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9 struggles only a Sony Xperia user understands

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Owning a Sony Xperia phone is like how I imagine being friends with Lady Gaga would be. Sure, it would be cool to spend time with someone so talented and interesting, but I imagine that some of her quirks – such as dressing up as meat – would become tiresome after a while. Here are nine struggles that only a Sony Xperia user will understand.

androidpit sony xperia Z3 1 4
Here are nine struggles only a Sony Xperia user will understand. / © ANDROIDPIT

1. Rotating the screen with Smart screen rotation

Smart screen rotation, or as I prefer to call it, broken screen rotation, is supposed to make viewing your smartphone easier when lying down. It's a great idea but, sadly, it's basically unusable.

Only occasionally does the screen stay in place as I want it to when I'm lying down. But almost always, when I do want the screen to rotate, it just won't. This is especially frustrating because it kind of locks into place, and the more I try to rotate it, the less it seems to want to move. Then I find myself stuck in this auto-rotate quicksand, where the harder I struggle, the worse and worse the situation becomes.

androidpit sony screen rotation
"This can prevent unwanted rotation" and also, much-desired rotation. / © ANDROIDPIT

2. Understanding STAMINA mode

STAMINA mode gets its name from the strain that comprehending how to use it places on the human mind. I need to activate an app in Stamina mode, in order to save battery life? Is that really how this works?

I regularly receive notifications warning me that an app has stopped STAMINA mode from working and that I should try making that app an exception to the STAMINA mode rule. But doesn’t that mean the app will stay active when it shouldn’t? It takes a few attempts to wrap your head around this one.

androidpit sony stamina mode
These are the apps I currently have in standby: am I doing this right? / © ANDROIDPIT

3. Accidentally exiting the gallery app

When I tap on the gallery app to view my pictures I am often taken to my last viewed picture. This makes sense, as my last viewed picture will be cached. But sometimes, hitting the return key means I exit the whole gallery app instead of just returning to my image collection. 

It's like trying to walk into the bathroom on an airplane, only to discover that the bathroom is actually a candle factory, and then leaving the factory through the same door and learning that you have just walked off the plane. Man, that's annoying.

4. Using smart backlight control

“Smart backlight control automatically detects if you are holding your Xperia in your hand.”

No, it doesn’t. 

androidpit sony xperia smart backlight
Another good idea that doesn't work. / © ANDROIDPIT

5. Sketch's new sticker packs

Sony's Sketch app provides notifications that no Xperia owner ever wants, yet probably receives regularly. Uninstall Sketch's updates and disable the app, and cross your fingers that you won't have to see these messages again.  

6. Data transfer stops at 75 percent

Phone storage space fills up fast. The good news is that Sony Xperia Z devices support microSD cards, and if you have one, there is an easy, one-tap way to transfer data to it. The bad news is that it stops at 75 percent progress every single time I try to do it. If anybody has a solution to this one hit me up in the comments, please.

androidpit sony xperia data transfer 2
Check the dates on the right-hand image. Yeah, I'm still waiting for this to finish... / © ANDROIDPIT

7. The disastrous 'use as wallpaper' function

I must be doing something wrong, here. I must be. I don't want to believe that this function is as bad as it seems to be, but it really does appear that way.

If I want to use an image as my wallpaper, Sony Xperia devices require that I extract only a portion of the image, rather than use the whole image. You may assume this is because the image is too large, or the dimensions aren't right, but no. 

Guys, it cuts out a rectangular shape – the very exact same shape the image already is – forcing me to crop the picture instead of using the full thing as the background like I want to.

It’s like having the perfect length of copper wire to fix a broken disco ball, then being made to cut it to an unfavorable length by an unseen force. It's unfathomable. 

androidpit use as wallpaper function
Look at that box. This is madness. / © ANDROIDPIT

8. The unwanted enabling of calendar notifications

If you use Google Calendar, you will probably want to turn off notifications from the Xperia Calendar app. Have you ever done this, only to find that they switch back on when you reboot your phone? Yes? Annoying, isn't it? No? Try it. See? What's up with that?

9. The endless opening and closing of flaps

As if charging a phone every day isn't annoying enough, owners of Sony Xperia Z devices (before those released last year) need to open and close their protective charge port covers every time. It might not sound like much, but Xperia owners know all too well how tiresome this minor step becomes.

