Poll results: Chinese smartphones are now all the rage

Poll results: Chinese smartphones are now all the rage

Times are changing. And when it comes to smartphones times change ever faster with Chinese smartphone manufacturers catching up with the major players. Last week we asked you to assess the development of more Chinese companies in the market. We have the results below.

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Chinese phones are trending. / © ANDROIDPIT

Samsung, LG, Sony and HTC are still top smartphone brands and that probably won't change anytime soon. But with Huawei Xiaomi and Honor, Chinese smartphone brands are gaining a bigger following. These companies often entice you with reasonable prices, solid hardware and innovative features. With these factors, Chinese phones have grown into actual alternatives to Samsung or LG devices.

In terms of sales figures the trend towards Chinese devices are becoming more noticeable. Huawei has become one of the top three smartphone manufacturers in sales. That's why we asked you to assess this development in our poll last week. And the results of the poll were definitive. 52 percent of you believe that more Chinese smartphones in the market is useful because there is increased competition. You can view the rest of the survey below.

chinese smartphones
The entry of Chinese smartphones into the market is viewed favorably by most of you. / © ANDROIDPIT

Only seven percent of you thought that Chinese companies' entry into the market is scary; the vast majority don't think that there are too many Chinese smartphones. Furthermore, it looks like most of you don't believe Chinese smartphones are just a fad and wouldn't exclusively buy Samsung, LG, Sony and HTC.

The results of this poll from the largest Android community in the world tell us that Chinese smartphones will continue to make the gains they've been making for the last few years. We'll also likely see Korean, Japanese and Taiwanese brands' share of the pie decrease.

Do you currently own a Chinese smartphone? If not, would you consider purchasing one in the future? Let us know in the comments.

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  • I currently use Gionee m5 and the performance is fantastic.. am looking forward to buy xiaomi

  • Been using a Cubot Zorro for just on a year and compared to previous 'branded' phones, I really can't complain. YES, I'd have another. BTW I use it with my business, so it has had a hard time for sure.

  • My current phone is chinese (zuk-z1) it's not the best but it does what I expect from it. Unfortunately cyanogen os is freaking slow with updates so I am still stuck on lollipop.

  • Before i would buy one, i will wait for them to be more reliable, and improve there software.

  •   31
    Deactivated Account May 31, 2016 Link to comment

    my current hardware all made in China...
    not so keen on Chinese software yet..
    Huawei's N6p really made an impact...
    but, morally so does the working conditions and pay of Chinese employees...

    Deactivated Account

  • Very pleased with the quality and performance of the 6P.... perhaps Google will have Huawei build the Pixel Phone for 2016.

  • After the Nexus 6p, it'll be a while until I try another Chinese brand. The connectivity was atrocious

    • Interesting. Nexus 6P was my first Chinese phone and my experience was extremely positive. Because of it, I'm willing to try other Chinese phones.

      •   46
        Deactivated Account May 31, 2016 Link to comment

        The Nexus 6P was a Google device made by a Chinese manufacture. Not a Chinese manufacture making it's own phone. There is a difference, especially in updates and customer service. I would not call it a Chinese phone.

  • I've been using Chinese phones for the last three and a half years. I'm currently using a Xiaomi Mi Note, and couldn't be happier. It has great hardware specs, good build quality, and regular software updates. It's running Android 6.0.1, with the latest Android security patches. My next phone will definitely be Chinese, and probably a Xiaomi.

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