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Our top 5 Android and iOS apps of the week

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Are you ready to check out our weekly Top 5 apps for Android and/or iOS that you should try out? Unlike our current selection of temporarily free apps, we have tried the apps out for ourselves and will inform you if there are any in-app purchases or other additional costs. So sit back, relax, and download the app(s) that you find exciting!

From mobile games to productivity apps, here are the five free and paid Android/iOS apps from NextPit this week. We publish this selection every week, you can also check the Top 5 apps of last week. If you are an anime lover, then you would definitely find that this week's game for both platforms—One Punch Man: The Strongest—to be entertaining an fare that will tide you through until the next work week creeps up on you.

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Suggestream (Android)

Go ask the older generation folks in your household on how their TV watching habits were. For instance, there were just enough channels that you could count on a single hand, and you had to revolve your life around the programming time. Fast forward to today, and you would be surprised at the buffet of shows you can choose from. If you find yourself frazzled simply because you are fresh out of ideas on what to watch, here's an idea: Suggestream.

We stand on the shoulders of giants, and Suggestream is no different, being a movie and T.V. show recommendation app that is based on TMDB. Using this app is simple, you choose from the "Movie" or "TV Show" category, enter the keywords that you would like to watch, and a list of suggestions will pop up. From there, narrow down your search by selecting on the title that interests you, and you will be shown yet another page.

This page will include important information like the IMDB rating, genre, runtime, a favorite tab, and a YouTube link to the trailer (if available). You can also rate the recommendation with one of the four smileys. 

  • Price: Free  / Advertising: Yes / In-app purchases: None / Account: Not required
Suggestream Screenshot
Find the TV series or movies that you want, fast and easy! / © NextPit

Ploppy Pairs (iOS)

Do you think that children these days tend to be pressured to obtain good results? That means getting off on the right foot when learning. Rote learning might be outdated, but there is still value in memorizing. With Ploppy Pairs, you can exercise your kid's or toddler's memory with this fun card matching game for everyone.

Ploppy Pairs has a special feature known as SharePlay functionality, allowing you to play with friends and family together via FaceTime. This makes you feel as though all of you are in the same place together, enjoying the game. 

Specially designed as a kids-friendly title, the mechanics of the game is pretty simple. There are no challenging mechanics or texts to grapple with, making it highly accessible to just about everyone—including those who are not yet old enough to read. Different difficulty levels are available to provide a healthy challenge across the board, ranging from 4 all the way to 70 cards. This means adults, too, will find this title challenging at some point.

  • Price: Free / Advertising: None / In-app purchases: None / Account: Not required

Sojourn (Android)

Remaining focused is something that all of us strive for in our daily lives. If we were to lose focus, things can go downhill, quickly. Why not enlist the help of an app to do so? Sojourn is a focus timer that helps you to keep your eye on the ball by maintaining productivity. Whoever said that hard work is no fun at all? This app ensures that those boring times clocked up at the office can be more exciting.

This pomodoro timer is ideal for a wide number of situations—be it for studying, work, reading, or even playing. It merges the ideals of the traditional pomodoro study timer with the aspects of exploration, discovery, and collection such as Skyrim and Pokemon. You will first need to plot a course before embarking on your voyage, where your smartphone will have to be left alone so that you can begin on your productivity 'quest'. 

Upon completion of your focus sessions, you will obviously be given a reward which can be a uniquely generated location for you to explore. The innate hoarder in you would definitely want to continue by discovering and collecting every single thing possible! So far, there are additional themes and vehicles that are in the pipeline, so do expect to see more additions in the future as the developer continues working on it. The configurable timer works in intervals of 5 minutes, making it suitable for most tasks.

  • Price: Free / Advertising : None / In-app purchases: None / Account: Not required
Screenshots: Sojourn
Sojourn helps you keep your eye on the ball whenever life becomes hectic. / © NextPit

Re:Work - Email & Calendar (iOS & Android)

Staying productive while you are on the move is the perfect ideal for the road warrior, but sometimes, the task takes quite a toll on you. With so many different emails, calendars, to do lists, and notes to keep track of, don't you wish that you had a central app that could control all of these in an organized manner? Re:Work takes up this challenge by being an email client that is both secure and safe. It also doubles down in terms of convenience, where you get to enjoy shared mailbox and calendars to make it easier for you to collaborate with your colleagues (or family) if everyone uses a different productivity tool.

The various functions supported are email, calendar, contacts, tasks, and notes that are available Microsoft Exchange Server, Office365, and Google Workspace. Of course, some people might be turned off after the initial 2-week trial expires where functionality becomes minimal, hiding behind a $19.99 annual subscription paywall. Still, if you see the need to be able to work across different platforms from a central point, then Re:Work ties everything together beautifully. 

I've tried it out, and the convenience of a combined inbox from two emails makes life even easier. Imagine when different work emails come into the picture, the ability to sort and organize them into their respective spaces makes things so much more convenient. While some reviews do tout that it is buggy, but I did not run into any issues so far. 

  • Price: Free (2 week trial) / Advertising : None / In-app purchases: Yes ($19.99 annual subscription) / Account: Required (email)
Screenshots: Rework
Take stock of your emails, calendar, notes, and other items with Re:Work. / © NextPit

One Punch Man: The Strongest (iOS & Android)

Who would have thought that One Punch Man will finally make his way to the mobile platform with his latest game in the form of a turn-based mobile RPG? This is no rip-off, but an officially authorized version that was specially supervised by Shueisha's production committee. The cities around you continue to be beseiged by monsters, and it is up to you to protect the cowering citizens from nasty attacks. The entire roster of fascinating characters from the world of One Punch Man are here.

Of course, you can choose the titular Saitama, who can defeat all powerful enemies with just one punch, as well as Genos who continues to evolve (who knows when that will stop?). There are also numerous aliens who make their mark, and it is up to you to ensure that peace prevails at the end of the day. It is like playing an anime, or watching a game—the line becomes blurred, since voice actors from the original anime are featured here.

Make sure your mind is at its sharpest as you deploy various heroes and monsters to suit different situations. To spice things up, there are also Martial Dojos and Endless Battle Zones to test your mettle against a different set of challenges. Real-time multiplayer battle modes feature grand rewards for bragging rights with your friends, too! 

  • Price: Free (iOS and Android) / Advertising: Yes / In-app purchases: Yes / Account: Not required

There you have it—our top 5 apps of the week. It is a rather eclectic mix, don't you think so? If you have something you would like to point out or want to share your own suggestions, leave a comment section right below!

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