The best Android games to play in 2020

The best Android games to play in 2020

There are a LOT of games in the Play Store (the clue's in the name), and finding the games that are worth your time can be difficult. But don't worry, we've done the hard job of playing through the most promising titles out there to compile this list of the best Android games. Whether you're a hardcore handheld gamer or just looking for something to pass the time on your commute, we've got games for you.

All the following games are fantastic, but we've used our gaming experience to organize the most impressive titles according to the genre below. Whether you love solving tricky puzzle games, leading an army to battle in strategy games, or exploring new RPG worlds, just select a category below to find the cream of the crop.

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No Wi-Fi? These are the best games to play offline

Sometimes you end up in a situation where you've got no data or Wi-Fi connection available, and in those situations, you're going to need a fun game that plays well offline. The suggestions below lean towards the casual gamer, but a number of others in this list (Thimbleweed Park and Planescape: Torment particularly) are also huge games with hours of content that work without a connection.


Crashlands is a fantastically well-designed game that plonks your protagonist on a dangerous planet with a mission to build a base, defeat your enemies, and eventually escape back to space.

The combat system is simple and fun and a streamlined inventory makes it easy to harvest resources and craft your base and items.

The story is light-hearted with plenty of tongue-in-cheek humor. For $6.99, Crashlands offers potentially infinite addictive gameplay—once you've beaten the game, you can simply make more content yourself with the level editor.

  • Compatibility: Android 2.3 or higher
  • Price: $6.99

Reigns: Her Majesty

In the game of thrones, you swipe or you die. And sometimes you still die, but it's always fun. A sequel to Reigns, which was an entertaining mix of kingdom-sim and Tinder-style swiping, Reigns: Her Majesty puts you in the queen's fancy shoes this time, but the basic premise is the same—using a selection of cards and quirky items (new to the sequel), you make decisions that attempt to balance various factions in your kingdom, such as the people, the army and the church. And of course, your own desires come into it too...don't they?

Reigns: Her Majesty works best played in roughly 15-minute sessions that give the impression of an episodic progression through a story of intrigue, tension, and unexpected twists. Although it's a game that makes you think if you want to work for a perfect ending, I never got too stressed with the decision making because of the clever writing which delivers even missteps and misfortunes with delightfully dark humor.

  • Compatibility: Android 4.3 and up
  • Price: $2.99

No internet for a while? Download more brilliant offline games for Android

Have fun figuring out these Android puzzle games

Need a brain scratcher to keep you entertained? These suggestions should have you covered, whether you like physics-based puzzlers or more exploratory games.

ALTER: Between Two Worlds

Developed by Fivestones Games, Lift ALTERS transports you to a retrofuturistic universe to solve puzzles in this click and point adventure. The game offers an interesting gameplay mechanic which consists of allowing you to change dimensions in order to modify the map and overcome obstacles.

  • Compatibility: Android 6.0 and up
  • Price: Free

Get it from the Play Store.

The Room: Old Sins

The Room: Old Sins is the latest in a beloved series of atmospheric puzzlers with a focus on manipulating contraptions in a limited space. On the trail of a precious artifact believed to be the key to a mysterious disappearance, the player must explore disturbing places, puzzle through obscure clues and operate bizarre devices to uncover the secrets of Waldegrave Manor.

Manipulating intricate puzzles boxes with touchscreen controls sounds like it might be awkward, but the controls of The Room: Old Sins are really well implemented. As you explore the devious dolls house of puzzles, you'll want to poke your nose and fingers into every nook and cranny, looking for levers, buttons, and other hidden mechanisms with the help of a special eyeglass.

The level of graphical detail and sound quality immerse you into the creepy story, making the game feel tense and tactile even as you're free to take your time to figure out the latest brain teaser—when you get stuck, the game will offer you progressively more informative hints.

Get it on the Play Store.

  • Compatibility: Android 4.4 and up
  • Price: $4.99

Homo Machina

This game from the highbrow European media group ARTE has an intriguing concept. This game reimagines our squishy, leaky, throbbing flesh-vessels as mechanical contraptions. Basically, wheels, cogs, pipes conveyor belts and valves take the place of biological veins and organs.

The developers at Darjeeling cite as inspiration the work of Fritz Kahn, a doctor, and scientist who described the workings of the human body using machines as metaphors. Playing through Homo Machina, it also reminded me of another famous figure: Rube Goldberg, the artist whose illustrations of complex mechanical contraptions are evoked in the game.

If the human body is a machine akin to a giant factory, the player is tasked with managing the staff: little people-within-a-person whose job it is to keep everything running smoothly. The game's story presents several situations to navigate as game puzzles, from as simple as eating a meal to more complex ones like a date. As with the real human body, everything is connected, so solving one problem requires you to make sure several puzzles in different parts of the body have been completed.

Get it on the Play Store.

  • Compatibility: Android 5.1 and up
  • Price: $3

Love to "point and click"? Try these great adventure games

Puzzle and story go hand in hand in the classic 'adventure' game format, which used to be synonymous with mouse and keyboard PC gaming back in the day. This style of gaming, where you take on the role of a character, navigate different levels, talk to NPCs and find items to advance to the next level of the story, are great for playing on your smartphone touchscreen.

Sky: Children of the Light

Sky: Children of the Light is an indie game from Thatgamecompany studio, the guys and girls behind Journey. It's just been out for Android for almost a year after first being released on iOS. The music and graphics are both beautiful and the overall atmosphere is delightful. You play as a tiny character, a Child of Light, who progresses through gigantic and magical landscapes. The object of the game is to collect spirits, but on the whole, this game is all about contemplative exploration.

  • Compatibility: Android 8.0 and up
  • Price: Free

Get in on the Play Store.

Thimbleweed Park

The latest adventure game from legendary Monkey Island series designer Ron Gilbert, perfectly blends nostalgia with modern convenience:

You control a pair of idiosyncratic FBI agents investigating a murder mystery in an equally idiosyncratic town, and in the mode of classic adventure games, you need to explore different environments, talk to quirky characters, and collect and use items in the right way to solve puzzles to progress.

Being able to switch between different characters in different locations adds another layer of depth, but if the head-scratchers are too much, there's even an 'easy' mode if you'd rather just enjoy the story and retro-style graphics.

  • Compatibility: Android 4.4 and up
  • Price: $9.99

Get in on the Play Store.

Life is Strange Mobile

Life is Strange broke a lot of hearts back when it released for PC and consoles in 2015, but in a good way. This graphically beautiful game combines a supernatural mystery with emotional and compelling human drama.