I doubt I'm the only person who's decided to sacrifice a Sony Xperia's waterproof capabilities in order to forego this. 

androidpit xperia z3 compact vs xperia z5 compact 7
Resistance to water comes at a cost. / © ANDROIDPIT

What Xperia quirks grind your gears? Let it all out in the comments. 

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Scott Adam Gordon

Scott Adam Gordon

Originally from the UK, Scott graduated in Popular Music Studies at Newcastle University and attributes much of his success there to his beloved Samsung Galaxy S2. His current aim is to write cool things about Android. And he loves it.

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  • Duncan Duccatti 3
    Duncan Duccatti Jan 27, 2023 Link to comment

    I remove the flap of my XPERIA too

  • 1
    Mariell Feb 24, 2019 Link to comment

    It's a great phone the L1, had mine about a year, but no matter what I do, it insists on making this really stupid biddleidoo biddleidoo noise constantly. It's like it's notifying me that I've just picked it up, moved it slightly, opened another screen, touched it, looked at it, and does it constantly when I'm talking on the phone. It's annoying and very loud. Often I have to ask people to repeat themselves. Any ideas what it is and how to stop it?

  • Tom Jedusor 1
    Tom Jedusor May 2, 2018 Link to comment

    Only thing here I found was that you are a girl who have no idea of using a device like xperia. You should try an iphone or any other childish device

  • James 1
    James Mar 6, 2017 Link to comment

    Number 2 was hilarious and on point! Stamina was awesome. I want my phone to only receive calls and sms when in standby mode. IT DOESN'T WORK!
    I am using a z5 and my battery lasts 6hrs to 8hrs despite stamina being ALWAYS ON! None of that 15% suit for me. I want my phone to go into a literal comma when it goes into standby but noooooooo play services are exempt.

  • Dave 7
    Dave Feb 27, 2016 Link to comment

    Main issue for me is how hot the damn thing gets!!

    Heat + electronics = not good. So still surprised it hasn't died after nearly 2 years of use! 4k video recording is pretty much still a no go due to how hot the device gets. Even the main camera app will close itself if left open too long as the phone gets all nice and toasty.
    On the plus side, makes a great hand warmer if it's freezing outside - just fire up the camera app and toasty fingers after a few minutes....

    As for the other issues - never came across any of those in the 2 years I've had mine.. apart from the stupid flap for charging! But then I've got the stand so even the flap isn't used that often - mainly charging when in the car.

    Tracy SamuelGeoffW

  • 1
    Denver Abaño Jan 12, 2016 Link to comment

    The Use As Wallpaper on my Xperia is nothing like yours, what android version is that? mine's 5.1.1 but is the same as when it was on 5.0

  • Ivan Prskalo 2
    Ivan Prskalo Jan 12, 2016 Link to comment

    You don't use Stamina mode correctly. You shouldn't allow Maps ro be exception. Only maybe Whatsapp should be on that list.
    Smart rotation? Who uses that? And tell me, did smart stay on LG and Samsung worked just fine? No they don't... So it is not xperia issue, it's just not perfect world..
    75%? First time hear about it... I had several xperia devices and 0 of that problems.
    As for wallpaper, just use different app, I see you have Google photos, they stretch pic just fine across the screen.. Or QuicPic or something similar..
    Other issues that are mentioned are just petty annoyances that every device have and they aren't worth mentioning.. Like flap opening.. You dint like flaps? Remove them...

    Cristian Oprea

    • 4
      Cristian Oprea Jan 30, 2016 Link to comment

      This guy is obviously a Sony hater or on Samsung's payroll. I had Galaxy phones and now I own an Xperia Z3. And I am never going back to Samsung and their horrible LagWiz, no matter how many BS articles like this androitpit is going to publish :)

  • 1
    yoppy dp Jan 11, 2016 Link to comment

    You seems new to xperia. :)

  • Knut H 2
    Knut H Jan 10, 2016 Link to comment

    The worst have not been mentioned - like how it "throws" things to your Bluetooth headset, assume that you want to listen to their streaming music when you press any button, and inhibit others. You have to program the synchronisation to a BT watch, as a special A2DP device - and it will then block other e.g. your headset from using this profile.
    Sony must understand quickly the reasons for uninstalling everything related to "the lounge" because the device is good, they trade on the Ericsson past as a phone - we rely on our phones, they are not "Gamegear" or some other thing for amusement. Your article is good - have done just the same.

