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Alexa on your nose: Amazon launches Echo Frames

Amazon Echo Frames 1
© Amazon

Until now, the Day 1 Edition of Amazon's Echo Frames was only available to invited customers. Now the company has announced a new model of the glasses, which is available regularly on

Last year Amazon announced a pair of glasses equipped with the Alexa assistant, the so-called Echo Frames Day 1 Editions. Whoever wanted to try this model, however, had to get an invitation – same as with the ring, Echo Loop. Amazon first wanted to learn how users use the glasses before offering them to the general public.

In contrast to the Echo Loop, the experience with the glasses was obviously positive. While the end of the ring was announced, the new Echo Frames are now available for pre-order at and will be delivered in the USA from December 10th, 2020.

Amazon Echo Frames: Alexa on your nose

As with the first model, the glasses offer direct access to Amazon's assistant Alexa. This is activated with the wearer's own voice, just like the classic Echo speakers. It is a pure "audio experience" – there is no camera or display in the glasses.

Amazon refers to the audio technology as "open-ear audio"; this means that no headphones have to be plugged into the ears when using the glasses. The sound of the assistant is projected specifically into the wearer's ear, so that the wearer should still be able to perceive the surroundings.

At the same time, the aim is to minimize what the environment can hear from the assistant. There is also a VIP filter that allows users to control which notifications they want to receive from contacts or apps on the connected smartphone.

The microphones in the glasses only listen to the commands of the wearer. However, they can be completely deactivated with a button if desired.

Amazon Echo Frames 2
The Echo Frames come with a carrying case, charging cable and power supply. / © Amazon

Amazon Echo Frames: Available in three colours

The runtime of the echo frames varies depending on the task. Those who only listen to music should be able to use the glasses for up to 4 hours. The company also promises "over 2 hours of talk time, Alexa interactions, and media playback over a 14-hour day".

The connection between Echo Frames and an Android or iOS device happens via Bluetooth. You can also use the regular assistants, for example, Google Assistant or Siri, of the connected smartphone.

The Amazon Echo Frames can be pre-ordered in the US for around 250 US Dollars. They are available in the colours Modern Tortoise, Horizon Blue and Classic Black. Wearers of regular glasses can also order prescription lenses from their optician. The company did not say whether or when the new glasses will be available in other countries.

Via: CNBC Source: Amazon

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  • whoamanwtf Nov 20, 2020 Link to comment

    Without a camera and a display these are pointless.. If I am going to wear "Smart" glasses they need to do something that is not offered to me by every other device I already have..

  • marco sarli
    • Admin
    Nov 20, 2020 Link to comment

    Another useless gadget. We all already carry a smartphone.