New Nexus phones lack wireless charging because Google thinks we are stupid

New Nexus phones lack wireless charging because Google thinks we are stupid

If IKEA is investing in it, it's safe to say it's ready for the mainstream. And yet Google has taken a sudden U-turn on the wireless charging of smartphones, having omitted it from the Nexus 5X and Nexus 6P. It's a bizarre move, and the reason Google gives for it is even more bizarre.

The two new Nexus smartphones do not support the Qi standard that allows smartphones to be charged wiresslessly, a feature that was present on the Nexus 6 and even the Nexus 5. Qi charging functionality is commonplace among many of this year’s flagships, and Samsung included it in all of its 2015 flagship phones.

What has prompted Googles's sudden change of heart on wireless charging? Does the company have a new vision of the future? Far from it, if you believe Android Vice President of Engineering Hiroshi Lockheimer’s explanation in a recent Reddit Ask Me Anything thread.

Nexus Qi charger
Google's wireless charging pad. / © Google

First world problems

Lockheimer said: "We added Qi wireless charging starting with N4 because plugging in USB micro B was such a hassle! (Which way is up!?) With this year’s Nexii, we support USB Type-C, which has a reversible connector, so there’s no more guessing. AND it charges incredibly swiftly: 1 percent to 100 percent in 97 mins on the 6P for example (the first ~45 mins of charging is especially fast).

"Meanwhile, wireless charging adds z (thickness). So, ease of plugging in + fast charging + optimizing for thinness made us double down on Type-C instead of wireless!"

Yes, you read that correctly. One of the most prominent figures in Google’s Android engineering team has claimed that Qi wireless charging was implemented because figuring out the right way to plug a cable into a smartphone was “a hassle”. Seriously? There are only two ways you can try to plug it in! And it’s not as though getting it wrong would break your device or lock you out of the system. If you try to plug it in the wrong way, you can just rotate it and plug it in the correct way.

Google is not the first manufacturer to grossly overstate this 'problem' in order to use it as an (outrageous) argument in favor of USB Type-C, which can be plugged into a device no matter which way the connector is facing. What this tells me is that Google thinks we are too stupid to charge a smartphone.

Nexus Qi charging
Nexus 5X (left) and Nexus 6P break with the tradition of Qi. / © Google

Think about it

Before you cry foul and say that Lockheimer really meant faster loading speeds and thinness were the major arguments for using USB type-C, remember this: wireless charging was slower than cabled charging even in the Nexus 5 and Nexus 6, and yet it was still implemented. The Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge, which feature Qi wireless charging, are also thinner, shorter and narrower than than the Nexus 5X and Nexus 6P – Qi charging doesn't always increase the size of a device size beyond what is acceptable for a smartphone.

If we dissolve those arguments, stupidity of the end-user is the only credible portion of Lockheimer's statement, because the only variable that has changed is USB Type-C's reversible connector . But I don’t really believe that either.

Samsung Galaxy S6 edge Qi Wireless Charging
Manufacturers such as Samsung enable quick-charging and Qi charging. / © Samsung

What is the real reason behind the absence of Qi?

There will have been other reasons behind the decision to omit wireless charging, but it usually comes down to time or money or both – which would actually have been perfectly acceptable reasons. 

My problem is not that Qi charging has been left off the new Nexus phones – honestly, it's a luxury I’d rather not have to pay for. I don’t see the need to spend an additional 50 bucks on a gadget to place between the wall outlet and my smartphone for the convenience of not having to plug it in either. (Though Google might find it hard to believe, I can work out the complex plug-in charging system that smartphones currently employ.)

My problem is the patronizing excuse from Lockheimer.

In the recent technology history, wireless connectivity has been a major goal. Google is nothing if not a future-oriented tech company and I don’t for a second believe it is abandoning wireless charging because USB-Type C connectors are reversible, or because it makes devices too thick. It might be gone for this round of Nexus phones, but it will be back.

What do you think of Lockheimer’s Qi charging arguments? Are you disappointed at the lack of wireless charging in the new Nexus devices? Let us know in the comments.