Life is Strange puts you in the shoes of Max Caulfield, a high-school girl with a passion for photography who just recently moved back to her hometown of Arcadia Bay.  After she witnesses a girl getting shot in her school, Max discovers that she can rewind time, allowing her to change what happens in the past, hopefully for the better.

This is a story-focused game where your choices matter. You guide Max around the scenes, interact with objects and characters and make decisions that advance the story. The ‘rewind’ ability lets you play around with these decisions, and reverse your choices and check the consequences of different actions (at least in the short term...the far-reaching consequences will still come back surprise you).

Get it on the Play Store.

  • Compatibility: Android 6.0 and up
  • Price: First episode free, $8.99 for the complete game

Hold the line against enemy waves

Tower defense is a huge genre with many Clash of Clans-style imitators. Often, however, these are blatant money-grabs or vehicles for ads. The ones below offer a better experience than that.

Plants vs Zombies 2

This is one free-to-play game that gets most things right. PvZ2 is characterized both by its detailed and colorful graphic style, as well as by the many tactical possibilities. There are also many varied worlds in which the player is given many different tasks, and the title also offers various mini-game variants in tower defense style.

Here you can place various plants, from energy-giving sunflowers, to balling pea cannons, to carnivorous plants in your 5 x 9 tile backyard. It's besieged by a zombie herd of transformed football players, newspaper-reading grandfathers, and crazy gardeners in waves that you'll have to now down (how fitting).

  • Compatibility: Android 4.1 and up
  • Price: Free, in-app purchases

Defense Zone 3 HD

Defense Zone 3 is a challenging tower defense title based on a more realistic look and futuristic weapons and vehicles war equipment than most other games in the genre. Instead of defending its base against cute animals or blobs, tanks and anti-aircraft guns are used.

Not only does it look really good, it also plays very well. The many tactical possibilities and attitudes might be a little overtaxing for beginners and beginners at the beginning, but connoisseurs of the material will find their way immediately and appreciate the playful variety.

  • Compatibility: Android 4.1 and up
  • Price: Free, in-app purchases

Fighter? Wizard? Rogue? Try these fantastic RPGs for Android

Just like with tower defense and sports games, there's a good chance you have your favorite RPG that you've already invested a lot of time (and possibly money) in already. The following are more in-depth RPGs for those prepared to spend hours diving into fantasy worlds.

Planescape: Torment Enhanced Edition

Planescape: Torment is rightly remembered by gamers of a certain age as a masterpiece, but the Dungeons and Dragons based RPG that wowed so many in the year 2000 hasn't aged so well alongside modern AAA titles.

Thankfully, Beamdog has given this classic title a modern facelift and tune-up that includes various convenience tweaks as well as beautification and a remastered soundtrack. Planescape: Torment Enhanced Edition's rich and immersive storytelling remains as compelling as ever, and you can expect to sink 30-40 hours into completing it.

If you enjoy Planescape: Torment, then you might also want to check out Beamdog's similarly enhanced editions of classic RPGs such as Baldur's Gate.

  • Compatibility: Android 3.0 or higher
  • Price: $9.99

The Quest

Don't let the generic title put you off. The Quest from Redshift games is an old school first-person open-world RPG with hand-drawn graphics and a great story, that brings to mind the classic Elder Scrolls titles such as Daggerfall.

There's a complex plot at the heart of The Quest, but the game doesn't hold your hand down a set path. You're free to explore a vast fantasy world and handle the different side-quests and missions at your own pace, in your own style, and your choices can lead to many different story outcomes.

To go on this quest, you'll have to pay eight bucks, but you'll get many hours of gameplay in return, with no annoying ads. And if that's not enough for you, there are five expansions with new quests and areas to add on. A tip: the main game goes on sale for half price quite often.

  • Compatibility: Android 4.4 and up
  • Price: $3.99

Ready? Go! Android endless runner games

Endless runners are always one of the most popular Android games categories, and our suggestions below should keep you entertained for a long, long time.

Alto's Odyssey

The long-awaited sequel to Alto's Adventure delivers all the great elements of the original-lush levels, entrancing music, smooth flowing gameplay-but more. More variety in levels, more movement tricks, more worlds to discover, and secrets to find.

Its main appeal over other endless runner type games is the atmosphere. The levels are truly beautiful. Desert dunes, ancient temples, and rock canyons are painted with rich, evocative colors that give an impression of the vastness beyond the 2-dimensional plane that you're racing down. A day-night cycle and weather affect not only add variety to the palette but add a sense of life to the fantastic world. Music also plays a key part, with the relaxing yet driving rhythms absorbing you into the game.

Alto's Odyssey is free to play, but you'll get ads in between levels that can be removed for a couple of bucks. If you're impatient, you can also outright purchase the coins that you normally collect in the different levels, which can then be used unlock special items and bonuses, like a wingsuit or compass that provide powerups.

Get it on the Play Store.

  • Compatibility: Android 4.1 and up
  • Price: Free, ad-supported, in-app purchases

Run Sausage Run!

Run Sausage Run! is an endless runner with a culinary twist. As a plucky sausage attempting to escape your fate on the dinner table, you've got to dash through the kitchen dodging deathtraps like knives, tenderizers, searing hot grills, and various whirling blades.

The bloody but cartoony visuals and tongue-firmly-in-cheek humor make Run Sausage Run! stand out from the many endless runners out there by force of personality. The fantastic soundtrack and variety of power-ups help keep the high-score chasing gameplay interesting over time and there are various outfits and skins to unlock to personalize your sausage.

Although free to play, the game is supported by ads, which, once you get engrossed in a particularly tricky section of traps, can feel quite frustrating. An in-app purchase exists to remove them.

  • Compatibility: Android 4.1 and up
  • Price: In-app purchases

Android action games to get your adrenaline pumping

If you'd rather be handling weapons and slaying rivals than kickflipping your way to a high-score, these action games should keep you entertained.

Immortal Rogue

Immortal Rogue is a hack and slasher with a twist: you play an immortal vampire who wakes up every 100 years to feed, hunting down your pray across different timelines from prehistory to hi-tech sci-fi civilizations. Different timelines offer different enemies to defeat and unique items to discover. Your timeless protagonist can end up slaying enemies with a magic sword, dinosaur skull helmet, and robotic powerfist or any number of wacky combinations.

As a roguelike game, this game can be difficult, you'll die over and over again only to be revived in a new time, losing some resources but keeping others across all your lives, which makes you grow incrementally more powerful through play, even if you're on a losing streak.

