is such a big deal is that it bridges the gap between the original master recording and the compressed MP3 formats we currently listen to. In the urge to make files smaller for digital playback, various compression formats were utilized that all added up to one thing: poor quality audio. But as memory got cheaper we haven't seen audio quality improve. Sony is looking to set the record straight, if you'll pardon the pun, by providing audiophiles with audio quality as close as possible to what the artist and producer intended in the studio. So, can you hear the difference?

AndroidPIT Sony Walkman NW ZX2 2
Here you can see the dramatic frequency cut-off at MP3 quality. © ANDROIDPIT

To my untrained ears, yes, you can hear something going on, but only just. The sound is somehow richer and deeper, but not in a bassy way. There's more substance and texture to it, but it's hard to pinpoint. Sure, it sounds better, but unless you have much better ears than me, you're going to be hard put trying to justify the additional cost for what seems to amount to not much better quality. But that's the kicker: only audiophiles are truly going to appreciate the difference and audiophiles are exactly the ones that will happily shell out to hear it, no matter how small the improvement.

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The Sony NW-ZX2 is a serious piece of equipment for serious music lovers. © ANDROIDPIT

If you're considering getting on the Hi-Res audio bandwagon, keep in mind that Hi-Res files can occupy anywhere from 80 MB – 200 MB per track, depending on the quality (24-bit/96 KHz or 24-bit/192 KHz), so an album could easily run you a whole gigabyte or more. Fortunately you've also got microSD expansion possibilities and the NW-ZX2 also runs Android and is therefore compatible with Google apps, if that sweetens the deal at all. 

AndroidPIT Sony Walkman NW ZX2 3
The Sony Walkman also runs Google apps from the Play Store. © ANDROIDPIT

Each album will also set you back somewhere between 15-25 USD, compared to under 10 USD for a ''regular'' MP3 album. The NW-ZX2 is clearly directed at those seeking supreme sound from their audio device, and are willing to pay for it: from the player to the audio file itself, right down to amount of space it requires. You're hardly going to restock your entire iTunes library with Hi-Res tracks, but anyone with a serious playlist of special tunes that is not only capable of recognizing the difference but who is also likely to appreciate it properly, will probably see value where I see little more than hot air.  

What do you think of Hi-Res audio? Actually worth it or just a marketing ploy?

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  • Lee Jan 14, 2015 Link to comment

    😲 How Much! even if I had the spare cash there's far better things to buy than a over priced Walkman, I don't need to carry another device for music, I have all my favourite tunes on my phones SDCard and that's not counting the 1000's of albums I have in Play Music 🎶🎧💃

  • Amat Mulisha Jan 13, 2015 Link to comment

    If i have money, i definately will buy this.

  • Mickey Dillard Jan 13, 2015 Link to comment

    Leave it to Sony to put a bloated price on a player that I doubt sounds much if any better than the iPod touch and a quality set of headphones.For that matter any device sporting aptx and some Good headhones,Like the parrot zik 2.0.For around $600 I doubt the average person would notice any difference.Plus I read somewhere Sony's way to expensive player doesn't come with headphones.No thanks I'll stick with my LG G3,IPOD TOUCH,1ST GEN.PARROT ZIKS AND MY WIRED VMODA LP2 HEADPHONES.

    • Bojan M. Jan 13, 2015 Link to comment

      You speak as someone who doesn't know jack shit about the topic at hand. As Kris described, this is a niche product. Your average Joe (or you) won't buy this or won't be willing to do so, even if he's got the money. The headphones aren't included or shouldn't be included, because you can't hear that awesome sound with those shitty headphones you get with smartphones, ipods and such. Real quality headphones cost at least 300$ or so and you can go only up. There are brand names doing just and only that, providing that magnificent sound to your ears. And I'm not talking about that sorry excuse of headphones people call Beats or something.

      • Chet Patel May 9, 2016 Link to comment

        Lol, you're right. Audiophiles go through great lengths, at significant costs, to get that little bit of improvement. I'm not hardcore, but I do try to improve my experience as much as my hearing will allow. Just bought the ZX2 and certainly hear an improvement with my high quality MP3s and my ripped copies of CDs. I think trying to improve the quality of music any more would be fruitless because I just cannot hear the difference. Do to me is not worth the difference.

        As far as Beats audio gear goes. Some of it can be very good, but you can find similar quality at a much cheaper price!

        edit: just saw this a very old article, sorry for dredging up the past :-P

    • Mathieu Hervais Oct 10, 2016 Link to comment

      I wouldn't call the Parrot Zik 2.0 good headphones by any stretch of the imagination, I own a pair and these are mediocre at best.

      Better use your money on a Senneheiser wireless or a Sony MDR-1A

  • Timothy Cremeans Jan 13, 2015 Link to comment

    Android walkman is something we want to see of what it has to offer. The price is definitely overboard but we must give benefit of the doubt.

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