Galaxy S4 Lollipop problems and how to fix them

Update: New fixes added
Galaxy S4 Lollipop problems and how to fix them

The update to Android Lollipop on the Galaxy S4 brought a bunch of new features as well as a couple of new issues. The good news is that these Galaxy S4 Lollipop problems are not actually so hard to fix. So if you've been suffering from bugs on the S4, read on. We'll show you how to fix the most common problems with Android Lollipop on the Galaxy S4.

AndroidPIT samsung galaxy s4 lollipop
It's time to fix Galaxy S4 Lollipop problems once and for all. / © ANDROIDPIT

Shortcut to problem:

  1. Camera lag
  2. Samsung keyboard hack
  3. Contacts app crash
  4. freeze
  5. Battery drain
  6. Slow app launches
  7. Disappearing keyboard
  8. Wi-Fi connection problems
  9. Bluetooth problems
  10. Overheating
  11. S4 won't even start

1. Galaxy S4 Camera crashes or lags

The Galaxy S4 camera can be a temperamental old beastie, sometimes painfully slow to start and occasionally crashing like a drunken baby in a stolen car. But this problem is actually pretty easy to solve. All you need to do is hide the keys.

Seriously though, one of the longest-running camera solutions is to simply turn off image stabilization in the S4 camera app. Just open the app, tap the Settings icon (it looks like a cog) and turn off Anti-Shake.

If you're suffering from camera app crashes or the S4 can't access the camera, try going to Settings > Application Manager > Camera and clearing the app's cache. If that doesn't work, try a reboot (or just pull the battery for 30 seconds) and, if all else fails, you can try a new camera app. Check out our list of the best Android camera apps at the link.

AndroidPIT Galaxy S4 Lollipop camera settings anti shake off
If your camera app keeps crashing, try turning off Anti-Shake in the settings. / © ANDROIDPIT

2. Galaxy S4 keyboard hack

You may have heard about the Samsung keyboard hack scandal, which potentially exposes 600 million Galaxy owners to some pretty nasty stuff. The chance of being affected is quite low, but there doesn't seem to be a perfect fix from the user side. Disabling the app or using another one won't help, and you can't uninstall it.

Fortunately Samsung is on the case and is working with SwiftKey to patch the vulnerability, with a promise that the fix will roll out very soon. Until then just hold your breath and hope for the best.

3. Galaxy S4 Contacts app keeps crashing

This is probably the most common problem affecting Galaxy S4 owners after the update. The Contacts app keeps crashing or freezing with the error message 'Unfortunately Contacts has stopped'.

The best approach to fix this is to go to Settings > App Manager and swipe to the All tab, scroll down to Contacts and clear the cache. If this doesn't fix the problem you can also clear the app's data and then re-sync it.

AndroidPIT Galaxy S4 Android 5 0 1 Lollipop App Manager Contacst
Clear the cache for the Contacts app to stop it crashing. / © ANDROIDPIT

4. Galaxy S4 freezes

First try to fix this issue by going to Settings > App Manager and resetting your app preferences. You can also try to restart your phone and hope for the best but there aren't any surefire fixes. If this issue is widespread enough Samsung will issue a patch to fix it. You can also boot into Safe Mode and see if the same error message appears.

To boot into Safe Mode, turn your S4 off and then repeatedly tap the menu soft key when you restart. Once you've booted up you'll see a Safe Mode banner on the bottom left of your screen. Safe Mode just runs Samsung's pre-loaded apps, so you can tell if it's a system issue or something else entirely.

If the problem doesn't happen in Safe Mode, it might be a third party app that's causing the problem. In the past we've found that this could be down to anything from security apps to mobile network toggle apps, so trial and error is your best bet. Start with the apps that you installed most recently. Just uninstall or disable them one at a time and see if the problem persists.

AndroidPIT Galaxy S4 Android 5 0 1 Lollipop Reset App Preferences
Resetting app preferences might fix the crash. / © ANDROIDPIT

5. Galaxy S4 battery drain

This is another super common update problem. The good news is battery drain usually calms down after a few days, but if it doesn't, the best way to treat it is with the usual trio of escalating force: turn your phone off for about a minute and restart.

You can also check Settings > App Manager to see which apps are chewing through RAM, and Settings > Battery to see what's eating the battery. This helps you identify whether it's an app-related issue or a system issue.

If that doesn’t work, restart in Recovery Mode (press and hold Power, Volume Up and Home button, using the volume buttons to navigate and Power button to confirm) and clear the cache partition.

If this still doesn't clear things up, you'll have to backup everything on the Galaxy S4 and factory reset your phone, either through the settings menu or Recovery Mode (see tip 10 below). Check out our Galaxy S4 battery tips for more power-saving mojo.

androidpit samsung galaxy s4 cache 1
Recovery Mode on the Galaxy S4 lets you clear the cache partition. / © ANDROIDPIT

Once your phone restarts you will be able to restore your apps and data and the Galaxy S4 battery drain issue will be resolved. I remind you that going nuclear with a factory reset should only be done once you have backed up.

In future the easiest way to avoid battery drain is to do a backup before updating, then update and factory reset immediately afterward. That way you start off on the right foot.

6. Galaxy S4 lag and slow app starts

Laggy performance after an Android update is quite common and nothing too severe. A simple restart (or battery pull for 30 seconds) usually clears things up, but if the lag problem persists, the easiest solution is to clear the Galaxy S4 cache.

Turn your Galaxy S4 off, press and hold Power, Volume Up and Home button until you enter Recovery Mode like in the picture above. From here use the volume keys to scroll and Power button to confirm.

If you want to minimize other lag on your Galaxy S4, you can go to Developer Options (if you don't have this enabled already, go to Settings > About Phone and tap Build Number seven times. You'll now have Developer Options in Settings) and turn off all animations: window animation scale, transition animation scale and animator duration scale.

AndroidPIT Galaxy S4 Android 5 0 1 Lollipop Developer Options window animation scale
In Developer Options on the Galaxy S4 you can turn off animations and transitions. / © ANDROIDPIT

You can also disable the S Voice shortcut with the Home button (because the Galaxy S4 'waits' for the second press before taking you back to the home screen). Simply, enter S Voice, hit the settings menu and uncheck the box for 'Open via the home key'. This will make navigating just that little bit faster on the Galaxy S4. Check out our other tips to speed up the Galaxy S4.

AndroidPIT Galaxy S4 Android 5 0 1 Lollipop S Voice settings
Turning off the S Voice shortcut speeds up your Galaxy S4 when using the home button. / © ANDROIDPIT

7. Galaxy S4 keyboard keeps disappearing

We've heard a couple of people complaining that the stock Samsung keyboard keeps vanishing as they're writing a message. This is not only irritating, but seriously affects the usability of your phone too.

The solution for this is to go to Settings > App Manager > switch to running tab and scroll down to Samsung Keyboard to see if there's any error messages.

Another simple solution is to download an alternative keyboard app and change your default keyboard to that. 

AndroidPIT Galaxy S4 Android 5 0 1 Lollipop Samsung Keyboard
Check App Manager to see if there are any error messages from the Samsung Keyboard. If there are, replace it. / © ANDROIDPIT

8. Galaxy S4 Wi-Fi connection problems

This is another common update problem and another one with a variety of simple, if not exactly fail-safe solutions: toggle Wi-Fi on and off, enter Airplane Mode momentarily, modify your Wi-Fi connection settings (from 2.4 GHz to 5 GHz), forget and re-add Wi-Fi connections, restart your router, toggle the Smart network switch in Wi-Fi settings and just generally messing around with your options until things go away.

AndroidPIT Galaxy S4 Android 5 0 1 Lollipop Wi Fi settings advanced
Turn off Smart Network Switch and fiddle around with your Wi-Fi settings. / © ANDROIDPIT

9. Galaxy S4 Bluetooth problems

Bluetooth problems are another super-common update issue. The easiest way to treat Bluetooth problems is to toggle Bluetooth on and off. If that doesn't work, forget and re-pair your Bluetooth devices.

10. Galaxy S4 overheating problems

Apparently the Galaxy S4 is even more prone to overheating following the Android 5.0.1 update. We've not experienced this ourselves but we’ve heard that for some reason, removing the battery and microSD card and then leaving out the microSD card when you replace the battery can alleviate the problem. Super weird and not very helpful if you rely on your microSD card, but this is the only solution we've heard of for this problem.

11. Galaxy S4 behaves wildly or won't even start

If you've got the Lollipop update and things start getting erratic, you might have to resort to a factory reset. This is also the easiest way to clear up the usual bugs that follow an update.

Don't worry, a factory reset is actually not a big deal, assuming you've got a backup of all your important data. Copy things to your computer with a USB cable, download an app or follow our guide on how to back up everything on the Galaxy S4 for options including rooted and non-rooted phones.

