aTilt 3D Labyrinth

aTilt 3D Labyrinth

Labyrinth has achieved cult-status among Android games. Labyrinth Lite is available on the market, but the full version wasn't there on and off. Looking for a trustworthy replacement or just a better-looking back-up? With aTilt you might have found just what you were looking for.


Reviewed version Latest version
1.1.14 1.7.2

Features & Use

The main idea behind aTilt is identical to that of Labyrinth. Your goal is to guide a ball to its designated target in the shape of a hole with the help of your phone's motion sensors. Obstacles along the way are first and foremost other holes, which the ball must avoid falling into. The ball has also got to make it past different barriers in the form of wooden chests, blocks and walls. The levels may remind some of you of a childhood game with the same look and feel.

Atilt currently offers you 110 levels with three difficulty levels. According to the Market descirption, there are more levels in the pipeline.

Desipite its extremely simple game concept, aTilt provides you with a good dose of fun as you navigate through the challenging levels.

Screen & Controls

After starting up aTilt you can select between three difficulty levels: easy (35 levels), medium (40 levels) and difficult (35 levels). You start off on the first level, but you can also always go back to any level you've already completed. With the help of the menu button you can access your settings, where you can calibrate the phone's motion sensors and turn vibration on/off. The phone vibrates every time the ball hits a wall or any other obstable, giving the game a more realistic feel.

While playing you can pause the current game or access your settings via the menu button.

The levels are rich in varierty and are not in any way inferior to the original game.

Bottom Line:
Some of you may perceive this game as yet another Labyrinth rip-off. I would contend that it's just a really well-done duplicate that lives up to the original. The only thing I found missing from the original were the cool sound effects.
You can try out the lite-version of the game before purchasing the full version with 110 levels for $2.99

Speed & Stability

aTilt ran smoothly without any problems on both the G1 and the Milestone.

Price/Performance Ratio

aTile can be downloaded for $2.99 from the Android Market.


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