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  • Ersu Sep 4, 2017 Link to comment

    solution would be so easy, put an raised image and a coloured dot on one side of the plug, eventually you'll work out that the side of the plug with the image belongs on the screen side. Also the connector is gold plated pins on a PC board. It would simply be easy to make the connector a stainless steel connector, you could even have made the port missing the middle ceramic, and the port large enough to accept the cable both ways with a magnet to keep it in place and a full bridge rectifier so the cable worked in either way it was inserted? I suspect the true answer lies with LG who made the phone?

  • How many people have broken their charging port, especially on phones > 5", because it was yanked by a charging cable? The port is on a daughter board secured by one screw and two connectors, but you still have to go through -glued on- covers.

  • Jon L. Apr 26, 2017 Link to comment

    My wife is smart, but lazy. She was always attempting to plug in her phone and tablets incorrectly, and if the correct orientation didn't plug in smoothly, she would keep rotating the device and trying the opposite orientation, without bothering to look at which side had the pins...
    She is a typical lay person in this regard, not extremely tech savvy, not detail oriented.
    I can totally see Google's argument for mini-USB being a total hassle, and thus a good reason to have Qi charging.

    I do also agree it's b.s. that Google couldn't add Qi charging without increasing phone thickness/weight noticeably, *but* if USB-C introduced some kind of wrinkle re: Qi charging that couldn't be solved at the time, that would make sense... Most likely they were just trying to cut out less commonly used features to maximize profit though.

    I'm loving having wireless charging again, on my S8+. Great phone...

  • I agree...just bought 5x and assumed (incorrectly) it would charge wirelessly...never assume!!!! A bummer for me

  • We ARE that stupid. Even car manufactures are putting wireless charging in some of it's higher end cars (and I can be it will be in mid level sooner then we thing WINK). I have the S7 edge. I love it and guess what google, it also can be charged via USB and fast charge at that. So, don't be thinking everyone is going to be sticking the new USB docking stations in our cars. So, you can take your "we know better" attitude and shove it. I got the phone for my wife and she doesn't care one way or the other. But when 2 of my old kids asked about getting the Nexus 5x, I said NO. He11 no. Not just because of the wireless charging feature lack there of, but PF is over priced. I'll stick to my unlimited Sprint plans from the late 2000's and stick with Samsung or HTC. 2 kids have apple but seems google is drinking from the same well as Apple. They want to TELL US what WE want instead of listening to what we are really saying.

  • Gav Oct 1, 2016 Link to comment

    Hmm Google saved a dollar or so per unit
    An serious annoyance that Qi is missing on the 5x, nearly didn't buy the 5x for my partner and I didn't for me.
    Without Qi the USB Type-C is physically more robust and makes it much easier to connect especially in low light and for those with low visual acuity, I think Type C is good progress. That said I was travelling in Europe May/June 2016 and finding a spare USB Type C charge cable was a problem, now aftermarket cables and converters can be found.
    It is very convenient to put my phone (Samsung) on the Qi charger whilst sitting at the desk at the office or on the Qi stand by the bed to charge and use as an alarm clock
    Thickness is a rubbish reason the Qi charge coils and associated circuitry add very little thickness and seem to fit in the 5x case from the hacks I've seen.

  • It's sad but I really do think some people are that stupid. So for Google in order to be fair to everyone including the really really stupid people they decided to solve the issue like this. They are not calling us stupid only those who would have a problem figuring out a charger.

  • The usb C argument is absurd. The biggest hassle with micro usb isn't getting it right side up, it is the requirement to line it up with absolute precision to fit in a slot with sharp square edges it will catch on if not lined up right. They didn't fix that at all with usb C. I see on amazon a $15 usb C to wireless pad you can plug into the phone and stick under a case (if it is flexible enough). It even claims to support fast wireless charging. You can be sure I'll get one if I get a new phone without wireless charging.

  • The Achilles heel to all androids is the charging port. I have had numerous phones that still work like new, but will not charge because a fraction of a grain of salt has distorted the charging port, rendering the phone useless. Wireless charging has solved this issue. Now we are back to square one. another phone that will not charge. BOOOO

  • I'm looking to upgrade my N5 after 2.5 years as the battery life is now becoming an issue and the camera seems to have deteriorated. I find it difficult to accept that if I upgrade to the 6P I won't have Qi wireless charging as I have just got a new car with a wireless charging point (which I paid extra for!) that I will no longer be able to make use of. I know it is not a major deal but dropping such a good feature IMO is going to cost a number of loyal Nexus customers possibly including myself.

