Poll: Do you use Google Now?

Poll: Do you use Google Now?

It took me a few years to get on board with Google Now, but now I use it every week. There is no doubt that the service has improved since its introduction – it now has more than 100 recognized phrases and is integrated with popular apps such as WhatsApp. It’s more impressive than ever, but is it impressive enough for you to make it part of your life?

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Some important Google Now memes. / © ANDROIDPIT

Google Now on Tap is available to only a chosen few until the delicious butter that is Android 6.0 Marshmallow spreads further, but even on Lollipop, I still use Google Now regularly.

What I want to know is, do you use Google Now? And if so, how often?

Do you use Google Now?
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Let me know in the comments what Google Now function you find most useful. I use it most when I want to take a nap but am too tired to reach for my phone. I just whisper a little message in its ear telling it to wake me in an hour instead. Beautiful.

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  • I consider Google Now to be malware. It pops up unbidden on my phone. It completely takes it over, disabling the Home button so I can not access any other app. There seems to be no way to close it other than restarting or shutting down your phone. This is the worst thing Google has ever done.

  •   18
    Deactivated Account Jan 12, 2016 Link to comment

    Limited customization. Nothing new to explore.

  • I am in-between cant get enough and use it once a week.

  • I have been using it regularly but so far it is not very useful for me. Google Now doesn't recognize Indian English very easily so can't use the voice commands but other functionalities like daily schedule/weather/driving directions/commute time are useful for me.

  • Google Now is good feature to have.

  • I'm mainly using it for searching Google, I've tried using it to set reminders but I've found setting it manually is still easier. I use the Google now page for checking my schedule and tracking packages.

    Though as yet it still doesn't feel right making voice commands. I don't like that for instance I can only use Google music for voice commands. I've tried using Samsung Voice as well for control of native apps but it's not a solution.

    I'm not worried about Big brother listening or snooping, I have all the Google Settings to on (location/app usage/backups etc), though I can understand if your engaged in dodgy behaviour then don't use voice commands (you really shouldn't be using a smartphone).

    I think Google now can only get better, with the improvements in Marshmallow and better interaction with car entrainment systems and Android TVs voice commands should start to feel more comfortable and natural. Also with more and more Internet gadgets for the home it makes sense.

  • I am not using Google now, but not thinking it is a rubbish, Google now launcher is a best and I am using.

  • I use it every day. I use OK Google for reminders, to set a timer for cooking or laundry, to navigate to somewhere when driving or to ask a question. I also configured it for my interests, so it shows topics around the web on those topics. I think she's awesome.

    • If you're into this... The droid pit, they themselves put out an article not long ago about the pratfalls of OK Google, citing government involvement, which is why I stated that this is a personal issue one I'd rather not comment on, because I don't appreciate my government knowing more about me than I know about myself

      • In fact there are many cites and apps that voluntarily work with our government providing them with more information than they require

  • Tried it a few times but it isn't useful for me

  • storm Jan 10, 2016 Link to comment

    I use the Google Now Launcher too. Clean, simple, powerful. Great tools, both app and launcher.

  • Luka Jan 9, 2016 Link to comment

    Every single day. Although it's NOT available in my country I found a very easy way without root to enable it on 5.1.1 Lollipop on the S6. Much easier than on KitKat on my Galaxy Tab 4
    Simple deleting of Google Framework's and Play services' data, enabling Google Now and restarting the phone will do the job :D

  • Every single day. It's making life much easier. Like a virtual companion.

  • I wouldn't say "every week" is a lot of using an app....

  • I'm getting "dumber", 'cause Google Now is so intelligent, it's scary.

  • Reminders, particularly location-based, are the most frequent thing I do with Google Now. I even initiate them from my Bluetooth headset as I'm walking.
    I slide over to the Google Now panel on my phone numerous times a day as well...

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