AndroidPIT Galaxy S4 Lollipop settings factory data reset
Factory resets are nothing to be afraid of if you have a backup. / © ANDROIDPIT

Once you have a backup, go to Settings > Backup and Reset and tap Factory Data reset and confirm on the next screen. Your phone will wipe all data and reboot with factory settings. It will keep the latest version of Android you installed though. Once it has rebooted, simply restore your apps and data and continue bug-free.

Let us know what other Galaxy S4 Lollipop problems you're suffering from and we'll look for more solutions to help get it fixed.

Are you liking Android 5.0.1 on the Galaxy S4? Have you experienced any of these problems?

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  • I updated my samsung s4 with lollipop 5.0.1ofter updating the soft keys not working I also tried *#2663# but it says IC'a f/w is higher than bin's f/w. How to fix this problem.

  • Got no effect. :(

  • Reyn Jul 4, 2016 Link to comment

    Nice tips.

  • steve Jun 30, 2016 Link to comment

    Best fix is the bin fix, the problems are recurring. Get a N and be do with it. It was the best I've done.

  • i have a problem with my samsung s4, its 5.0 lollipop. it cant connect to wifi and the smart network switch cannot turn off and its not clickable. the battery drains so fast and its over heating i cant click the settings on my wifi.. i have already did the factory settings many times and its still the same. i can no longer use it because the battery will stay up to 1 hour only.

  • Yeah i am tired of this version and waiting for marshmallow

  • Has anyone else had this problem... I am recently unable to turn my phone off, no matter how long I hold the button.... So, I tried a hard reset to which my phone mocked me by not turning back on! This very same thing happened a few months ago and when I took it to Verizon I was told I'd have to take it to an authorized tech since they no longer have in store techs, on my own penny of course, or buy a new phone. I opted to find a tech and was informed its a hardware issue within the phone, not a software issue like Verizon claimed in order to get me out their door and rid of me. Its now started doing it again, any help...?

  • Fixed mine yesterday afternoon!!!!

    Download Odin
    Download TWRP
    Flash TWRP with Odin to you phone (Recovery mode)
    Remove battery for 30 seconds, go back to recovery mode, it flashes TWRP permenently.
    Download crDroid 6.0.1 and gapps-slim or mini and copy to your phone SD Card
    Reboot phone, holding up and home button, load into TWRP and clear the caches, system, dalvik and data.
    Install crDroid
    Install gapps-slim
    Wipe cache and dalvic again
    Reboot, done.

    Your phone is now Samdung free, and the battery life has increased. No more overheating issues for me, no more random reboots. Lots faster now too. Enjoy.

  • Hi my Samsung S4 GT-9500 is updated with version 5.0.2 (12-20120216-UNOFFICIAL-i9500) everything works well. Its only when i make a call, the phone is calling out but makes a screeching noise the whole time and I cant hear the other party which I called. Can you help me fix it please.

  • Thanks for the tips, however my 3 issues remain. SIM not detected, restart phone.. My hotspot wont route data to any device now and the Services dont stay enabled after a reboot, so my Pebble watch and other apps don work. I want to rollback or flash this crap rom off here. Will never buy another Samsung phone after this piece of trash.

  • So far so good! Ive been on the Lollipop update since xmas (i9505), and i must say it has been running superb! This article has been great aswell, there were so many settings i didnt know existed or could find, so two thumbs up for this article : ) however, i have been experiencing overheating issues (prior to the new update) but like this article says "it will work itself out in a week" has fixed this issue for me (touch wood). Highly recommend the Lollipop update!

  • I am apparently very lucky not to be experiencing these problems. I just noticed that when I enter my pass code correctly I very briefly see the incorrect pass code message AS my phone is unlocking. Strange but so far no problems actually unlocking my phone.

  • I am glad I came across this article on the update, I won't be updating.

  • Hannah Dec 22, 2015 Link to comment

    This 5.0.1 update deleted everything from my phone, contacts, media and games all gone! Now it won't let me open setting or the play store.
    Please someone help.

  • yea, phone updated to 5.0.1 this morning, now my phone is pretty much useless to me. back button and menu button no longer work. tried all the hints i can find through google, i'm not flashing it or pissing about as i'm a normal guy, not a phone geek. so i take it i must bin my phone and buy a new one now?

    • My fiancee's S4 did the same thing, updated to 5.0.1 and now useless, bad part was it updated through verizons ugrade Assistant. and now it won't boot or even go to safe mode but every once in while. any ideas people? i can use odin to reflash it but not sure if that can be done and still not lose the files on the phone. Help

      Found out my power button was stuck. I found this online at another forum and
      tapped the power button side a couple times on my table and wow, started working. although, it hasn't been permanent, it has rebooted back in to android. It was just a coincidence that the button and update happened at the same time. i hope everyone else gets there's fixed. thanks for being here, guys!

    • Hi have you found a solution to fix the menu and back buttons? thank you

  • My s4 does almost if not all of this since lollipop. It constantly restarts and gets stuck on boot. I've done every step nesessary to try to fix the problem but I don't know what to do to fix it permanently, I really like this phone but I can't call out or receive I can't get two minutes out of it with out it lagging out. Randomly vibrating no sound no video camera crashes only thing that works is sms. Help!!!!

  • My soft touch buttons have stopped working since the update and I have tried a factory reset when are you releasing a fix for this??

  • The mandatory Lollipop 5 downgrade to the Samsung Galaxy S4 is unquestionably one of the most hated software updates ever released by a major corporation. The candy-colored interface is not only childish and unsightly, its low-contrast fonts provoke eyestrain and are nearly illegible in dim lighting. What's even more aggravating are the increased power drain and degraded video playback performance, not to mention the frequent need to manually clear OS caches and restart the phone. Check out the poll below to see what an utter failure Google has wrought with this travesty:

    www cnet com /products/google-android-5-0-lollipop/user-reviews/

  • Since my S4 has been updated I have had nothing but problems. Ring tones dont have any volume so I never know when someone is calling me, same as alerts... There is no sound to notify me. Sometimes I may be lucky and get a sound. I know it is not my phone because my girlfriend is having the same problem with hers and she got hers this year.

    I am also having problem with the system memory. Whenever I try to download an app it keeps telling me that the system memory is full. I have deleted and transferred many apps to my SD card but yet it is saying the same thing. Also it restarts by itself or says that the sim card is out and to restart. And to finish off some apps open up by themselves. Even ones that I would never or hardly use.

    Any ideas on this and any idea on how to fix this. If I had know that updating to 5.1 would cause these issues I wouldn't have allowed it.

    Many thanks

  • I just updated my phone today, and the problem i need help with wasn't here. My browser/internet when i open it, it force closes and says "unfortunately, internet has stopped." what should i do? I don't use google chrome or any browser apps

  • So... I installed the new update, and now when I tap phone as if making a call, it says this application in not installed. This means my phone doesn't have a phone on it. Can anyone help me put with this?

  • Since the update my contact are completely inaccessible. I tried clearing the cache and also tried clearing the data and restarting the phone with no success. When I go into the app and try to access my contact list of phone log I get a msg that my contact list is being updated with the circle, but it never updates... Any suggestions / help?

  • Can someone help me when I updated my S4 "Not registered on network" error message pops up when i tried to call on. couldnot fix this problem.

    Now I want to downgrade to Jellybean , could somebody give me process to downgrade by odin and the link to dowload Jleeybean

  • Return and menue keys don't work after the last update october 8th, 2015 can any body help me please

  • Can someone help me when I try to move an app it says that touchwiz home has stop. I already restarted my phone and it still does it. PLEASE HELP!

  • I have done the factory reset after the update . This was back in June. Since then the same issues appeared in 2 weeks time .... why doesn't samsung do anything about this software update issue? I have experienced most of the problems listed above . Samsung should take better care of their users! Is there any way to contact them together , so they would see how big this issue is !!?

    • All I can say is that I wont be buying Samsung again. Not for a long time. They have had plenty of time to fix this or revert back to the previous version

  • i've just update my s4 latest version and menu key and back key doesnt work anymore !! what should i do now ?
    many apps crash also

  • Hi Guys,
    Same problem here... back button not working after the update... its very frustrating as a workaround am using the assistant menu... :(

  • i just got my s4 update and the menu and back keys doesn't work any more !!

    • I am facing the same issue with my S4 after update to Lollipop. I have rebooted my cell several times. and I have also reset my device. But the issue has not yet been resolved. :(

      Besides, My fb also crashed. I uninstalled and reinstalled it; but the issue was not resolved. So I had to uninstall it and install facebook lite.

  • My mobile now reboots itself every 15 seconds, thus not giving me time to do anything. Trying to disable apps and the actions finish before the next reboot is proving impossible. Help!