    • +1. And I can't believe adding the Qi coil costs that much. I have an LG G2 from at&t and added the Qi coil to it, plugged it into the USB port and put the aftermarket case back on. For a buck and a half I got Qi charging but it would be nice if it was built into the phone so the USB port would be accessible for connecting to the PC to add and remove music or change ROMs. I assume adding the Qi coil to the phone and manufacturing it with the coil would not cost much more than the $1.50 it took to add it on and tape it to the back of the phone. Even if they added $10 to the cost of the phone, it would still add a feature many people would want and I doubt they'd lose any sales if the phone sold for another ten bucks.

  • I thought of getting a Nexus 5x phone, but now I'm not sure. In my country there is a little different sort of plug so I wouldn't plug my new phone because of that. I can't change the plug because there's no type C selling around, and I can't plug it in a computer because I don't have type C support on it neither. So... waiting for Nexus 2016 :/

  • The Qi wireless charging is something else that the author has overlooked. I just replaced by Nexus 4 (yes, in 2016, it has been a fine phone) with a refurb Nexus 5 (yes, in 2016, it's a finer phone, and the $160 price tag was swell), partly to keep pocket space reasonable, and yes Qi charging to use the 4 (count 'em) Nexus wireless chargers I have at home and work.

    Why so many? I hardly ever plug in my phone. Why? Just set it on a pad or orb and let it top off. At the office, where I get up regularly for meetings, and use the phone to connect to a web or phone conference, the phone is a necessary tool. That gets used. That runs down the battery. So dropping it on a charger is a benefit that I reap daily.

    Take that away, and I get miffed. Tell me my $80 or so invested in chargers[1] is a write-off, and I get really miffed. Tell me I really should go BACKWARDS to plugging in all the time, and I'm ticked off. Bite me, Google. Give me the wireless charging that you sold me on in 2012 and 2013, or I'll go elsewhere. Hmph!

    [1] So many people were disappointed in the 2012 Nexus charging orbs, I picked some up for less than $20 each, no kidding. And got a WCP-300 (LG's 2012 self-branded puck) for $10. The ability to pick my phone up, put it down, pick it up, put it down, and then run out for errands with a still nearly-full charge, is priceless.

  • I don't care why. When I buy a premium quality phone, I expect it to have all the latest tech avalable. And yes guys, I too hate that the camera is sticking out. Jesus, just make the phone back straight and give us wireless charging!
    This is the only reason that I do not own this phone right now.

    Wireless charging is genius. It's never hard to plug in a usb. But when you are in a hurry, distracted or bizzy, you sometimes don't. Or simply don't have two free hands. Later when going out and find the phone battery is almost out. Those times is always a hassle. But with wireless it is never any harder to charge than putting the phone away, and you can always do it with one hand! This is why you implement wireless. It's convenient. Convenience is key!

    Also, money should not be a factor here. This product has a lot of advantages from other premium phones. They could have had all key functions. And that would probably sell a lot better than slightly redusing the prize by dropping one.

  • He's right. End-users are the dumbest people I know.

  • It's a lame excuse. I have no doubt the real reason was that it came down to Qi or the fingerprint reader. The designers likely had a maximum unit cost they could not exceed and while Qi charging coils are cheap, they aren't free. Personally, I couldn't give two bothers about a fingerprint reader. I prefer to use authentication credentials I can alter in case they're compromised... or at least they can be altered without permanently disfiguring myself.

    I will be sticking with my Nexus 6 until Google comes back around to wireless charging, hopefully in the next iteration Nexus phones. Currently the Nexus 6 is the only Qi capable phone that is supported on Project Fi (other phones will work, but only on the TMO network and aren't supported by Google.)

  • Taking away wireless charging after already having dropped T slots shows that Google is becoming a lot like Apple. They want to determine what we want. I love my nexus 5 but it's unlikely that I'll buy another Nexus phone. There are other comparable phones that do include the features I desire. Notwithstanding the price hikes, the only advantage that Nexus has left is fast updates.

  • Type-C is such a convenience. My Nexus 6 charger has the indent to assist finding the upside, but grab and connect is easier with my 5X.

