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The 5 best grocery shopping list apps on Android

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Sure, shopping for food is about as entertaining as folding socks, but unfortunately, it is one of the tasks we have difficulty avoiding. Even with online shopping, we have to keep an eye on what we actually need and what we don't. Valuable help is available in the form of grocery shopping list apps, the best of which we present to you here!

It is one of those games that I feel I play every second or third week. The day before I made a detailed shopping plan, I enter the supermarket and discover I have left the list at home. If you like to buy groceries only once a week and still want to get everything important, you can also use a grocery shopping list app. Because let's be honest - you hardly ever forget your smartphone!

Out of Milk

To share your lists on the Out of Milk app with others, you have to log in via Facebook, a Google account or email. Apart from that, this app comes with some options that I find very pleasant. For example, you can access pre-entered recipes, stock lists, or to-do lists to create your shopping list optimally. It also completes words you have entered and gives you the options in a list.

What makes this app especially nice is that it doesn't stubbornly rattle down the list, but instead divides the individual products into individual sections. For example, butter and milk are listed under the generic term "eggs & dairy products". A function that makes shopping a lot easier for me. You can also edit the products within the list and, for example, enter the price and the quantity and let it calculate for you. In the lower part of the display, you will then be shown how many products you have already bought and what you can expect to pay at the checkout.


You can also download the Out of Milk app for iOS from the Apple App Store.

Bring! Grocery Shopping List

If you want to use the Bring! Grocery Shopping List app, you first need to sign in via email, a Google account, or Facebook. Otherwise, you won't get access here, but you can share your shopping list with others afterward, which is especially convenient for those who lived in shared housing. What is interesting is the structure of the app. While in the other apps you could search for your products by typing, here it is possible to choose the right product from the different categories. You can refine your entries by tapping on the product and selecting the appropriate addition from a list that appears. In my case, the terms 700 grams and Duplo were displayed for chocolate, among other things.

If you want to plan more precisely, you can also search for offers and cooking inspirations in the bottom bar. What I like about Bring! is above all the possibility to get new cooking ideas.


You can also download the Bring! Grocery Shopping List app for iOS from the Apple App Store.

 Listonic: the intelligent shopping list

Simple, fast and easy to use: that sums up the Listonic app relatively well. At startup, the app tells you that it accesses some of your data. You can choose which data can be used afterward. Once you get beyond this point, you can start with the list. To do so, just tap on the plus symbol in the lower right corner. I found it especially handy that the words were completed in a list when you typed them in, so you could easily select the right product and add it to your shopping list.

Once a product has been purchased, it can easily be checked off the list and moved down. Confusing chaos, as it is often the case on ordinary shopping lists, is completely eliminated here. In addition, this app allows you to synchronize other devices and thus keep your list up to date.


You can also download the Listonic app for iOS from the Apple App Store.

Inventory and Shopping list Manager

If you want to keep an eye not only on your purchases but also on your inventory, this app could be something for you. After starting the app, the available features will be listed and explained to you. Afterward, you can access the explanations again and again via the question mark symbol in the upper right corner. A very practical option, especially since this app offers you the options "storage locations", "all inventories" and various search options in addition to the shopping list.

What I liked was that you can not only assign your food to different areas - for example, the freezer or refrigerator - but that these are also displayed as soon as you create a shopping list. So you know immediately which products you still need and which ones you already have in stock. Here you have to delete them manually if your stock is running low. But you can also create your stock exactly as you want it. With photos, quantities, and subcategories. Please note that you can scan barcodes with the app, but a scanner is not integrated into Inventory and Shopping list Manager. If you want to use this function, you have to download a scanner app.

inventory shopping
Click on the question mark icon to see how to use each section. / © NextPit

That Shopping List

The That Shopping List app does exactly what it says on the tin. It offers you a shopping list, but it is very easy to use and really practical for my needs. After the installation, you start directly in the menu and can create a list with the plus symbol (bottom right). Like most shopping list apps, voice input is possible, but I was content with just typing. The nice thing about the app for me was that I was able to search for quantities immediately. So after entering a "six", I was immediately presented with different quantities, i.e. boxes, kilograms, liters, etc., in a list for selection. You will get a similar list if you search for a product so that suitable products are listed by automatic word completion.

You can also synchronize this list with other devices and keep them permanently up to date. Furthermore, it can be split, emptied or completely deleted. Here you can also tick off the products you have bought and move them down the list. I already mentioned that I find such a function pleasantly clear.

that shopping list app
Just enter a number and the app will list the possible quantities / © markenapps

You can also download the That Shopping List app for iOS from the Apple App Store.

Which app do you like best? Or do you already have a shopping list app on your smartphone that we should try out? Let us know below the line.

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  • marco sarli 39
    marco sarli
    • Admin
    Apr 16, 2020 Link to comment

    I write my lists on paper with a pen. Tried some of these but I do not see the point


  • 49
    storm Apr 15, 2020 Link to comment

    For how i cook and do tech, these all take more time to set up and use than the analog entry in my bullet journal takes.

    Evernote was a touch better for me because it was also on my computer so I didnt have to switch between devices. But my notebook is always open when I'm at my PC too.

    You should try one or two apps to see if they are a good fit for your style. They just aren't for me.

    If you have a set menu that cycles every few weeks, these would make a lot of sense.