  • when i update my s4 to the latest version after reboot menu key and back key didn't works. what should i do?

  • after the update I can't send SMS, i can received the and send MMS but not SMS

  • Hally Sep 16, 2015 Link to comment

    After updated.. i cant open my messages, email, 50% of my apps crash. Help

  • Called Samsung the only way to fix my problems is to go to a Best Buy who has a Samsung center. They will do a smart flash and update the band version update. No charge.

  • Guys, my MENU and BACK BUTTONS aren't working now. I'm just using the home button always like an iPhone does. This update is giving me headache.

  • Won't find my Fit Bit Charge HR, tried all the advice above as well.

  • Cannot access "Clock" to set an alarm. Tried using voice command, then appeared to have set the alarm by telling me how many hours and minutes till it goes off. Fail. Luckily the neighbour's dog woke me up. Don't wanna rollback to the other one. Cyanogenmod time is it?

  • After the 5.0.1 update these features have disappeared:
    1. Smart Scroll
    2. Air jump
    3. Face/Face&voice unlock
    4. KitKat Desert case daydream

    And These useless ones have been introduced which we can't disable:
    1. S finder
    2. Quick Connect

    Notification panel icons have become smaller!
    this update has more bugs than there are in my house...

  • Hello everyone!
    I would like to ask you all a question. Does anyone ever meet this problem: I upgraded my galaxy s4 from 4.4.2 to 5.0.1. After upgrading, the sound system of my phone doesn't work. The musics can be played but the sound didn't heard as well as when I received the calls I can't hear anything.
    Anybody knows how to solve this problem. Please help!!!

    • I have sound issues too after upgrade. They can't hear me and I cant hear the person on the other line. You'll have to reboot the phone.

  • I took a slightly different approach to tackle my battery life problems. Guide here: Hope this helps!

  • The calendar app has not been working right since I received the update on my S4 Active several months ago... well, more specifically, the TASK function in the calendar app. Whenever I create a "task" instead of an event, it shows up on the previous day rather than the current one (on the actual calendar). The "mini today" widget doesn't register tasks AT ALL either... which I suppose is my primary reason for creating tasks anyway; so even if I create a task one day ahead of where it should actually be, it still does not show up on the mini today widget to 'check off ' on my list. This is very frustrating for people like me who are somewhat forgetful and would like to keep their 'to do' list in the forefront. Is anyone else having this problem or is it just me? If someone has a fix for this I would really appreciate it... as this whole thing has been super annoying!

  • This update is a nightmare! No sound when I receive or place a phone call. No sound or notification when I receive a text or email. Phone overheats. Battery does not stay charged. I did the factory reset and it has not helped!
    Ready for an IPhone!

  • Another set of problems: deletes all contacts, no sound when receiving phone calls and text and emails. deletes apps every couple of days, i get dropped calls, wifi/verizon is much slower, in email trash file i have 521 that dont show up and none are on my server, battery over heats, ugg im going for an IPhone. this is crazy considering i use phone and tablet for work. both are having the same problem. blueprints download to tablet and pfft gone.......

  • My phone was finally working just fine until this crazy update. Well aside from not being able to receive text because of iMesage, my phone was fine. Now, my email takes forever to load & the battery drain sucks the life out of the darn phone. Good thing I didn't get the Edge yet. I should just go back to a flip phone.

  • Brian Aug 27, 2015 Link to comment

    yea it's also working well for me... was scared to update at first because of stories I heard about Lollipop.

  • For me this update is fine. I was a bit affraid reading this (and many simillar articles) but finally decided to give it a try. Noticed a little lags on both launcher and apps. There was also a little battery issue from beginning but (as author wrote) now it's fine. That's all from known issues. Now some new stuff: recommended apps after connecting phones are a bit not right. Google music missed leaving a free space on that bar (one of two blank scapes).
    All these compared to new features is really not any matter imo. I like making a calls by closing the device to my face, i like notifications on lock screen and the way I can reply, call etc. I like the Interruptions (schedule and icon not all the time visible) and design.
    I didn't reset the phone. What I've done - I've charged the battery to full after update and let it discharge to 0. Then charged fully at once. Don't have any idea if it's a deal but my intuition told me to do that ;-)


  • This 'update' is worse that a virus!
    (and even worse than the last Android mega update, a few years ago, which was so bad and widely panned they had to release a patch for the update!)

    Phone restarts spontaneously, multiple apps freeze, crash, or just don't work, battery goes from 25% to dead in 5 seconds, screen keeps dimming (even thought the 'look away' and other setting NOT selected), phone gets hot, settings and app manager options harder than even to find.

    Followed suggestion in this article but nothing helps!

    Hard to believe how bad this is. Have used Android since they came out but think it's maybe time for an IPhone--at least they WORK!

    • Oh yes, I forgot the App Manager process killer won't stop apps from running anymore and some apps endlessly restart and run (more than before), like YouTube, which you can't delete!

  • I just received the lollipop ugrade from Samsung and my contacts went from 361 to 29,550. The next day they were wiped to zero contacts. I re-installed from the cloud, haha the next day gone again. i have no sound when i get a text, email or phone call. im about ready to go to an iphone. My tablet contacts are also gone. so disappointing in the security update

  • The list is missing the most important problem with the lollipop update. The one where the update makes my beautiful phone look like some twelve year old's toy calculator.

  • I used to be able to download videos using the Samsung browser, now the videos download, but don't play, since last update. Why can't you just leave the damn phone alone already. It works, then update, then nothing works. I hate this entire industry. Just let us keep what we bought in the first place. And from reading the other comments, it looks like I'm not the only one who feels this way. I paid for this phone, that means I own it. You should not be allowed to force changes into an item you no longer own. I want my phone to work like it used to, you know, back when you were still pushing it with slick commercials. How about fixing this instead of thinking up the next stupid candy based name for your next disaster of an update. Lemme guess, Zagnut 4.0.0. I understand now why the Galaxy line is circling the drain in the industry.
    As an update, I've now just discovered that any video I take with the phone won't even play on the same phone. Yeah, so I went to Best Buy to talk to the Samsung rep they have there. He didn't understand what i was telling him (there was a language difficulty between us), but he did just grab my phone, not tell me what he was doing, and re loaded the same flawed update. Now the music player and keyboard are freezing. Nothing is fixed, useless company with useless people. I'm going to keep adding to this every time something new goes wrong, today, the camera. It takes the image, but go to gallery, just blank error thumbnails. I notice there are no responses from the "experts". That's very telling about the qualities of theses products. I now own a paperweight.

  • Sprint S4 running lollipop, TouchWiz home has stopped and phone freezes. Worst update ever!

  • I actually like the design it's much cleaner but their sos many bugs it's really pissing me off, Have overheating problems, battery draining, turns off when their is battery left (sometimes shuts down at 20%), apps freeze, app stops working, i'm going to try these fixes and tell you how it goes

  • The worst is over heating problem without any solution
    I tried coolify and even use greenify to stop background apps but that didnt make any good for me
    For over heating I use moist colth
    and swipe on the back of phone on the cover this reduce the phone temperature slightly this doesn't harm my device

  • Thanks Kris Carlon

  • oi2ta

  • I need to backup my s4. Turns out KIES will not work with lollipop 5.0.1 Neither will smart switch. NEED TO BACK UP URGENTLY. Help!!!

  • How come I can no longer save or forward pictures from the browser anymore since the upgrade? Thanks!

  • I don't understand why "they" must update by taking features away to add new ones. Why not add the new ones as a option?
    Stop picking the format that I have to use, 2 years after I have had my phone.

    My texting has gone from a time stamp at each text sent or received! I LIKE IT THAT WAY. I HAVE A TEENAGER. AND IM TOTALLY OCD! But, Now its gone. If I wanted to have texting be like Iphones I would have bought an Iphone!
    For Petes sake!

    My entire cell phone experience sucks. I cant hardly look at my phone long enough to try and figure out how to fix it.

    Simple answer is mandatory updates to fix existing bugs to improve our service our system but let us choose all of the rest of the BS you slip in under a mandatory update. You are faulsly representing yourself and it directly effects our lives.

    Sincerely & Pi$$'ef of

  • Since updating, my phone continuously says there is insufficient memory to update apps or refresh my email. It also keeps resetting the system(screen tap), notification, and ringtone sounds to fill volume on its own. Any suggestions?

  • I have a couple of problems with the update is when ever i get a text theres no sound and it doesnt show up on my notifications its really annoying it doesnt even vibrate grrrr annoying. And battery runs out really fast and takes ages to charge on flight mode how i always charge my phone before the updates

  • I hate the forced update. I am almost out if time to return this phone. Any help on making it not suck?

