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Free instead of $5.49: Automate your workplace with this app!

OnSite Checklist
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Today's free app is all about quality and safety. It may look like a simple Checklist app but it does far more than that, providing features that help professionals in critical tasks.


  • The app is free for a limited time (until 11.7) on the Google Play Store.
  • The normal price is $5.49 and has 4.4 stars from 10,000+ reviews.
  • It allows users to create procedure templates.

Some working environments are expectedly dangerous, with small actions potentially spoiling entire projects, or worse. Today's free app is promising to help with the largest difficulties of running a workplace with high quality standards.

We have all been there, we go to a very nice restaurant and have a lovely, fresh green salad. The next day we wake up with a slight stomach ache, that soon turns into a very uncomfortable workday with frequent toilet visits. Then we talk to our friends who shared the meal with us and we figure out they had the same issues. 

We can't believe it! The restaurant we went to is top notch, how could this happen? Well, someone probably didn't use OnSite Checklist, or a similar app, and missed a critical point in the very complex procedure of food preparation. 

Why should you choose OnSite Checklist?

Even a slight slip in the safety procedures can cause a very, very bad day for a lot of people, and in more risky work environments, checking the details can save from deadly accidents. This is why most workplaces, have safety and quality checklists that ensure that everything is running smoothly and safely, and OnSite Checklist helps you manage all that.

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The app is relatively simple but offers a wide range of features that will automate your workplace's safety and quality procedures. In the main, plain interface you can find a large range of checklist templates to inspire you, but the app really shines when you get to create your own procedures. 

What brings it apart from other Checklist app is the ability to have repeatable checklists that get logged for later analysis with various metadata. The App also features a very handy website that allows the user to quickly create and share procedures with other users via e-mail from the convenience of your computer.

In OnSite Checklist you can basically create a general group of procedures that are then broken down into smaller tasks, this helps you to keep track of all the tasks that need to be carried out in quality inspections or other procedures in order to ensure an up to standard and safe end-product.

Does OnSite Checklist respect my privacy?

The app is developed from Appculus Technologies and has a respectable amount of ratings (over 10,000) with 4.4 Stars. In the privacy policy the company states it only gathers performance metrics to better optimize the application and states that no information is used for commercial gains.

In the privacy tracker exodus we find that the app has, as stated in the privacy policy 0 trackers and the 11 permissions it asks are proportional to the features it offers.

Do you like this app? Are there any similar apps you would like to see featured here? Let us know in the comments!

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    storm Nov 5, 2021 Link to comment

    I'm glad to see more productive apps.

    Zois Bekios ZannikosCamila Rinaldi