The Best Collectible Android Card Games

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The world of card games extends far beyond just poker and belote. Believe it or not, there are tons of games, and not all of them are based on traditional card games. Today we’ll take a look at collectible card games, which are generally an open door for a fantasy world. Here you’ll discover the best games for Android.

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Magic 2015

You might never have played, but you’ve probably heard talk of this game. Magic the Gathering has a user-base of more than 20 million throughout the world. And just as an FYI, Magic is a world full of incredible creatures. When you use magic with the mana, you can conjure up all sorts of things to conquer your enemies. You have two colors in your deck, just like in the real game.

The Android game is very similar to the original. The main difference is that the Android version uses a powerful tool to analyze your statistics, meaning, you don’t have to calculate them yourself. If you’ve never played, don’t be intimidated by the tutorial (it’s a little hard to swallow for the uninitiated!). In my opinion, this game is the best of its kind. And the cherry on top? You can even play on your tablet.

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Blizzard also created its own collectible card game. The goal is to defeat your enemies using the strength of your creatures. It’s quick and much easier than Magic 2015, as action takes the place of strategy. Even better, your creatures can also take life points from your opponent.

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Be careful if you don’t have any creatures, because then you are definitely in danger, and your enemies will be able to take advantage of you. The number of available mana crystals, as well as the quantity required to use your creatures, increases with each turn. Each time you win, you gain even more cards.

Order & Chaos Duels

Now to discover the big world of Haradon. Send your henchmen into combat, but watch out! That can cost mana points. That is to say, you can earn more points by sacrificing one of your henchmen. Each victory helps you to improve your deck with new cards.

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You can collect 300 cards for free and find other elements that will help you to win battles. The game is one or multi-player. Don’t forget that the key element for victory is your own deck.


This is yet another example of an original card game. One of the most important aspects of Ascension is without question the construction of the deck. The original game was created by three of the best players in the history of Magic. It’s therefore pretty easy to spot elements of Magic in this game, too, which help players use the possible strategies of the game to their advantage.

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If you’re looking for a multi-player option, this game is probably the best of its sort. You can train off-line, too, in order to hone your skills enough to pick up real conquests online.

Deckstorm: Duel of Guardians

Of all the games on this list, this one is has the best graphics. Important to note is also that this is the only game on the list that can be played with only one hand –– which is to say, in portrait format. When you win you earn golden cards as well as other objects. The world where you duel  looks a bit like Westeros. Battles are very quick and opponents meet on a board with six cards, three for each.

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You can improve and personalize your cards, too. Once you’ve gotten enough experience, try your luck in the arena. If you opt for the online multi-player mode, you can even make a team with your friends.

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