  • I just got this phone and I liked it until the forced update. It sucks now! I'm about to return it unless I can get rid of it.

  • Matt Aug 1, 2015 Link to comment

    Thank you lollipop for destroying my 8 year love affair with Android. The phone that has been by my side day in and day out for two and a half years is now a piece of crop. I've had this phone stolen twice, and got the same phone back both times. I even decided to upgrade to the new s6 the last time it was stolen, only to realize the user interface on this phone was far superior. Luckily, I got my phone back and returned the s6. Now, with this new update impossible to remove, I have to go out and find a new non-android/non-iphone device to replace it. Thanks for f@cking up my phone.

  • Marc Jul 29, 2015 Link to comment

    Thank you for showing me the way back to the IPhone, Android update sucks. iPhone here I come and taking all my friends with me

  • I upgraded to Lollipop on my G4 this weekend (Sprint was late). Now I have NO VOICE FUNCTION. WTF mr. google? I have a voice command because I OWN A CAR AS WELL. Ugrade officially SUCKS.
    Plus, now I've got all of these cutesy little icons with cheery primary color backgrounds. How f'ing adorable.

    Now we know what happened to all the losers that were laid off from MicroSquish...

  •   1
    Deactivated Account Jul 22, 2015 Link to comment

    My Galaxy S4 just updated to 5.0.1. Now, every time I do a restart, I lose my profile info. any ideas?

  • Thanks, wiping the cache and turning off animations really speeded up my phone. It seems to have also doubled battery time by resolving some bluetooth issues.

  • Since the software update Saturday none my apps or email work if I'm not on wifi! WTH?!?!

  • Ever since the Lollipop upgrade, whenever I enter my Exchange server email account, I get the circling arrow while the device tries to load (and sync?) my email. This lag can be anywhere from 3 seconds to 10 - 15. Since this is my business email account, it's not just aggravating, it's a business productivity issue. And a source of ridicule from my iPhone colleagues. What's the deal? How to I fix it?

  • Dave h Jul 16, 2015 Link to comment have wrecked my phone..3 factory resets etc etc and still opens all internal apps constantly and drains horrendous amounts of battery then gets to 30 % and turns off. And cannot be started unless it's plugged in to mains.overheating constantly as well. I've had to download an app killer just to be able to use the phone..when the apps are shut they just reopen anyway..never had a single problem until the stupid lollipop update.cheers

  • After the update of lollipop,Samsung galaxy s4 is having problem with copying video file to the storage and memory keeps crashing

  • My letters are being put in white boxes. It starts w the unlock keypad, letters fastly being boxed, and moves on to my titles of music, my tweets, etc. Really getting angry, and no one else seems to have this problem. I have to turn my phone off every other day to fix it.

  • What a fkn joke samsung....

    Whoever was responsible for releasing the update packets etc should be sacked.

    if i was this incompetant in my job i would be fired....

    if that Kris Carlon was within reach i would thrust my now useless samsung with its useless updates sideways down his throat and then ask him how he felt about the new update and my continual frustrations in having to turn on and off any setting to supposedly fix the multitude of issues.

    A monkey could offer that advise.....

    Samsung and relevant staff regarding this update...... walk to the top of the nearest high rise building (must be over 30 floors).....stand on edge of roof.....take 2 more steps from edge.......

    Finally take my phone with you.....useless fks

  • Penny Jul 9, 2015 Link to comment

    Since updating my s4 it will not recognise when I plug the charger in or when I connect to PC, I have to turn the phone off to charge and a full charge is taking about 6 hours but once turned on runs out in about 3, so far since updating my phone has been turned off more than on. I have tried factory reset but it's still on lollipop.
    This update has rendered my phone almost useless how can I get it back to kit kat?

  • My problem is that since i updated if i go into my music it wont let me access my playlists and it just shuts down the app entirely. I need this to be fixed. Music is important.

  • With this obviously untested update disaster SAMSUNG IS THE NEW BLACKBERRY.

    And they wonder why the considerable drop in profits this quarter. Just wait till next quarter!

    I cannot read ANY of the punctuation symbols on the keyboard with the letters. They are too faint for my eyesight.The block/cut/paste feature which was barely usable before is now totally useless. When I use the mike to dictate it types the entire text TWICE. Thanks Samsung!

    It is blatantly obvious that this fiasco could have been averted had Samsung simply tested this before they unleashed it on the public.

    Samsung should get out of the mobile phone business and concentrate on washers, dryers and stoves.Perhaps they could better manage less & simpler technologies.

    Sayonara Samsung. Aloha Apple.

  • Has anyone noticed that since Lollipop disaster/update that any apps that you have moved to the SD card move back to the device storage when an app update has occurred? A couple weeks ago, I went to update some of my apps and I received a message telling me that I didn't have enough device storage available. Upon investigation, I discovered that all of the apps that I have moved to SD storage were back in the Device storage. I moved them ALL back and a couple weeks later, I noticed that some of the apps had moved back to the device storage. Today, I checked and I noticed that AGAIN, some of the apps had moved from the SD card back to the device storage. I updated 6 apps earlier today.....low and behold.....those were the 6 apps that had moved back to the device storage. I am willing to bet that this isn't a is a way to try and trick people into thinking that there is no more storage on their device or on their SD card so that they run out and buy a new phone with a larger internal storage.

  • I don't know anyone happy with these updates. Just look at the list - they're mostly catastrophes. One co-worker's phone was so screwed up that the only fix was to upgrade to the S6. I filled up the memory in mine so that I can't get the update, however, I have to deal with the constant reminder to free up memory and update. Hard to believe Samsung let this update out with these enormous problems.

  • Why the bloody hell should the customers have to fix what Samsung broke?

    Is there just a SIMPLE way to undo the latest Samsung screwup ("upgrade") & revert to previous system??

  • I cant watch videos anymore. I cant even get through a 15 second vine clip without it going slow mo and freezing the vidoe while the audio plays fine.... i hate this so much

  • Since I updated my phone can't seem to watch videos on my phone anymore as it's always on slow motion

  • Android update effing deleted over HALF of my 5000 contacts, deleted my entire calendar (past 3 yrs of stuff, plus all future stuff), all my voice mails, and all my alarms. My phone overheats too now. I effing HATE google, android, and anyone else associated with this phone-killing, life-altering piece of total crap upgrade. They should be sued, a class action sounds perfect right now. A**holes.

  • other option is to install a 3rd party rom like Aurora, its fast, battery friendly and ... Awesome.

    • I'm having the same exact problem with my volume just going off and it's starting to cost me a lot of money with my business as my clients won't wait and I'm missing so many calls because of the volume goes off as well as my phone will just shut off out of the blue and its messing up other apps I have on my phone why the hell would they ever send out an update that has not been extensively tested this is so unacceptable as this is not the service that I had paid for when I bought the phone the phone was the best phone I ever had before this stupid update anyone know how to get rid of it

  • My ring volume goes all the way down by itself. When I turn it back up it may stay up for a few minutes or a few days.

  • Drew H Jun 25, 2015 Link to comment

    All these "fixes" are like rubbing it in our faces. "deal with it" wouldve been a better more honest write up. They send out updates to perfectly fine software, DESIGNED to overheat and kill the hardware, forcing you to upgrade your 'obsolete' phone. Youre a scumbag if you defend these practices. Spent hundreds of dollars on a device only to have it completely useless 2 years later because of forced update? This is EXACTLY what all S4 users are going through. My phone is PAINFULLY hot and DOES NOT CHARGE when turned on. It will be dead any day if i dont take the time to study up on software hacking/customization options. Thanks a bunch samsung/google/satan. Scumbag trash.

  • Anyone else have the mute function disappear???? Vibrate or full sound only options!!!! Very annoying!

  • I have an AT&T version but I don't have the update

  • The new update is shit

  • Wow it is great idea of my Galaxy S4.
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  • So ever since the update:
    1. My phone no longer plays sound
    2. Freezes whenever I touch the volume key
    3. Can't make a phone call because it Freezes my phone, and guess what even if it goes through I still can't hear anyone
    4. It over heats like nobody's business
    5. Doesn't stay charged very long

    All of this has happened since the update, it's a software issue and would really like for this to be fixed. I'm getting to the point after dealing with this for a little while now that I may never buy a Galaxy ever again. SO PLEASE FIX THIS PROBLEM. Or at the very least someone help me out with ideas to get it to work again.


  • Milos Jun 19, 2015 Link to comment

    my s4 ringing volume constantly goes to minimum...

  • A major problem I am having is that my aol email no longer auto syncs. I have to manually recheck the sync button every time I read email. Data Usage Auto Sync is checked. Also problems with volume going to mute or calls not being received even when a v/m message is recorded. How do I easily backup everything so I can do a Factory Reset?

