Free apps for Android & iOS: These Pro versions are currently free

Free apps for Android & iOS: These Pro versions are currently free

As we do every week, NextPit brings you a selection of great deals on mobile apps and games for iOS and Android that are normally paid but are temporarily free on the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store.

This list is updated weekly, with at least two weekly editions, on Tuesday and Friday. Between the publication and the time you view this article, some apps may have become paid again. Google Play Store's limited-time deals on apps are fairly easy to predict, but it's more complicated with App Store deals, since Apple doesn't specify how long the discount is valid.

Quick tip: Have you found an interesting app, but you can't really use it at the moment? Install the app anyway, then delete it from your device. This way, the app will become part of your app library, and you can install it again for free when you need it. A good way not to miss out on a short-lived promotion.

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Temporarily free Android apps on the Google Play Store

Free Android apps

  • Scalar Pro ($2.49): Scalar Pro is an advanced scientific calculator that includes several tools that are useful for advanced calculator users, like functions, arguments and even script writing for full automation!
  • Video Speed Controller Pro ($2.99): A convenient, simple tool. It allows you to easily change the playback speed in various online video hosting platforms. It also allows you to automatically skip adds! 
  • Digital Dashboard GPS Pro ($0.99): A useful tracker for your car or bike. It offers information about your speed and route and also allows you to export your data to Excel for further analysis.
  • Number to Word converter ($0.99): A useful tool that helps you put numbers into words accurately. Especially useful for reading large numbers with accuracy. It also works offline! 
  • Video Player - Pro ($1.49): A video player with several premium functions: Load subtitles with automatic synchronization, use hardware acceleration with support for all video and audio files. Also includes a widget! 

Free Android games

  • The Last Roman Village ($1.99): A strategy game for history lovers in the likes of the famous Kingdom games. Build your city, defend it with your armies and upgrade in order to survive the evil hordes!
  • WeaponWar! ($0.99): Craft, merge and make the strongest weapon in history. In this fun RPG you get to unlock over 90 weapons and grind them to perfection by beating difficult dungeons.
  • Dead Bunker 4 ($0.99): A creepy shooter that puts you in the middle of a zombie apocalypse! Shoot zombies, complete all the missions and the world by collecting the necessary vaccine documents to cure the virus! 
  • Superhero Armor Premium ($0.99): A traditional offline RPG with cartoonish graphics that puts you in an iron robo-suit! Experience superfast hack and slash action, unlock and customize your character, and defeat an infinite amount of robots!
  • Empire Warriors ($0.99): Another offline game. In this Tower Defense strategy game you get beautiful graphics in over 120 maps and deep tactical gameplay that requires you to master all the different heroes, buildings and abilities! 

Temporarily free iOS apps in the Apple App Store

Free iOS apps

  • My Last Cigarette ($14.99) : This app has helped thousands of smokers to cut down smoking and stay clean. It offers accurate personal data, explains nicotine levels and their effects, as well as providing a huge database of facts to educate you on this habit and motivate you to stay away from it. 
  • Epica Pro - Epic Camera ($1.99) : Apply cool effects on your photos on the fly! The app provides a large set of effects that help you create the coolest collages. If you are feeling uncreative, it also has a lot of fun ideas to get you going!
  • AirDisk Pro ($2.99): Manage all of your files from one place across the Apple Ecosystem. From iPhone to MacBook and iPads, you can quickly manage your files directly from the finder or, if you are a PC user, from the Windows explorer. 
  • Safety Note+ Pro ($2.99): Lock all of your precious notes safely across your devices. With Safety Note+ Pro you can secure all your notes behind three different password locking systems while also conveniently move them around your devices through iCloud.
  • Currency - Simple Converter ($0.99): A minimalist converter for all your currency conversions. The app is clean, without any complex functions and offers a beautiful dark theme too.

Free iOS games

  • The Survivor: Rusty Forest ($0.99): A survival game inspired by the famous Rust and The Forest. Explore a dangerous wasteland, gather resources, build your base and fight dangerous monsters! Includes realistic day/night cycles, temperature systems and randomly generated maps that will challenge your skills.
  • Infinite Driver ($1.99): A simple driving game. Get in your car and step on the gas! Your goal is to avoid oncoming traffic. The more you drive, the more money you earn to unlock new cars! 
  • Up Slide Down ($0.99): Solve puzzles by moving blocks around. Train your brain's mental abilities in this increasingly difficult, yet simple puzzle game!
  • Topple! ($1.99): A relaxing word game where you have to use the available letters to find the right words. You can spend endless hours word guessing since it offers over 288 puzzles! 

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What do you think of our selection this week? Have you found any more interesting apps or discounted games on the Google Play Store or Apple App Store? Feel free to share your goodies in the comments.

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