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Don't buy this flagship if you care about resale value

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Yes, iPhones retain their purchase value longer while Android smartphones lose value considerably after launch. This is nothing new. However, it is shocking to know that if you bought a Samsung Galaxy S22+ in mid-February and want to sell it two months later you will only get half of the purchase price.


  • Study shows that the Galaxy S22 series lost on average 51.5% of value on resale.
  • The Galaxy S22+ model lost 57.5% two months after launch— it was released on February 19, 2022.
  • Corroborating with the depreciation of Android smartphones, the Google Pixel 6 series shows up with a 43.5% average loss in value.
  • The iPhone 13 line, on the other hand, showed only 16.4%.

The data were released by smartphone trade-in company SellCell, which analyzed the exchange values of Samsung Galaxy S22, Apple iPhone 13, and Google Pixel 6 series models in the first two months after launch.

While the price of Samsung's smartphones depreciated by an average of 51.1%, Google's new flagships came in second with an average depreciation of 43.5%. The latest iPhones, on the other hand, lost only 16.4% in resale value.

Taking just the example of the Galaxy S22 series, according to SellCell's analysis, the trend is for the trade-in price to stabilize after this significant loss in the first two months. So it seems that it can't get any worse.

Tabela comparativa do valor de revenda dos smartphones flagship de 2022
There's no argument against facts... / © SellCell

However, if you bought a Samsung Galaxy S22+ and are (negatively) impressed with these results, remember that Samsung has a device exchange system with the purchase of the new model that is quite attractive. Now, if you are thinking of leaving the South Korean giant's ecosystem, chances are that you will lose out.

On the other hand, it also has to be said that Android devices like the Galaxy S22+ can already be bought at discounts of up to 25% off the launch price, while the same is not true for the iPhone 13 series. Doing a quick search on Amazon, the Samsung model can be purchased today for $749.99 — the launch price was $999. The iPhone 13 Pro Max can be found for the same original starting price of $1,099.00.

Source: SellCell

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