The story's timeline is affected by who you choose to kill, and who you choose to turn over to your vampiric minions. These allies can give you persistent bonuses so it not only changes the story, but your character's abilities.

Get it on the Play Store.

  • Compatibility: Android 4.0 and up
  • Price: $4.99


Grimvalor isn't shy about its influences, being a 'Metroidvania' style side-scrolling action game with many mechanics borrowed from Fromsoftware's Souls series. Expect your fantasy hero to die a lot as you navigate the 2D platformer levels and slash, smash and dash through mobs of enemies and tricky bosses. Thanks to well-implemented touch controls, the action flows fast and rewards aggressive combos and timely dodging.

True to its inspirations, Grimvalor's environments contain many secrets that you can find to explore hidden areas, gaining new abilities and experiences to customize your hero is particularly satisfying, especially in the boss battles which provide the game's highlight, pushing you to use your abilities in novel ways. Leveling up your character allows you to build for more power, speed, and so on, and different weapons and trinkets help keep the game fresh as you battle through its dark fantasy world.

Grimvalor offers the first chapter for free, with a one time $7 purchase for the whole game. It's well worth it, but the free version offers hours of play by itself, by which time you'll know whether you want to pay for the rest.

Get it on the Play Store.

  • Compatibility: Varies with device
  • Price: Free ($6.99)

Start your engines! Racing games for speed freaks

Got that need for speed? Longing for the engine's roar? Then strap yourselves in, because here we go!

Asphalt 9: Legends

The latest in the popular series from Gameloft, Asphalt 9: Legends is one for fans of high-end graphics and realistic vehicles. As always, it is available for free download but in-app purchases are there to tempt you.

One of the main draws of Asphalt 9: Legends is the extensive roster of well-known cars (about 50) such as Ferrari, Porsche or Lamborghini. New circuits are present, as are new online features like the 7-player multiplayer. For the first time in the Asphalt series of games, you can also create your own online community of racers with the Club feature.

Gameloft has perfected racing with touch controls, and Asphalt 9 plays smoothly and responsively so that you can react in those split seconds crucial for winning in such a high-speed contest.

Get it on the Play Store.

Riptide GP: Renegade

This racing game has been around for a few years but still receives regular updates and sees fierce competition on the leaderboards. You play a hydrojet racer, piloting a kind of hoverbike/hi-tech jet ski through a futuristic landscape. The controls are smooth and responsive and the graphics are excellent, with impressive water physics that give a real sense of physicality to the racetracks as you zoom through future cityscapes, underground ruins, and other locales.

The game has a career mode story campaign that has you follow the narrative of an illegal racer dodging the authorities, and of course, the multiplayer element is important, in which you compete in 8 player matches with racers from around the world.

As you progress you can collect new vehicles and upgrade them, but this isn't a pay-to-win game. Real-world currency is only used for the initial purchase of the game, everything else is earned through play.

  • Compatibility: Android 4.1 and up
  • Price: $2.99

Android fighting games: the way of the warrior

Sometimes all you really want to do to release frustration with the real world is bash the hell out of someone in a video game. For those moments, we recommend these Android fighting games.

Street Fighter Fighter IV: Champion Edition

When it comes to fighting games, you can't go wrong with Street Fighter. Capcom's classic fighting series puts up a good fight on mobile, although you'll notice a graphical downgrade if you've played SFIV on console (come on Capcom, even Street Fighter 2 on the Sega Genesis had animated stage backgrounds).

But Street Fighter IV: Champion Edition doesn't skimp on gameplay. Unlike many fighting games on mobile, there's no login for daily rewards, no grinding for in-game currencies to level up your fighters punches, no gambling-style random unlocks of characters or features.

Instead, you can try it out for free, playing Ryu against three classic characters, and one eminently in-app purchase of $5 unlocks all the other fighters. Then you can let rip with the full roster in a variety of game modes including online versus, with a full virtual gamepad (though you can add your own controller) to give Street Fighter veterans the deep gameplay they're used to.

For new players or those who find the touch controls awkward, there are various convenience features make special moves easier to pull off.

  • Compatibility: Android 4.4 and up
  • Price: Free version, $5 in-app purchase for full version

Shadow Fight 3

The classic beat 'em up, in which a pair of rock-hard warriors thrash each other within an inch of their lives, isn't one of the more popular types of mobile games but the Shadow Fight series has always stood out as one of the best examples of the genre on mobile devices.

Although previous titles in the series featured battles between almost featureless black figures, Shadow Fight 3 brings all the action into the light, with great graphics and a variety of fighting styles, armor, and weapons for your fighter to brutalize opponents with. "Shadow" powers are still available as special moves, however.

You won't get far with button-mashing in this game either, beating Shadow Fight 3 requires proper form and timing to succeed, especially if you resist the in-app purchases.

  • App compatibility: Android 4.1 and up
  • Price: Free, in-app purchases

Want to see the other challenges? Check out our list of the top fighting games for Android.

Lock and load: the best Android FPS games

First-person shooters have been a popular genre in the video game world ever since the days of Doom, and yes you can play Doom on Android. For our selection here, we've picked our favorite action-packed space shooter, as well as the best sniping game for those who like more careful, tactical action.

Call of Duty: Mobile

There are no bigger brands in the world of first-person shooters than Call of Duty. The mega-franchise is now available on mobile and thus can be downloaded and played on your Android smartphone. Call of Duty: Mobile is a mix two console experiences - Black Ops and Modern Warfare - and maps, characters, and weapons from both games can be found accordingly.

The game uses a free-to-play model but you get a lot of game without paying at all. There is also the opportunity to create your own loadouts in the classic CoD way and compete against your friends online. Our man, Antoine is a huge fan of this mobile game and likens it the console experience.

  • Compatibility: Android 4.3 or higher
  • Price: In-app purchases

Shadowgun Legends

Shadowgun Legends is the latest offering from Madfinger Games, the same team behind the previously mentioned zombie shooter Dead Trigger 2. Shadowgun Legends is a more futuristic affair with lush graphics that will remind gamers of classic AAA PC/console titles such as Destiny and Halo.

You play a futuristic mercenary, or "Shadowgun" that can be equipped which an impressive variety of weapons and armor for an edge in battle but also with an eye to cosmetics, as a high-scoring hero will strut their stuff in front of other players and will be honored with public statues of their avatar in the game world.

The emphasis given to visuals fits in with the game's economic model, which offers in-app purchases for cosmetic items. But the actual gameplay is solid, and offers a lot for free: an extensive single-player campaign, as well as multiplayer, versus and co-op team challenges, still offers a lot of fun, intense FPS action without any need for spending.