  • Ties Apr 16, 2016 Link to comment

    I work in smartphone repair and can tell you that, yes, lots of people break their charging ports by trying to plug connectors in the wrong way around. Especially painful on phone models where these ports cannot be easily replaced. LG's flagship devices are the exception nowadays.

  • This is the definitive reason for lack of wireless charging on Nexus 5X & Nexus 6P:
    1.planning for 5X & 6P already started in mid 2014, means the vendors have been chosen
    2.After iterations of Nexus line, Google really wanted a unibody metallic Nexus (or close to unibody)
    3. In order to have wireless charging, the backplate needs to be plastic, ceremic, glass (or wood, like Moto X), anything but metal
    4. The only vendors who have mastered a polished assembly of glass body AND able to meet the supply demand are LG & Samsung, and because of 1. (vendors already chosen), Huawei doesn't have the expertise
    5. LG could have put wireless charging in Nexus 5X, but it would have upstaged Nexus 6P, because 6P is supposed to be the premium Nexus

    I'm sure somewhere along the way price played a part too, but to my knowledge, above are the major reasons

  • I find this to be nothing more than a marketing scheme by ALL manufactures. At this point in time no one is offering both wireless charging and c type connection.Perhaps next year both will be available in one device/smartphone but u will have to buy again lol.But the year after that the newest and greatest hydrogen batteries will be the best reason of all to upgrade again.ROFL

  • I really liked wireless charging. I had the Nexus 5, I bought a lamp at Ikea that had a wireless charger built in. It was nice while I'm working to just sit my phone on it and to be able to grab it and use it anytime and just sit it back down to keep charging.

    I recently purchased the Nexus 5X because I switched to Google Fi and was disappointed to find out it doesn't have wireless charging. And even more upset that all my 10 and 20 foot android charging cables don't work for it. But such is life I guess.

  • This is sheer Google arrogance on the play..
    We the customers of Google services deserve the best in technology as on date when we pay a fortune to possess one. Not to mention the immense disappointment and embarrassment of a stock Android fan among his friends because of such shameless and unforgivably demeaning statements from a respected executive in Google taking on their own customers as dumb ass morons who are presumed by the corporation to imbibe all those so called "reasons" and still buy them with pride ? Well F u Google. We are not buying 6P. Let's show who is their daddy.
    P.S: Meanwhile I wonder what could be the real reason to screw up their people with such shamelessness? Could there be any financial leverage they valued over being tech savvy by pushing a less possible spec with less hassle to bother about? ? However far fetched that scenario could be I bet it's the money that have played behind this ordeal.

  • I love wireless charging and am disappointed that these new phones don't have it. Now I will continue my search for a new phone. My Note 3 has it and I use it all the time. I am sometimes on call for my job and get text alerts during the night. It is nice to be able to pick up the phone, read the alert and if I don't need to get up and address the issue I can just set the phone back down on the charger and go back to sleep instead of struggling to plug the phone back in in the dark or getting tangled up in the charging cable.

    • Exactly! Qi allows on to us one hand to put the device back on charger, using a cable requires two. And in the middle of the night dropping the phone back on the charger does not require turning the light on to connect to tiny USB port. I imagine connecting the USB C also requires two hands and light. Qi wins in both scenerios.

  • Indeed the people saying its so hard to plug in the old style connector is laughable , and if it is really a worry , how hard is it put a red dot with a texta on the plug , or a dob of model paint , or a scratch with a blade or something to identify one side from the other ...... oh look magic no more guessing which way it goes !
    As for wireless charging , sometimes it is not convenient, but sometimes it is perfect, even my old note 2 i put wireless charging on it , my note 4 as well , it is a nice feature to have.

  • They should have made I thicker anyway since both cameras stick out like sore thumbs. Why not just squeeze in some Qi in there and make that less noticeable?! I was ready to send my money until I saw no wireless charging. After owning many nexus phones I have a wireless charger in any place I am at for more than a few minutes on a regular basis. Some are sexy ones that angle the phone just right for viewing and use during charging. Guess I'll be buying samsung next and trying to theme away that nasty TouchWiz. The nexus 6 is keeping me marginally satisfied for now...

  • As an original Motorola Brick owner, long-time Samsung user, strong opposer to iOS phones, and an adorer of wireless charging, I was considering the Nexus especially with the upcoming Project Fi.
    However after realizing that wireless charging has been removed from the Nexus line, I may pass on Nexus for now.

