Poll: What is the ideal phone size?

Poll: What is the ideal phone size?

Smartphones seem to be growing in size every year. Nearly gone are the days of easy one-handed operation – flagship phones have stretched to around six inches. But what do you think the ideal size for a phone is? Read below to cast your vote. 

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Have you ever struggled to put a phablet in your pocket because it was too big? Or perhaps you can't use your phone with one hand while carrying shopping bags in the other. Remember that more screen real estate means photos and videos are larger and more content can be packed into the display. And more pixels can be awesome, as Sony's Xperia Z5 Premium shows with its 4K display

So what phone size do you think is ideal? Cast your vote below and let us know what you think. We'll publish the results next week. Let's see what the preferred phone size is for AndroidPIT readers. 

What is the ideal phone display size?
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Let us know if you think phones are getting too big, or if they're just right. Comment below to tell us your thoughts. 

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  • I've found the Sony Z5 to be the perfect size big enough to see and small enough to use with one hand, plus it fits snuggly in my shirt breast pocket brilliant phone

  • Bret Feb 2, 2016 Link to comment

    Why do we think there is an ideal size? It's like transportation. There are different uses for how one uses a vehicle. We have a large car for trips to the store, family outings and such. We have a smaller car for our commute to work. I use a larger phone because I like video and do lots of email, whereas my child has better eye sight and only uses things like snapchat.

  • I have samsung note 5.and i love 5.7 screen. I'll buy samsung note 6 and i love if it will be more than 5.7.
    I have used all the samsung galaxy series from samsung s2 to till now.now i m badly waiting for samsung s7.

  • Galaxy S4 to S6 is about as good as it gets for me. My wife on the other hand who is short with dainty little hands refuses to use anything larger than an iPhone 5S which makes the current crop of phones over the last two years to be annoyingly large for her.

  • 5" maximum. I want to be able to use it with one hand. it's not a tablet.
    and it should fit in my pocket.
    so 5" maximum; it's also the reason why I still didnt move away from my S4; I really wanted the new Nexus, buts its simply TOO large.

  • 6-6.3 no bezels!

  • The Samsung Galaxy S2 was as big a phone as I would like. I've since had 2 slightly smaller phones an S4 Mini and my current Sony Xperia Z5 Compact. If a phone is too big to fit in the breast pocket of my shirt then it's too bulky.

  • I have a Samsung Galaxy S5 but personally I think my old S4 was the absolute sweet spot.

  • My excellent Samsung Galaxy S5 is as large as I need, able to hold and type with one hand, though swiping at the top left corner is not so easy. It's the perfect size for reading and typing.

    Peace ✌

  • 5.2''. On smaller phones I find it hard to type on the screen, but larger ones don't fit as nice in a pocket.

  • For me is ideal size 5 to5.2" that you can use it with one hand.

  • How can any of us say what the best size a phone should be? I much prefer the iPhone 6+ because of it's size (rather than the smaller versions of iPhone.) What is right for me might not be right for someone else. We have so many cars to choose from - different kinds of foods - it's about personal preference of course.

  • For me ideal size would be 6.3" and 6.8". I don't see anything bigger than 5.7" in survey. I used Galaxy Note with 5.7" screen and it's too small.

  • Phone size is no longer much relevant to screen size, iPhone plus is bigger still has smaller screen than note 5. I like screen size between 5.5 - 6" if phone is not considerably large, but ideal screen size is between 5 to 5.2".

  • Anything bigger than the Galaxy s5 is too big for me. Pocketability is important in a phone.

  • 5.1". The avg between 5 and 5.2" and the screen size of the S6! Perfect!
    But the size of an LG G4 is the maximum limit for my single hand usage while S6 is a good balance!

  • I want to choose two but I chose 5.2 cause its not too small. My other screen size is 5.5 cause I like big phones.

  • Toin Jan 30, 2016 Link to comment

    i vote for 6 inches. that is the ideal size for my screen. love it to watch movies and photographs.

  • 5,2 ch nothing more.For me its ugly when i see boy or girl with 70kilos and phone with almost 6ch.I have 5ch phone and i dont wanna change screen size.!

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