  • Compatibility: Android 6.0 and up
  • Price: Free, in-app purchases 

Hitman Sniper

There are plenty of fast-paced action shooters on the Play Store, but there's something to be said for the slow-paced satisfaction of picking the perfect shot and sniping your enemies from afar. For that experience, Hitman Sniper is king and a steal at less than a dollar.

The main challenge in the game is executing your targets in a discreet manner, leaving guards and bystanders none the wiser. The game contains over 150 missions, various sniper rifles to unlock, and leaderboards to check your rankings.

  • Compatibility: Android 4.1 and up
  • Price: $0.99, in-app purchases 

Expand and conquer with the best Android strategy games

Want to plot the rise of an empire? Conquer new lands while developing technologies that catapult you through the ages? These Android strategy game suggestions have got you covered.

The Battle of Polytopia

The Battle of Polytopia is a wonderful mix of strategy and adventure that sees you exploring (and conquering new lands) and battling any AI tribes you come across on the way. It's also one of the better-looking options with cute, blocky graphics.

The tribe you choose for each game will dictate the type of adventurer you start with, but you can research new abilities along the way, so it really just dictates what you'll be doing at the start. Leveling up is easy enough to achieve to not be frustrating but the gameplay is tricky (and varied) enough to keep you coming back for more. This is also helped by the automatically generated maps and different tribes you can join.

It's very simple in comparison to many strategy games, meaning there aren't too many in-game options and items, not that it doesn't present a challenge. It's a pleasingly small download and there's really no need to pay for any in-game purchases in order to progress or fight off the newest challenge.

  • App compatibility: Android 4. 0 and up
  • Price: Free, in-app purchases


Uciana is an indie space strategy game that came out of nowhere to impress us this year. The game delivers a fantastic amount of depth for just $0.99. There’s no IAP either. What you get is effectively a mobile game version of sci-fi Civilization descendants, such as Master of Orion 2.

There are several distinct spacefaring civilizations to play as, from humans to interstellar crabs. Through the graphics are basic, each comes with distinct bonuses and ship design to give them a different flavor.

The goal is galactic conquest, which is accomplished via exploration, expansion, economic growth, technological research, and of course, diplomacy and war once you start bumping into your rivals. Nonetheless, once you've spent time getting the hang of it, Uciana stands out as one of the best strategy games out there on mobile that isn't tarnished by pay-to-win monetization or predatory IAP.

  • Compatibility: Android 4.2 and up
  • Price: $0.99

All against all: welcome to battle royale

Despite the name, the now uber-popular battle royale format of shooting game doesn't just offer free-for-all battles, but various other game modes such as squad-based games are also possible. Nonetheless, the classic battle royale is still king: start with nothing, explore and scavenge on an island for the weapons and items you need to overcome your enemies and be the last left standing as the game area closes in on you.

Battle royale is a hot trend right now, with two big names currently in competition for world domination:

PUBG Mobile

PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds (popularly known as PUBG), is one of the most played video games on PC and Xbox, and enjoys great success as a free-to-play game on mobile, with over 20 million players active daily.

PUBG Mobile is fantastically faithful to the addictive gameplay that made the PC version so explosively popular in the first place. 100 players parachute onto an island, scavenge weapons and equipment and engage in a winner-takes-all fight for survival as encroaching death zones push them ever closer to the enemy.

We'll admit that several AndroidPIT editors gave their lives over and over again on launch day as we struggled to adjust to the touchscreen controls, but we quickly got the hang of it, and before long, we were winning that chicken dinner.

  • Compatibility: Android 4.3 and up
  • Price: Free 

Fortnite Battle Royale

Global gaming sensation Fortnite has arrived on Android, but you won't find it in the Play Store. Nonetheless, we couldn't not feature it on this list. Want to get in on the action? Here's how to download it for free and try it for yourself.

For an in-depth look at how Fortnite plays on Android, you can check out our full review. Fortnite's take on the battle royale format is quirkier, more cartoonish, and generally more whimsical than PUBG's grim and gritty 'realistic' style. The environments and player avatars have eye-catching colors, bizarre outfits, and a more absurd feel. Whether you prefer Fortnite's visuals and zany sensibilities to PUBG is a matter of taste but it's also free to try, with in-app purchases reserved for outfits and cosmetic enhancements.

Get your game on

There are hours of fun to be found in the games listed above, but in case the selection doesn't quite fit your style, we're always on the lookout for great new games, and you can check out our reviews of the latest and greatest in our monthly list of the best new games to land on the Play Store.

If you're interested in pushing immersion to the limit, then take a look at our selection of best VR games for Android, covering Cardboard, Daydream, and Gear VR.

What does the future hold in store for Android games? As our smartphones become even more high tech, Android games are becoming more impressive all the time. We keep track of the most hotly anticipated titles right here:

What is your favorite Android game? Let us know in the comments!

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  • I have been playing few simulation games , they are pretty amazing . Do let me know if anybody is interested in playing few very amazing games. Well i love racing and you have mentioned amazing racing games , Thumbs up for that!

  • Oh, so many to choose from )) I also liked Super Mario Run and pocket edition of Minecraft ))

  • Have a little shame man. Baidoh! The best word game right now. :)

  • I like all the games mentioned but I find it weird that there is no car racing games on the list.I mean have you tried Real Racing 3 because to me it is one of the best Android games on Playstore. Maybe its just me because if you also think there should be a racing game comment or like the post.#RACINGGAMES

  • Luke Mar 14, 2017 Link to comment

    c'mon! Where is "Sun Wars" in this list? Try it and add to your list!

  • you know i think you select perfect games for mentioning them to this page but miss some perfect games such as modern modern combat 5, Infinity blade III and enemy nightmare. These three games surprise everybody that play them.

    if some one want to play these games please search the name of them

  • What about Merry Memory? Great game (Christmas themed) for my 3 year old!

