The best new Android and iOS applications out this week

The best new Android and iOS applications out this week

Before leaving for the weekend, we offer you, as every week, a selection of our five new iOS and Android applications released this week.

This tech weekend was marked by the presentation of the PS5 on Thursday, June 11, and the announcement of several exclusive games from Sony. So I've obviously put more mobile games in the spotlight in this selection of the five Android and iPhone applications of the week.

Bomb Bots Arena: a Bomberman for smartphones

Bomb Bots Arena is a multiplayer arena fighting game that works just like the Bomberman games. You play as a robot and have to face other players in an arena by eliminating them with well-placed bombs. Moves are done in a linear way, vertically and horizontally, so you have to manage the timing to put a bomb at the right time and in the right place. Bonuses allowing to put several explosives at the same time or more powerful bombs are to be picked up on the map.

5 applications android ios semaine bomb bots arena
Bomb Bots Arena on Android and iOS is an online multiplayer game. / © NextPit

The controls are quite responsive, you have access to two multiplayer modes with 4 or 8 players and the game offers a margin of progress with abilities (jump, kick to move a bomb, ...) unlockable for free with the virtual currency earned in each game. But Bomb Bots Arena also contains built-in purchases to unlock skills faster and unlock other characters. So these aren't just cosmetic items, and you'll have to rely on pay-to-win mechanics that can taint the game experience.


You can download the Bomb Bots Arena game for free (in-app purchases) via the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store.

Knobby Volume Control: a knob for turning up the sound

Knobby is a very simple application that customizes your volume knob by turning it into a touch wheel. The paid version of the application (€0.69) is currently free on the Play Store at the time of writing this article on June 12.

5 applications android ios semaine knobby
Knobby on Android turns your volume button into a scroll wheel. / © NextPit

There's not much more to say about this app except that you can choose several styles of scroll wheels and it manages sounds for ringtone volume, system, notifications, media, music, or calls.

You can download the Knobby Volume Control application for free via the Google Play Store.

Adobe Photoshop Camera: to print your Instagram photos

Adobe Photoshop Camera (PsC) is a smart and free application that allows you to add filters and effects to your photos before you take them or apply them to photos in your library. The filters are really cool and I was able to apply cyberpunk and VHS effects to some selfies that I liked.

5 applications android ios semaine adobe photoshop camera
Adobe Photoshop Camera offers really cool photo filters. / © NextPit

The editing options seem to be much more advanced than on other applications of the same kind that I'm usually absolutely not a fan of. I don't really like to put my head in line but with these hide-and-seek filters and retouching options I could almost make up for the selfies.

You can download the Adobe Photoshop Camera application for free (in-app purchases) through the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store.

Neon Flytron: when Temple Run meets Tron...

Neon Flytron is an 'endless runner' type game in which you play as a character who runs alone without stopping and you have to steer in order to avoid obstacles on your way to make the longest possible run. Except that instead of playing an adventurous pedestrian like in Temple Run, the most famous game of its kind, you control a flying car that seems to be straight out of the Fifth ElementThe graphics are clearly inspired by cyberpunk elements (if the Flytron "Tron" hadn't tipped you off). The soundtrack is a mix of the arcade tones of the old 8-bit consoles with a touch of Synthwave.

5 applications android ios semaine flytron
Neon Flytron on Android is a cyberpunk and SF version of Temple Run. / © NextPit

The game is very fluid and easy to play despite the menu being too rich in parameters that look like a futuristic gas factory full of neon lights. Again, there are micro-transactions to remove ads from the game and buy virtual currency to unlock rare vehicles.

You can download the Neon Flytron game for free (in-app purchases) via the Google Play Store.

Lockscreen Widgets: for those nostalgic for Android Lollipop

Lockscreen Widgets allows you to add shortcuts to your apps on the lock screen of your smartphone, just like on older versions of Android at the time. You choose the application of your choice and each widget is integrated into the same window in several panes that you can then simply scroll through.

5 applications android ios semaine lockscreen widgets
Lockscreen widgets allow you to display your applications on the lock screen of your Android smartphone. / © NextPit

This is a niche application and not sure if it is ultra-useful with fingerprint unlocking or facial recognition. But for the price, I find it more ergonomic than other equivalents I've seen online.

You can purchase the Lockscreen Widgets application for €1.59 via the Google Play Store.

What do you think of this selection? Have you already had the opportunity to test some of the applications on this list? What would be your applications of the week? Share your opinions in the comments!

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