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Here is a free app that I would like to recommend to you today - it is a real masterpiece in my books! This mobile game carries the title "Homo Machina", which would normally cost $2.99 a pop. Available on both iOS and Android platforms, you control a human body as if it were a machine. You should not miss the beautiful graphics and the cool audio engineering.


  • Homo Machina for iOS and Android is currently free (otherwise $2.99).
  • Mobile game has been co-produced by Arte and shines especially with its pretty graphics.
  • Playable in English, Spanish and other languages.

I know, my promise based on the headline alone has set the proverbial bar unbearably high! But after installing it this morning, I was really excited about the mobile game "Homo Machina". This is because it somehow stimulates a feeling that I last felt when reading the children's classic book classic "The Talented Toaster".

Why? Simply because the idea with Homo Machina represents complex processes that happen within the human body in the form of a machine that is ultimately controlled by...humans.

This wouldn't be particularly exciting if it weren't for the drawn graphics and fancy sound design. That's because, like many app recommendations in the past on NextPit, Homo Machina was co-produced by Arte.

There are no in-app purchases to bug you with, I couldn't find any ads while playing, and Homo Machina is also available in Spanish, English, French and other languages on request. German is of course, also included.

Is downloading Homo Machina worth it?

Let us begin with the story: You start in the head and first of all, get to hear a dialogue between a boss and his secretary. A rather outdated role model of which you later wake up the first departments in the body: The nervous system would be the first, followed by emotions, and down you go to the "eye department".

There, you will have to open the eyelid and insert a film into the camera, which sits behind the eye. That's how the game goes on - there are always little dialogues and tasks that you have to solve.

Homo Machina
Homo Machina shines with really nice graphics!/ © NextPit

The graphics follow the style of the 1920s and are accompanied by a nice sound design. This consists of beautiful music and machine sounds, which sound especially good while wearing a pair of headphones. Voice output is unfortunately not available. If you haven't already downloaded Homo Machina, here's another quick privacy check to convince you.

Is it safe to download Homo Machina?

Homo Machina was developed by Darjeeling Production, who developed the game "Californium" among others. The mobile game I'm reviewing today was crowned with 7 awards, all of which can be found on Darjeeling Production's homepage. I could not find a privacy policy on the homepage.

The Exodus homepage shows me 5 trackers for Homo Machina, including four Facebook trackers responsible for analyzing usage data and the analytics tracker "AppsFlyer". A bland aftertaste that I don't want to deprive you of, of course!

What do you think of the graphics of Homo Machina and what do you think of the game? Have you already tried it out? Let me know in the comments!

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