    It is really disappointing when key manufacturers continue to choose style over performance and function, and disregard common sense.

    We can only hope Nexus phone designers get the message and restore this feature

    • I second pretty much everything Eric had to say.

      Because of my curiosity with GoogleFI, I purchased the Nexus 6P, and then a couple of weeks later the 5X (because of the size of the 6P). Wireless charging would have been a HUGE bonus for these phones, especially considering the extreme lack of USB-C in the market right now. A wireless charging pad is a LOT easier to find around town than a USB-C cable. No doubt USB-C is the future, but for a fresh release phone given the availability of USB-C, the lack of wireless charging is a HUGE miss in my opinion.

      Additionally, car manufacturers have started implementing in vehicle wireless charging for devices... who wouldn't want to take advantage of that?

  • I can't see buying another phone that doesn't have wireless charging.
    I guess I'll stick with my Nexus 5 (or go back to Samsung).

  • I agree, wireless it the way to go, my micro USB on my Samsung Google smartphone was getting hot and it started smoking. Had it repaired for 40 bucks but it cause some other damage. I recently got a Nexus 5... I am ordering a wireless charger for the house and car.

  • Hey Folks I would like to introduce you to another wireless charger TANGO by PowerSquare. This is a multi-device charger which charges Qi enabled smartphones wirelessly without worrying to place the phone on the sweet spot. It is considered to be the best wireless charger for the Nexus family. I was so impressed by this that I could not resist myself from backing this product on kickstarter, PowerSquare TANGO

  • I never had a problem with plugging in the old USB micro B. The problem was that the phone's connector failed after 18 months and I had to replace the associated sub-assy ($30) which was a fiddly job... I have used Qi ever since and will never buy another phone without Qi.

    Thinness is totally overrated. Anything less than 8mm and it becomes difficult to hold and press the buttons. I would prefer around 10mm, which would allow for decent battery size / life and get rid of the camera hump.

    Charging time is irrelevant as long as it is finished by the time I wake up in the morning.

    Battery life is important. Any less than 16h is not acceptable.

    The one thing that could be abandoned is the USB connector. There is enough wireless connectivity built in (WiFi, Bluetooth, NFC) that USB could be dropped. Maybe even drop the headphone connector and water-proof the rest of the phone.

    • I agree with you 100%. I had a similar problem with a previous phone, and now with my Google Nexus 6, I want to plug into the USB as little as possible so I don't have to go through the heartache of replacing the USB port again.

      As a side note, I think the author of this article is being rather melodramatic. The reasons given by Google are quite valid. They would been in a much better position to judge what the majority of users would want, compared with an opinionated journalist.

  • I believe Google had to replace too many devices due to a faulty connection between the charging unit inside the case and the phone board. My device had this issue, although just after warranty was up. Several of the earlier Nexus 5 devices had the issue and were returned. A risk they are simply eliminating by dropping the function. I personally loved the wireless charging and am disappointed it is not available on the newer models, and that is no longer functions on my Nexus 5. (Wifey is still using my wireless chargers on her newer Nexus 5 with no issue)

  • What a blatant clickbait headline. Even if you wanted to make the "Google thinks we're stupid" claim, it doesn't make sense to apply it to the discontinuation of wireless charging, it would only make sense to say that "PREVIOUS Nexus devices had wireless charging because Google THOUGHT we were too stupid to plug in USB type-B connector." C'mon androidpit, you can do better than this.

  • I just got a charging pad for my Nexus 5 that also works with my Moto360 watch, a happy coincidence. I was greatly disappointed when they removed this feature from the new Nexus phones.

    People like me must be in a minority of users who would rather have an extra millimeter or two of "z" in exchange for a larger battery and wireless charging. This obsession with thinness comes at a great cost in practicality.

  • Google has No clue how low they got to exclude such an amazing feature that they got us hooked & invested in away to Samsung & eventually Apple to use. with nothing but lies and excuses, as if we needed the Qi charging for speed or latency.

  • teek Nov 3, 2015 Link to comment

    wow...what a hater.

    First: Most people I know are complaing about USB. So that is not an excuse.

    Then: Dont you think that google knows how often a Qi-Charger is used on a nexus device? Maybe the found out, that it is not so often and hence not really important to the most users.

