IDKFA: Get the Original Doom APK for Android [Update]

IDKFA: Get the Original Doom APK for Android [Update]

I was pretty overjoyed the other day to see Original Doom appear in Google Play to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the most epic first person shooter ever to creep the hell out a generation of young computer nerds (myself included). The gameplay was involving, the sound effects chilling and the game brought a new love of chainsaws to many impressionable kids. But no sooner had it arived in the Play Store than it vanished, like so many New Year's Eve brain cells. Never mind if you missed it, because we have the APK below. Update: the title has returned to the Play Store under a new name. Install button is below.

doom android
As quickly as Original Doom came to Android, it was removed again. / © ID Software

The game was ported to Android by Eltechs, and while there are already a million other Doom versions on the platform, this Doom was much better than most. The controls were a bit weird, but they were good enough to relive the early days of FPS and easy enough to get used to. The look and feel of the game was spot on though, with great sound effects (but patchy heavy metal soundtrack for some devices).

We're not sure why the title was pulled from the Play Store, but we expect it has something to do with the .wad files (that ID Software still owns). In any case, with a little searching around you can still get the Original Doom APK. It may well reappear on the Play Store if the .wad files are removed too.

Doom Screenshot
Sure, the graphics aint so great nowadays, but Doom is a classic for good reason. / © XboxWorld

If you have installed Original Doom, the game only lets you play the first title in the series, but if you already have licensed versions of Doom on your PC you can simply use the .wad files from there and add them to the Android directory, opening up the full trilogy. Here's how to do it:

1. Backup the .wad file in your Android/data/com.eltechs.originaldoom/ directory

2. Remove the .wad file from your Android directory.

3. Copy all of the .wad files from your PC-based Doom directory and paste them into your Android directory.

Did you install Original Doom? Have you accessed the full trilogy by switching out the .wad files?

[Update: 11:15 PM 05.01.14 Berlin time]

Eltechs just let us know that Doom has been returned to the Play Store under the name Doom by Eltechs. If you haven't already installed this epic classic, do so now!


Source: Eltechs

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  • The original, now hard-to-find .apk file, along with the shareware version of Doom, can be downloaded here:

  • We was too "original" and GP team interpret that as Impersonation and Deceptive Behavior

  • Hi.

    10 days ago we launched Original DOOM and got 40 000 downloads in the first week. But unfortunately, Original DOOM was suspended on Play Market several days ago because of legal issues :(
    We have fixed legal issues and now we on Play Market again! But unfortunately we had to upload new apk with new name - Doom by Eltechs - and with new link:

    • Hey thanks for the new link and for the update. Glad you got back in the Play Store. Can you share what the problem was? Was it the wad files or some intellectual property/assets legal problems? Is the new APK any different (for those who have the original)?

  • Get brutal doom working with sixaxis/gamepad support and you'll have me impressed

  • IDDQD. Game on!

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