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100 days with the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip: not for the faint-of-heart

AndroidPIT Samsung Galaxy Z Flip screen
© nextpit

I feel like a beauty pageant winner, catching everybody's attention wherever I turn to. People whom I don't know actually stop and turn their heads, approaching me shyly with a fixated gaze that is full of curiosity and a burning desire to touch me. Indeed, I am something very special. I am the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip.

If the foldable Samsung smartphone could talk, it would definitely spout something along those lines. This device is definitely something special right from the get-go. I sensed this right away when I snatched it from my colleague's desk drawer, and took it from David while turning it into my possession for a long-term test. The Galaxy Z Flip certainly delivers tech fans a solid, sweet kick, and from time to time you actually become self-aware that you are actually having inner monologues that give birth to memories of the madness which Gollum from "The Lord of the Rings" suffered from when someone else wants to take my Z Flip from my hands. My precious!

And indeed, one must take good care of this piece of treasure. When one rides public transport and hangs out at all of the other places where there are lots of people, it is guaranteed that this smartphone will attract attention immediately. It is somehow 2007 all over again, and I am holding an innovative device in my hand to which many people react with positive enthusiasm. The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip still creates the "iPhone effect" months after its release.

The Galaxy Z Flip attracts attention

"Herbert, look at what that woman has there," said the skinny lady at the Berlin-Tegel airport to her chubby husband. The couple, approximately 50 years old, was separated from me by five empty seats. Using one of his rotund fingers, Herbert pushed his glasses into place in order to obtain a better look and I instantly felt his gaze making their way into my hands. He looked at the relatively small digital device that somewhat resembles a compact powder case, although this one does not feature make-up but showed off my Twitter timeline instead. "Yeah, yeah, I know that one. These are definitely new toys. We do not need one, Inge." He then pushed a stylus out of his fat fist and scrolled on a Galaxy S6 that was wrapped in a brown leather case. Inge was thrilled and stared at the Galaxy Z Flip for a few more moments. I could sense her longing. "But Herbert..." her voice trailed off. She wants this device. No, she needs it now.

AndroidPIT Samsung Galaxy Z Flip logo
The Galaxy Z Flip is an eye-catcher for smartphone fans. / © NextPit

This is how the story unfolded in Berlin, and owners of the Z Flip also have to be prepared for more obvious gawking and staring each time they open and close this tiny technological miracle in public. In the midst of this pandemic, the foldable smartphone ensures that fellow human beings are able to drop their guard, make a minor adjustment to their face mask, and simply ask questions. That is so un-German, so it does take some getting used to. Most people who are interested in the Galaxy Z Flip happen to be elderly, although to be fair, I have seen many young women and big city hipsters in particular, who simply wanted to know more about the smartphone and approached me with quiet confidence.

I can't blame them. This smartphone is also a fashion accessory. And if we weren't living at a time when everyone is extra cautious about touching things because they do not want to get their fingers dirty, most people on the bus and train would have loved to take it away from me for a moment. To simply hold it in their own hands, to open it once and close it over and over again. Those were beautiful moments. Technology connects people together; and this is a prime example of how a smartphone may just get rid of your loneliness after all.

At some point, I freaked out

But throughout my 100 days spent with the Galaxy Z Flip, it was not all plain sailing as I did not experience beautiful moments at all times. While the smartphone is a great fashion accessory that everyone wants to talk about, the Z Flip does not do much when closed. The Z Flip is shy, sometimes you want to shake it: "Why won't you talk to me?" The small pill-shaped display shows off notifications and appointments or calls in real-time. Nevertheless, every single day, I suffered from a panicky feeling of missing out on something important. To be notified of any developments is especially important in my profession, so the tiny display does not do much for me. As a private person, I would also like to have some peace and quiet.

AndroidPIT Samsung Galaxy Z Flip closed
The mini display shows off some information, but it is too small for my requirements. / © NextPit

The balance of my time spent with the Galaxy Z Flip happened to be a downer. Three calls from my boss went unnoticed, in addition to a few WhatsApp calls. However, a quick disclaimer: I have to say that I always keep my smartphones and all other devices on silent mode and I do not like to rely on vibration feedback. I simply opt to regularly tap the display of my iPhone in order to take a cursory glance at what are the latest happenings in my digital world as well as anyone who might want to get something from me. Whenever I make a call, the large display lights up. This is not the case with the Galaxy Z Flip. Flip, flip, flip, flip. All day, several times. There is no rest or peaceful feeling when it's closed. The design simply isn't for me. It drives me crazy. At some point, I even freaked out.

And that's a pity, because the Galaxy Z Flip beguiled me so much at the beginning and fascinated me, that I thought about making the switch again over to the Android platform. But all the folding (and unfolding) involved in addition to the Android operating system convinced me relatively quickly that I am at heart, an iOS user. The operating system that makes me want to make the jump has yet to be developed.

But I can well imagine that Android users who also like the mobile operating system will have loads of fun with the Galaxy Z Flip. It operates so smoothly and I also like the long slim design that is aesthetically pleasing. The smartphone itself feels so soft against my skin, and is incredibly easy to use with just a single hand. It is so soft and buttery, I wish my iPhone could give me this sensual yet nerdy experience, too.

AndroidPIT Samsung Galaxy Z Flip side
The fold in the middle is almost forgotten after a short time of use. / © NextPit

It simply goes on and on...

The Galaxy Z Flip's display feels just as elegantly good - despite the noticeable kink in the middle, which you get used to in a surprisingly short amount of time. I think that Samsung has made a big hit with the display of the Galaxy Z Flip, and even after presumably thousands of folding action, I can't find any signs of wear in the area of the fold or hinge.

This treasure, this queen in the crowd, is a guaranteed attention seeker and bewitches smartphone fans with its elegant form factor and reliable hardware underneath the hood. The Galaxy Z Flip is not for the shy. You can read up all about the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip in our extensive review by David.

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  • Simone Costi Sep 19, 2020 Link to comment

    I would like to replace my old LG V30 with a Samsung Galaxy Z Flip, but my dad says that I should take a Galaxy Note 20 Ultra instead. What should I do?

    Deactivated Account

    • marco sarli
      • Admin
      Sep 21, 2020 Link to comment

      Buy a decent phone for one third or less of the price. It will do exactly the same things, have the same functions and you will not look like you want to show off

      • Simone Costi Sep 21, 2020 Link to comment

        At this point, I would better to keep my LG V30, which works well, for a while. Then, I would just need to find someone that can install a Custom ROM on it for me. Otherwise, I would be stuck with a bad-optimized version of Android 9.

  • marco sarli
    • Admin
    Sep 19, 2020 Link to comment

    Personally I do not like and do not want to attract attention. But if that is what makes you tick...

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