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Galaxy S6 Edge tips and tricks: 12 ways to master the Edge

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The Galaxy S6 Edge is one of the better Android handsets we've come across in 2015, but its curved display and edge software features can be marginally confusing for new owners. We've pulled together the best Galaxy S6 Edge tips and tricks to help you understand what they do and how to make the most of them.

1. Boost those downloads

One of the best features of the Samsung’s TouchWiz software is the download booster. This makes download speeds faster for files larger than 30 MB by combining mobile data with Wi-Fi. You shouldn’t use this if you’re in danger of going over your monthly data limit but if you don't have this worry, enable download booster for large downloads.  

AndroidPIT Galaxy S6 TouchWiz download booster
Go to Settings > More connection settings > Download booster and enable it. / © ANDROIDPIT

2. Improve that audio

You listen to music on your S6 Edge right? No? Well why not?! The Galaxy S6 Edge comes with some excellent audio features, which can completely change the listening experience.

Go to Settings > Sounds and notifications > Sound quality and effects. Firstly go through the Adapt Sound process to customize the audio to your own personal tastes. Then try enabling SoundAlive+ and/or Tube Amp to give your music some warmth.

androidpit samsung galaxy s6 edge more tips
Go through the Adapt Sound wizard to get the best sound for your tastes. / © ANDROIDPIT

3. Pick a side, any side – which Edge is best?

The first thing to know about the Edge display is that you can only use one edge at a time. The features you can enable, such as people Edge or Information Stream, do not work on both sides simultaneously, or switch sides like your display does when you rotate your phone.

If you're a leftie, the left-hand side is probably best for you, and vice versa for righties – but either side works the same. Just go to Settings > Edge Screen > Edge Screen Position to set it up.

AndroidPIT Galaxy S6 Edge TouchWiz Edge Screen position
Choose a side: left or right for the Edge display features. / © ANDROIDPIT

4. Color-code your friends and keep them close

This is perhaps the coolest feature of the S6 Edge in my mind: assign a color to your favorite contacts in People Edge, and your phone will emit a glow in that colour when they call (this is known as Edge Lighting).

People Edge also provides a quick-access list of your favorite people on the side of your screen – you'll see the little white bar on the Edge display once it's enabled – and shows colored lines when you've missed a call or message from one of them. Swiping that line out will provide a summary of what you missed and give you the ability to respond immediately. Go to Settings > Edge Screen > People Edge.

AndroidPIT Galaxy S6 Edge TouchWiz Edge Screen people edge contacts
Add your besties to your People Edge for rapid color-coded access. / © ANDROIDPIT

5. Reject calls with a finger and send auto-responses

This is a sub-section of the Edge Lighting feature described above. If a contact tries to call when you're busy, you can simply place a finger over the heart-rate monitor to reject the call and send a pre-defined message automatically. It's a very handy way to tell who's calling you and deal with them discreetly if you can't talk.

AndroidPIT Galaxy S6 Edge TouchWiz Edge Screen quick reply
Quick Reply lets you reject calls and respond with one finger. / © ANDROIDPIT

6. Manage your Edge notifications

Once you've set up your People Edge contacts, the next thing to do is decide if you want to see all missed communications from them or only some. In the Edge screen settings you can decide to enable email, missed calls and/or messages. At present there is no option for other apps, but we're sure that feature is coming.

Go to Settings > Edge Screen > Select Notifications and check the boxes next to those notification types that you'd like to see appear in your People Edge notifications.

AndroidPIT Galaxy S6 Edge TouchWiz People Edge notifications
Don't care about missed emails? Just flip the switch to off. / © ANDROIDPIT

7. Get useful information on the Edge

The Edge screen can also be used as a news ticker, which Samsung calls Information Stream. There's a lot more to it than just a Flipboard feed. You can also get weather updates, sports scores, Twitter feeds, notifications and more via downloadable Edge content.

Just got to Settings > Edge Screen > Information Screen and flip the switch to enable Information Stream. You'll now be able to tap Manage Feeds to select and rearrange the feeds you want shown on the Edge display.

AndroidPIT Galaxy S6 Edge TouchWiz Information Stream feeds
You can choose your Edge feeds and download even more. / © ANDROIDPIT

8. Throw away your bedside clock – use Night Clock instead

One great feature of the Galaxy S6 Edge's AMOLED display is that it is incredibly power-efficient. AMOLED displays only light up individual pixels, so a mostly black screen with a few illuminated pixels uses up very little power.

Go to Settings > Edge Screen > Night Clock to flip the switch and enable it. Now, when your screen is dimmed, you will see a gently glowing time and date combo on the Edge display, meaning you don't need to turn your phone's screen on just to check the time.

samsung galaxy s6 edge mwc 14
Night Clock lets you know the time and date without even turning your screen on. / © ANDROIDPIT

9. Theme your Galaxy S6 Edge

The new Galaxy devices also come with Samsung's theme engine. You can completely change the look and feel of your S6 Edge with a tap of a button, thanks to a range of pre-loaded themes or others which you can download.

Go to Settings > Themes to choose from the three pre-loaded themes or tap the Store button in the top right to launch the Theme Store app for a variety of alternatives. New themes are added every week.

AndroidPIT Galaxy S6 Edge TouchWiz theme store
I'm not a huge fan of the stock themes, but the Theme Store is full of great stuff. / © ANDROIDPIT

10. Change your interface font

The Galaxy S6 Edge also lets you customize the font in which your interface appears. Go to Settings > Display > Font Size to see the pre-loaded fonts, or scroll down and tap Download Fonts to see a variety of alternatives, some free, some paid, that will add some flair to your device.

AndroidPIT Galaxy S6 Edge TouchWiz font styles
Something as simple as changing your system font makes a huge difference. / © ANDROIDPIT

11. Conserve your battery

The Galaxy S6 Edge has both of Samsung's excellent battery-saving options: power-saving mode and ultra power-saving mode. The first simply limits your CPU, minimizes haptic feedback, screen brightness and shortens the length of time it takes for your screen to dim when a notification comes in.

Ultra power-saving mode is more for emergencies. It turns your display gray, limits the number of apps you can use (which you can choose yourself) and shuts down all but the most important functions of your phone. It's not much fun, but it's really useful when your battery is critically low. Go to Settings > Battery to enable either mode.

AndroidPIT Galaxy S6 Edge TouchWiz power saving mode enabled
The standard battery saver mode should always be enabled for better battery life. / © ANDROIDPIT

12. Manage your home screens

If you thought you had to simply accept the home screen setup that Samsung gives you – complete with Galaxy Gifts widget – then this one is for you. Long press a blank spot on a home screen to see the home screen manager.

You can rearrange your home screens, add widgets, change the grid layout of app icons, remove Flipboard Briefing (by un-checking the box at the top) and change your wallpaper. You also have quick access to your themes from here.

AndroidPIT Galaxy S6 Edge TouchWiz manage home screens
Long-press the home screen to bring up your Home Screen Manager. / © ANDROIDPIT

Do you have a Galaxy S6 Edge? Any tips you'd like to share? Let us know in the comments.

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  • Peter Harwood Nov 14, 2015 Link to comment

    overrated phone with an overrated price

  • Arpit Saini Nov 14, 2015 Link to comment

    I added drupe (app) on the edge.

    it fits perfectly and it's very useful :)

    • Jules Wardle Apr 2, 2016 Link to comment

      thanks for that,never heard of drupe a great app for edge (plus)

  • Android Aficionado May 22, 2015 Link to comment

    Night clock actually does not currently only light up individual pixels. The entire screen glows faintly and this must be a glitch because it makes no sense.

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