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Free instead of $0.99: Make the strongest legion the world has ever seen!

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For today, we have a nice strategy game for Android that currently runs for free. In Merge Attack PvP: Attack on Legion you are responsible for making an army worthy of conquering the world! It usually costs $0.99 but if you get it now it is yours to keep forever for free!  


  • Merge Attack PvP: Attack on Legion is a strategy merger game with idler characteristics.
  • It has 4.2 stars with 268 reviews on the Play Store.
  • It is now free instead of $0.99.

Good strategy games are difficult to come by these days. The market is unfortunately filled with many lootbox traps that halt your progress until you pay a hefty premium. Thankfully, today's discounted game breaks that. Merge Attack PvP: Attack on Legion constitutes a fun and simple alternative that will keep you occupied for quite a while!

Why Merge Attack PvP: Attack on Legion is worth a look

The game doesn't promise much but it delivers. You make a small army by tapping the screen. In the beginning you get simple foot soldiers, that fill your available slots. But, if you merge two of them, then you get an archer to cover his buddies from the second row, merge him with another archer and you have a powerful spearman. 

Keep doing that and you soon have an entire legion that fights hordes of enemies. The game also got a PvP mode in the latest update where you can have your armies fight those of other players! Progressing through the different levels is very fun and well balanced, enemy waves will present a fair amount of challenge that will have you taping the screen like crazy to quickly replenish your soldiers.

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Yes, some of the UI is not translated but the game is very fun! / © NextPit

As i could understand, the game has a single developer behind it. A few elements are still rough, like the UI that still has some elements that are not fully translated in English yet, but that is not really a problem as the game is quite simple in its basic controls that are mostly self explanatory.

Do not be fooled though, Merge Attack PvP: Attack on Legion is adequately complex tactically. You have to be considerate of your unit positioning, the available slots for new units and of the upgrades. 

On the aspect of progression, the game offers a plenty of upgrades that go beyond the merging. From level to level you will unlock special loot-boxes that give you the resources to permanently increase the stats of specific unit types so that you can create the army that fits your strategy. You may want stronger catapults that deal massive damage from the back, or strong swordmen that obliterate enemy archers? With the right upgrades you can get that.

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Your soldiers will yell inspirational quotes to the enemy./ © NextPit


The game still includes advertisements that help you progress faster and there are a few purchasable packs, but honestly in the 3 hours we spent with the game they did not feel necessary, you just have to grind a bit more. And with the game being mostly offline we cant really say there's pay-to-win issues.

Does Merge Attack PvP: Attack on Legion respect my privacy?

Merge Attack PvP: Attack on Legion is developed by the South Korean WhiteWind Entertainment. In the Privacy Policy the developer mentions that data are being collected and processed for advertisement purposes, as well as payment information for in-game purchases. It should be noted that you do not require an account to play the game.

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According to the exodus platform the game contains 4 trackers, mostly for advertisement and analytics which are all covered by the Privacy Policy. It also requires a total of 8 permissions that with a quick glance look appropriate for the services the game provides.

Would you like to see more strategy games featured? Let us know in the comments bellow! 


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