    Also: Removing Qi Charging pushes People to buy USB-C cabels...and this could help to push it into the market.

  • One thing people aren't mentioning is the benefit wireless charging gets you beyond an alternate method of charging. It's aesthetics and convenience. I too have multiple stands, pads, and portable batteries with Qi capability and the convenience of laying the device down and immediately picking it up without plugging and unplugging is a nice. BUT, couple this with a Qi charging car vent mount and you've really got a situation that helps to place, grab and go without plugging in charging wires. Having less wires snaking around your dashboard and car is as close to a custom install as you can get.

  • I've used other peoples wireless chargers and found them more of a novelty than a convenience. Only the dumbest of the dumbest would get confused by the non-reversible nature of micro-USB so to hear that from such a high level figure within google is a little insulting but its beside the point. If the difference is 0.5mm and £50 then I'd choose non-wireless charging any day.

    • I think there is a genuine benefit to wireless charging , for one thing usb ports can and do wear out eventually , on some phones the ports are easy to replace, on some others you have to replace the motherboard, it is also be a matter of convenience, i put my phone on the wireless and in the morning its charged, no cables to worry about , i just plonk it on the pad and job done , but to each his own.

  • wireless charging never worked for me as it is too slow. I would rather keep the cost low and plug the phone in.

  • Let's get real here guys. Samsung bought out Google for exclusive rights to wifi charging on their next gen phones. Google sold out.

  • larry Oct 8, 2015 Link to comment

    I think google is doing it wrong like the last gen n6, for me wireless charging is a must for phones (I bought charging modules for a few bucks). Quick charging is good, but after using it over a year, we found it murdering the battery, capacity drop is a big issue. While wireless charging, I just pick it up and use it whenever I like, slip it right back to the 3d printed charging dock afterward, my phone's always 100% while around charging docks.

    Deactivated Account

  • Antiq Oct 7, 2015 Link to comment

    See you next year Nexus, or when Qi charger is back. I don't care about USB Types, I do not need them at all. I do not care about charging speed as my phone is always 100% charged while in the office, car or at home. I do not remember when I used my USB port last time, maybe a year ago, before I bough my first wireless charger.

    I was really going to buy new Nexus once released, but... maybe next time.

    • I agree, I was so ready for the new 5, but I decided that wireless charging was one of the biggest factors for my next phone choice. I don't need fast charging, amazing wired speeds. etc. I just want to be able to have the pad at my desk at work, use my phone around the office, and set it back down. My battery is rarely below 80% even on weekends. This was a dumb choice.

      I also think their answer was stupid, why not be honest and say it cost too much to implement, or we didn't have time. Google used to be pretty honest, they should stick to it.

      • I bought the V10, partly because I liked the design, and partly because I read there would be a wireless charging back available for it. It has been a total PITA living without it until now. My Qi sticker shows up tomorrow and I cannot wait. My month with this phone has convinced me that I can never live with a phone that doesn't have wireless charging.

      • Did you ever get this to work on your v10? My friend is scared becuase she thinks she needs to rip the phone apart to install it. It's that true?

  • I bought the original N5 on release and initially I thought "Hey, wireless charging - cool!". For about five minutes until I realised the chargers are expensive, they're slow and frankly I'm perfectly capable of plugging in a cable. Moreover, I bought some high powered charges (up to 2A) and decent cables and the original N5 charges really rather swiftly unless you have cheapo cables.

    I've just ordered a N5X and have only just found out it has no wireless charging. You know what? I couldn't care less. I'd rather another GB or RAM or MicroSD slot or a 64GB option that wireless charging any day of the week because it's such a minority use case, but in truth I don't need more than 32GB or RAM, my existing N5 runs fine with 2GB and I'm only changing up because I need to get a business phone, so the old one is going to the wife. How many people ACTUALLY use wireless charging? I'll be no one has solid number but I'll also bet it's only a tiny fraction of smartphone users too.

    Between this article and the whiny "This is not the phone we wanted!!!1!!!!!12!!!1" article (might not be what you wanted but you don't speak for me, chump), I think it's time to stop reading this site.

  • Well it's not just Google that thinks some users are stupid, its myself and a LARGE part of the tech populance.

