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I was once again on the prowl for a fun app to try out for a test review, and was having no luck, until I came across Furdiburb-Lite.
I wanted to start playing right away, having read the app description in the Android Market, which claims that you receive a virtual ALIEN BABY, which you then have to raise.

And that’s exactly what you get, except that at the beginning the alien baby is still in the form of a small egg, which lies on a meadow in front of a little house… And because it’s an egg, there’s not much you can do with it, so when I first started playing, I decided to set the game aside and test out another game instead. I had another look at the egg that evening, and sure enough, nothing had changed. I actually started wondering if the app has some kind of flaw. But over the next few days I observed how the egg started cracking, and the cracks got bigger and bigger, until finally the egg disappeared, only to reveal an adorable little fur ball sitting on the meadow in front of the house.


This test review was written by Paulina Gegenheimer, a young high school student.


Reviewed version

Features & Use

Furdiburb-Lite’s gameplay is similar to that of Tamagotchi: you have to care for and raise a creature, which, in this case, is an alien baby.

When you start the app for the first time, you are told that you have to take good care of Furdiburb, as he was left behind on Earth by his parents. Then you’ll have to be patient, as it takes about half a week for the little guy to hatch. There’s not much you can do with the egg, except move it from one side of the meadow to the other by swiping your finger over the screen (I know, thrills-ville). Once he's hatched you have to feed him and clean up after him. It’s important to keep his surroundings clean. If you do everything that is required, Furdiburb will be happy and satisfied. I like this game a lot: it’s fun to see the little guy grow up from the very beginning, knowing you’ll spend an unlimited amount of time with him.

Screen & Controls

In order to feed the alien, you have to grow the food yourself. This is done by pulling the clouds over cracked parts of the meadow with your finger, so that these can rain on the earth and make the plants grow. The plants will then produce food items such as strawberries and plums, but also hotdogs, squirrels, and other things you wouldn’t except to see growing on trees.

You then pull the food on to Furdiburb so that you can feed it to him. Once he’s full, the expression on his face will change to a satisfied looking one. How to feed and clean him is explained during the game via text blurbs that pop up on the screen.

The background changes depending on the time of day, which I found pretty nice. The sun shines during the day, it’s dark at night and the moon is visible, and at dawn and during the afternoons the sky is purple. In order to move Furdiburb about, you need only pull him across the screen using your finger. You can also simply tilt your phone and he’ll start walking. You can “Reset” by pushing on the menu button. I find the design really awesome, because the screen display always changes, and so you never feel bored.


Speed & Stability

I have no problems relating to Furdiburb-Lite to report. It ran smoothly during the testing phase.

Price/Performance Ratio

Furdiburb-Lite can be downloaded for free from the Android Market.


Furdbiburb-Lite Furdbiburb-Lite Furdbiburb-Lite Furdbiburb-Lite Furdbiburb-Lite

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    Carla Ridon Mar 26, 2013 Link to comment

    Furdiburb is a Fun and addicting casual game.
    Really fun and perfect .Its still the best app ever.just the right amount of care needed to maintain your pet.I really highly recommend this game for people who like enjoyment without fight and blood, people who like to live an elegant lifestyle (love, care, music, art, family ) . It's an elegant game. the themes the colors the music the ideas are great .Whatever you go in this game you discover something new,from farming to fishing ,to stars jumping, to the music, to the puzzle.It's a different and wonderful .Thank you Furdiburb creators you are awesome.That just what we need like games .Thank you