5 great new apps to try this week

5 great new apps to try this week

Google's Play Store is so full of applications that it's not always easy to find the ones that are really worth a try, but developers go to great lengths to create new ones that are both useful and fun. We have selected our five favorite new applications suggested by our editors and community. It's time to reveal our best new apps of the week!

Bubble Selector

This game was presented on our forum by its developer. The principle is simple: you see several colorful circles on the screen and you have to tap the one with a different color from the rest. Of course, you have to act as quickly as possible - the wrong answers make you lose time and when it's up, you lose the game.

In practice, the game is not as simple as it seems to be, and although the beginning is particularly easy (who wouldn't notice a yellow circle in the middle of red, orange and purple circles?), more difficulties appear as the game progresses.

androidpit bubbleselector
In theory very simple, in practice not so much. / © NextPit

Get it on Google Play.


This application adds AI filters to your photos to give them a style inspired by modern Japanese art, the developer referring to artists such as Hokusai and Hiroshige. Many filters are available, and while it's a matter of taste whether the particular aesthetics appeal to you, we found some really fantastic ones playing around with this neat app in the office. 

androidpit japonismes
Everyone has their own style! / © ANDROIDPIT

Get it on Google Play.


SenSense has quite the original concept. First of all, it is not played alone but with 3 players, which means you must have 2 friends on hand (or available for visual and audio communication online). You can then create a game or join an existing one. Hints will appear on the screen and players will have to communicate together to find a solution. The problem is that one of the players is deaf, the other blind, and the last mute, so saying that communication is difficult is an understatement. Worse still, there's a timer! These complications and the multiplayer aspect make it quite a fun and very interesting game to play with family or friends.

androidpit SenSense
One of you hears a cat, the other a dog, the third sees this screen: what to do? / AndroidPIT

Get in on Google Play.

Sensor Charts

As the name suggests, this application offers you graphs (and numbers) on all your sensors. Whether it is the brightness of the screen, the battery and its temperature, the compass or another sensor, or even something else like RAM, the application offers you to monitor the status in real time. While many users hope their phone 'just works' without thinking too much about it, more technical ones and anyone who is more curious about the inner workings of their device will appreciate the information.

Get it on Google Play.

Linn: Path of Orchards

Crescent Moon games has added a new title to their catalogue of excellent mobile games. Linn: Path of Orchards is a platformer with a twist: as you run and jump around, the game world itself is turning and changing to pose extra challenges for your wits and reactions. Presented in an excellent style and well-balanced for that combination of challenge and satisfaction, this cunning platformer is well worth your time.

Get it on Google Play.

Have you found any great new apps this week? Recommend them in the comments!

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    Deactivated Account Feb 24, 2019 Link to comment

    Not a new app though, "Melody Sense Pro - Powered by hand gestures" by TeamPixel is a great music player which utilizes the power of a smartphone's proximity sensor to enable the user to change songs using a simple hand gesture. The music player is well designed, free from major bugs, has all the necessary features, and is under steady development. Currently it has less than 100 downloads.

    The app has great potential and urgently requires some limelight. 😊

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