  • Hi, I have just upgraded my samsung s4 to versjon 5.0.1 - and after the upgrade the opening of my emails with the app --> microsoft exchange activesync uses very much time. Seems as it has to download everytime I open the app. So irritating:\

  • I've had lollipop installed for 4 weeks now and I seriously regret the upgrade. With my S4, whenever I loose cell phone connection, the phone will not re-establish connection with the mobile network without a power-down/reset of the phone. Also, if a call is dropped and I redial again (pressing 'call'), the phone adds international prefix codes and calls Spain or France.
    Verizon and Samsung claim to be investigating, but no solution as of yet (except to buy and S6) Anyone else experiencing these issues?

    • David - Having the same issues with cell phone reception and having to restart being the only way to get it re-connected. My local store said that Samsung is either working on a fix or a patch to 'revert" back to earlier OS. I'd be happy with the reversion as this current version is nothing but trouble.

  • I've had the update less than 24 hours and I already regret it. You cant see your notifications on the lock screen nor can you pause or change music. Instant access to camera? Big deal if that means I have to enter my password to change songs on my phone... it is not going to be handy when I'm at the gym and need to shuffle through songs. Also, they got rid of the widgets tab on the apps... really annoying. Im so not impressed.

    • Thats a problem that you're having because the lollipop lockscreen gives you all of your notifications and was a big upgrade from before. My S4 shows me all of my notifications and can change music without having to use a passkey. Download a different lockscreen if it bothers you that much

  • Have the same problems listet before!

  • Did anyone find the answer to while watching a movie the screen freezes while audio keeps going and the timing between the two is forever lost?

  • Personally I HATE the newest Droid update.

    If I make a phone call of any length, the screen for setting my date and time pops up so I can't easily access my phone screen.

    When it's time to disconnect a call I have to pull down the menu to connect to the phone screen and go from there.

    When in an ongoing text discussion I only receive the 1st audible notification of a reply. Any other replies go un announced. I have to be vigilant in checking for replies as there is no notification.

    The phone's volume will scroll itself to a low setting randomly. Being hard of hearing I miss a lot of calls now since the phone has decided it knows what volume it wants and my preference doesn't seem to matter.

    Phone overheats and shuts down, which it has never done in 2.5 years.

    Verizon says I have to live with it....well guess what.....NO I DON'T!!!!!!!

    • I had many of the same problems you mentioned plus my email was slower than molasses in February. I backed up everything to my gmail account and then did a factory data reset - my phone is now working even better than it was before the update so you might want to try that.

      • Except that mo matter WHAT I freaking do, I cannot backup all my 6000 songs. I've tried several times myself, and I've had two very repurable pro repair shops try and they couldn't get all my songs either. All we each could get were around 1300 songs. So no factory reset for me. I'm not willing to lose nearly 5000 songs from this crap "upgrade." Samsung and Google owe me some damn money at this point. I've had this phone for 9 months and it's just a piece of junk now.

  • Update to my posting of 9 hours ago: I finally threw in the towel, backed up everything on my phone, and did a Factory Reset...back to the way it came out of the box. Recreated my 4 email accounts and now email is back to being as fast (maybe even a bit faster!) as it was before the Lollipop update. Too early to be sure, but it appears battery drain has been improved also, and whole phone is faster than it was before I did the reset. Still have to re-install the various apps and get the screens back the way I had them, but such is life...

  • When watching a video, the screen will stop but the audio will continue so every time I look at a video the sound and video aren't synced. Making it useless to try to watch videos. I can't find help for this anywhere.

    • I am having the same problem with videos. It seems they start off fine and then the video freezes but the audio continues. It is when I am trying to watch a video that was posted on Facebook. YouTube videos play just fine and all videos I have recorded play correctly. I am so unhappy with this lollipop update. I wish I could go back and remove it.

  • S4 has had a few nasty bugs since the update: 1. Phone has shut off due to overheating 3-4 times now, nothing has changed except the update. 2. Battery drain is much faster, and suggested fixes haven't changed that. It is a new battery only about 2 months old. 3. Email app with 4 accounts is now horrendously slow - about 10-15 seconds to open app, then 10-20 seconds to display emails. No attempted fixes have improved it yet. 4. New color scheme in email and other places is awful - light blue with white characters makes it completely unreadable in outdoor conditions, haven't found a way to change color scheme. 5. Text marker changed to very small blue "teardrop" is awful, much harder to set and move cursor for editing.

  • music player doesn't show on lockscreen. Please help

  • When are samsung gonna sort out the gyroscope problem that i never had before the update getting fed up

    I have an s4

  • Anyone know how to get the widgets back since the Lollipop update? Some widgets were removed with the update and the widget option was removed. App option remains.

  • I hate the Lollipop too. I should have researched before updating. My issue was the volume of the phone call would turn itself off. My daughter had the same problem (same phone) it was driving us nuts because we were getting calls but the phone wouldn't ring.

    I called Verizon and spent an hour on the phone with them. They finally found they had many complaints of the same issue and the only way to fix it was to do a "reset settings" which was successful. You won't lose any data or apps but have to go into settings and redo wifi, notifications, wallpaper, ringtone and if your car has blue tooth you'll have to reconnect your device.

    • Hello, is the fix still holding?
      I am considering this solution and you done a couple of weeks ago and i really hope it still works properly.

  • I HATE THE LOLLIPOP UPDATE!!!! Have talked to Samsung numerous times and nothing that they tell me to do works. The battery drain SUCKS! White blocks keep showing up on my pin pad when I try to unlock my phone. It was doing it every 4-5 days before doing the factory reset that was suggested by Samsung after they couldn't figure out why. Now it's doing it every other day. Actually considering switching to an IPhone because the s5 and s6 have the stupid lollipop.

  • I wish I did not update! Everything freezes up or just closes. Ughhh.. never had a problem before this!

  • The new update took up another GB of my phone's space, maybe that's why it doesn't perform well? My keyboard app doesn't even start, my antivirus app also stopped working. Is there a solution to the space problem? And when I open settings it shows me that I have a total of 16GB of space, when it used to show 9,23, CC cleaner still shows 9,23.

  • I'm not sure what's causing so much trouble on what should be just a simple upgrade, but mine went entirely smoothly. Im not sure if certain carriers and their network could pose some issues, but I'm liking the new update. The ONLY annoying issue for me was PRIOR to downloading the update, it kept telling me to remove some items for space! Once I cleared that, it's been smooth sailing. The update did take a while, but I guess people just need to leave their phone alone while it's updating. I just let mine sit, I updated it while on WiFi, not the cellular connection, and followed the instructions on what to do next when prompted to do so. I will say the messaging interface does look a little Windows 8ish, which I know will perturb some, but I'm okay with it. All of my apps continue to function as before and my phone is not running hot. It seems to be charging faster and the battery life seems to be not affected either way, but I do a lot with my phone, so.

    • Smoothly? Do you use the Android music player? Do you actually like it now over the old? The interface doesnt allow you to see the actual list of songs in the playlist you're listening to. My phone has NEVER overheated in the 2 years I've had the phone. I've had to take my case off and the battery out for an hour. You are the lucky exception to the rule.

  • Anyone else hate the new music player? This entire Lollipop update is awful. Anyone figure out a way to go back and uninstall the update?
    Battery issues
    Overheating issues

  • Ever since my update I've only ever noticed that any video I watch always freezes :( it's frustrating to the max!!! I tried downloading different players and flash players but NONE of my actions help anything. If the video is 1 min long or even 2 hours long it always freezes... I can hear the video but the screen is frozen. PLEASE HELP ME! :(

  • Saya baru upgrade ke 5.0.1 tetapi saya mengalami kondisi kurang menyenangkan, yaitu panel notifikasi terus membentang ke bawah, sehingga tidak bisa membaca halaman atau aplikasi yang terbuka. Mohon segera diperbaiki, atau ada cara untuk kembali kepada versi lama?

  • Worst update ever! it is not connecting to the wifi. the switch doesn't work. even if toggled it toggles off right away. who needs an S4 with no wifi?

  • Vickie May 23, 2015 Link to comment

    UGH spent hours on the phone with Samsung tonight and still not working right. Why Why did I do the update!

  • Has anybody figured out how to disable the flashing LED light for notifications? I've checked my settings and the LED notifications isn't checked. It is driving me crazy (among the million other issues this update brought).

    • I actually wish I could find that option in accessories settings. I wish they didn't remove that option to turn it off or on

    • Chose SETTINGS icon, should be in the apps drawer, then chose MY DEVICE. Under my device, chose LED INDICATOR and UNCHECK all for no lights, or uncheck the ones you DON'T want to see or have come on.

