The best new apps for Android and iPhone this week

The best new apps for Android and iPhone this week

To celebrate this first weekend of June, we offer as every week a selection of the best new iOS and Android applications launched this week.

This short first week of June was marked by the release on Android of one of the best indie games I've played lately. The AndroidPIT community has also introduced me to some interesting productivity applications. But I stop the suspense, it's time to present our top five new applications of the week.

LinKeep, widgets to save all your links

The idea behind LinKeep is to concentrate all the web pages within one application, so that they are not lost and can be easily found and consulted. After downloading the application that the community-made me discover on our forum, I used it to keep the homepage URLs of the three versions of AndroidPIT in order to access them quickly. I'm also thinking of continuing to use Linkeep to gather links of articles or sources for some ideas of article topics. Since you can organize the widgets for each link by category, I'll make folders for different editorial projects to centralize everything.

5 apps week brave browser 1
Linkeep's interface is pretty clean, despite ads at the bottom of the screen. / © NextPit

You can download the Linkeep application for free via the Google Play Store.

Brave Browser, for ad-free and safe mobile browsing

Brave Browser is a Chromium-based web browser that got a lot of attention this week after Joe Rogan, the American podcaster, praised it in one of the latest episodes of his show. It's a browser focused on protecting your privacy and an alternative model to targeted advertising.

It blocks ads and trackers, offers private browsing, blocks scripts, blocks third-party cookies, and lets you see in real-time what each site you visit is doing to track you. And because advertising still brings the web to life, especially free sites like AndroidPIT, Brave Browser is implementing a rewards system called "Brave Rewards". Depending on how much attention you give to a site, Brave Browser will pay it once a month a sum of money in the form of a crypto-money called the BAT (Basic Attention Token) that runs on the Ethereum's blockchain.

5 apps week brave browser
The Brave Browser interface. / © NextPit

You can download the Brave Browser application for free from the Google Play Store and Apple's App Store.

Fancade, a collaborative platform of mini-games

Fancade is a platform of minigames without any pretension. You will find arcade, skill, or puzzle games with retro graphics. What is interesting is its collaborative side. Each player can create his own levels with a fairly easy to use map editor.

So you can create your own games or add a level to an existing game using the same template. Each level or game created can be rated by the community. The game is free but it integrates micro-transactions that do not impact the gameplay. On the other hand, it is necessary to support the few ads that appear on the screen untimely. For the rest, it's a find that I find nice enough to work his creativity a little Mario Maker style for those who know.

5 apps week fancade
On Fancade, you can play levels created by other players and create your own. / © NextPit

You can download the Digest application for free via the Google Play Store.

Digest, to keep up with the news when you don't have the time

Digest is an Android application that allows you to summarize your press articles that the community has helped me to discover. Concretely, just copy/paste the URL of the article of your choice, or send it directly to Digest via the share menu, and it will be added as a widget to the app's home screen.

Digest claims to reduce 75 percent of the body text of each article, keeping only the essential, for faster reading. The articles I used for my quick test of the application remained completely understandable once shortened via Digest. The articles are stored offline so they can be read on the train or plane.

However, I regret that the application does not apply any layout, except for the title, to the body of the text. So you don't see the headings or hyperlinks and the article unfolds in one block. This is surely related to the fact that the application had to be thought for English-speaking press articles, where intertitles hardly exist, which can make the papers really heavy and indigestible (no bad pun intended).

5 apps week digest 1
The Digest application is not yet perfect and does not offer a layout for the body of the article. / © NextPit

You can download the Digest application for free via the Google Play Store.

Dead Cells, my latest smartphone video gaming crush

Yes, it is a premium mobile game that costs €8.99 (the time of the first week of release, after that the price will rise to €9.99). But you will get your money's worth, I guarantee it. Released this week on Android, I first discovered this little indie game that gave me a big slap in the face on PS4.

It is developed by the Bordeaux studio Motion Twin and is a 2D platform and action-adventure game of the rogue-like type (a kind of game that consists of exploring dungeons filled with enemies) or 'roguevania' for the initiated. You play as a hero who is a corpse killed by a king who has turned all his people into monsters by trying to administer a miracle cure that has gone wrong.

5 apps week dead c
Dead Cells' mobile porting to Android is very successful. / © NextPit

So your quest is centered around death and revenge, except that death is not a finality in Dead Cells. I won't tell you more to let you discover this simply sublime game. The original gameplay on PC and console is very nervous and requires a good reactivity.

So I was pretty skeptical about using touch controls. But the porting is really accomplished and allows you to map the touch keys as you wish for a better grip. You also have the possibility to go through an Auto-Hit mode that allows you to automate your character's attacks (without having to tap the screen).

The game also supports a controller and I could play it with my Dual Shock 4 without any problem (I could also connect an Xbox One controller). For the money, it's a great mobile game almost three times cheaper than its console versions when they came out.

You can buy the Dead Cells mobile game for €8.99 via the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store.

What do you think of this selection? Have you already had the opportunity to test some of the applications on this list? What would be your applications of the week? Share your opinions in the comments!

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