Free apps for Android and iOS: grab them today

Free apps for Android and iOS: grab them today

You know the game by now. We search the internet and the app stores for cool apps that you can get for free at short notice, and you comment diligently on what you think about them and what is no longer free. So, let's get started!

During the last two weeks of my vacation, I missed working on this series of articles. I am always on the hunt for useful free apps and, as a smart spender, I love to research what is currently available (my iPhone's storage is accordingly full ...).

In fact, I found some interesting free apps for Android and iOS in this last week of June that you should try out. A colorful mix of games and productivity follows.

Free apps for Android


Samsara Room (free instead of €1,99): Just my thing! You have to investigate a mysterious room and solve puzzles in this point-and-click adventure. Various creepy characters appear here and there.

Dribble (free instead of €2,09): Looking at the game design, my eyes got inflamed in seconds, but the gameplay still looks fun. You have to overcome various obstacles here as you play as a ball.

Mental Hospital V (Free instead of €1,99): I will definitely not play! I (unfortunately) fulfill the USK-18 recommendation, but first-person survival horror didn't suit me so well after playing the Silent Hill games on the PlayStation 2. If you try it out, let us know how scary it was!

Legend of the Cartoon (free instead of €2,59): It looks really cute. A classic RPG with heroes and raids.

Nimian Legends: BrightRidge (Free instead of €3,89)The graphics remind me directly of Skyrim or Breath of the Wild. For the price we probably won't get a comparable experience, but hey - an open-world RPG fantasy for free!

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Free apps for iOS


Nimian Legends is currently also available for free for iOS

Hack RUN (free instead of €3,49): Have you always wanted to be a hacker? Hack RUN promises to make this wish come true! It looks really nerdy and stereotypical. Prompts with DOS or UNIX should bring back even nerdier memories for some of you. Speaking of nostalgia: we wrote about our golden mobile phone memories this week.


Minimoog Model D Synthesizer (Free instead of €5,49): A mobile synthesizer for sonorous tootling on the iPhone or iPad. (In-app purchases are available).

Unfortunately, that was it for today's selection of free apps. I am curious if there will be some more interesting free apps out there next week. Have fun trying them out.

Even more app recommendations:

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