10 Google Play Store Apps That Your Tablet Will Love (Part 2)

10 Google Play Store Apps That Your Tablet Will Love (Part 2)


(Part 2..continued from previous article) It's no secret that I freakin LOVE MY TABLET. I picked up a Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 a few months after it came out, and although it was damn expensive here in Germany, it was honestly worth every cent. Not only do I use it at home for surfing, gaming, and reading, but I also use it often here at work, and I can tell you that the possibilities of what you can do with this device are endless. If you're like me and you like rooting and tinkering with your devices, you probably spend a long time getting your home screens just the way you like. In order to do that however, you'll need the right apps, as not all of them play nice with tablets. So here are 4 Google Play Store (the previous 6 were discussed in part 1 here) app/widget suggestions in no particular order and with screenshots from my device that not only work very well on my tablet, but also make its homescreens look pretty freakin cool.

(My tablet is rooted and running an Ice Cream Sandwich ROM created by XDA member RomanB that's kanged from CyanogenMOD. I'm using Nova Launcher Prime to allow me to resize all widgets, which is useful for some widgets that won't let you stretch them all the way across the tablet screen).

7. File Manager HD Tablet

Need a tablet optimized file manager that will also allow you to access files on your sd card/internal memery and EDIT system files, and better yet, for free? Then File Manager HD (Tablet) is the app you'll want to check out. I have the phone and tablet version of this amazing task manager, and it has all the functionality that you normally only get from paid file managers. You can switch between views (scrolling, folder, ect), can access and edit system files (great for rooted users) and can easily manage files on your SD card or internal storage. The app runs at a 1280 x800 resolution and has a great UI for tablets. You can get this app for free here.

8. Analytix HD

If you're job requires you to spend a lot of time in Google Analytics, then Analytix HD could be just what you're looking for. This tablet optimized application (had to take this screenshot from the Play Store, as I could't relay our company analytics info on the blog) not only relays accurate info on your website, but does it with a nicely laid out tablet optimzed interface. It loads up very quickly and has a big portion of the functionality you would find on the website (for reading reports). The application can be purchased here for €1.99 (around 2.60 US dollars) and is again yet another app that never lets me down when in meetings or when I need stats on the go.

9. TVGO Live TV

This app has a good mixture of reviews, but for me, it works EVERY TIME. If you want to watch TV on your tablet in GOOD quality and from over 20 countries, get this app NOW. Here in Berlin where I'm currently located, the app works damn near flawlessly, and allows me to watch my favorite TV channels for FREE over wifi. Great for catching the game live on your breaks or when you're in the kitchen making something to eat. You can get this app FREE here.

10. Unified Remote

I don't know about you guys, but I connect my computer to my TV ALOT for watching movies, and it's really no fun getting up everytime you need to adjust the volume or pause the movie. Unified Remote makes the job easy, and lets you comfortably control your PC from your tablet. You can type with the onscreen keyboard, control VLC player, control the mouse, power, volume, and SOOOOOO much more with this great app. I use this app on my tablet all the time, and it gets the job done really well when I'm watching movies. There's a free version available here or you can get the full version with more functions here.

So there you have it folks! I have over 200 apps installed on my tablet, so picking was difficult! But these apps are definetely great and are used everyday on my tablet, and I hope they help you out as much as they have with me! If you have suggestions on which apps you like to use on your Android tablet, be sure to let us know in the comments or on our forums!

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  • HJ.Brenner Apr 10, 2013 Link to comment

    Have on my Chinese made Teclast tablet an excellent e-reader app simple called "E-Book". The apk file is org.rock.library.ui.android.apk
    Like to get for my new tablet but it disappeared from the app market. Do you know what happened to this app?
    Thanks HJB

  • Eric McBride Apr 7, 2012 Link to comment

    Hmmm.that's a tough one. I ll look around and see what I can find!

  • Christian Johansen Apr 7, 2012 Link to comment

    Hello again, I just realized that I need a good dlna streaming app - something to stream content from my tablet to my ps3. Any suggestions? :-)

  • Eric McBride Mar 28, 2012 Link to comment

    LOVE that app :-)

  • PatPion Mar 23, 2012 Link to comment

    I found File Manager HD by accident, and its absolutely brilliant!

  • Eric McBride Mar 22, 2012 Link to comment

    Thanks for reading! Have you tried Kingsoft office? Its FREE and is like having Word on your tablet. I just got it a few weeks ago, so I'm not too sure if it has every function you need, but check it out! Its personally one of the best I've ever used.

  • Christian Johansen Mar 22, 2012 Link to comment

    Great article, I'm particularly pleased with Wizz Widgets and File Manager HD. :-) I was wondering, however, if you could recommend an Office-app, preferably one that let you write formulas like squareroots/fractions etc.?

    - Christian

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