  • Terrible update!! My apps freeze up, the flash will randomly come and stay on, I used to be able to send pictures to my wireless printer and now I can't, touch whiz doesn't work, and I should have read the reviews before updating my phone! BIG REGRET!!

  • IskyW May 21, 2015 Link to comment

    Yes - the new update is horrendous. Shorter battery life, overheating, and I am constantly rebooting because Contacts and/or Messenger has locked up. The whole phone is very slow at times (sometimes not recognizing I have swiped to answer... multiple times - until the call has been hung up on at the other end). The lock screen also sometimes accepts my password - then shuts the screen off - and when I pull it back up - it is locked again. This is with a fairly new phone (a replacement for a previous failed S4) and a BRAND NEW Samsung battery (because I thought that an old battery might be contributing). On my car charger - if I have the GPS on, the battery slowly drains... whereas before, with the same phone and battery - it would rather quickly charge up and stay at 100%. I don't really have THAT many apps loaded, and have unloaded some trying to troubleshoot... no Facebook or other stuff like that. This needs to be fixed. I count on this thing WAY too much to have it doing this.

  • Since the software update my phone shuts off and turns back on when i try to play wwf.

  • TammyS May 19, 2015 Link to comment

    Is there any way to change the way your apps show? I liked the way it used to be with the A-Z listing where I just scrolled up or down to see the list of all of them rather than having ALL the apps show as little icons and have to thumb through several pages of stuff to find the one I want.........My only choices right now appear to be "custom" and "alphabetical order". I realize this type of view is more like the iphone way of life... but if I wanted an iphone, I would have purchased one. I prefer the list to the icons. Suggestions?

  • TammyS May 19, 2015 Link to comment

    I have a Samsung S4. I had a specific notification ringtone sound that played when I received a text message. Since the 5.01 Lollipop upgrade, it now makes a whistle sound. I've change the notification sound to my specific sound and it still plays the whistle. I turned the phone off and then back on in hopes that it might "reset" something and acknowledge the change I made - didn't work. I've seen some online help that suggested I copy/move the sound from my "sounds" folder into the actual Samsung notification sound folder instead (which I did). It appears in the list of sounds to choose from but won't play - even though it's checked in the list. Any suggestions?

  • Have you tried removing the Sim card, leaving it out while restarting the phone and then putting it back in?

  • Fix

  • I just updated yesterday and have not had any problems never. Until now my phone has for 4x today given me an error and says there is no simcard and tells me to restart the phone then it works for a different amount of time until it comes again.

    I am really pissed about this and want that fixed

    • I have the exact same problem. NEVER had a problem until this update. Now I have to restart my phone all the time because it can't find the SIM card.

  • Why the hell should we be having to do these "fixes", you should get it right with your own phones before releasing to the public. Utter shit. I can no longer play music, make or receive calls as my speaker works intermittently, that and I can't play purchased music from the playstore, oh or read books I've purchased. My phone overheats, the battery disappears, it crashes, it's slower, the layout is shit.
    Well done android I applaud your R&D team for being utterly dog shit.

  • I cant play my Playlist tab on my music player. It just says music has stopped. Please tell me how to fix this?

  • since doing the update almost a month ago I have found 2 issues Not mentioned in this article. First, and probably the easier fix is I can no longer watch videos that people send me via Facebook messenger, sometimes it will play the first 3 seconds then go black and freeze the app. I know a couple other people that are having this issue aswell. Now my second issue I don't believe there is a fix I can do as I have literally tried everything I have found on the issue but I figured I would put it out here any ways. After I did the update it must have triggered a hardware issue because now my phone randomly stops reading my Sim card. It will go days without working then start working again. So weird. I'm not 100% sure that the update triggered this issue but I do find it strange that I never had a single issue with my phone until I did the update. Any advice would be greatly appreciated :D

  • ever since I updated to 5.0.1 I have not been able to use my camera or my flashlight app. I tried uninstalling my flashlight app and that did not work. is there a way to see if the old version has this problem and if it don't is there any way to go back the old version

  • I have the Verizon SCH-I545 and ever since the update I've been completely unable to make or receive calls. Verizon gave me a new sim, and when that didn't work they had me do a factory reset. That actually made things worse, as now the camera, microphones, and speakers all will not work. Everything that did stillborn was incredibly laggy and terrible. It was so bad that Verizon are sending me a new GS4 and have advised me to keep it on 4.4 and wait for a fix for 5.0. I liked the update right up until it bricked my phone so I really hope there's a fix so I can go back to lollipop.

    • I had the same thing happen to me! Never had any issues with my phone before. Only issue I had experienced before the update is that I do not get service at home...which is ridiculous! Lol

  • Did the update and the home screen button stopped working. I also get an error message that says "Unfortunately, System UI has stopped. What is this?

  • As soon at I updated my phone to version 5.0.1, I have not been able to move anything or put anything on my home screen. It always comes up with an error saying that the program, that allows me to do that, has stopped working. This is very frustrating and I would like some help with this. I have a galaxy s4.

    • I had this problem as well and found the solution on another site; go to settings, My Device, Motions and Gestures and turn the second setting (Motion) off. You should be able to move things around after that without getting the TouchWiz not working error.

  • I have serious issue since upgrade to 5.0.1 on my G4 through Verizon. I get error message "SIM Card is not from Verizon" and phone calling won't work. Took it to local store where I bought it and they were useless in fixing it. They took out battery & SIM card and I got service back but now I'm having the issue again. Any way I can get back to the previous update or more importantly how to fix this problem. Thanks for any help...

    • Reading on another forum I powered it off... Removed it, powered back on. Let it fully reboot. Then turned it off and reinstall the Sim. And reboot. So far it appears to be working.

  • Hi, i just updated my Samsung S4 I9500 to Lollipop 5.0.1 yesterday and all was working fine when suddenly, the vibration option in the Key-tap feedback got greyish and i can no longer tick the box to enable it. It has been automatically disabled. So now i can no longer choose the key-tap vibration option when I key in. Does anyone has faced the same issue and if so, can someone help me on how to solve this problem?
    Thank you for your help.

  • I hope I'm not the only one with this issue. Ever since the update, my Google play app store opens randomly. I'll press the camera icon, and Google play opens, Facebook and the damn google play opens. It's inconsistent also. It won't necessarily happen all the time.

    I feel like a virus was downloaded when the update was. ..

    I feel like I'm alone with this. If this wasn't caused by a freak glitch in the update, does anyone know how to scan the phone for viruses or adaware?

  • This new update has not done too much good to my phone. My Contact app has been "updating contact list" forever and every app connected to my contact does not work. If anyone finds the solution to this, please let me know. I don't know why I did this, I don't even like lollipops!

  • Gail P May 10, 2015 Link to comment

    This new update is a disaster. I don't have access to any of my contacts! It says it's updating my contacts then sits there forever. Nothing. I have plenty of room in storage so what gives?!!

  • All my widgets have disappeared since the lollipop update. Anyone know how to fix this? Thanks

  • Okay. I downloaded the new update today.and I'm already having troubles with it. I am playing this marvel game. And its taking screenshots without me even touching the buttons. And also. When you go to the apps menu. There use to be apps and widgets. The widget menu disappeared. But all the widgets that I had on my phone before are still there. Is anyone else having these issues?

  • I got my update yesterday. Neither the Contacts+ dialer or the stock Phone dialer ould place an outgoing call.

    So I did some investigating and the cause is ---- Google Voice!!

    It's disabled, for now, until I get a chance to speak with a helpful Google representative.


  • I have a contract free GS4 purchased in Sweden running 5.0.1. I love the phone BUT if I play back any music or podcasts the max volume is very low. The strange thing is if I open camera settings while music is playing, the sound level jumps to a much higher level. I've toyed with all obvious settings with no success. Has anyone had this issue and can anyone suggest a fix? Thanks in advance for any assistance.

  • Since the new update I have been unable to move any of my apps or widgets. This is extremely agitating and annoying, especially since my alarm, weather, and google widget disapeared after the update. Does anyone else have this problem? If so, have you found a solution? I've tried restarting the phone, clearing the cache, and many other things that didn't work.

    • I had the same problem. To fix you need to factory reset you phone. Before you do this back up your account with Google and Samsung and you shouldn't loose any data.

  • Since Lollipop I can no longer get my photos to upload into iPhoto. Before I was able to connect my S4 as a camera and iPhoto would read it and ask if I wanted to upload my [number] of photos, I'd click yes and it would process and then ask if I wanted to delete them from my device. Now, it shows a loading button and never presents the number of photos on my phone. I've got like 1.8GB and need to get them off! Can anyone help?

  • Since the new update my phone times out when I drop down the notification bar, sometimes i can't access it at all until I go to the lock screen, drop the notification bar from there, turn the screen off with the side button and cut back on. Then I can access it again until the screen times out again. Sickening!