    As a hobby I spend a good deal of time building show PC's, reballing friends broke down game systems, fixing smartphones for people at my church and my families (both hardware and software related), etc... One thing I've seen (sadly) extemly often is where some elderly person literally jams the cable in the wrong way because they can't see. Now I know your thinking, but that can't happen... it just wouldn't fit, well I'm here to tell you it does. Beyond that they jam things in the port thinking maybe it was just blocked and that's why they couldn't get it in (breaking the pcb and pins connecting the port to the mainboard) and do all types of other silly stuff. Worst of all though these are generally smart people, just read the news and you'll see your surrounded by truly mentally deficient people all around you in this world.

    What I'm basically getting at is while the author of this story can't see past his nose to realize there is an entire world of people around him (many of which are so far beyond technically inapt with modern electronics it's not even funny) who do not fit his limited view in this matter. While I personally find it mentally frustrating that there are those out there who really could not figure out which way a micro USB plug fits in, it is unfortunately a reality.

    The entire story shows a bit of stupidity that creeps around us. Not everyone is tech savvy.

  • I don't know about you guys but seriously, f&&k wireless charging.

  • I think the real reason behind lack of wireless charging is Nexus 6P all metal body cannot use wireless charging. Then if google keep wireless charging on Nexus5x, people will question why less luxury 5x got wireless charging while more expensive 6p do not get it.

  • I like how you scoff at the idea of plugging in being a pain. Yet if it wasn't then what's the point of wireless charging when turbo charging is way way faster.

  • I'll buy Nexus 5X if it supports wireless charging

  • Kyle Oct 6, 2015 Link to comment

    Like Marques Brownlee said, there will be no PERFECT PHONE. You guys always find what's missing and be whiny about it. Then find others that came with Qi wtf. Can't you just accept that not everything can be in one fucking phone.

  •   31
    Deactivated Account Oct 6, 2015 Link to comment

    your offended by a patronising excuse given by an employee of the worlds large advertising company... .

  • I consider wireless charging to be the most important feature in the past few years and I have 5 wireless charging bases. No way am I going back to wired charging no matter how fast it charges or how awesome the cable is (?!)

    I would have bought the 6P if it had wireless charging. I am currently looking at the LG V10 as my next phone, which means Google will lose me as a Project Fi customer as well.

    larryDeactivated Account

  • I understand why they didn't include wireless charging usb type-c is faster! But they could have added a compromise like a case and wireless charging pad for an extra 100 usd.

  • I wonder if they have access to data from previous Nexus phones. I sometimes used wireless charging on my N5 but once I got there N6 it became absolutely pointless given how fast fast charging is. Where is the use case example where wireless charging is better than fast charging? Or is this just some petty gripe with no basis in reality.

    If you are coming from an N5 I can understand, but once you start fast charging, I dunno why you would use anything else.

    • I use wireless charging every night to charge my nexus 6. It just is convenient to me. Why charge it fast when I have 6 hours to charge it anyways. It'll just put stress on the battery to charge it that fast and it's nice to just throw your phone onto a pad and not worry about it when you are sleepy.

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  • Wireless charging is very useful to people who are always on the go. They can be confident that wherever they go, they are fully charged knowing they have wireless chargers.

  • I hope that your poliltical journalism didn't carry that same haughty, dissafected tone that this peice delivered Stephan!
    Whatever Googles reasoning was for leaving Qi charging out of these handsets, I'm pretty sure that it wasn't because they thought the consumer "stupid". It's far more likely that engineering and time constraints getting the handsets out to market on time, was to blame. Who knows?
    A bit disingenuous of you methinks.

  • I miss a lot wireless charging on my side
    I like to just put my phone on my qi dock on my desk and take it each time I move during the day. So it keeps my phone charged without need to think if I will stay at my desk long enough to plug a cable.
    I also like quick charge for all these situation where you have only 10% right when you have to go somewhere !

  • Wow what a petty and uninformative article.

  • Nexus, the best smartphone ever by Google, i myself has used these mobile phone of Nexus and i found that the processor speed if much more fast then any other android handset. thanks to #stephan for giving us a detail review about Nexus

  • wireless charging i never used, fast charging is somthing i gonna use al lot.

  • To me, up until recently, wireless charging seemed like a stupid luxury. But now, due to issues I've had with the microUSB port on my Motorola DROID Ultra, I am definitely going to put wireless charging on my list of necessities for my next phone.