  • Save the little Perky Bird. Download the game for free.
    Link :

  • Explore this funny, challenging, addicting game for FREE

  • Aman Dec 6, 2016 Link to comment

    check out 'Tofu Heroes' a very nice match 3 game. Graphics are really well done

  • If you like zombie games ,I have recommendation its one of my favorite . Its called a Zombie Dead City ,find it on googleplay

  • what about "Mobile Legends: Bang bang"

  • Look this

  • Hello,

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    - Full voiceover and incredible soundtrack

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  • ELMO Nov 18, 2016 Link to comment

    Titan quest old school . Best of the best

  • I played Dominations for 6 months then slowly the connection went real bad to where I could not play on anything besides wifi. I had to quit. I messaged them several times because I spent quite a lot of money on it, and it is a good game, but they don't seem to really care about the connection issues. If you play at home or somewhere you can stay connected to wifi it's great, if you not.... Don't waste your time and money

  • Hi,
    For tower defense I invite you to try Stronghold . He is realy handsome :)

  • abdull Oct 31, 2016 Link to comment

    And here an awesome camera App for stickers :

  • I think if you play pvz heroes its better than heartstone

  • "Starship Escape" is cool bloody stealth-action

  • Great article shared by you. Really i don’t know about this information before read this article. The best explanation I have ever had about some blog which your shared . You place the information in a very organized fashion, very object oriented.


  • Harish Oct 26, 2016 Link to comment

    Candy-Smack its also an amazing game

  • Xlip Oct 22, 2016 Link to comment

    One of the simple, addictive and small size game...

  • Coc is best

  • Nice article...
    Other then these, Fun Football Europe 2016, 3 Coins Poker at BETAPAGE are also the most popular and best android games.

  • try this one:

  • Yeah great list but most of them are backdated now vector2 arrives,unkilled are great too

  • gostei muito desse jogo

    https ://

    estou viciado!

  • I'm missing good puzzle games since the release of cut the rope...
    I luckily found a new one "Catch My Berry" in the android play store.
    Even though I'll have finished it in a couple of days... :-(

  • The list games are awesome, which Angry Birds Go is one of my favorite game. For the ones who love ocean adventure or fish world, you should try Fishdom, Fish Crush and Shark Attack! Let's enjoy them now !!!

  • Daro Sep 12, 2016 Link to comment

    Try out our First Android game. Zen Garden Mahjong, available in google play

  • I've played some of these games and are pretty good, I liked dominations, but the best game I've had is Basketball Manager UKnow.
    I hope to beat you ;)

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  • Has this site ever mentioned the game vainglory???? Its my favorite game for mobile. I'd give it a shot and include it in this list.

  • Download best apps,Popular apps,apk,Games,Utilities,Widgets,Launchers and also request apps on for latest uploads

  • isran Aug 4, 2016 Link to comment

    good games my favourite is pokemon go

  • I recommend Real Racing 3 and Pixel Car Racer

  • My first android game for tests:

  • Amazing list of games...

    Also try this Night Hunter Hidden Objects. its really nice game.

  • Pls add one more strategy game- clash of clans, pls coz millions of people play it

    • yeah, you are right... Clash of clans is really amazing game in Android.. here you can download apk file for Clash of Clans:
      4apks .com/app/Clash-of-Clans-8-332-16-android-download-apk/

  • One game that is quickly becoming my favorite is Soccer Juggling Mania on the Google Play Store. Super Addicting!

  • I recommend Uknow Basketball Manager 2016

  • I recommend Best endless time pass game :- Circle Rush-X and Nut Hunt made By YePaisa

  • I recommend playing The Pirate: Caribbean Hunt

  • know any games I can get paid to play?

  • " Whistly Fly " is the best , top and more unique android game . Where will you find a game that you can play with your whistle .

  • Are all these games for offline?spider-man unlimited can't play offline.I tried four times install and uninstalled 4 times.

  • I think the most the games in this category only your own favourite list , I don't agree with your rating.

  • Why is Hearthstone not on this list?

  • MrMLK Jun 29, 2016 Link to comment

    Wow, Scott really does love his pay to win games.

  • FixEgg Jun 27, 2016 Link to comment

    very good post android pit.5+ rated
    feel free to visit my website too

  • Yowee Jun 24, 2016 Link to comment

    Totally agree with the list above. If you're looking for android games as good as that try Gramfantasia. Here's a short clip from the game.

  • Including simple design should be Try 2 Dot -

  • Where is dh5

  • Cool stuff man. You forgot "Watch Yo Step!" my friend made it a couple days ago. It's pretty cool though

    • Nice app, I just checked it out! Left a review too! Would you mind checking out my app? I just made it, it is a soccer juggling game that is quite challenging and addicting! It's called Soccer Juggling Mania and you can get it on the Play Store

  • Great Article!! This is really useful information about best games for android. I am using some games such as Angry Birds Go!, DomiNations and Speedy Ninja! I love them a lot as they are useful for me. Thank you for sharing such a good article.

  • Most games reviewed on this article are absolute Bullshit except xcom and soul caliber, both of which are ports and not free. Mobile gaming sucks ass.

  • Having read all the above, I haven't got the slightest inclination to look at or download any of the "games". They all look to be trivial wastes of time. Anyone else?

  •   2
    Deactivated Account Jun 14, 2016 Link to comment

    hello everyone. for now, i play this collection:
    Hungry shark - World
    Olympus Rising
    Sky Force Reloaded

  • psycho Jun 14, 2016 Link to comment

    where is white line
    is amazing game

  • thanks fro the list

  • thanks for sharing... i am game lover without game i cant thing other this post will help me

  • Check this out "Mirror Moves"
    One of the best i have played

  • Hello Guys !

    I would invite you all to try this game "BallFall" it's a new and original arcade game, i hope you'll like it
    here is the video trailer

  • Hello Android Gamers
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  • thank for nice article

  • Cool article.. there is a lot of cool games in there, but there are some that are actualy old enough to avoid reviewing on 2016,
    And if you want a list of the most downloaded games on 2016 or the best ones actualy, check this video out :

  • Good collection. Thank you

  • nice and informational article must include top trending games

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    • I would have tried your game but your use of the made up word 'Addicting' instead of addictive put me right off.

  • Great collection

  • Great games if I can ever get the one loaded that I want

  • Great games

  • Download for free the new challenging multiplayer racing game Track Rush Racing on Google Play. Good graphics, fun and addictive. Build your own tracks to play it with your friends. :-)

    Track Rush Racing

  • K.M.D. Apr 10, 2016 Link to comment

    Hey guys!

    You should try new game: Spin Your Mind on Google Play.

    It's very catchy and it helps sharpening your mind in spare time.

  • Check out the Hill Speed Racer at
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    With a simple one-touch control, Hill Speed Racer is simple to play and suitable for all ages. Unlimited fun hill climb truck racing adventure with over 100 levels and 3 different game modes to select. There are many surprises while you are playing this game.

  • Awesome collection of google store games going to be launch soon. Thanks a lot for making us aware of all such variety of games. I think, I should get my iPad on this summer and download all these arcade games. I would love to download WWE & Marvel contest. Anyways list of offline games are also superb :)
    Thanks again!

