Google Chromecast comeback: Cheaper and now with Google TV

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google chromecast with google tv
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Google will probably introduce the Google Chromecast HD with Google TV at the official presentation of the Pixel 7 series and the Google Pixel Watch. There have been corresponding rumors for quite some time, which have now been confirmed by an official certification. The question remains: is there anything truly new with the streaming dongle?


  • Google will probably present a new Chromecast on October 6.
  • It will be called "Google Chromecast HD with Google TV".
  • Technically, it is a step backwards, but the price is cheaper at around $30.

4K Chromecast gets cheaper with the Google Chromecast HD.

2020 präsentierte Google seinen Chromecast 4K mit Google TV.
In 2020, Google presented its Chromecast 4K with Google TV. / © Google

The fact that Mountain View has been working on a new Chromecast for quite some time is generally no longer news. The currently available circular dongle is used only for the Google Cast protocol which streams audio and video content that is specific to the Android TV operating system.

The considerably more expensive "Chromecast with Google TV" was unveiled in 2020 and not only did it come with a remote control and an additional Google TV user interface, but also a connection to the Google Play Store. Consequently, apps like Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, and YouTube can be installed. However, the Android TV OS still forms the basis.

Now the Brazil-based Tecnoblog informed us that a Google Chromecast HD has been certified at the national telecommunications authority Anatel. New footage confirms the identical look of the 4K model that has been available for two years. The bottom line is, there will be only one difference that will distinguish the two Google TV devices: one comes with a 4K HDR resolution while the other carries 1080p Full HD resolution.

And of course, there's the price to consider as well. Thus far, all sources so far mention a price of approximately $30 a pop. Whether the remote control with voice recognition for Google Assistant will also be included remains unclear. For comparison: The 4K Chromecast currently costs $49.99.

Leak des Google Chromecast HD mit Google TV.
Leaked Google Chromecast HD with Google TV. / © Tecnoblog

Technically, an AMLogic S805X2 quad-core processor is expected to feature in the device, accompanied by 2 GB of RAM. While the HDMI dongle is expected to work on the 2.4- or 5 Gigahertz network, the 1080p resolution will only have a refresh rate of 60 hertz.

In our opinion, the launch event for the two Pixel 7 smartphones and the Google Pixel Watch, which is expected to happen this October 6, would be an excellent time for the presentation of the Google Chromecast HD with Google TV. Do you think otherwise?

Via: WinFuture Source: Tecnoblog

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    What does it do anymore really? My devices interoperate on the network or by direct cable connection. I have apps on my tv or other devices for content. This no longer serves a purpose.