The best mobile phone torturer has taken the LG Wing apart

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Zack of JerryRigEverything on YouTube has been taking apart smartphones for years. And he doesn't just use small screwdrivers, plastic levers, and mini pliers. Zack bends, squeezes, scratches, and lights up everything he comes across. The latest victim of the muscle man: the LG Wing with swivel display.

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When Zack uses a box cutter to lift a smartphone out of the box, you know what happens. The famous YouTuber has taken the LG Wing for an endurance test. Especially interesting is how the swivel display fares with its unique mechanics. The YouTuber has received the identical pre-model of the LG Wing from the manufacturer that we showed you in our first review of the LG Wing, and emphasizes that the hardware might not be final. As soon as the official device is available, the YouTuber wants to apply its shock test. But to see the LG Wing from the inside, the first device from South Korea is good enough.

The LG Wing seems to be very repairable

At the beginning of the video, fans of unusual hardware should already melt away. The smooth rotation of the LG Wing's display is unique and can be seen in the video. The channel JerryRigEverything is not known for its tenderness, though. This is a quick way to get to the point: The hot air dryer first heats the LG Wing's body to release the glue that holds the glass back in place.

The back of the LG Wing is then quickly separated from the rest of the hardware. Noticeable immediately: not only the connectors but the whole smartphone gives the impression of being a "Little Lego" in the video, as Zack emphasizes on easily repairable smartphones with many simple plug connections of the parts. No pull straps on the battery, which could make it difficult to replace the battery. At the end of the video, Zack took the LG Wing apart into all its parts without breaking anything.

NextPit LG Wing screens
The LG Wing is a fascinating and innovative smartphone. / © NextPit

The connection between the large 6.8-inch display and the smaller display at the bottom is particularly exciting. In the video above, you can see exactly how LG designed this new technology. LG is also the first manufacturer to launch a smartphone with a tilting display with its Explorer Project, and we can be curious to see if other manufacturers will copy this fascinating new technology.

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