  • G_C Apr 5, 2016 Link to comment


    I'm an indie game developer and I released an arcade game that I've been working on for months.

    The game is called "Drop Fall". Honestly, its design philosophy and quality is simply amazing. The game play is simple and has little to no learning curve.

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    I would deeply appreciate it if you have a close look at it and contribute on getting it off the ground! :)

    Thank you!

    Game link:

  • sound interesting! Thanks for sharing wonderful games. This is best article for game lover.


  • Angry Birds Go??? Did they ran out of ideas for a new Angry Birdes follow up???
    What does it have to do with the ANgry Birds series anyway except for the birde being there? Similar story as with Mario Kart I guess....

  • Only one RPG listed? I think that you're biased towards certain types of games like the variety of fighting, shooting, and racing games for example. I love the Final Fantasy games and have yet to try some out. And there are tons of other RPG'S in the Google Play Store.

  • G_C Apr 3, 2016 Link to comment

    What a great, high-quality article!

  • Thanks a lot for the picks. Definitely gonna check some of them out. but what I really can't wait for is the new Contra! When is it coming out?

  • Best Racing game of 2016 so far,
    for free games and apps

  • what about online games like COC and Clash royale anyone know any other popular games like that.

  • Maximus
    • Admin
    Apr 3, 2016 Link to comment

    awesome games, i am going to try it

    • G_C Apr 5, 2016 Link to comment

      Try this one too:

      I created it! ;)

  • Try "Penguin Jack" - it's hard as french kissing a Cobra

  • Crazy Traffic Racer Mania 2016. Best Racing game of 2016 so far ;) . Available on Google play store for free.

  • han Mar 28, 2016 Link to comment

    best bike game, google play "gerak lu pe roger" can even put your own picture in it..

  • Sourav Mar 22, 2016 Link to comment

    If you are so boring you don't know what to do with yourself, you must play GrabnFly.

  • Great Article!! This is really good list Best Android games: what you should play in 2016. I am using some games such as Best Android action games - Implosion - Never Lose Hope and Best Android racing games - Angry Birds Go! . I love them a lot as they are good games. Thank you for sharing such a good article. Get more information about Android app development please julyrapid android page.

  • This is the best unique fun addictive game released this year 2016. most enjoyed I almost play this everyday you also try Food Jump In Google play store from "Single Tap Games".

  • nice list of games and i love to play WWE Immortals

  • I want be sure, all 20 games can be played offline? I am buying a tablet specifically for offline in case of major events/power failures, and I will have a solar charger. Getting prepared. Ty

    • R3N Mar 27, 2016 Link to comment

      If you want offlines games to play on a table and you are not going to have access to internet. I recommend you instead to get emulators instead. Most Android games are low budget and are meant to be very simple with free to play( with real money shop inside the game) While Old Console games are full games with completely story and real gameplay. Mobile games are very simple for example most racing games are just an interactive movie. With these games you gonna explore many unique worlds with beautiful music and story and its going to give you entertainment for months or even years without the need for internet.

      Playstation = ePSXe
      Grandia,Lunar Silver Star Story Complete,Legend of Dragoon,Legend of legaia,Alundra,Shadow Madness(FF7 clone)
      Valkyrie profile,Gran Turismo,Resident evil series,Metal Gear, Final Fantasy (VII,VIII and IX),Chrono Cross, and many more...
      PSP = ppsspp
      Final Fantasy Crisis core,Grand Theft Auto LCS / VCS, Dragon Ball Z,Kingdom hearts,Phantasy star Portable 2
      Dreamcast = Reicast
      Shenmue, Sonic Adventure 1 & 2, Skies of arcardia. Mavel vs Capcom,Power Stone,Resident Evil code veronica
      Nintento 64 =MegaN64
      Games = Ocarina of time Zelda, Majora Mask, Mario 64, Goldeneye,Mario Kart

  • Nice list! Also check out this super CUTE and ADDICTING game for 2016: ANIMAL TRAIL! (disclaimer, my friend made it :D)

  • Ritu Feb 20, 2016 Link to comment

    Watch this game

  • Ritu Feb 20, 2016 Link to comment

    Its name is ROLL BALL JUMP.
    Go to Google Play-Store , Search for Roll Ball Jump. Install and Play the first game. Thank me later.

  • Ritu Feb 20, 2016 Link to comment

    I usually like single Tap games, and this is one of the best game i am addicted to these days.
    Its name is ROLL BALL JUMP.
    Go to Play-Store , Search for Roll Ball Jump and install and Play the first game. Thanks me later.

  • Check Out Best iOS Games For 2016 -

  • Join the latest craze that involves several obstacles that will blow your mind!
    Download UpDog now! It's available on Play store and App store. It's fun and addictive!

  • Flying Andi very good game for android

  • Isometric view is not the same as "viewed from above at an angle," and Reckless Racing 3 is not isometric.
    Look up isometric projection, or maybe just google image search "isometiric game" for some examples.

  • I think that good android games are the ones that also let you interact with people. Like this one

  • an awesome article for the game lovers really these game are exciting to be played i wish i have time to play these games by the way add Rock the Ball one of the new android game for puzzle lovers and its very addictive

  • Hi, really an awesome collection of best 3d games for android.
    Thanks for sharing, really helpful. I will definitely try some of the games.

  • Hi
    How i can earn money by reffer to download android games and apps

  • I'd like to add one more app to the list, I remember on my childhood I played a lot Simon Says game, and just looking around I found this app super great, the best that I could find, it s really the same as Simon Says, in addition, you can enjoy a Multiplayer mode¡¡ Super cool, I recommend¡¡

  • Try "Annoying Brain". The game-play of this game evolves around the idea of "think first before you click"; this is how you can train and improve your brain ability to focus. You have to pay close attention to the color clues displayed on their device's screen and tap within 3 seconds. So, You will be forced to control your mind and choose the right color.

    Download It. Play It. Review It.

  • LOCO BIRD. The fastest tap game. If you can unlock all characters, you my friend, are a NINJA.

    Send us your printscreen unlocking last character, and we will send you the "ANDROID NINJA CERTIFICATION, by Gilapps" because only the gifted can achieve that major goal.

  • Are you looking for interesting android game? Try to be a Sheepman in our new game :) Search "Sheepman" in Google play or link:

  • Nice to see there are no games by snail games on here. The graphics aren't bad on their games but gameplay and storyline are stale. The worst thing about them is I've never known a company (gaming or otherwise) that have had so many complaints and have had to have so many people refunded for their purchases.
    That are an evil immoral company.