  • 3
    Paul Sánchez Jan 8, 2016 Link to comment

    I don't know if is an issue or I am doing something wrong, but the photos that I have taken are really inferior in quality comparing to the photos taked with my Galaxy S4.
    In the S4 are really sharp photos, I can make zoom in a picture taked and watch details that are long away, but in my Xperia Z5 compact the boundary of the objects in the photos looks a little blurred.
    Is just me?

    Tracy Samuel

    • 2PeteShakur 3
      2PeteShakur Jan 14, 2016 Link to comment

      yes, there is issue with z3/z5 phones, blurry pictures is a common issue with the lens of camera - in the pictures, blurs at the sides of the pics, try taking pictures of words from a book to see more the blur - to avoid have to use different aspect ratio to take pictures i believe - to fix, have to return to sony for repair /replacement - you must send them evidence of blur otherwise they will might not see any issues, good luck!

  • 2
    Recep Begoğlu Jan 7, 2016 Link to comment

    xperia Z3 android KitKat pulled out the sound very good music, ringtones, video
    Android lollipop update, then fell sound was so bad

  • 5
    omar Jan 6, 2016 Link to comment

    I've been using xperia Z devices since the Z1 was out. So far, I DO NOT HAVE ANY COMPLAINS... in my opinion, sometimes I feel that the reviewers of sony devices are way to demanding in comparison with other flagship devices. I agree that these devices are way to expensive to not receive a close to perfect smartphone, but, take a look at other brands, this xperia "premium" Z devices are one of a kind. In all honesty, for me, my xperia Z3 works like a charm, my only OBSERVATION, and that's way I put it in capitals, because it's and observation, Stamina mode tends to misbehave after several months of use, but that's because I keep on trying different apps. I not consider myself an average user, but neither a power user, and under my hands, my xperia Z3 is my perfect smartphone.

    • 1
      C. McCamto Oct 13, 2019 Link to comment

      Did that z3 compact end it's life with a broken screen, or did the overheating cause the battery to swell until the back broke...and by then replacements wouldn't fit?! I've had z1,z2, z3 compact, 2 XA1's and the Z5 im typing this on. All but the z5 were great but fatally flawed. Every manufacturer, and every phone, has their faults. Some will never go wrong while others will suffer every common fault going. It's the luck of the draw. Sony phones also have annoying little quirks that Sony don't address even though they could. I still go back to Sony every time cos I love their phones, in the same way you love a stinky old dog. The quirks add a unique and perverse charm and character. The fact theyve come so close to perfection makes the small errors and omissions even more noticeable. And annoying.

  • jason jason 2
    jason jason Jan 6, 2016 Link to comment

    For backlight issue I supposed it works on the degree the phone is held. Try tilt it up using your hand and the screen will not going to sleep,i had no problem havng it functioning but it seems useless (lol) since I wished to watch something while leaving my phone lying down zzz
    As for stamina mode I would like to admit in my own experience, its good and I leave it on with no exception apps,since I think all the apps running on background are still on @@ but it gives really perfect battery life in use,
    I am using xperia z3

    Scott Adam Gordonomar

  • 21
    Peter Harwood Jan 6, 2016 Link to comment

    I've had experias for nearly three years, now on z5 there's only one thing that you've said that I've noticed and that is the rotating screen doesn't work properly when your laid flat but that's about it haven't been bothered with any of the other things that you've mentioned, what i have noticed is that they are very good phone's and I'm completely satisfied

    Cristian OpreaScott Adam Gordon

  • 4
    an3a75 Jan 6, 2016 Link to comment

    You know, there's a tiny little magnetic USB cable charger add on (google Magnector on Amazon) , that had me never open a flap ever again. Importing it was so worth it. Needed to buy three tho, to have one everywhere (Z3 compact). As for the data transfer, I use Wifi file Explorer pro. Works like a charm. Some things need loading to PC first, but that's so worth doing inserted of transfer blockage... Thought you might wanna know :)

    Scott Adam Gordon

    • Scott Adam Gordon 31
      Scott Adam Gordon Jan 7, 2016 Link to comment

      Ahhh nice thanks for the tips! Never heard of the Magnector and i'll check out Wi-Fi file explorer!

  • Mikio 4
    Mikio Jan 6, 2016 Link to comment

    I remove the flap of my XPERIA too

    Scott Adam Gordon

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