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Phone covers not for you? Here are the best alternatives

dbrand skin 1
© EsperienzaMobile

Want to protect your smartphone from scratches but not interested in covers? I agree with you, some covers increase too much the encumbrance of the already gigantic devices that we carry with us. Don't worry, there are alternative solutions and really enjoyable to see! Find out all about them in our article.


Make your smartphone unique with a skin

I'm not the cover type, I never was. Since I bought my first smartphone, I have always kept my devices without any kind of protection from falls because in my opinion smartphones should never fall, you have to be very careful if you use a device that costs 1000 dollars and not complain about its fragility.

It's a different conversation when it comes to scratches. It's impossible to avoid them without protection and smartphones devalue more if "ruined". That's why for many years I have decided to rely on skins, or protective films that do not increase the size of my devices but protect them from scratches and wear. There are many alternative solutions that not only protect smartphones but also make them unique and personalized.


Probably one of the most famous skin brands on the market, dbrand, produces custom adhesives for many of the top of the range smartphones of recent years, tablets, iPads and even for Macbooks and some laptops from Razer. Gaming consoles such as the Xbox One X, PS4 Pro and Nintendo Switch are not excluded from the list.

In addition to the simplest colored skins, there are also some more particular ones that use real materials that are not only easy on the eye but also to the touch. The most famous are those made of marble, leather and various types of different wood. These skins, in addition to protecting your devices from scratches, increase grip by preventing them from slipping out of your hand.

dbrand skin 5
My "old" Surface Pro 4 and a Nexus 5X with dbrand skins applied. / © Mobile Experience


If you are looking for something more original and colorful Easyskinz could be the right choice for you. Also, in this case, the skins are available for the latest top of the range as Note 9, iPhone XS, Galaxy S9 and the most popular games consoles.

There are metallic skins, with the most famous brands (see Rolex in the photo below) and with special 3D textures. Also, in this case, the protection from scratches is assured, you can finally start to rest your smartphone on the various surfaces of the house without thinking too much about it.

Some of Easyskinz's magnificent creations. / © Easyskinz

Mobile Outfitters

The peculiarity of Mobile Outfitters is the physical presence in some territories with physical stores. By going to one of the points of sale you can, in fact, ask to have the skin applied directly by specialized personnel, useful for those who do not want to risk placing them twisted or if you are worried about a wrong application.

The the availability of some transparent skins is also interesting, since it protects your smartphone without affecting the glittering design.

style skins landing page
Mobile Outfitters also have colorful and elegant skins. / © Mobile Outfitters

The protection of a cover, without hiding the design

The only exception I'm allowed to make when talking about covers is about bumpers. I owned a bumper that I used on my beloved Nexus 4 and at the moment I have one mounted on iPhone X. Essentially they are "punctured" covers at the back, protecting smartphones from impact in the same way but not covering the design of the back. They are perfectly usable in combination with the skins I just mentioned.

Rhinoshield Bumper

Rhinoshield is probably best known for its super shock-resistant covers. All the experience of the company has also been poured into the creation of some bumpers that can protect your smartphone from the most ruinous falls without hiding the beautiful design. I am currently using the bumper plus a skin and this combination gives you a way to explore thousands of different combinations of colors and textures.

skin rhinoshield 01
The special feature of bumpers is that they protect against falls by leaving the design below visible. / © NextPit

How do you protect (if you protect) your smartphone?

 The best smartphones under $400

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  • 1
    jpooja01 Mar 17, 2020 Link to comment

    Thanks for sharing such a wonderful article & alternatives for back covers, but don't you think using mobile phones without back covers is kinda very big risk. No matter with how much care we carry our phones, there are chances of us dropping our phones. I know it gets really boring using same back cover for a very long time, but there are sites like that offer mobile covers at affordable prices & give their customers a huge variety of stylish designs like printed cases, cases with sassy quotes on it, glass covers &more. The material used for making phone covers are high in quality & light weight. This way the phone is protected & gets a stylish look.

  • F.Alam 7
    F.Alam Jan 1, 2019 Link to comment


  • Rusty H. 33
    Rusty H. Dec 30, 2018 Link to comment

    I've never used a screen protector, but, in the age of all glass back, I use a minimal case. I've had real good luck with the Spigen cases.


  • Albin Foro 30
    Albin Foro Dec 29, 2018 Link to comment

    I can't imagine going a year without dropping the phone a couple of times, usually on cement. The most "dangerous" activity is shopping food with the list on screen in one hand, juggling a basket, sorting fruit and veg into produce bags - bombs away. I've been lucky to find very good custom-cut "gel" cases for a few bucks on eBay, wouldn't spend a lot but wouldn't buy a phone if I can't find one for it. The phones routinely survived (knock on wood) chest height falls, the screen set-back protects the screen. Usually keeping phones three or four years, I've never managed to scratch a screen and scratch my head instead, wondering how others do it.

    SorinRusty H.

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