  • Most challenging game for me: Medieval Adventures. It's a retro style platformer for true gamers

  • Download Pixl Plane it's really fun!

  • clash of clans,,,best game of all Android game...Where clash of clans??
    Ohh...this site add for wrong Android games..

  • Check out "Forest Rescue" by Qublix Games. It's a 4.65 rated match 3 game.

  • Stop with the "where is clash of clans", not only there are other better options in that style (samirai siege, castle clash, rival kingdoms), but all of them are just generic CASH GRABS

    • Lol just no. I've invested $20 into clash of clans two years ago and it wasn't even necessary. I'm nearly a maxed townhall 10 with full lava walls. Tell me another game available that offers the enjoyment you get out of a 40v40 live war system with the social abilities coc offers. I'd love to try one if so. Clash of Clans Can be a cash sink, but it is absolutely not necessary.

  • Nice List! But wheres Asphalt 8, Clash of Clans and Monument Valley?

  • Include "Clash of clans" . Its a fantastic strategy game.

  • I agree with vector.Its really good

  • where is Clash Of Clans ???

  • Shadow Fight 2 really deserves to be on this list. It's graphics and in game mechanics are so good you won't feel like you are playing on phone at all. On top of that it makes you strategize WHILE fighting the opponent. It has great progression and the final boss has been completed. An online mode will come soon. Everyone should play this game!!

  • My favorite game used to be Final Fantasy VII, and I can't wait to try to play the other versions that are available for Android. I am pretty excited too, because I recently purchased a SNES 30 Bluetooth remote gamepad controller , so I can now play games as if they were on an actual game system .I am just waiting to have enough money available to pay the money that they're asking for one of several different Final Fantasy games .I think that the prices are just a little bit high, but not totally outrageous for those types of RPG'S .I can enjoy other types of games also, but I am sick of hearing about anything anymore to do with zombies , have tried some word games and trivia, which are okay for wasting time , but not very exciting ,and I can get into racing, fighting, and shooting games, but I will always love a really good , intense, RPG game best. I have to say that I don't think I have ever tried one of the "building " games as of yet though , so I am unsure of how much I would like one .

  • Best android game ! Magic Rush Heroes ! Gameplay, reviews of heroes, events and more on my Youtube channel. Come, join and watch :)

  • Do You remember Flappy Bird? Now, this one is very comparable. I like it.

  • Nice Sharing, In Addicting Snag Jump you will find many levels out there in the free version.

  • Pipedream for the win!

  • New game just launched by supercell that is clash royale wil be the blast in 2016


  • Ok

  • You are missing "trace the line " in this list. It's arguably the most addictive game of 2015. Check it out


  • you are missing this one endless runner game in which you have to play with two minds. that name is double tale runner you can find it on play store

  • Drumy Ninja is the most cool game ever
    play. google .com/store/apps/details?id=om.drumyninjass

  • no Injustice, Asphalt 8, Dead Effect or Hecticube??? :/

  • I am playing Cut the Rope Magic and Galaxy on Fire 2. Both are very good games!

  • Awesome

  • Asphalt Nitro deserves a place here! The size combined with great gameplay and offline makes it a top racing game!
    Dead effect 2 and Yu Gi Oh duel generation!!

  • kiran Dec 22, 2015 Link to comment

    Should have added shadow fight 2 in the fighting section

  • Dead trigger 2 is a great game.

  • I'm addicted to this one:, sometimes I really hate the dev's from this game lol.

    Person's : Sky Jump

  • I liked dead trigger

  • I don't normally play mobile games but this one kind of hit the right buttons for me
    -Monster Treasure Adventure

  • Check out LIVING CELLS, it is interactive and very customizable live wallpaper. Try it now and watch those beautiful and colorful patterns, you can get it here:

  • how bout this game ? very addicting though

  • I'd to add one more app to the list, I remember on my childhood I played a lot Simon Says game, and just looking around I found this app super great, the best that I could find, it s really the same as Simon Says, in addition, you can enjoy a Multiplayer mode¡¡ Super cool, I recommend¡¡
    danlustudios.apps.supersimonmultiplayer search it like that in Play store

  • hey guys try our new game SAVE THE BIRDS its really nice and fun game. you will defiantly
    love it :) must try it

  • UFO Explorer is another game I tried this week. it's free s in free beer.
    Very easy to learn but hard to master. Pretty addictive too.

  • There's this new game called Micey Dicey for Android. The game is entirely free and has no ads. It’s challenging to play, but addicting though. Check it out sometime;

  • hey guys try our new game ORBIT JUMP, a very nice and fun game for ANDROID and iOS, must try it you guys will love it

  • Thanks for the game apps i may have to try the Marvel App

  • i want to play a serious sam on my phone

  • Great list. Into the Dead is addictive, I also like Hitman, Sniper action is cool. Wondering why Clash Of Clans not mentioned unless I missed it as I skimmed through.

  • I used to play Riptide GP2 game often. Because I like bike and car races kinda games. But all other here listed are nice games too. Now planning to download anyone from these list.

  • So far, I managed to go though only some of the posts you have here, but I find them very interesting and informative. Just want say thank you for the information you have shared.
    If you love gaming for unity games kindly visit….

  • Nice list! I'm a game developer starting out and just released a new game:
    Poly Path

    Just search for the in the Google Play store!

  • update new-best free Cartoon Games online from internet. Toon Games is a free online cartoon flash games site where you can find games from all your favorite cartoons such as

  • I think in your fighting part you can add Shadow Fight 2 from Nekki Studios. It's a great game with tons of combos, powerful magic and a pile of weapons

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  • like it

  • Guys, try Best Fiends, it is an Off line game you can download free on Play Store and is the addictive result of a one-night stand between Angry Birds and Candy Crush as per Pc Mag. get this top rated puzzle adventure for Free.

  • Angerfing also deserves your attention :)

  • 3d Space Battles with strategy gameplay in " Star Dancer " ....played it with my Dad and sister it's got great graphics.

  • There's a puzzle game missing: Machinarium! Best puzzle game I've played since the 90's PC game The Neverhood :)

  • I like Telltale and Unity games to play on Android devices.

  • try this game for android and ios :)

  • Meteor Bubble Blitz is pretty challenging and well made puzzle game.

  • Awesome, I like Hitman Sniper game, the game is filled with special effect and graphics, which makes the game enjoyable. I know about this game by a blog shared on techvedicsupport blog. Nice Tech related blog.

  • My favorite is Limbo,dark and briljant...

