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5 reasons why the new iPhone SE will be worth the wait

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There is plenty of excitement surrounding the iPhone SE (2020)! While Apple is one company that does pretty well in shrouding its upcoming products in secrecy, new product leaks and rumors concerning the new iPhone SE continue to roll out. Assuming all the rumors and leaks are true, here are five reasons why I am looking forward to the new iPhone SE that is touted to see an April 14 launch. 

The iPhone SE was first announced in March 2016, making it the most affordable iPhone model for those who would like to jump aboard the iOS ecosystem but do not want to pay an arm and a leg for an Apple handset. The device sold  (and aged) well over the years, making it the de facto budget iPhone for many and most probably proved critical in paving the way for many to jump aboard the iOS bandwagon after getting a taste of it. Nearly half a decade down the road, there is much buzz about the iPhone SE's successor, which will also be known as....iPhone SE. Here are five reasons why I am absolutely stoked about the upcoming smartphone's release.

1. The Home button

While I am an avid Android user, there are times when duty calls and I need to cross over to the other side. Having spent 100 days with the iPhone 11 Pro Max, I have grown rather fond of this monstrous beast. There was very little to complain about the iPhone 11 Pro Max although there were moments when I looked wistfully at pictures of older iPhone models and thought of just how nifty it would be to have a Home button that provided haptic feedback to work with. While the iPhone X came with a generous display (in its time), the haptic feedback that accompanied the Home button proved to be the clincher for me. I still remember invoking Reachability by double-tapping the Home button as a genius user interface move from Cupertino. One thing that I do not miss is Touch ID capability as I have grown rather fond of the Face ID security measure, which is something that I sorely missed in other handsets.

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Yes, Eric, that's exactly what I look forward to with the new iPhone SE (2020)! / © NextPit

2. There is no notch

Love it or hate it, the dreaded notch launched a thousand discussion threads on forums everywhere. The notch design proved to be hugely divisive when it appeared on the iPhone X. That is a design language that I can live without, and I am pleased to note that the new iPhone SE (2020) will most probably skip the notch as well. While some people might have gotten used to the notch over the years, I still find it to be a distraction, especially when I am enjoying a movie and cannot take full advantage of the entire display, or times when the notch interrupts the visual flow when I am using certain apps. Of course, there is a trade-off that I would gladly take to see the notch disappear, and a 4.7-inch or 5.5-inch display works fine for me.

AndroidPIT iPhone X 6001
Looking forward to it: A new iPhone without a huge notch. / © NextPit

3. It is lightweight, baby!

The iPhone SE (2020) is all set to be light - perhaps even in price! Pick up any of the older iPhones and you will be pleasantly surprised at just how much smaller they are. The iPhone 11 Pro Max is an obvious monster when it comes to its size (while earning some unflattering nicknames along the way), sporting a large display and a thick chassis that results in an unsightly bulge in your pocket. The iPhone 8 is a whole lot lighter in comparison, tipping the scales at 148 grams right out of the box. I find this to be the ideal weight that makes it comfortable enough to lug around without taking up too much space in my pocket. I do hope that the iPhone SE (2020) will fall within that range where its weight is concerned, although the inclusion of newer components might see a slight increase.

4. Nothing beats the look (and feel) of aluminum

The iPhone XR carefully balanced the use of aluminum and glass, making it a design masterclass. Here's to the new iPhone SE arriving in a somewhat similar setup as the budget iPhone for this generation. Lovely to hold in the hand without feeling as though it is going to slip away from you any time, it is nice to see an older design make a comeback. However, if there is an entire aluminum unibody design, be prepared to have the new iPhone SE look aged and battle-worn if you happen to be a rough user who does not believe in a protective case. My iPhone XR's aluminum frame came out looking worse for the wear after just one drop while outside, although the glass surfaces did not crack.

AndroidPIT iPhone 8 Plus vs Samsung Galaxy Note 8 3363
The sight of aluminum sends tingles down my spine - I am looking forward to it! / © NextPit

5. The price is right

When it comes to paying a premium price tag for a new smartphone, nobody does it better than Apple. New iPhone releases continue to raise the bar, where you can purchase a decent working laptop with a whole lot of money left over. In the past, I was able to pick up a new iPhone by selling my outgoing iPhone model and topping the sale proceeds with another 20 percent. Bear in mind this works for me because I took immaculate care of my handset, not to mention it was a hugely popular and in-demand model.

While the new iPhone SE will not replace my current flagship smartphone, there is still the feeling of owning a piece of luxury tech in my pocket that brings a smile of satisfaction to my face. When the movement restriction order or lockdown is finally lifted up, I do look forward to picking up the new iPhone SE for a speculated price tag of approximately $399. I am thankful to be able to own a piece of affordable luxury even in such economically turbulent times.

Do you think that Apple will announce the new iPhone SE when April 14 rolls around? After all, with most of the world experiencing a lockdown, snaking queues and those who camp outside an Apple store for days on end will not be something that we will see this time. It would be interesting to see how the new iPhone SE will be marketed, and whether online sales and delivery will be the new normal. Chances are it will run on the A13 Bionic chipset which powers the current iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro, a decent display and iOS 13/iOS 14 without having to break the bank. Certainly, this should be encouragement enough to pick up the device for those who are looking for a new device.

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    No I phone is ever worth the wait, or the money they cost

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