Poll results: nearly a quarter of you are missing out on Google Now's greatness

Poll results: nearly a quarter of you are missing out on Google Now's greatness

Last week we asked whether you use Google Now and you answered in your thousands. This poll garnered a lot of interest, and part of the reason appears to be that Google Now is a divisive topic. Nearly two-thirds of the votes were cast by either very frequent users or those who didn't use Google Now at all. You can take a look at the full results below.

do you use google now poll 3
The results of our Do you use Google Now poll. / © ANDROIDPIT

It's interesting that 23 percent of people don't use Google Now at all. The service has been a big focus for Google for a number of years, and Apple and Microsoft have put a lot of effort into their alternative services too. Yet, nearly a quarter of those polled have no interest in it. 

However, more than 60 percent of people polled use it pretty regularly, and in excess of 40 percent seem to downright love it. This number will surely grow once Android 6.0 Marshmallow, with its even more impressive Google Now on Tap functions, becomes more widespread. But for now, we still think a lot of users are missing out on some delicious shortcuts.

Look out for our next poll at the weekend and let us know in the comments what you think about the results of this one.

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  • I use Google Now day in day out. I rarely need to go for my contact list. When I need to call someone I just say Ok Google, call someone and most of the time it goes for the right person in my contact list and does the thing. Besides, I don't even need to have the number in my contact list. For some places, you can try: ok google, call "name of the company, shop or store" and it will go for it on the web and do the trick again. So. That alone would be a reason not to dismiss google Now. Of course it doesn't work flawlessly all the time. But it does most of the time. Frequently enough to use it before you go for your screen and look for that app that does that thing. Other things: wake me up at 3 o clock. And if it is in the afternoon it will understand that I mean 13:00. Or navigate to "some place" and google maps will open, find a route and start telling you the way.

  • Bosman Jan 24, 2016 Link to comment

    It would be nice if they'd let me use it 😕 Damn country restrictions

  • I love it but reminders come in late and sometimes not at all and pisses me off D: At least Google Keep fixes it.

  • That's how I know you can't swipe the cards to the left to get rid of them in Marshmallow.

  • Disabled to boost battery life a lot! It's preinstalled and can't be hibernated!

  • storm Jan 15, 2016 Link to comment

    Google Now gets better with time as it learns your habits. It's good at monitoring traffic and notifying me of travel times to appointments so I'm not late. This is particularly handy as there are four other people's calendars that feed into mine. Most of it's default navigation popups are useless, I agree. I already know how I'm getting where I'm going around town. But the traffic monitoring is a godsend.

    I enjoy the news and event cards it shows me. It took longer than I'd have liked before it figured out I don't care about sports. And it keeps trying to assign Costco as my Work location even though I work from home. I've manually set work to Home, but Now thinks it knows better on occasion.

  • How can i miss it greatness if it never shows me useful info?

    I tried it a couple of times and it showed me multiple navigation options to restaurants that I found through Google but never made a reservation. It showed me how to drive to my work (why would I need navigation for that). It showed me that there where no traffic delays to my work (the never happen).

    Besides that it only showed me the weather

  • Im still triyng to get used to it but its not that usefull for me let wait gor google now on tap to see

  •   18
    Deactivated Account Jan 15, 2016 Link to comment

    Google now is very simple & nothing new to explore means there is not much scope for customizing. That's bad.

  • Interesting! 23% That's quite a number!

  • Ah ah, Google Now, what a joke after its "logo" renewal!
    After that, cards display with very small font, are no more dismissable swiping left, the search bar is at the center of the screen wasting precious space, there's no more a way to avoid tapping a second time just to start using the search bar with the keyboard, and if you disable the cards then it permanently shows a card staying that you may activate cards...
    Not just a joke, but a broken design at its very heart.

    • I can and do dismiss cards by swiping left, the search bar is one of the main elements of Google now. For searching for information you can't beat Google now. It gives me a easy way to track parcels, appointments and my daily agenda, it presents me with route information for my appointments, and provides me with news relevant to me.

      Granted im still not 100% for voice commands but the more I use and play around with voice the better it gets.
      The only downside is that I don't have Marshmallow so can't get the new features.

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