  • I like traffic racing games and Japan Car Traffic Racer is the best racing... addictive... check it on google, you will like it I promise, type: "japan car traffic"

  • I think you miss some interesting games like lara croft: relic run
    andd here it is a video of the gameplay of all this games on your article

  • Pedro Sep 13, 2015 Link to comment

    Personally I preffer some minimalistic indie games, like that "Jumpster" one they released on GooglePlay this week, it seems quite fun.

  • Thanks for sharing such good list of games...!!! all games are really good but my favorite is Reckless Racing 3 & Into The Dead

  • I'm digging Hitman Sniper currently...

  • UNKILLED is the best game right now

  • hey guys try this new game SAVE THE BIRDS you will love it.

  • hi i like into the dead

  • hay clash of clans is not there why i am a big fan of it and was proud that it is best android game ever after angry bird rio but why u didnt gave a name of it plz put clash of clans in this list

  • Hi guys check out my game

  • Cool. I like Into the Dead.

  • Try Puzzle Moppet to feel Special:
    Light, nice graphics, style.

  • nice games. guys also try SAVE THE BIRDS in PLAY STORE its really nice and fun game and i bet your kids will love it.

  • Apollo Aug 26, 2015 Link to comment

    I have always the same problem with casual android games, most of them definitely too easy. But about this one, people say: this game is too hard. What do tou think?

  • Wow This game is like Super mario it Addictive

  • Yes ,well, I have always loved old school role playing games, and you don't mention them at all in the article. I remember being totally obsessed with Final Fantasy 7 back in the 90's. Don't get me wrong, I also enjoy games from other genres, but I am almost totally offended that my favorites aren't even given a thought .I will probably forgive you though, because you are smart, cute, and seem like you would be cool in person. (Plus you know a lot about Androids, and I love them.)

  • Moussa Aug 23, 2015 Link to comment

    I love soul caliber, I bought it from the play store because I remembered playing it on my dream cast. Great game, love it.

  • Clash of clans is good...

  • these are nice games. but i am playing SAVE THE BIRDS nowadays and its very addictive. guys you should try it too.

  • I get the note because of the screen n the sd card. I have 3 sd cards of 32 gb. Have upgraded from note 3 to note 4 but not note 5. Reason : no sd card slot. Both note 3 & 4 are great. Will stick to note 4.

  • I really like Monument Valley and I played it in my Samsung Galaxy III. Worked well.

  • My current list of games: Motor World Car Factory, Drift Girls, Plants Vs. Zombies 2, Quiz RPG, and MMX Racing. All free to play. :)


  • Thanks

  • I highly recommend "Last Hope – Heroes Zombie TD" if you are a fan of tower defence games. Its free to play game that is definitely worth checking out.

  • only game missing is this adorable game Bird Drops

  • Thanks for the list! Please check out my casual adventure game Jungle Ball! (

  • Waw guys I love those games , please check my first android game , I hope u like it

  • ra r Jul 18, 2015 Link to comment

    Hi Friends ,
    Look at the latest android game Space Dodge made by a 14 year old boy Rahul .
    +++ Play
    +++ Enjoy
    +++ Post your High Score

  • Try "Back Off" by seekpi
    its a local multiplayer game and the devs say that it will be cross platform when the apple version comes out.
    its similar to johann sebastian joust on ps4 and there doesnt seem to be a limit on the number of people that can play at any one time. i had 6 in my house and had a right laugh. keep a good grip of your phone though!

  • Hi,
    I am in search of some platform games similar to swordigo. Can you suggest me something of that sort.😀

  • Perfect Jump

  • Hi

    I have read your article and i made a video about android games
    and if you don't mind i put your link in my video..
    check it :

    Thank you..

  • good to use

  • Hi

    I have published a new game : DroidWorldGame, it's a strategy game based on geolocalization.
    Just try it and enjoy !

    Available for free in the play store:

  • Awesome games! Thanks :)

  • Android games gives life to your smartphone and provide you the best way to kill your time.

  • "Dominations" replica of the" Clash Of Clans" .. But why so "Dominations" in the Top Games? Why the Clash Of Clans in the Top games? "Clash Of Clans" Is The Best. Also here in the USA.

  • How can a list of Android games be completed without mentioning 'Plants vs Zombies' ?? Its THE BEST tower-defense game ever. Endless fun. And its awesome sequel too.

    Checkout Plants vs Zombies in play store.

  • I want to playing Domination on my Android Device, but it not suported for Asus Zenfone 5. I hope for update version already support for all of Asus Zenfone.

  • Awesome new game ICY BARRELS pretty hard though not like most arcade games

  • I love play with my villagers in this game.
    >> Celtic Village II on android <<

  • I LOVE THIS GAME!!! You should try it, found it very addicting. Always had the love for Kangaroos!
    Like flappy bird but with a different concept.

    Search Google Play for "TinyRoo"

  • I love Ridiculous Fishing :D
    Also check out this fun little game called Paddle Paddle!

  • The two that me and my friends compete the most with each other are subway surfers and hungry bunnies 3d

  • Like HL3. Now best game for Android is FiCHi: Ultimate Survival Guide

  • Try 'Shipwreck 2D' game too, it's simple and beautiful enough and gameplay is like flappy bird.

  • Calvin Jun 14, 2015 Link to comment

    Hi, I just released my game for Android. It's a free and very addictive


  • NumBoard - Number Game

  • I recommend also 99 Slides, it's very addictive

  • dominationshack2015.blogspot. com / Latest Cheats!

  • I like playing this wonderful sniper game "Military Base Sniper Shooter" you can find this game on google play store by Lingogames.

  • What about indies games provided by

    Gamesgreh has two innovative games on Google Play!

  • Crush Frenzy is my favourite game this year. Cross between Tetris and Candy Crush.

  • Android games has been flooding the market for years now and they continue to be. The best to play are the role playing because it gives you the adrenaline rush which makes it more exciting.

  • Android games has created quite a hype in Android gaming scene. They are one of the most downloaded and very fun to play.

  • I recommend "Earthlings Beware!" . It is very addictive and challenging. I think it's perfect for phones, killing time anywhere.

  • Cmarz Apr 5, 2015 Link to comment

    I'm a big fan of Plague. It isnt an action game - more like a war games setup. You basically try to kill the world lol

  • Android action games bring a new dimension in many ways to gamers because they give much more to the overall experience with higher quality graphics and better sound.

  • Android games gives you the best entertainment you are looking for. They are the most downloaded and it is because they offer something extra ordinary to the gamers.