  • Jory Apr 30, 2015 Link to comment

    I am also having the same problem as Jordan, if anybody could update me on how to fix the lock screen problem i would greatly appreciate it .

  • My Lockscreen is no longer showing numbers.. The Numbers (and associated letters) of the number pad on the lockscreen have turned into little white blocks. It started with just the numbers turning into blocks, then slowly the letters as well. I have also noticed that it's starting to happen on my numberpad when I make calls. So far, no issues with texting but I switched to the google keyboard a long time ago.

    Overall, I like some of the updated apps themselves, but lolipop itself sucks.. My phone is a lot slower, crashes at random times and my favourite apps like Chrome have less useful features. Also, why take away the ability to swipe apps to close them? Now that I have to 'x' out apps rather than a quick swipe, I find it takes twice as long to close apps I'm no longer using.

    Anyways, any suggestions on the lockscreen would be greatly appreciated!


  • not Apr 28, 2015 Link to comment

    The new update blows terribly. Horrendously unintuitive and painful to use while many helpful features were wiped. Thanks a lot meddling software updaters!

    Aside from the fact that the update randomly hijacks your s4 for an hour or so to "optimize apps" aka install bloatware. Optimizing app 124 of 235...really? I've installed about 10 apps and uninstalled everything I could that I didn't want.

    The new typing cursor thingy looks like a teardrop and rightfully so because this update makes me want to cry.

    Just a few low hanging fruit right off the top of my head:

    - Alarm widget disappeared
    - Alarm widget color scheme changed to: annoying
    - Alarm widget countdown removed. I loved this feature. It told me how long I had to sleep.
    - Alarm widget no longer automatically sets the alarm to the next cycle when you deselect all days. This was a handy way for me to set it for tomorrow morning. Now I have to manually select the day each time. Alarm settings are "alarmingly" limited...
    - Screen is much brighter. Too bright. I used to lie in bed at night next to my girlfriend and have it on minimum brightness and it didn't bother her.
    - Now must access settings through apps. I'm pretty sure I used to be able to press the menu button on the bottom left of my phone to get there. Again annoying.
    - Keyboard color scheme changed to: annoying.
    - Chrome tab button removed. What genius thought of this? I figured out how to fix this. I need to be able to switch between multiple tabs quickly. Not sure if this was a chrome update though. Apologies if so. It's just something I noticed right after the OS update.
    - Autocorrect! Why are you not working anymore?!?

    I'm getting really tired of android and these dumb updates.

    Sadly if you want to downgrade to kitkat you'll most likely have to wipe your entire phone. It's a design feature...

    • I agree 100%. I find it almost inconceivable that on every phone I've ever used, from Blackberry to iPhone - the default time when you opened the Alarm was the CURRENT time. That's how it USED to be on my Samsung S4- not anymore. Since the most recent UPgrade- it now defaults to 6:00 am. What's the point of THAT? I wanted to TEST the alarm to be sure it was working, in which case I used to set it for 2 minutes from the current time which was showing. Can't do THAT anymore-now have to go through all the motions to change all of the number columns to get to the time 2 MINUTES away.

  • Lollipop sucks in a word. I am getting used to the crappy colors (perfect if you are 8 years old but really) - the idea there is not a selection to choose from seems like just poor design.

    The real killer for me is that Favorites in the phone now is a bunch of bobble heads - I don't have pictures of everyone and the text is so small at 65 MPH impossible to read - totally useless - need to get list mode back. I use this every day. Now I have to find people in the log

    Battery drain seems better but still not as good as pre 5.0.1

    To be honest - this so bad I am seriously thinking of switching to Apple - this is just really bad - really poor user experience and design - wish I could roll back the update

  • Since the update I'm unable to get pictures to wireless print to my printer. It goes to a pdf screen and exits right out of it. I've found in order to get the touch whiz to work I have to shut everything off in motions and gestures. I don't like how my icons are in actual looking folders either. Terrible update!

  • I am still facing a problem... When i plug in earphone it promt out <Unfortunately,Recommended apps has stopped>

    • I have this problem too. Moreso when i connect my aux cable in the car. the phone wont allow the cable to work either.

  • I no longer get a subsequent notification [text alert]...during a text conversation. I receive an initial text alert from the contact however if that same contact sends another text during the conversation [if the screen remains on the text messaging page] it does not alert that another text has been sent. If however I do change the screen page while during a conversation it will alert. Yesterday I was waiting for a text inside a store [during a txt conversation and it had already been sent]

  • Since I've updated I keep getting thrown out of Facebook & Internet web pages also freezers and i get a white screen. Fix it.

  • Since I've updated I keep getting thrown out of Facebook & Internet web pages also freezers and i get a white screen. Fix it.

  • I no longer get notifications when I miss a call. Also apps close when in use. Can this unwanted update be reversed.

  • Since the last firmware update to 5.0.1 my videos wont play properly. The video freezes after 60ish seconds, but the audio keeps playing in the background. Doesn't matter if its a Facebook video, YouTube video or even a download... any advice/solution would be much appreciated. Thanks

  • Fyo Apr 23, 2015 Link to comment

    This new "update" feels like more of a down-grade!
    The following features are no longer available:-
    1) To be able to skip songs straight from the lock-screen.
    (Now I have to log into my phone every time I want to skip a track, this is especially not fun when exercising!)
    2) The A-Z feature is now missing from the music player when listening to playlists.
    3) Can no longer send group text messages.
    4) Where have the text messaging emoticons gone?
    Further more, the new camera feature on lock screen was at start an exciting first impression of the update. However, I soon came to realize that because the new camera button is so finicky to use, it is far quicker, and much less frustrating, to skip past this and access via home screen as per before.
    Plus, my Google home page is suddenly now bell!!! Not happy to see this ugly 'bell-ridden' home page everytime I go to go online!!!
    Also not to mention the fact that the new interface is not at all visually pleasing, nasty colour choices on their part!
    Then there is the YouTube video posted on this site for the big Lollipop intro... I saw not one thing that the previous version wasnt already doing!?
    It really is hard to find any positives to say about this update and am now very regretful for agreeing to it.
    For those who have not yet installed my advice would be to DENY!
    Im sure there will more disappointing discoveries over time with this new "update".

  • I hate this new update. Can it be undone? The led notification can't be turned off and the look of this is update is terrible

  • My LED indicator does not work anymore when the phone is in silent mode. It used to work perfectly but now not at all anymore. Very annoying that I have no clue when somebody sends me a WhatsApp message, e-mail or even when I missed a phone call.

    And also, after my morning wake-up call by my alarm on my phone, my volume is turned on, not in silent mode anymore.

    Anybody any idea how the fix the LED Notification again? All settings seem to be correct, but it does not work.

  • I think Lollipop caused my Galaxy S4 I9500 to softbrick.
    All that I see is "Samsung Galaxy S4 GT-I9500" and it keeps repeating.
    Any help will be appreciated.

  • After the 5.0.1 update it seemed weird but I quickly adapted to it and it was OK. But then the irritation kicks in and I realize when playing music and I lock my screen I notice the music lock screen widget was gone. I searched the settings for an answer but found nothing. Then I checked multiple informational forums and found out that they removed lock screen widgets for the Samsung Galaxy S4. This is really stupid, I found those widgets very useful. Also why does it seem that when upgrades come out the software gets worse or key features are removed. I think I'm done updating my phone for good.

  • After updating to 5.0.1 on my Galaxy S4 my phone... the actual part that you answer a call with quit working. All my other programs work fine, it's just that I can't use the phone to answer calls. I have 26 days left on my current two-year contract until I can upgrade. Took the phone to the AT&T Service Center and they couldn't fix it. Wouldn't provide a replacement phone because my phone was out of warranty. Sure would like to see Samsung issue another update to 5.0.1 to fix this problem!!! :-(

    • I have the same problem. Can't hear anything when making or answering a call nor can they hear me! AT&T couldn't fix it but wanted me to schedule an appointment for a new phone. I'm not out of contract nor do I want a new phone. Google needs to fix this!

      • I believe the issue is with google now and the "ok google" voice detection from any screen. Reboot your phone and it will work for 1 call then after that you wont be able to hear anyone. To fix
        go into google now then settings
        Then voice
        Then "ok google" detection
        Then turn off "from any screen"
        Reboot your s4 and you should now be able to hear phone calls.

        You will need to do the above steps every time you update google now or the google search apps as it resets to detect from any screen. Not sure if other phones have this issue but I know the samsung galaxy s4 does.

  • really annoyed with this update , the color scheme is terrible and I cant change it .
    phone freezes . I cant add widgets too my home screens , google bar and calender I have tried and i get a message to say touch wiz has stopped working when I try to add them .

    can I go back to kitkat ?

    wtf samsung .