    So I really think that not putting in wireless charging was a poor move on Google's part, and it definitely discourages me from purchasing one of the new Nexus devices

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  • If you're spending "50 bucks" for a Qi charger then you're not paying attention. I can buy 5 of them for that.

  • Mike Oct 5, 2015 Link to comment

    Sounds like somebody needs a Snickers bar.

  • Removing Wireless Charging and no SD card is really frustrating. I was hoping this was going to be my new phone, but I am still left looking.

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  • I am disappointed because I already have a couple of Qi chargers I use with my Nexus 5. I really like having it in the car so I can just put it in the holder quickly when I get in and get it out quickly too. That's really the only time I use it while it's charging, especially if I'm using Maps.

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  • Wireless chargers are stupid because you can't use the device while it is charging, unless you have the Corian counter wireless thing. Then you can lay it on the surface and use it.

    But 99% of the time I plug in and hold my device and still use it.

  • I prefer wireless overnight because I use my phone as an alarm clock on an upright Qi charger. During the day if I need a quick charge I plug it in. The author assumes he knows Google's motivation and attempts to prove it but fails.

  • I really don't see why so many people are going nuts over no wireless charging... The new Type-C charger they added gets fast charges/downloads and you don't have to guess which was is up or down. Good enough for me. Like seriously, this article is pointless.

  • if I hace a USB-Type C cable or just USB 3.0 or 2.0 I dont care, I just want the unit to charge

  • I just can't believe the writer of this article got butt-hurt about it. I mean, let's face it. People ARE stupid. And yes, I mean the vast majority of people. Bottom line, who cares?

  • "So, ease of plugging in + fast charging + optimizing for thinness made us double down on Type-C instead of wireless!" The article is misleading.

    • We used that quote and addressed all three of those points. Faster charging and optimizing for thinness could have affected the Nexus 5 or Nexus 6 so it "seems" like a weak excuse. The backwards compatibility of USB Type-C, or "ease of plugging it in" is the only aspect of this which wasn't already present two years ago.

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  •   24
    Deactivated Account Oct 5, 2015 Link to comment

    Can someone please help me my phone needs charging and I'm struggling to plug this cable connector into my phone. I think it's called BUS, UBS or SBU or something. I have now watched hundreds of videos on youtube but everytime I want to plug it in it get's stuck inside my device and doesn't charge at all. Is there something wrong with me or with my phone? hahahahaha (just joking). Excellent article and I agree it really doesn't take a rocket scientist to plug a micro USB B connector into a phone, so imho it's a poor excuse for not adding or supporting wireless charging. It's really easy you just look which side is the longer "flat" side of the male and female connector and slide it in that both flat sides are either on top or at the bottom. Or even easier it almost looks like a triangle... I use my wireless charging pad a lot when I'm at the office and it's convenient as I drive out to clients and then go back to the office then using a landline phone. So while busy in the office I just place the mobile phone on the wireless charging pad and it charges so by the time I leave the office to go to the next client my mobile is charged to use a hour or two or more.

    • Just take an extra 2 seconds and plug your device in like most people...

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        Deactivated Account Oct 5, 2015 Link to comment

        I beg your pardon? It takes me less than a second to put it on the wireless charger why fiddle with cables when I can just put it down and it charges?

      • You'll be waiting three times as longer than the guy who used fast charging though.

      •   24
        Deactivated Account Oct 6, 2015 Link to comment

        @Martin De Biasi, thanks for the reply. But to be honest I really don't care if the fast charger can charge a phone at 100 000 trillion kilo watt, volt, ohm, decibels or gigabytes/millis. When I get to the office and my device charges and someone calls I don't want to hang over the desk like a caged animal and in the process twisting my neck into positions that it looks like a corkscrew after a while just to not pull the wired charger from the power socket. I use to use cables for charging my old phones at the office and it later irritated me to unplug the damn thing everytime the phone rings if I have to walk away from my desk and then plug it in when I'm done. Wireless charging gives me the opportunity to pick up the device and stand/sit at my desk or walk away from my desklike a normal human being should be able to do and when finished I just put it down on the wireless pad and it charges again. Speed don't matter to me it's convenience and comfort like I explained supra.

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