    • CW H. Apr 15, 2015 Link to comment

      Had the same problem with touch wizard.
      Ended up having to do a factory reset, which did sort it out.
      Still don't like the colour scheme.

    • Color scheme: Go to Settings>More>Developer Options.
      About 3/4 of the way down there is SIMULATE COLOR SPACE.
      Make Sure this is turned OFF.
      (Then you only get that horrible color combo when in settingsor you pull down the notification bar..)
      Make sure you also go:
      Pull menu down to change BOTH Lock Screen background AND Wallpaper.
      I set mine to photos in my gallery, so I could pick the colors.

  • After I did the 5.0.1. update on my Galaxy S4 I'm unable to get to widgets? Does anyone know how to get to widgets now after this update? Also, is there a way I can change the font size of my time and date on my lock screen? It's way to small now. And it's on the largest setting as well.

    • CW H. Apr 15, 2015 Link to comment

      have a home screen page open,
      tap on bottom left corner of phone (next to home button)
      icons for wallpapers, widgets and home screen settings appear.

  • Sas Apr 13, 2015 Link to comment

    Since I updated my battery life is non existent. I decided to try doing a factory reset but it didnt return to original settings, I still have lollipop, battery is still draining within about 3 hrs if im not using it or an hour if im lucky while browsing where it used to easily last all day. To add insult to injury now I've done a reset sync won't work and I've lost all my contacts. Kids Mode won't run anymore and I'm about ready to dump my handset in the bin!

  • Updated to lollipop on 12th April 2015 and messaging (texting) no longer works. Blank screen, neither sending nor receiving. Tried downloading another texting app (textra) which worked for a short while then also stopped sending or receiving. Don't want to do a full factory reset, can anyone help? I've tried clearing cache and turning off anti-virus and security apps then rebooting but nothing works.

  • Since my update yesterday, everything seems fine apart from my text messages. On the main screen I can read everybodies first line of any communications, but when I go into an individuals screen, say my wife for instance, I cannot see any of the conversations at all. The screen is blank, just showing the name of the person, then at the bottom, the usual 'Write Text' option. Any ideas guys? Thanks G

  • Ever since the new 5.0.1 update about 10 days ago, my phone will tell me, every so often, that no SIM card is inserted, so then none of my contacts appear and i can't make phonecalls. I have to restart the phone a few times before it reads the card again..... sometimes a message will appear on my phone saying "No SIM card inserted" and the only thing i can do when that message appears is Restart my phone! What is going on??? I spoke to Samsung services, but they just told me to do a factory reset, which i don't really want to do! any help please????

  • Ever since I updated my phones LED indicator flashes blue I have unread notifications and my phone is locked! Its driving me crazy! Ive restarted my phone, I've turned the choice on and back off again, and it's still happening! PLEASE HELP!!?

  • Lollipop turned my S4 into a piece of SHIT. It's so laggy and gives all kinds of error no and then. How do I downgrade My S4? .... HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Lollipop turned my S4 to a piece of SHIT. It's so laggy and gives all kind of errors these days. How can i downgrade my S4 back.... HELP!!!!!!

  • since the OS update I can't read SMS messages! can anyone help?

  • I completed a software upgrade on my samsung galaxy today and my phone wont work at turned on at the start and an error saying UI has stopped, it then started to turn off and now won't turn on at all.....ahhhh need help??

  • My google account seems to be lost.all google apps have disappeared from screen. However they are still in application manager.the account screen doesn, t allow to access goggle??????????????

  • Rob Mar 31, 2015 Link to comment

    My phone keeps turning off at random and the only way to power it back on is to remove the battery, this is only since the update to android 5 lollipop. Anyone got any suggestions to sort this. Thanks

  • Some bugs in my S4, after Lollipop update:
    1. Phone remains on speakerphone. When I dial a number or anwer a call, external speakerphone remains on, until I turn it off by tapping on the speaker icon during the call.

    2. Phone turns off on its own and cannot be turned on, unless battery is removed and installed back.

    3. Knox is annoying. I do not want it to be in my phone for simple reasons that it eats up resources. But don't know how to get rid of it?

  • Excellent upgrade until i received a call and then was unable to exit the call screen or power phone off, had to remove battery to reset. Any on else had the same issue?
    Having regrets already and to be honest this is the first time i have had any problems with any upgrade, i have S4 GT i9505

  • It is available lollipop to the Galaxy s4 UScellular version in united states?

  • jeff Mar 19, 2015 Link to comment

    can anyone tell me when new zealand will get this update

  • Has anyone had an issue with their sound? It seems that since the update all the sound from my phone is coming from the front (top where you listen to people whilst on a call) this is very bizarre and haven't ever come across this. I cannot find anything related to it in the settings menu. Does anyone have a solution or a similar problem?

  • DReed Mar 18, 2015 Link to comment

    Hi yesterday Hubby updated his S4 to Lollipop 5.0.1 All seemed fine but suddenly today he has lost every evidence of Google from his phone. No Google Play/maps/music nothing. Does anyone know anything?? Any advice to get it back please???

  • It would take time for me to confirm whether the solutions mentioned in this article would actually help me or not, or to what extent, but the following is what I have been posting at a couple of forums over the last few days:

    People in India (and I believe several other regions) are facing a barrage of issues with Galaxy S4 Lollipop update. I updated my Galaxy S4 (I9500) to lollipop just a couple of days back and am HIGHLY disappointed by the outcome which has rendered my device literally UNUSABLE.

    Some of the issues I am facing are as follows:

    1. The phone drains battery VERY quickly now (especially if it is using Mobile data), and gets heated up very quickly,
    3. applications crash all too frequently and sometimes the phone itself restarts (perhaps like once or twice every day),
    4. apps open very slowly,
    5. the Contacts app keeps crashing all the time with the popup "Unfortunately, contacts has stopped",
    6. wallpaper changes automatically,
    7. my custom keyboard keeps disappearing while I am typing something (I am using Swype keyboard),
    8. sometimes after I exit from an app, the app drawer shows a blank and takes some time before the apps are visible.

    Basically almost everything that can go wrong has gone wrong. The phone is almost unusable now. And I keep coming across new issues every day. I have cleared the cache at startup, but the problems creep back in one or two days. The device was working PERFECTLY FINE with Android Kitkat and I really wish I could go back to that.

    Just waiting for Samsung to release a fix to at least make the device usable.

    • Yes but you have the i9500 NOT i9505 and 98% of people I know who have this model are having NO problems at all.

      • I concur Geoff the i9505 has none of these issues working pretty much perfectly

      • That's rubbish. I updated this weekend and I have the I9505. I can no longer open text messages, I only see the first line of the text. I have had to install a text app to access my text messages. I installed GO SMS Pro and all seems to be working at the moment but I shouldn't have had to resort to doing this. Also my Swiftkey app has disappeared. .

    • soooo trueee... all these things are happening in my phone

    • I am also facing the exact same problems as Kunal Mehta for past 1 month. Waiting for a fix from Samsung.

  • Best update from Samsung! S4 running like lighting swiping is Sooo smooth and rapid as are opening and closing apps, no contact issues etc. Samsung saved the best version of the lollipop update till last for the UK as yes we got it last but by the time they released it they must have ironed out most of the issues! as it's amazingly good!

    • Same here, phone works like a charm. The only thing that annoys me is that it heats up a lot no matter what I'm doing on it. Especially on chrome.

      • Yes, me too have the same problem while using the chrome, heating over heat and chrome app get closed auto in few minutes.. in alternate, i have used firefox, then faced the same problem..

        Please help me to avoid over heating ..

        Thanks in advance

  • I am running a custom rom with the new OB7 firmware and have NONE of the problems of this article, and only have 1 app (Bejewelled 2) not work.

  • I'm having the contact app crash problem on kitkat so this isn't a lollipop issue.

    • i didnt had the contact crash issue when my phone was on kit kat

      • you may not have, but plenty of other people are. just saying this isn't an issue only associated with lollipop. I've seen it on several forums where people are having this problem on KitKat.

  • I have this update for 1 month now. True battery drain goes away in few days but I have recommended apps crashing problem when I plug in the earphones. How to solve that?

    • kvl Mar 30, 2015 Link to comment

      I'm also having the recommended apps crashing problem.
      I can't find any info about it.
      Anyone who knows a solution or any info about it?

  • Hugo Mar 17, 2015 Link to comment

    Have been using 5.0.1 for two weeks, the international version leaked at a German site. No issues yet.

  • The patch is still not released

  • I also updated even too without no issue
    working fine

  • Steve Mar 17, 2015 Link to comment

    I can honestly say that after receiving the 5.0.1 update on my S4 last night I have none of these issues. Guess I am lucky in that respect.

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